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May 21, 2005

AIDS, Vitamin C and Big Pharma's Dark Secrets

Mark Sircus of IMVA, the International Medical Veritas Association warns that there is a thread of "technology of death" that dates back to pre-World War II times and that seems to be alive to this day. This notion, as strange as it might seem, is not far fetched for those who are familiar with the content of a complaint filed with the International Criminal Court in The Hague by Dr. Rath, accusing the pharmaceutical companies of genocidal intent and grave violation of human rights. The complaint lays out the effects of what Dr. Rath calls the pharmaceutical business with disease.

Now according to health journalist Bill Sardi (, Rath's efforts to provide first of all nutrition to AIDS patients in South Africa and to warn them of the toxic side effects of AIDS drugs, have earned him a place of distinction. Front groups such as the "Treatment Action Group" are on the attack, contending that nutritional treatments are bogus and that Rath is keeping patients from getting the pharmaceutically prescribed treatment.

Who is right? You will have to make up your own mind.

Here are the recent articles of Mark Sircus and Bill Sardi:

- - -

Mark Sircus writes:

Viktor Frankl wrote a long time ago, “From all this we may learn that there are two races of men in this world, but only these two - the "race" of the decent man and the "race" of the indecent man. Both are found everywhere; they penetrate into all groups of society. No group consists entirely of decent or indecent people.” In the concentration camp there was no one who wielded terror like the Nazi doctor. He was the ultimate indecent man. Under the hands of doctors’ innocent men, women, and children were gassed, poisoned, frozen to death, and vivisected. They were injected with typhus and malaria. They were exposed to mustard gas, killed in high-pressure chambers, injected with lethal bacteria like gangrene and tetanus, injected with salt water, forcibly sterilized during fast and bloody operations, infected with jaundice, deliberately poisoned, exposed to incendiary bombs, and literally skinned, among other horrors, like forced sterilizations, hypothermia tests that killed human subjects, deliberately injecting tuberculosis bacteria in children, forced abortions, as well as lethal injections to kill sick prisoners. "Psychologically speaking, nothing is darker or more menacing, or harder to accept, than the participation of physicians in mass murder" wrote Dr. Robert Jay Lifton of the Nuremberg Commission.

There are men who utterly fail their profession and all sense of humanity, men who do things that the rest of us cannot even begin to imagine. The Nazi doctor showed the world how doctors are able to completely pervert their Hippocratic Oaths, how completely a doctor can stand in disregard of their moral duty to their fellow humans, patients, and profession. Primo Levi, an Auschwitz survivor and author of numerous books on the Holocaust, made a prescient warning after the war: "It happened, therefore it can happen again."

A careful study of pharmaceutical terrorism entails taking a trip into the darkest places that exist in humanity and it is no accident that when we make the journey we find ourselves in places where doctors and scientists work together as they did in Nazi Germany. This subject takes us to the bottom cellars of hell, into the deepest and darkest dungeon, into a place and into a type of person that defiles the very nature of beauty, love, a place where all human heart is lost. The Nazi doctors offer us a glimpse of even greater monsters that exist but remain invisible, dressed as they are in three-piece suits. There is a direct line of continuity that can be traced between a group of men and companies that arose to the heights of industrial power years before Hitler, men and companies who existed and supported the rise of Nazi Germany, and who continued on to the present day in comfortable corporate luxury and power.

The American Medical Association and U.S. Holocaust Museum in 2003 launched a series of lectures whose major theme is the gross indecencies of medical personnel under the Nazi regime. "The question we want to examine is: 'How could science be co-opted in such a way that doctors as healers evolved into killers and medical research became torture?'" asked Alan Wells, Ph.D., an expert in medical ethics with the American Medical Association (AMA) and Patricia Heberer, Ph.D., historian at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM).

"My final conclusion after forty years or more in medicine is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organization and the Save the Children's Fund is one of murder and genocide." Dr. Archie Kalokerinos

   Below you will see a recent essay called Global Battle Erupts over Vitamin Supplements by Bill Sardi and it deals specifically with the control of Vitamin C and also with Dr. Matthias Rath one of the few doctors brave enough to talk about pharmaceutical terrorism. A quick trip to his site will confirm everything I am writing here. The point I am making before you read Sardi’s essay is that the people who are pulling the strings behind the scenes are people we have to stretch to call human. What Dr. Kalokerinos said many years ago is sustained and in reality we have much to fear. It is the ultimate folly to think we can be nice, scientific or rational when dealing with people, companies or organizations who would kill babies and people without remorse. To pretend these people, organizations and companies do not exist is to join the same kind of consciousness that existed in Germany during the Second World War. The sky could be misted full of the remains of thousands burned a day and there they were, people in denial, not having any idea of what was going on right down the road. The vaccine thimerosal question is not the only question for our troops to mobilize around as the below shows quite clearly.

The “technology of death” was not lost and though we have no individual gas chambers, millions around the world today die of air pollution as the entire atmosphere is being turned into lethal gas. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution kills 3 million people annually, three times the number "who die in automobile accidents." A study published in 2000 (Lancet) demonstrated that air pollution was "responsible for more than 40,000 deaths annually" in France, Austria and Switzerland. In the U.S., "air pollution claims 70,000 lives annually." This exceeds the number of traffic fatalities and equals the annual mortality "from breast and prostate cancer combined." Air pollutants are known to produce arterial constriction and reduce blood flow and oxygen supply to the heart. More importantly, the principal chemical pollutants found in the air have no safe level; they damage humans even at very low levels. Into this soup thousands of tons of mercury are being pumped into the air and again certain very powerful people do not want to do anything about it.

This is all important and highly relevant to the article below because these certain people, organizations and companies, not satisfied with poisoning the lot of us, want to deny us the antidotes, natural medicines and vitamins and detoxification and chelation agents that will be ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for the survival of our children and ourselves. These people who we like to be politically correct in front of would not only chemically rape our children but would deny us the power to protect them. There is a doctor Duffy who often whispers in my ear after many of my publications. He thinks I and we are wasting our time until criminal charges are brought and these folks are thrown in jail. I am afraid he is right. There are pharmaceutical and medical killers on the loose and anyone brought up to respect law and order should know what we should do with them.

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Director International Medical Veritas Association

PS. And very importantly Dan Olmsted's new installment on his series The Age of Autism: Mercury and the Amish was published today: It basically confirms that environmental mercury is begining to take off where thimerosal left off. The great rising tide of mercury changes everything about the published Recommended Daily Allowances for vitamins, minerals, trace elements and even amino acids.

Global Battle Erupts Over Vitamin Supplements

by Bill Sardi

In an unprecedented action, the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UNICEF), and an AIDS activist group that promotes drug therapy in South Africa, joined forces in opposing vitamin therapy that exceeds the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) - in particular vitamin C in doses they describe as being "far beyond safe levels".

These health agencies suggest nutrients be obtained primarily from the diet and warn that supplemental doses of vitamin C that exceed a 2000 milligram per day upper limit could cause side effects such as diarrhea. The AIDS activist group also suggests patients receiving doses beyond the RDA should undergo proper counseling and informed consent before being placed on high-dose vitamin C.

As outrageous as these statements sound, they burst into public view recently with an ongoing battle between Dr. Matthias Rath, a former Linus Pauling researcher, and The Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa.

The public battle ensued after Dr. Rath published a full-page ad in the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune advocating vitamin therapy over anti-AIDS drug therapy. Coinciding with these full-page newspaper ads is a legal battle underway in South Africa where The Treatment Action Campaign seeks to censor statements made by Dr. Rath.

Dr. Rath cites a study by Harvard Medical School researchers that showed dietary supplements slow the progression of AIDS and resulted in a significant decline in viral count. [New England Journal of Medicine 351: 23-32, 2004] 'Harvard researchers responded by saying vitamin therapy is important but may not replace anti-viral drug therapy'.

Diet promoted over supplements

UNICEF and WHO advocate a balanced diet rather than supplements despite the fact AIDS patients have nutritional needs that exceed what the best diet can provide. AIDS patients often exhibit nutrient deficiencies due to malabsorption or diarrhea. Vitamin E, one of the supplemental nutrients provided in a cocktail developed by Dr. Rath for AIDS patients, is known to reduce the incidence of diarrhea. [STEP Perspectives 7:2-5, 1995]

RDA for vitamin C is bogus

Furthermore, the RDA for vitamin C established by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), referred to by the Treatment Action Campaign, was established using testing methods that have been proven to be inaccurate.

A study published last year in the Annals of Internal Medicine by NIH scientists clearly shows much higher vitamin C levels can be achieved with oral dosing than previously thought possible. [Annals Internal Medicine 140:533-7, 2004].

Twelve noted antioxidant researchers have petitioned the Food & Nutrition Board to review the RDA for vitamin C now that it is apparent the RDA is based upon flawed research ( Steve Hickey PhD and Hilary Roberts, pharmacology graduates of Manchester University, have authoritatively outlined the flaws in the current RDA for vitamin C. [] Furthermore, the RDA was established for healthy people and does not apply to patients with serious infectious disease such as AIDS patients.

Health groups tip their hand

This battle over vitamin supplements may be a foretaste of what will happen later this year when a worldwide body called Codex Alimentarius will meet to establish upper limits on vitamin and mineral supplements. Codex is governed under the auspices of the United Nations and World Health Organization. These health organizations are tipping their partiality for drugs over nutritional supplements.

For example, Codex may establish a 2000 mg upper limit for vitamin C as previously proposed by the National Academy of Sciences, or as low as 225 mg which was recently established by German health authorities. Controlled studies do not support the use of either number.

Dr. Rath is reported to recommend 4000 milligrams of daily vitamin C for AIDS patients. The amount of oral vitamin C that a patient can tolerate without diarrhea increases proportionately to the severity of their disease. [Med Hypotheses 18:61-77, 1985] AIDS patients often don't exhibit any diarrhea with extremely high-dose vitamin C therapy. Diarrhea may occur among healthy individuals following high-dose vitamin C therapy depending upon how much vitamin C is consumed at a single point in time. Divided doses taken throughout the day minimizes this problem.

Huckster or helper?

Dr. Rath, a renowned vitamin researcher who described a vitamin C cure for heart disease and cancer in 1990 in collaboration with Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling [Proc Natl Academy Sciences 87:9388-90, 1990], is characterized as a "wealthy vitamin salesman" by the Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa. Rath's vitamin company is providing free vitamin therapy for AIDS victims in South Africa.

Anti-AIDS drug therapy failing

World health organizations appear to be solely backing AIDS drug therapy at a time when a highly drug-resistant strain of HIV that quickly progresses to AIDS has been reported in New York [AIDS Alert 20: 39-40, 2005], and drug resistance is a growing problem [Top HIV Medicine 13: 51-57, 2003]. It's only a matter of time till all current anti-AIDS drugs fail.

Of particular interest is selenium, a trace mineral included in Dr. Rath's anti-AIDS vitamin regimen, which appears to slow progression of the disease. Researchers report HIV infection has spread more rapidly in Sub-Saharan Africa than in North America primarily because Africans have low dietary intake of selenium compared to North Americans. [Medical Hypotheses 60: 611-14, 2003] Selenium appears to be a key nutrient in counteracting certain viruses and HIV infection progresses more slowly to AIDS among selenium-sufficient individuals [Proceedings Nutrition Society 61: 203-15, 2002].

The strong reaction by world health organizations against vitamin supplements causes one to wonder if they are afraid vitamin therapy will actually prove to be a viable alternative to AIDS drug therapy.

See also:

Stop AIDS Genocide By the Drug Cartel!

AIDS Orthodoxy Shaken Up By Maverick Physician

The end of the AIDS epidemic is in sight
On June 15 2005, before a capacity audience, attended by the representatives of local and international media, dozens of patients gathered to document with their own lives, that the cause of AIDS can be drastically reversed naturally!

New Book: Unraveling AIDS
The Independent Science and Promising Alternative Therapies
Mae-Wan Ho, Sam Burcher, Rhea Gala and Vejko Velkovic
"This book delves into the nutritional and other lifestyle factors that establish the biological milieu for AIDS, and perhaps is at the very root of the expression of the disease."
Henry A. Becker, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada

Doctor must stop SA Aids adverts
A South African court has ordered a German doctor to stop publishing statements critical of the country's leading Aids campaign group. Dr Mattias Rath accused the Treatment Action Campaign of being funded by international drugs firms to help sell their products in South Africa. The Cape Town high court rejected Dr Rath's argument that his claim was part of a necessary debate on HIV/Aids. The Rath Foundation says its vitamin supplements can help stop Aids.

Dr. Robert F. Cathcart III, MD
My previous experience with the utilization of ascorbic acid in the treatment of viral diseases led me to hypothesize that ascorbate would be of value in the treatment of AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). Preliminary clinical evidence is that massive doses of ascorbate (50-200 grams per 24 hours) can suppress the symptoms of the disease and can markedly reduce the tendency for secondary infections. In combination with usual treatments for the secondary infections, large doses of ascorbate will often produce a clinical remission which shows every evidence of being prolonged if treatment is continued...


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Saturday May 21 2005
updated on Thursday October 2 2008

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Readers' Comments

Just received by email, thanks to Frank at the Alternative Medicine Forum - a recent Newsletter of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation in South Africa - an account of the situation from the man at the center of this controversy:

Cellular Medicine/ Alternative Therapies
Cellular medicine achieves breakthrough in fight

Cellular Medicine, it has become clear, can also control AIDS, the illness which attacks the immune system. Not only can Cellular Medicine decisively improve the immune system of AIDS patients, but in many cases it even reverses AIDS symptoms.

Following its conquest of cardiovascular disease and the death sentence of cancer, Cellular Medicine has now declared war on the third great epidemic of our age, the immune system-weakening disease AIDS.

In a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation has developed a successful vitamin programme for AIDS patients in collaboration with local doctors. So breathtaking were the results that they were immediately publicised throughout the world.

Publication of the success of this natural AIDS remedy in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune and other international newspapers makes the breakthrough irreversible. Now the whole world knows that Cellular Medicine offers the first natural, highly effective means to combat AIDS, without incurring side effects: a powerful weapon in the battle against the AIDS epidemic.

It goes without saying that this breakthrough has drawn a fierce response from all those who earn billions from the continuing ravages of the AIDS disease. These are the same vested interest groups in the pharmaceutical industry which have already fought so vehemently and with all means at their disposal against the eradication of cardiovascular illnesses and other endemic diseases.

As before, when it became known that cancer was no longer a death sentence, the pharmaceutical-dependent media are again attacking this breakthrough with full venom. In view of the political impact of the AIDS epidemic, the pharmaceutical cartel and its media henchmen are becoming ever more desperate.

The pharmaceutical cartel now finds itself faced not only with this scientific breakthrough but also with the combination of this medical advance and a government - the government of South Africa - that has the political will to use this vital information at all costs in the service of its country's people.

Effective Cellular Medicine replaces a deadly cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs

The significance of this Cellular Medicine breakthrough is all the greater since the toxic cocktails so far available from the pharmaceutical industry usually have severe and often fatal side effects. These so-called "antiretroviral" medicines (ARVs) are reject products from chemotherapy research, which have proven too toxic for treating cancer. It is hardly surprising therefore that in industrialised countries, more AIDS patients are dying from the side effects of these "AIDS-chemo" drugs than from AIDS itself.

While this news is a message of hope for millions of people in developing countries, it is a catastrophe for the pharmaceutical "AIDS industry". Alongside the risk to its billion-dollar profits, the international reputation of an industry now exposed as unscrupulous is under threat, and with it also the reputation of all those scientists and organisations that have built their personal careers on the supposed blessing of toxic cocktails.

International cartel media going berserk

The news of Cellular Medicine's breakthrough in the fight against AIDS has found the pharmaceutical cartel wholly unprepared, and currently engaged in the process of pumping billions of dollars into health insurance companies, via Africa, to subsidise the pharmaceutical business with AIDS. This subsidy programme, using billions in tax revenues, was sold to the populace at home under the banner of "humanitarian aid" - a slogan that covers George W. Bush's 15-billion dollar AIDS programme for Africa and Tony Blair's "Marshall Plan for Africa", as well as the billions in World Bank funds supplied under cartel hawk Paul Wolfowitz.

Then came the news: with publication of the results of the vitamin programme in South Africa all this was blown to the winds. Indignation knew no bounds in the cartel's upper echelons, and in the Rockefeller/JP Morgan pharmaceutical finance empire. Via its international network of media henchmen it has not only attacked Dr. Rath and his Foundation but has tried to put pressure on the South African government too.

Just as last year when it became clear that cancer was no longer a death sentence, a regular media frenzy and counter-attack has begun - but this time on a worldwide scale. The truth was turned upside down and a free, life-saving vitamin programme for malnourished AIDS patients was denigrated as nothing but a "medical experiment".

The international pharmaceutical cartel has its own paid-up street gangs in South Africa who rampage through the streets and, using SA-type methods, demand that the government implement mass pharmaceutical drug use. Like the SA too, their ringleaders come from a suspect drug and prostitution milieu, and strike fear into the hearts of all those who oppose the pharmaceutical cartel. The so-called "Treatment Action Campaign" or TAC is supported by the pharmaceutical-dependent media in South Africa - and in Germany, not surprisingly, by the Springer tabloid press.

The Dr. Rath Foundation has publicly exposed the machinations of the TAC and its funding by the pharmaceutical cartel. Driven into a corner, and after several demands to fight the accusations in court, the TAC has now finally given in. In court proceedings pending in Cape Town the matter at stake is not Dr. Rath but solely the question of cartel funding for this group of hooligans. Dr. Rath and his Foundation await the outcome of these proceedings in Cape Town with confidence. On the first day of the hearing, Dr. Rath gave a public talk in Cape Town in front of the parliament building, before hundreds of members of the "Traditional Healers Organization" and the "National
Association of People Living with AIDS" - the largest AIDS-patient organisation in South Africa - in which he clearly outlined the scale of this confrontation and its significance for the whole world and all humanity.

One can feel equal confidence about the outcome of the civil and criminal proceedings now pending against the Springer press. These proceedings are necessary in order to put a stop, once and for all, to the lies of this pharmaceutical propaganda machine which has been misleading millions of readers.

Read Dr. Rath's open letter "Stop AIDS Genocide By the Drug Cartel!"

and support the South African government in its fight against the AIDS-epidemic with natural means!

Posted by: Sepp on May 21, 2005 07:32 PM


Extracted from a message by Dr Wong Ang Peng of Malaysia:

I would like to bring your attention to recent events in South Africa - the court case involving Dr Rath Health Foundation and TAC (Treatment Action Campaign), an NGO in South Africa which is receiving financial support from the George Soros Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. The central issue is an advertisement put by the Foundation on 6 May 05 in the New York Times and 10 May 05 in the International Herald Tribune. The same ad also appeared in a few other countries. (interestingly in Malaysia the New Straits Times, The Star and The Sun all declined to accept the same ad). The important message of the ad is that 18 full blown AIDS patients in South Africa, in 4 short weeks and subsequently 8 weeks, have shown tremendous improvement in their immune markers (including CD 4 cells) using only vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other natural nutrients. This is indeed a scientific breakthrough! (Please go to

On the contrary, the WHO, UNICEF, Harvard University, and media editors are not interested. This is very shocking!!! Dr Matthias Rath and Dr Rath Health Foundation have been ridiculed. The fact is that the AIDS research in South Africa conducted by Dr Rath Research Institute in collaboration with the SA Ministry of Health and the possitive result was ignored. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! One would have expected scientists and AIDS researchers the world over to quickly conduct similar research on AIDS following the Dr Rath research Institute's protocol to either prove the findings as per advertised in the New York Times, or prove it wrong. AIDS patients want to live. National economies of Third World countries need to survive. Are there any more scientists out there who have not sold their souls to the pharmaceutical industry????

Posted by: Sepp on June 1, 2005 12:44 PM


A friend who lives in Sweden sent an article about vitamin C and the common cold - another study that proves vitamin C is not effective. This is a point often made by detractors of vitamin C use, to "prove" that vitamin C is ineffective.

Apart from the ridiculous quantity used (200 mg and up) as vitamin C supplementation, there is another point to be made about the cold, which I make in my reply to Adi in Sweden...

- - - - - - -

Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 10:14:52 +0200
To: "Adi"
From: Sepp Hasslberger
Subject: Re: Vitamin C and the common cold

Dear Adi,

thank you for the article on vitamin C and the Common Cold.

the researchers are missing one basic datum: The common cold is not an illness but a cleaning process. It eliminates accumulated toxins from the body, much like we do when performing a "spring cleaning" ritual on our house.

Vitamin C does the same, but in a different (more slow) way. So it makes sense that some people taking vitamin C should have a reduced incidence of the cold, and it becomes understandable that vitamin C supplementation does little to reduce or eliminate a cold once it has started.

We are looking at two curative mechanisms, the first one is vitamin C promoting elimination by way of renal and intestinal excretion, the second one is the the cold virus, promoting elimination in a more radical way, through mucous membranes.

See also another recent article on the subject of an adeno-associated (cold-associated) virus (AAV2) actually killing cancer cells and thus protecting health, which you forwarded some days ago.

The upshot is that perhaps vira (virusses) are not that bad after all, they may have a function in health, and we should probably find out what that function is before we go all out killing them off.

Kind regards

Reported June 28, 2005

Vitamin C and the Common Cold

(Ivanhoe Newswire) -- When the book, "Vitamin C and the Common Cold" was released in 1970, many people came to believe vitamin C was important in preventing and treating the common cold. Since that time, we've all heard varying research debating whether vitamin C helps to prevent the common cold or not.

Recently, researchers in Australia and Finland reviewed the best quality studies of vitamin C and common cold conducted over the last 65 years. All of these studies compared a daily dose of 200 milligrams of vitamin C or more against a placebo. The researchers hoped to discover whether vitamin C reduced the incidence, duration or severity of the common cold, and whether it helped to reduce cold symptoms.

After reviewing 23 studies, the researchers found vitamin C did not reduce the risk of contracting the common cold. However, those people who were given vitamin C and then caught a cold experienced a small reduction in the duration of the cold compared with those taking a placebo. The authors say the clinical significance of this minor reduction is questionable.

The authors did find evidence vitamin C could help prevent colds in people exposed to extreme physical exertion or cold weather. Marathon runners, skiers and soldiers taking vitamin C in six different studies experienced a 50-percent reduction in common cold incidence.

No benefit was found for taking vitamin C as a possible treatment for an established cold. However, in one of the seven trials looking at the vitamin as a treatment, patients who took a single very high dose of the vitamin on the day symptoms began experienced a shorter illness compared with those who took a placebo.
This article was reported by

Posted by: Sepp on June 28, 2005 04:54 PM


You have to consume on the order of 20,000 mg / day to get rid of a cold (150 lbs person). All of these studies based on 200 mg/day or even 2000 mg/day are not using the theraputic levels necessary for cold amelioration.

Associated diahrea can be eliminated with using a buffered solution (sodium ascorbate or calcium ascorbate) instead, and using vitamin e. Diahrea will not occur at these lower doses (less than 25,000 mg/day) if the cold is severe. Doses up to 250,000 mg/day have not shown to have adverse side effects other than diahrea and gas - which as mentioned above can be eliminated.

Posted by: davea0511 on May 22, 2007 04:11 AM


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