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June 23, 2003

Pharmaceutical corporations accused of Genocide before ICC in The Hague

June 14, 2003 - The Hague

Pharmaceutical corporations and individual executives have been accused of genocide and crimes of war before the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The charges, which also involve accusations of war crimes against US President George W. Bush, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and other top political figures, are contained in a detailed complaint filed with the ICC by Dr. Mathias Rath.

Pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Amgen and Astra Zeneca are accused of deliberately preventing life-saving natural alternatives to drug based treatments from being applied in prevention and cure. A worldwide disinformation campaign undertaken by these companies is said to have caused the death of millions of people. Their role in getting both Bush and Blair into power and in determining the policies of their respective administrations with respect to the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is cited as evidence for a case made for violation of Human Rights.

Financial interests behind misdirected health policies world wide and behind the drive for war are also named in the complaint, filed by Rath and others during a two-day Conference in The Hague on 14 and 15 June.


Complaint Against Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity
Committed in Connection With The Pharmaceutical 'Business With Disease'

This complaint is submitted to the
International Criminal Court by Matthias Rath MD
and others on behalf of the people of the world
The Hague, June 14, 2003

To the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court,
Senator Louis Moreno-Ocampo,
c/o International Court, Maanweg 174
NL-2516 AB Den Haag/The Hague


This complaint brings before the International Court of Justice (ICC) the greatest crimes ever committed in the course of human history. The accused are charged with causing injury to and the death of millions of people through the 'business with disease', war crimes and other crimes against humanity. These crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

The accused know that they will be held accountable for these crimes and they have therefore embarked on a global campaign to undermine the authority of the ICC in order to put themselves above international law and continue their crimes to the detriment of all mankind.

Therefore, the current complaint must be considered by the ICC with utmost urgency. Moreover, every natural person and every government is hereby called upon to join this complaint with the goal to once and for all terminate these crimes.


The Cartel

The charges presented in this complaint relate to two main fields of crime:

* Genocide and other crimes against humanity committed in connection with the pharmaceutical business with disease.

* Crimes of war and aggression and other crimes against humanity committed in connection with the recent war against Iraq and the international escalation towards a world war.

These two fields of crime are directly related and connected by one factor: They are committed in the name and interest of the same corporate investment groups and their political stakeholders. In order to establish the evidence and show the common motives of the accused a short historical review is imperative.

Throughout the 20th century, the pharmaceutical industry was built and organized with the goal of controlling healthcare systems around the world by systematically replacing natural, non-patentable therapies with patentable and therefore profitable synthetic drugs. This industry did not evolve naturally. To the contrary, it was an investment decision taken by a handful of wealthy and unscrupulous entrepreneurs. They deliberately defined the human body as their market place in order to generate further wealth.

The driving force of this investment industry was the Rockefeller Group. They already controlled more than 90% of the petrochemical business in the United States at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century and they were looking for new global investment opportunities. Another investment group active in this field was formed around the Rothschild financial group.

The Cartel and the Second World War

After Rockefeller's Standard Oil (today EXXON), the second largest pharmaceutical/petrochemical corporate conglomerate during the first half of the 20th century, was the IG Farben conglomerate headquartered in Germany. This corporate conglomerate was the single most important factor for the political rise to power of Hitler and their joint conquest of Europe and the world. In fact, the Second World War was a war of aggression planned, started and conducted on the planning boards of IG Farben. IG Farben was the parent company of IG Auschwitz, the largest Industrial plant of this chemical cartel outside Germany. Much of the wealth of this cartel was built upon the blood and suffering of slave laborers, including those from the Auschwitz concentration camp. IG Farben promoted and used the unscrupulous political rulers of Germany as their willing tools to seek economic dominance over Europe and the rest of the world.

IG Farben was the largest shareholder in Rockefeller's Standard Oil and vice versa. The victory of the Allied Forces over Nazi-Germany at that time terminated the plans of IG Farben to become the leading pharmaceutical and petrochemical conglomerate in the world. At the same time, Standard Oil and the other pharmaceutical/petrochemical corporations of the Rockefeller consortium became the controlling financial group of this industry and remained so ever since.

In the Nuremberg War Tribunal of 1947 against the managers of the IG Farben Cartel several of them were found guilty and convicted for committing crimes against humanity including mass murder, plundering and other crimes. The Nuremberg War Tribunal also dismantled the IG Farben Cartel into the daughter companies Hoechst, Bayer and BASF. Today, each of these companies is larger than the parent company IG Farben was at that time.

Today the United States of America and Great Britain are the leading export nations of pharmaceutical products in the world. In fact, two out of three pharmaceutical drugs currently marketed globally derive from corporations in these two countries.

Fundamentals of the Pharmaceutical Business

The accused are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people who continue to die from cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases that could have been prevented and largely eliminated long ago.

This premature death of millions of people is neither the result of coincidence nor negligence. It has been willfully and systematically organized on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry and its investors with the sole purpose to expand a global drug market worth trillions of dollars.

The market place of the pharmaceutical industry is the human body and its return on investment depends on the continuation and expansion of diseases. Its profits depend on the patentability of drugs rendering this industry the most profitable industry on planet Earth.

In contrast, the prevention and eradication of any disease significantly reduces or totally eliminates the markets for pharmaceutical drugs. Therefore, the pharmaceutical corporations have been systematically obstructing the prevention and the eradication of diseases.

To commit these crimes, the pharmaceutical corporations use a maze of executors and accomplices in science, medicine, the mass media and in politics. The governments of entire nations are manipulated or even run by lobbyists and former executives of the pharmaceutical industry. For decades, the legislation of entire nations has been corrupted and abused to promote this multi-trillion-dollar "business with disease" thereby risking the health and lives of hundreds of millions of innocent patients and people.

A precondition for the rise of the pharmaceutical industry as a successful investment business was the elimination of competition from safe and natural therapies because they are not patentable and their profit margins are small. In addition, these natural therapies can effectively help prevent and eliminate diseases because of their essential roles in cellular metabolism.

As the result of the systematic elimination of natural health therapies and the takeover of the healthcare systems in most countries of the world, the pharmaceutical industry has brought millions of people and almost all nations into dependency upon its investment business.

Pharmaceutical Industry as an Organized Fraud Business

The pharmaceutical industry offers "health" to millions of patients - but does not deliver the goods. Instead it delivers products that merely alleviate symptoms while promoting the underlying disease as a precondition for its future business. To cover the fraud, this industry spends twice the amount of money in covering it up than it spends on research on future therapies.

This organized deception is the reason why this investment business could continue for almost a century behind a strategically designed smoke screen as 'benefactors' to humanity. The lives of 6 billion people and the economies of most countries in the world are held hostage by the criminal practices of this industry.

Exposing the Pharmaceutical 'Business with Disease'

Over the past decade, I have led the effort to unmask the organized fraud of this largest investment industry on earth. I have been instrumental in pointing out that the biggest obstacle for improving the health of the people of our planet is the pharmaceutical industry itself - and its nature as an investment industry driven by the expansion of diseases.

As a scientist, I was privileged to discover the true cause of cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases. Together with my colleagues and others I have also been instrumental in documenting the effective, natural and non-patentable alternatives to the pharmaceutical 'business with disease.' The identification of the natural molecules that optimize cellular metabolism enables mankind to prevent and largely eliminate most of today's most common diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer and many others.

Background of the Current International Crisis and the War of Aggression Against Iraq

Four main factors are currently threatening the survival of the pharmaceutical industry and thereby the very basis of a long-term investment industry worth hundreds of trillions of dollars:

1. Unsolvable legal conflicts, resulting in an avalanche of class action lawsuits against many pharmaceutical corporations for product liability

2. Unsolvable scientific conflicts due to the breakthroughs in natural, non-patentable therapies that effectively and largely eradicate diseases as a market place.

3. Unsolvable ethical conflicts, resulting in the loss of credibility for the entire pharmaceutical business due to the fact that their exorbitant patent fees limit access to medicines for the majority of people and risk premature death for millions.

4. Unsolvable corporate conflicts. The unmasking of the pharmaceutical business model as an organized fraud.

For decades, the Pharma-Cartel has made every effort to protect its global business with patented drugs and to ban the dissemination of competing non-patentable health alternatives. This effort is conducted at the international level, by infiltration of the European Parliament and the abuse of the World Health Organization and other United Nations Organizations.

Now, with the largest investment industry on planet Earth being exposed as an organized fraud business - haunted by tens of thousands of liability lawsuits - immediate and global industry protection laws have become an urgent measure to cover up these crimes and to cement the continued control of the investment "business with disease" over human health worldwide.

These far-reaching protection laws for an organized fraud-business implied the curtailing of civil rights and other drastic measures that could not be implemented during peacetime. The implementation of these measures required the escalation of an international crisis, a series of military conflicts that deliberately factors in the use of weapons of mass destruction and the triggering of a World War. Only then would there exist a global psychological situation that would allow abandonment of civil rights, passing of martial laws and the global implementation of protection laws allowing the accused to continue their 'business with disease' and other crimes.

In this situation, the pharmaceutical industry became the single largest corporate donor to the election of George Bush in order to exert direct influence over the most powerful political and military center in the world. With the election of George Bush, the Rockefeller investment group had direct access to the White House, the Pentagon and the political decisions taken there. A similar influence was exerted by the Rothschild group on the government of Tony Blair in Great Britain.

Thus, it was no surprise that the two largest export nations of pharmaceutical products, the United States of America and Great Britain, spearheaded the current international crisis and instigated the war against Iraq. The alleged necessity for this war was presented to the people in America, Great Britain and the world under the false pretence of a global fight against 'terrorism', elimination of rogue governments and the crusade against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Thus, the same corporate interest groups and the same political stakeholders responsible for millions of deaths from the continued business with disease are now also responsible for risking the unnecessary death of tens of thousands of innocent people in Iraq and for the death of young soldiers in America, Great Britain and other countries. They are responsible for starting and conducting a war of aggression against Iraq without any international mandate. They are responsible for the enslavement, plunder and other crimes currently being conducted in occupied Iraq.

If these interest groups and their political stakeholders are not held accountable for these crimes immediately, they are likely to continue the escalation of the international crisis with the ultimate risk of a war with weapons of mass destruction.

In this critical and historical situation I am bringing these crimes against humanity, these war crimes and crimes of aggression and of genocide to the attention of the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court and urge him to take immediate action to prevent further crimes and the ultimate disaster, a world war.

Every individual person, government, corporation or organization from anywhere in the world who has suffered from these crimes or wishes to terminate these crimes is called upon to join this complaint.

Criminal Charges

The charges in this complaint relate to crimes in two main fields:

* Crimes perpetrated by the pharmaceutical "business with disease" including the crime of genocide and other crimes against humanity.

* Crimes related to the 2003 war against Iraq and the international escalation towards a world war including crimes of war and aggression as well as other crimes against humanity.

These two fields of crime are directly connected because they are committed in the name and interest of the same corporate investment groups and their political stakeholders. The accused are charged with the most serious crimes committed against all mankind and are therefore subject to the principle of international prosecution.

1. Crimes Committed In Connection With The Pharmaceutical 'Business With Disease'

1.1. The Crime of Genocide

The accused are guilty of the crime of genocide for which they are liable to prosecution under Article 6 of the ICC Statute. This includes but is not limited to the following specific crimes:

1.1.1. Genocide by Killing (Article 6a)
1.1.2. Genocide by causing serious bodily or mental harm (Article 6b)
1.2.3. Genocide by deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction (Article 6c)

1.2. Crimes Against Humanity

The accused are guilty of the crime of genocide for which they are liable to prosecution under Article 7 of the ICC Statute. This includes but is not limited to the following specific crimes:

1.2.1. Crime Against Humanity of Murder (Article 7a)
1.2.2. Crime Against Humanity of Extermination (Article 7b)
1.2.3. Crime Against Humanity of Enslavement (Article 7c)
1.2.4. Crime Against Humanity of Severe Deprivation
of Physical Liberty (Article 7e)
1.2.5. Crime Against Humanity of Other Inhumane Acts (Article 7k)

Summary Of The Substantiation Of The Charges In Relation To The Crimes Connected With The Pharmaceutical 'Business With Disease' (Charges 1.1. - 1.2.)

1. The accused willfully and systematically maintain cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetic complications and other diseases, cancer, infectious diseases including AIDS, osteoporosis and many other of today's most common diseases that are recognized to be largely preventable by natural means. The accused have deliberately caused the unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

2. The accused systematically and deliberately prevent the eradication of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases by obstructing and blocking the dissemination of life-saving information on the health benefits of natural non-patentable therapies. Thereby, the accused have deliberately caused further unnecessary suffering and the premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

3. The accused deliberately and systematically expand existing diseases and creating new diseases by manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical drugs with short-term symptomatic relief but with known and detrimental long-term side-effects. Thereby the accused have deliberately caused further unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

Details are provided in the evidence section.
2. Specific Crimes Committed In Connection With The War Against Iraq And The Current International Crisis

2.1. The Crime of Genocide

The accused are guilty of the crime of genocide for which they are liable to prosecution under Article 6 of the ICC Statute. Under the terms of this statute genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. This includes but is not limited to the following specific criminal charges:

2.1.1. Genocide by killing (Article 6a)

2.1.2. Genocide by causing serious physical or mental harm (Article 6b)

2.1.3. Genocide by deliberately inflicting living conditions calculated to bring about physical destruction (Article 6c)

2.2. Crimes Against Humanity

Under the terms of Article 7 of the Rome Statute, crimes against humanity mean any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack. This includes but is not limited to the following specific criminal charges:

2.2.1. Crimes against humanity of murder (Article 7a)
2.2.2. Crimes against humanity of extermination (Article 7b)
2.2.3. Crimes against humanity of enslavement (Article 7c)
2.2.4. Crimes against humanity of deportation or forcible transfer of population (Article 7d)
2.2.5. Crimes against humanity of imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty (Article 7e)
2.2.6. Crimes against humanity of other inhumane acts of a similar nature intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to the body or to mental or physical health. (Article 7k)

2.3. War Crimes

Under the terms of Article 8 of the Rome Statute, war crimes mean grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 12th August 1949 (Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War, Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Times of War). War crimes under the terms of the Statute therefore include but are not limited to:

2.3.1. War crime of wilful killing (Article 8(2)(a)(i))
2.3.2. War crime of torture (Article 8(2)(a)(ii)-1)
2.3.3. War crime of inhuman treatment (Article 8(2)(a)(ii)-2)
2.3.4. War crime of including biological experiments (Article 8(2)(a)(ii)-3)
2.3.5. War crime of wilfully causing great suffering (Article 8(2)(a)(iii))
2.3.6. War crime of destruction and appropriation of property (Article 8(2)(a)(iv))
2.3.7. War crime of denying a fair trial (Article 8(2)(a)(vi))
2.3.8. War crime of unlawful deportation and transfer (Article 8(2)(a)(vii)-1)
2.3.9. War crime of unlawful confinement (Article 8(2)(a)(vii)-2)
2.3.10. War crime of taking hostages (Article 8(2)(a)(viii)
2.3.11. War crime of attacking civilians (Article 8(2)(b)(i))
2.3.12. War crime of attacking civilian objects (Article 8(2)(b)(ii))
2.3.13. War crime of excessive incidental death, injury or damage (Article 8(2)(b)(iv))
2.3.14. War crime of attacking of undefended places (Article 8(2)(b)(v))
2.3.15. War crime of killing or wounding a person outside combat (Article 8(2)(b)(vi))
2.3.16. War crime of mutilation (Article 8(2)(b)(x)-1)
2.3.17. War crime of destroying or seizing the enemy's property (Article 8(2)(b)(xiii))
2.3.18. War crime of depriving the nationals of hostile power of rights (Article 8(2)(b)(xiiv))
2.3.19. War crime of employing poison or poisoned weapons (Article 8(2)(b)(xvii))
2.3.20. War crime of employing prohibited bullets (Article 8(2)(b)(xix))
2.3.21. War crime of outrages upon personal dignity (Article 8(2)(b)(xxi))
2.3.22. War crime of starvation as a method of warfare (Article 8(2)(b)(xxv))
2.3.23. War crime of murder (Article 8(2)(c)(i)-1)
2.3.24. War crime of cruel treatment (Article 8(2)(c)(i)-3)

Summary Of The Substantiation Of The Charges In Relation To The Crimes Connected To The War Of Aggression Against Iraq And The Current International Crisis (Charges 2.1.1 - 2.3.24)

1. The accused deliberately started a war of aggression against Iraq without any mandate by international law.

2. The accused deliberately escalate an international crisis situation including psychological warfare and actual military warfare. The goal of this escalation strategy is to create a global emergency state that allows the abandonment of civil rights on global scale - including establishment of far reaching protectionist laws. The war of aggression against Iraq on the false pretence of a global fight against "terrorism" and the crusade proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is part of this strategy.

3. The accused deliberately committed the crimes of genocide, murder, mutilation and other serious bodily and mental harm during their war of aggression against the people of Iraq.

4. The accused deliberately committed the crime of destroying and seizing public and private property during and after the war of aggression. Iraq has the second largest oil resources in the world and these resources are being plundered on behalf of the accused for private gain.

Details are documented in the section "Evidence"
Historic Precedent For This Complaint
The Nuremberg War Tribunal against executives of the pharmaceutical/petrochemical cartel IG- Farben

More than half a century ago, the Nuremberg War Tribunal took place against the executives of the IG Farben Corporation, the largest pharmaceutical-petrochemical cartel in pre-world-war Europe. The Nuremberg War Tribunal brought to justice those responsible for the Second World War and set the precedent for international prosecution of war crimes and ultimately the International Court in The Hague.

Unbeknownst to most people today, the Nuremberg War Tribunal did not only sentence the political and military leaders, but also the corporate executives who brought Hitler to power. 24 executives and managers of IG Farben were indicted in this War Tribunal. US chief prosecutor Telford Taylor stated in his opening statement: "The indictment accuses these men of mature responsibility for visiting upon mankind the most devastating and catastrophic war in human history. It accuses them of wholesale enslavement, plunder and murder. These are terrible charges."

And he continued, "These accused corporate executives, not the Nazi lunatics are the principal war criminals. If their crimes are not brought to the daylight and they are not punished, they will commit even larger crimes in the future than Hitler could ever have committed."

In 1947, the main charges against the IG Farben managers were:

* Charge 1: the planning and conduction of a war of aggression and the conquest of other countries with the result of unprecedented destruction in the entire world, the death of millions of people and the continued sufferings of millions more.

* Charge 2: deportation, plundering and spoliation of public and private property in the occupied countries with the purpose of permanently exerting economic control in these countries and other severe crimes.

* Charge 3: slavery, mistreatment, terrorizing, torture and murdering of millions of people.

Now, half a century later, the charges in this complaint, are strikingly similar:

* Planning and conduct of a war of aggression against Iraq under the pretence of fighting international terror and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction with the result that vast areas of the country are devastated, thousands of people have died and hundreds of thousands were injured.

* Plundering and spoliation of public and private property in the pursuit of economic power and control in entire regions of the world by escalating an international crisis. Against this war of aggression the accused were deliberately factoring in the use of weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

* Genocide by killing, by causing serious bodily harm and by inflicting conditions of life to bring about physical destruction and crimes against humanity of murder and of other inhumane acts.

Evidence For The Crimes Committed

The evidence for the charges brought in this complaint also relate to two main fields of crimes

* Evidence of genocide and other crimes against humanity committed in connection with the pharmaceutical business with disease.

* Evidence for crimes of war and aggression and other crimes against humanity committed in connection with the war against Iraq and the escalation of the international crisis to a world war.

1. Evidence Of Genocide And Other Crimes Against Humanity Committed In Connection With The Pharmaceutical 'Business With Disease'

Specific evidence is presented that the accused are responsible for deliberately maintaining and expanding diseases, purposefully causing new diseases as well as expanding the use of drugs once registered for one disease to as many other diseases as possible.

To accomplish those goals, the accused have strategically designed, implemented, conducted and organized a business fraud scheme on a global scale that by its economic magnitude is unmatched in human history.

1.1. The Deliberate Expansion of Disease

The following specific evidence is presented that today's most common diseases are deliberately maintained and expanded by the accused, despite the fact that these diseases could have been effectively prevented and largely eradicated saving millions of lives.

1.1.1. Coronary heart disease

The primary cause of coronary artery disease and heart attacks is a structural weakening and impaired function of the artery wall, which - similar to scurvy - develops as the result of long-term deficiencies of vitamins and other essential nutrients.

In contrast, pharmaceutical approaches to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease deliberately ignore this cause and focus rather on the treatment of symptoms, such as the reduction of cholesterol levels in the blood.

Whilst deliberately avoiding curing the disease for which they are marketed, the detrimental side effects of these pharmaceutical drugs cause new diseases. The worldwide death toll from cardiovascular disease as a result of these deliberate crimes of the accused is in excess of 12 million lives every year.

1.1.2. High Blood Pressure

The primary cause of high blood pressure is an increased tension of the artery wall due to a deficiency of essential nutrients in the arterial smooth muscle cells, leading to narrowing of the artery diameter and a rise in blood pressure. A multitude of clinical studies is available documenting the benefits of non-patentable micronutrients, in particular the amino acid arginine and magnesium. They correct the underlying deficiency in millions of vascular wall cells thereby relaxing the blood vessel walls, increasing blood vessel diameter and helping to normalize high blood pressure,

Pharmaceutical drugs sold for the treatment of high blood pressure purposely focus on the treatment of symptoms. For example, beta-blockers reduce the heart rate and diuretics reduce the blood volume. These pharmaceutical drugs deliberately avoid correcting the 'spasms' of the blood vessel walls as the primary cause of high blood pressure. Thus, whilst deliberately avoiding curing the disease, these pharmaceutical drugs have long-term detrimental side effects potentially causing a multitude of new diseases - and thereby new drug markets.

Worldwide several hundred million high blood pressure patients remain uncured as a direct result of these actions by the accused and their death toll is rising daily.

1.1.3. Heart Failure

The primary cause of heart failure is lack of cellular biocatalysts, certain vitamins, minerals, carnitine, coenzyme Q10 and other bioenergy carriers in millions of heart muscle cells. This results in impaired heart pumping function and accumulation of water in the body.

In contrast, pharmaceutical approaches for the treatment of heart failure deliberately ignore this fact and focus on symptoms. Diuretics marketed for the treatment of heart failure not only eliminate water accumulated in the body but also wash out vitamins, minerals and other water-soluble bioenergy carriers. Thus, the pharmaceutical drugs marketed for heart failure actually worsen the disease and they are responsible for the short life expectancy of heart failure patients once diuretic medication sets in.

Whilst deliberately avoiding curing the disease, these pharmaceutical drugs flush out essential nutrients from the body, thereby aggravating the underlying cause of the disease. Worldwide over one hundred million heart failure patients remain uncured and eventually die prematurely as a direct result of the actions by the accused.

1.1.4. Irregular heartbeat

The primary cause of irregular heartbeat is lack of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, ubiquinone and other bioenergy carriers, in millions of electrical heart muscle cells. This results in impaired generation or conduction of the electrical impulses required for normal heartbeat. A recent double blind placebo-controlled study has unequivocally documented that the therapeutic use of micronutrients is an effective safe and affordable way to correct the health condition underlying irregular heart beat.

In contrast, pharmaceutical approaches for the treatment of irregular heartbeat deliberately ignore this fact and focus instead on symptoms. Anti-arrhythmic drugs marketed to treat arrhythmia frequently worsen the irregular heartbeat and cause cardiac arrest and the premature death of patients.

A decade ago the author Thomas Moore documented in his book "Deadly Medicine" that one new class of anti-arrhythmic drugs in the USA alone had caused more deaths than the number of US casualties in the Vietnam War. Worldwide over one hundred million patients with irregular heartbeat remain uncured as a direct result of these actions by the accused and their death toll is rising daily.

1.1.5. Cancer

Until recently cancer has been considered a death verdict. Recent advances in natural health and cellular medicine have fundamentally changed that. For this disease too, it is now obvious that medical research with non-patentable therapies has been deliberately neglected and excluded by the accused in favor of ineffective drugs that allow the continuation of the cancer epidemic as one of their most profitable markets. Because of the extraordinary significance of the crimes committed by the accused in connection with the cancer epidemic it is presented here in more detail.

It is a scientific fact that all cancers spread by the same mechanism, the use of collagen digesting enzymes (collagenases, metalloproteinases). The therapeutic use of the natural amino acid lysine - especially together with other non-patentable micronutrients - can block these enzymes and thereby inhibit the spread of cancer cells. All types of cancer studied thus far respond to this therapeutic approach including breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, fibroblastoma, synovial cancer and any other forms of cancer.

The only reason why this breakthrough in medicine has not been investigated further and applied in the treatment of cancer patients worldwide is the fact that these substances are not patentable and therefore have low profit margins. More importantly, any effective treatment of any disease ultimately leads to its eradication and to the destruction of a multi-trillion-dollar market of pharmaceutical drugs.

The pharmaceutical drug marketing for cancer patients has been particularly fraudulent and malicious. Under the pretence of treating cancer using the cover-term 'chemo-therapy' toxic substances, including derivatives of mustard gas, are applied to patients. The fact that these toxic agents also destroy millions of healthy cells in the body is deliberately factored in.

Knowing this fact, the following consequences were deliberately taken into account: First, cancer would continue as a global epidemic, providing the economic basis for a multi-trillion-dollar continued business with this disease. Secondly, the systematic application of toxic agents in the form of chemotherapy causes an epidemic of new diseases in cancer patients receiving these toxic substances.

As a result of this strategy, the pharmaceutical drug market from treating the dangerous side effects of these drugs - including infections, inflammation, bleeding, organ failure etc. - is even bigger than the market of the chemotherapy drugs itself. Thus, the accused also applied their organized deception scheme to the detriment of hundreds of millions of cancer patients with one purpose only: their financial enrichment.

1.1.6. AIDS and other Infectious Diseases

Similar deliberate deception schemes were applied for the treatment of one of the most deadly epidemics in human history, AIDS. Already 10 years ago scientific studies have shown that vitamin C is able to reduce the replication of the HIV-Virus by more than 99%. This fact has been known to the accused for more than a decade.

Deliberately ignoring and bypassing this safe and affordable non-patentable treatment, the accused developed patentable drugs against AIDS, with severe side-effects and - due to their exorbitant patent royalties - unaffordable to the great majority of the people on this planet. Thus, by applying their criminal business scheme, the accused are guilty of risking the lives and causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of people in Africa, South America, Asia and all the other regions of the world.

In a similar way, they have boycotted the information that the single most important measure to enhance immunity against infectious diseases is an optimum intake of vitamins B6, B12, Folic Acid and certain other essential nutrients. It is a scientific fact that these biocatalysts of cellular metabolism increase the production of leucocytes, the body's main weapon against any infection. By systematically withholding this information, particularly from hundreds of millions of children and adults in the developing world, the pharmaceutical industry deliberately risks the lives of hundreds of millions of people in these areas of the world. All the accused know that hardly anyone in these areas of the world can afford pharmaceutical treatments and they will consequently die.

Withholding this lifesaving information about natural, non-patentable alternatives to prevent and fight infectious diseases, not only leads to the death of millions of people, but also to the ruin of the economies of many developing countries. As a direct result the already existing imbalance in the current world economy is dramatically aggravated. These countries are deliberately placed in a conflict where they can only lose.

1.1.7. Other diseases

In a similar way, other degenerative, inflammatory, infectious diseases and many other of today's most common diseases only continue to exist as health problems because the accused have defined them and protect them as the markets for their criminal 'business with disease.'


1.2.1 Deliberately Expanding Diseases and Causing New Diseases in Patients to Expand Pharmaceutical Drug Markets

To expand their markets the following groups of drugs are manufactured and marketed by the accused deliberately, in spite of their known detrimental side effects. In a criminal manner, the accused are deliberately causing new diseases under the pretense of fighting existing ones. The fact that these new diseases caused by the side effects of these drugs surface many years later is used as an additional cover for this deceptive scheme:

Cholesterol-lowering drugs, particularly statins and fibrates are mass-marketed under the pretense of preventing cardiovascular disease. These drugs are known to induce cancer at doses currently administered to millions of patients worldwide.

Chemotherapy drugs are marketed to allegedly treat cancer. In fact, they cause a series of severe side effects the most frequent of which is setting off new cancers. The entire criminal marketing scheme around chemotherapy can only work because the accused have rendered cancer a death verdict - and even a few month's survival of a patient on chemotherapy is being marketed by the accused as a success story.

Aspirin is mass-marketed under the false pretense of preventing heart attacks and strokes, whilst long-term use of this drug is known to cause destruction of collagen and therefore to gradually increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes as well as other diseases such as stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are used to treat pain and inflammation, e.g. in arthritis. However, many of these drugs destroy connective tissue, e.g. the joints. With their long-term use these drugs aggravate the health problems rather than healing them.

Calcium antagonists are mass-marketed under the false pretense of treating high blood pressure and preventing heart attacks, whilst long-term use of these drugs is known to cause an increase in heart attacks, strokes and other diseases.

Estrogen and other hormone drugs are mass-marketed under the false pretense of preventing osteoporosis and heart disease, whilst long-term use of these drugs is known to cause cancer in more than 30% of the women taking them. Particularly frequent forms of cancer caused by these drugs are hormone dependent cancers such as cancer of the breast and uterus.

Tranquilizers and anti-depressants. Another mechanism by which the accused systematically expand their markets is to deliberately cause addiction in order to increase drug sales. Many tranquillizers and anti-depressants, including widespread diazepam ('Valium') are known to cause dependency and addiction. In order to expand their global sales of these addictive drugs, the accused even praise them through full-page adverts directly to the public.

Other drugs. Since patentability is a precondition for the pharmaceutical investment business typical pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic molecules and therefore toxic to the human body. For almost all drugs the same fraudulent business principle is valid - alleviate symptoms short term whilst, at the same time causing damage and gradually generating new diseases as the basis for new drug markets.

1.3. Expanding their drug markets to new diseases

In executing their crimes, the accused deliberately extend their existing pharmaceutical drug market by inventing new health conditions for which they recommend the drugs that had previously been recommended for other diseases. As first evidence the following examples are presented here:

Headache pills allegedly prevent heart disease. Aspirin was developed as a headache and pain relief pill and is now being mass-marketed and recommended by the accused for long-term use, even by healthy individuals for the alleged prevention and treatment of heart disease and other severe health conditions.

Antibiotics allegedly fight coronary heart disease. In order to extend the global market for their antibiotic drugs, the accused fabricated and spread the so-called "bacteria-theory" of heart attacks on a worldwide scale. Without any clinical evidence that chlamydia or other bacteria actually cause atherosclerosis or heart attacks the accused criminally promoted the general use of antibiotics even for healthy individuals with the false pretense of preventing heart attacks.

These are just a few examples of the practices by the accused to systematically expand the use of their drugs to other diseases. In fact this marketing scheme is not the exception, but the rule. The list of crimes committed in this context should be amended and completed during further investigation.

1.4. Crimes Connected With The Systematic Infiltration Of Various Sectors Of Society With The Purpose To Facilitate Committing These Crimes

The accused have systematically and deliberately infiltrated medicine and the health sectors of most countries in the world to create financial and other dependencies in order to conduct their 'business with disease' and commit other crimes. Medical research is not performed with the primary object to find the most effective, safest and most affordable treatment against a disease, but with the goal to identify the largest disease markets and to achieve the highest gains in that market for the drug manufacturer. As part of this strategy over recent decades, the accused systematically removed from the training programs at medical schools the knowledge about effective, but non-patentable natural therapies. They are purposely producing generations of doctors with little or no knowledge about the life-saving health benefits of these natural therapies. Simultaneously, therapeutic education at medical schools was taken over by the newly created departments named pharmacology. Thus, over decades generations of doctors have been leaving medical schools practically as a trained sales force for the pharmaceutical 'business with disease'. In order to hide this strategy, patented drugs were portraid as 'scientific' and even baptized 'ethical drugs' whereas non-patentable natural therapies were discredited as 'unscientific.'

In a similar way the accused have systematically and deliberately infiltrated the mass media around the world, creating financial and other dependencies, disseminating deceptive and false information in order to conceal their criminal practices, promote their 'business with disease' and commit other crimes.

The accused have deliberately and systematically abused the legislative and political system of most nations to pass laws, establish regulations and promote other measures with the purpose to expand their sales of ineffective, unsafe but lucrative pharmaceutical drugs. The accused abused their political influence to coerce legislation that would allow them to appropriate trillions of dollars under the cover of 'health insurance' and other public and private health funds. By promoting their fraudulent 'business with disease' they have taken this money from individuals, corporations and governments around the world by requesting payment for ineffective and harmful therapies. Thereby, the accused secure exorbitant gains for the pharmaceutical industry and causing unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

The accused have purposely and systematically infiltrated and abused the European Parliament and other regional and international bodies including the United Nations Organizations, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and other national and international political bodies to commit their crimes against humanity.

1.5. Crimes Connected With The Systematic Obstruction Of Effective, Non-Patentable Health Measures

To protect their artificial investment business with disease, the accused tried to strategically eliminate access of the people of the world to non-patentable natural therapies. To accomplish this goal the accused used several strategic measures:

1. Withholding life saving information about non-patentable natural therapies. The accused have deliberately and systematically withheld and blocked the basic health information from millions of people that the human body does not produce its own vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Because of the lack of this knowledge almost all humans suffer from vitamin C deficiency and are susceptible to cardiovascular and other diseases. In a similar way, the accused have systematically and purposefully withheld and blocked the basic health information from millions of people that the human body does not produce the natural amino acid lysine. Because of the lack of this knowledge almost all humans suffer from lysine deficiency and are susceptible to cancer and other diseases. Thereby, the accused deliberately cause further unnecessary suffering and the premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

2. Publicly discrediting non-patentable natural therapies. The accused have willfully and systematically deceived the public by disseminating false, misleading and fabricated information discrediting non-patentable health therapies with the goal to protect and expand their 'business with disease' based on patented drugs and to commit other crimes. Thereby, the accused deliberately cause further unnecessary suffering and the premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

3. Outlawing the dissemination of health information related to non-patentable natural therapies. The accused have deliberately abused their political influence trying to implement legislation at the national as well as the international level that would essentially outlaw the dissemination of preventive and therapeutic health information related to non-patentable natural therapies. At the same time, this legislation seeks to establish arbitrarily low 'upper limits' for the amounts of these natural and safe therapies, a step intended to prohibit their use as natural therapeutic agents. By abusing the United Nation's 'Codex Alimentarius Commission', the accused have even been trying to establish such laws for all member countries of the UN - that is worldwide.

1.5.5. Now that all peaceful efforts to protect the pharmaceutical 'business with disease' have failed, the accused adopt another strategy. They are deliberately escalating an international crisis, including wars, in order to create the psychological and legal precondition that would allow an immediate and global implementation of protectionist laws and cement the continuation of their 'business with disease' and the other crimes of which they are accused.

2. Evidence Of Genocide, Crimes Of War And Other Crimes Against Humanity Committed In Connection With The War Of Aggression Against Iraq

The accused are committing the crime of deliberately escalating an international crisis including wars of aggression towards a war that includes weapons of mass destruction.

The accused have been consistently abusing the tragedy of September 11th for the purpose of building up an international crisis scenario, which they ultimately used as a justification for their war of aggression.

Whilst the accused maximized the psychological factor of this tragedy they have blocked an official investigation into the actual events and the background of September 11th. It was The White House itself that blocked the institution of an independent commission for over a year.

Thus whilst the facts about this tragedy are not fully disclosed to the public the events of September 11th have been abused as the justification for the international crisis situation ever since.

Whilst failing to disclose any convincing evidence about September 11th they abused this tragedy to conquer the country of Afghanistan. The military conquest of Afghanistan was followed by the plundering of its natural resources, by the accused, for their financial gain.

In a similar way the accused used this pretense to conquer the next country, Iraq. Under cover of fighting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the accused were trying to coerce the world community into a war of aggression against Iraq.

Despite the fact that the great majority of the UN Security Council, the vast majority of the member states of the UN and overwhelming world opinion opposed this war, the accused still launched their attack.

The war planned, started and conducted by the accused was a war without any international mandate and therefore constituted a war of aggression and a crime against humanity. If the accused are not brought to justice for this crime, the entire system of international law as designed after the Second World War to protect mankind from destruction, will collapse.

In the absence of any international mandate the only justification left for the accused to commit this criminal act, was to fabricate a pretense - their alleged search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Today the entire world knows that this too was a deception.

During their war of aggression against Iraq, tens of thousands of Iraqi people - soldiers and civilians alike - were killed. Killing of that magnitude during a war without any international mandate constitutes the crime of genocide.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of innocent people - many of them children - were injured, mutilated, or suffered physical or mental harm caused by the criminal acts of the accused.

Moreover, the accused purposefully and systematically seized the oil fields and other natural resources of Iraq with the purpose to exploit them to enrich themselves. To cover up their crimes the accused disseminate the false justification that their seizure of the oil resources would be in the interests of and to the benefit of the Iraqi people.

With the occupation of Iraq and the appropriation of its resources in a war of aggression, the accused also committed the crime of plundering and seizing the enemy's property.

The accused systematically promoted this crisis escalation to further curtail civil rights through so-called 'anti-terror' laws. To deceive the people while committing their crimes these laws were deliberately given deceptive names, e.g. 'Homeland Security Act', or 'Patriot-Act', thereby coercing political support for the abandonment of civil rights.

Whilst systematically organizing this escalation the accused also deliberately abused the media distraction and made their first moves trying to implement protectionist laws on behalf of the pharmaceutical cartel. Largely unbeknown to the US Congress at that time, a provision was inserted into the Homeland Security Act granting immunity to drug makers from product liability law suits.

This is but a short synopsis of the crimes of war and crimes against humanity committed by the accused and of their strategy to abuse these war crimes to continue crimes of even larger magnitude, such as cementing their global 'business with disease'.

In the course of the further investigation of these war crimes, all available resources must be used to bring the accused to justice. This includes particularly all information available through the United Nations organizations, the UN weapons inspectors, documentation of war crimes from Iraqi and international sources and all other available sources.

The people of the world will demand to be part of this process and contribute documentation about these war crimes in order to accelerate the process of justice.
The Accused
The accused are the following persons from the corporate, military and political sectors of different nationalities:
1. George Walker Bush, U.S. President. He is the main political executor of the interests of the pharmaceutical/petrochemical cartel. He is the main political executor of the war crimes against Iraq and the other crimes of this complaint.

2. Anthony Charles Lynton ("Tony") Blair, Prime Minister of the U.K. He is the political head and executor for himself as well as an accomplice of George Bush in committing the crimes listed in this complaint.

3. Richard Bruce ("Dick") Cheney, U.S. Vice President. Cheney was the chief executive officer of the oil service provider Haliburton & Company from Dallas, Texas. After the conquest of Iraq, Haliburton became the key company for the economic plundering of Iraq under the pretence of reconstruction.

4. Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld was Chief Executive Officer of several biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, among others the pharma-concern G. D. Searle, today part of Pharmacia. For several decades, he had the role of strategic organizer of the pharmaceutical "business with disease". He received several awards of the pharmaceutical industry. Beside George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld was one of the main instigators of the war of aggression against Iraq.

5. John Ashcroft, U.S. Attorney General. He is one of the strategists of the so-called Homeland Security Act, one of the organizational instruments by which the accused are systematically curtailing civil rights in the U.S. He is responsible for protectionist legislation that would essentially grant immunity to the pharmaceutical industry from being held responsible for their crimes in the U.S.

6. Tom Ridge, Secretary of Homeland Security, an accomplice of John Ashcroft in cementing the political and economic control of the accused with the purpose to continue their unscrupulous business with disease and other crimes by systematically curtailing civil rights in the U.S.

7. Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Security Advisor. She is a former director of the petrochemical concern Chevron and was instrumental in promoting the war of aggression of the accused.

In the pharmaceutical sector, the following companies are accused:

1. Pfizer Inc., the Chief Executive Officer Henry A. McKinnell, Ph.D., the other Executives and the Board of Directors.

2. Merck & Co., Inc., the Chief Executive Officer Raymond V. Gilmartin, the other Executives and the Board of Directors.

3. GlaxoSmithKline PLC, the Chief Executive Officer Dr Jean-Pierre Garnier, the other Executives and the Board of Directors.

4. Novartis AG, the Chief Executive Officer Dr Daniel Vasella, the other Executives and the Board of Directors.

5. Amgen Inc., the Chief Executive Officer Kevin Sharer, the other Executives and the Board of Directors.

6. Astra Zeneca, the Chief Executive Officer Sir Tom McKillop, the other Executives and the Board of Directors.

7. Eli Lilly and Company, the Chief Executive Officer Sidney Taurel, the other Executives and the Board of Directors.

8. Abbott Laboratories, the Chief Executive Officer Miles D. White, the other Executives and the Board of Directors.

9. Other pharmaceutical companies, their Executive Officers and Boards of Directors that maintain and promote the investment "business with disease" and other crimes.

In the petrochemical sector, the following corporations and their executives are accused:

1. ExxonMobil Corporation, its Chief Executive Officer Lee R. Raymond, the other Executives and its Board of Directors.

2. British Petroleum (BP), its Chief Executive Officer The Lord Browne of Madingley, FREng, the other Executives and its Board of Directors.

3. Chevron Texaco Corp., its Chief Executive Officer David O'Reilly, the other Executives and its Board of Directors.

4. Other petrochemical companies that benefit from the plunder and spoliation of the war of aggression against Iraq.

The financial groups behind these corporate multinationals:

1. The Rockefeller Financial Group and the members of the Rockefeller Family in benefiting from the crimes committed.

2. The Rothschild Group and all its members financially benefiting from these crimes.

3. The JP Morgan Group and all its members financially benefiting from these crimes.

4. The Trilateral Commission and its members, a body founded by David Rockefeller to coordinate the interests of this investment group in the three areas of the world, U.S.A., Europe and Japan - hence, the name "trilateral" - including all members of this commission individually who are found guilty of participating in these crimes or benefiting from them financially.

5. The members of other corporate lobby and interest groups who in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or financially benefited from them.

6. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, its Chief Executive Officer William B. Harrison Jr., the other Executives and its Board of Directors.

7. Other financial institutions their Executive Officers, Boards of Directors and shareholders and others who in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or financially benefited from them.

8. Politicians as well as national and international political bodies who in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or financially benefited from them.

9. Members of the military who participated, or in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or financially benefited from them.

10. Pharmaceutical health executives who in the course of further investigation will be found to have deliberately and systematically participated in committing these crimes or financially benefited from them.

11. Members of the media and others who in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or financially benefited from them.

12. Any other individual person, organization or body that in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or financially benefited from them.

International Treaties Applicable For This Complaint

Beside the Rome Statutes for the International Court of Justice the following international treaties and declarations are applicable for the severe charges of this complaint:

1. The United Nations Charter

2. The Declaration of Human Rights of December 8, 1948

3. The Geneva Convention on Human Rights of August 12, 1949

4. The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of January 12, 1951

5. The Convention on Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity of 1968

6. The Principles of International Co-Operation in the Detection, Arrest, Extradition and Punishment of Persons Guilty of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity of 1973

The Jurisdiction Of The International Criminal Court Over The Accused

The accused committed the crimes outlined above, knowingly and deliberately and in full knowledge of all the circumstances surrounding their actions.

The crimes reported here have been committed against all mankind. The ICC in The Hague is the court governed by international law addressing these urgent issues.

Moreover, the ICC was established after WWII and the Nuremberg Tribunal, with the goal to prevent another tragedy from happening - possibly a world war.

1. Liability to prosecution of those bearing office

The accused can be both sentenced and punished by the International Criminal Court.

The Statute applies equally to all persons without any distinction based on official capacity. In particular, official capacity as a Head of State or Government, a member of a Government or parliament, an elected representative or a government official shall in no case exempt a person from criminal responsibility under the Statute of the ICC, nor shall it, in and of itself, constitute a ground for reduction of sentence (Article 27, Paragraph 1 of the Statute).

Immunities or special procedural rules which may attach to the official capacity of a person, whether under national or international law, shall also not bar the Court from exercising its jurisdiction over such a person (Article 27, Paragraph 2 of the Statute).

2. Exclusion of criminal responsibility

None of the accused may invoke any of the grounds specified under Article 31 of the Statute for excluding criminal responsibility.

The accused were acting in full knowledge about the illegitimacy of their actions. Thus, any claims to the contrary are null and void.

Equally null and void are all efforts by the accused to retroactively justify their crimes by forming 'coalitions' of opinions with other nations.

3. Power to inflict punishment over members of the US Government and citizens of the USA

Even those of the accused, who hold citizenship of the United States of America, cannot claim immunity from criminal prosecution before the International Criminal Court, just because the United States of America in contrast to 90 other countries around the world (i.e. almost half of the members of the United Nations) is not amongst the signatory states to the Rome Statute.

The accused have long been devising plans to try and evade the power to inflict punishment of the International Criminal Court. This, however, does not exempt the accused from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, because the mere performance of the crimes involved in the acts to be judged before the ICC constitutes liability to punishment under the terms of the Statute.

It does not matter if you belong to a specific Member State, because the International Criminal Court has jurisdiction over natural persons and not over States and establishes individual responsibility and liability for punishment (Article 25 Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Statute).

The ICC Statutes render attempts by the US Administration to coerce smaller nations into bilateral 'immunity pacts' redundant.

In addition, the UN Security Council did rule that the US Government and therefore also the majority of the accused could not and should not decide themselves whether the International Criminal Court could take action against them or not.

This decision was taken for good reason: One can only imagine what would have happened if the main figures accused in the Nuremberg Trials had been allowed to choose whether they had to stand trial before the Nuremberg Tribunal.

For these reasons the accused, even if they are citizens of the United States of America, are still subject to the power to inflict punishment of the International Criminal Court.

Final Appeal

The individuals named should be indicted before the International Criminal Court on the basis of the valid grounds specified in this complaint.

The investigations into the individual responsibilities of the accused are to be taken up and continued by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

These investigations will also be continued and intensified on our side, the side of the people of the world.

See also:

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posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Monday June 23 2003
updated on Monday August 5 2013

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Readers' Comments

Thank you for sharing your personal experience from your view as an insider, which confirms what many suspect and what Dr. Rath had the courage to put in writing. There's something awfully wrong in our health care SYSTEM. What we need is investigation and eventually action to promote a real change.

Posted by: Josef on June 24, 2003 03:17 PM


A comment from an (unnamed) German government official whom I notified of this news:

"No, I am not interested. Please, stop sending me such messages!"

My reply:

Dear Prof. XXXXXXX,

thank you for letting me know that you are not interested. I respect your wish and have removed your address to make sure I will not intrude on you in the future.

Please realize, though, that the tide is turning. There are many people who are getting very upset over governments dictating what they may do or may not do to keep healthy.

People are waking up to the fact that health is their personal responsibility and that some commercial interests have been profiting from disease and have consequently not had any incentive to develop real cures. It is these companies that are responsible for the illness explosion we are seeing - and for the near bankruptcy of national health services in most wester countries. You may close your eyes and ears to this, but others will not.

Reform is needed and demands for reform will get louder and louder with every day that passes.

Kind regards
Josef Hasslberger

Posted by: Josef on June 24, 2003 04:07 PM


I have never in my life read something so right on! I am stunned by the truth put forth. I thought I was the only one who was fed up by all the lies. Thank yo ufor speaking out and taking action.

Posted by: Jennifer Kelly on June 24, 2003 06:46 PM


I deeply welcome this action.
I have waited for this under a long time.
I have contributed in the way I can, i.e.
to inform other people of what is going on.
I support all of this.
How can I help?
Yours sincerely
Birgitta Holmner

Posted by: Birgitta Holmner on June 25, 2003 06:54 AM


I`m strongly support the protest/mattais

Posted by: mattias heyman on June 29, 2003 07:14 PM


As long as we let it be, there will be another purpose that will rule over us...

Posted by: jens plesner on June 30, 2003 08:13 AM


How can "we the people" help this effort?

Posted by: Steve on June 30, 2003 08:26 AM


We, as a family do agree in everything you have written!
God bless you too!

Posted by: rico rnnbck on June 30, 2003 06:26 PM


The US is pressuring smaller countries into signing bilateral agreements stating that US citizens and those working for the US will not be extradited to be tried before the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Might they be feeling the heat?

Posted by: Josef on July 2, 2003 04:21 PM


This is an amazing stand that is being taken. All the information here is just more reason why we should be standing united against these monsters and there interests in keeping us sick and stupid for profit. NO MORE!! People of the World unite behind this action. The time is now!

Posted by: Scott Jackisch on July 3, 2003 03:43 AM


We must stop these criminals trying to turn this planet into a hell on earth.


Posted by: ched on July 6, 2003 05:49 PM


i've always dreamt about this. Thank you from my heart.

Posted by: Nick Massimo on July 8, 2003 10:47 AM


My jaw is still on the ground! This is the most important thing I've ever read in all my life!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Posted by: Diana Tresidder on July 8, 2003 02:39 PM


In a world where heros are hard to find, I have discovered one, Dr. Rath.

God/Goddess Bless Sir!

Craig C Bryant

Posted by: Craig C Bryant on July 8, 2003 03:24 PM


I agree 100% with what
this report-indictment
brings out, as I am a
life-long Christian
Scientist and know the
false claims of the medical industry! I have
a background in economics
and international trade,
and I know law!

Posted by: John P. Denton on July 8, 2003 04:35 PM


Some of you are asking how 'we the people' can help.

Help with your money. Whenever you buy one of these company's products, invest in them (yep, that includes all your money-making schemes), and allow them to pervade your life, you are supporting them. Whenever you allow someone to tell you to 'take something' for your headache, or whatever, think about the consequences.

More and more of us are. Your dollar will hurt them if they do not pocket it. Support small local businesses and ventures. Support community living and resources. Support natural and holistic healing.

Most importantly of all, start thinking freely and critically. Never let that go. Teach your kids and all those around you to do the same. I do.

Love and Light to you all.

Posted by: Herman on July 8, 2003 07:55 PM


I see this move toward real justice as mandatory if humanity on planet earth is going to continue, and evolve beyond its current state.

I hope that during the course of this prosecution, the very important issue of what is being criminally added to or taken from most of our food sources, those within both the animal and plant kingdoms, will be added to the list of crimes against humanity.

Posted by: Dennis W. Anderson on July 8, 2003 08:38 PM


Help me bring this Technology to the masses.
It's time for the Good People to Win!

Posted by: Joe DeBrouse on July 8, 2003 08:58 PM


Saw this article posted on the Jeff Rense Website.
As with some of the other comment posters, I too
thought that this information was right on and that
very few people are aware of what this article brings out.
I fills me with hope that it might be possible to expose
this bunch of greedy individuals and cause their downfall.
All it takes is awareness and this article, if spread far
and wide could possibly get that ball rolling.
The article does not address the chemtrail genocide, the
electromagnetic weather manipulation to cause drought,
the flouride in the water poisoning to cause disease and
apathy, the brainwashing by the mass media to cause
conflict among ourselves, or the aspartame substitute sugar
problem that screws up the brain and causes blindness.
That being said, it is really refreshing to hear the truth
of at least what is brought out and hope that this
truth-telling brings positive change.

Posted by: Jeffrey Klopp on July 8, 2003 09:00 PM


Dear Jeffrey,

thanks for your comment. Yes, there are things missing in
the complaint to the International Criminal Court, which Dr.
Rath has filed, but as he says right in there, other things
can and will be added to these charges. As a matter of
fact, if you have data that can link some of the things you
mention to the pharmaceutical companies that have been
charged, I am sure that the Rath team would welcome that

Kind regards

Posted by: Josef on July 8, 2003 09:42 PM


I agree with every thing that Dr Mathias Rath says and I accuse all the named too.If we dont make a stand we will be brain dead zombies and all the rights and liberties our ancestors fought for will be lost.

Posted by: Rosamund Parker on July 8, 2003 09:54 PM


I agree that Pharma industry is corrupt monopoly and suppresses human rights, and should be stopped within each country, but disagree with war crimes, and disagree with the notion of an International Criminal Court.

Posted by: Forrest DeYoung on July 8, 2003 10:17 PM


I have a growing suspicion that those who are plundering and poisoning the earth and its inhabitants do not live here, and do not intend to live here.
While it gives the overt appearance of being about money and power, the extended effects look more like total destruction of all life forms.

Posted by: on July 8, 2003 11:37 PM


You just figured this out now ?
This has been going on since
day one.
But now the Elite have figured out that they can get along just fine without the great unwashed ,us.
The ride has just begun!

Posted by: Bruce Troost on July 8, 2003 11:52 PM


This is complete drivel. All the sycophantic responses at the end merely serve to reinforce the impression of a completely fraudulent, conspiracist tract that is so devoid of facts or even common sense as to be completely pointless.

Why don't you get a life and do something constructive with your gift of writing. Condy Rice committed genocide? Give me a f**king break. Get a clue.

My reply:

Thanks for your comment.

Of course you are entitled to your opinion and - thanks for expressing it.

If you haven't noticed, I did not write or file the complaint to the International Criminal Court - Dr. Rath in the Netherlands did. My article merely reports on the fact of a complaint having been made and what it says.

Time will tell who is the one that should go get a life.

Kind regards

Posted by: T. Traub on July 9, 2003 02:08 AM


Get the criminals to the Hague. They are guilty as charged.

Posted by: Sotir Ilievski on July 9, 2003 02:35 AM


what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding? the stoneage was the apex of human evolution. let's bring it back! homecare, childcare, healthcare, all inclusive. they are our birthright, these reptile bastards make us pay them to slave away aimlessly? what happened to us over these millenia? my regards to dr. rath. right on brother. i sense the babylonian brotherhood is losing their grip and that we are beginning to think for ourselves again. let them eat themselves, let us begin to truly live again. the times are a changing!

Posted by: dr. zorehole on July 9, 2003 04:06 AM


Having worked in the cancer healthcare field and having survived ovarian cancer 22 years ago, I am well aware of the connection between the drug companies and cancer. It is ugly beyond belief. I once headed a non-profit organization providing free professional services donated by local professionals for women with cancer in our county in California. Our satellite office was located in Watsonville, California, an agricultural town renowned for its strawberries. Yes, those giant berries we never saw in the old days but now accept as normal size. They got that way from organochlorides added to the soil to increase yield. Our office was deluged with young Mexican migrant workers, women under the age of 25 with breast cancer who worked in those strawberry fields. The company that makes organochlorides is Astra Zeneca. They started and still run Breast Cancer Awareness Month - which is a campaign about early detection and treatment, but never about cause. Astra Zeneca makes the chemical that is one cause of breast cancer, they run the campaign to conceal the truth and detract from the search for a cause, and they also make tamoxifen, a drug given to women with breast cancer! How's that for vertical monopoly? And the cancer rate is rising in all areas of the body - pollutants affect us most easily in our fatty tissue and reproductive organs. I could go on and on with examples of how chemicals/pharmaceuticals (they are the same entities with different cover names) are destroying our health. Ever wonder why so many young couples are infertile and require help with conceiving a child? This was certainly not the case when I was a child in the 1950's. The milk industry and the overload of hormones our citizens consume are key to this problem.

The list goes on, from innoculations causing autism to dosing kids with ritalin/speed, flouride poisoning us without our permission, phenylaline in nearly every gum and candy, doctors pushing chemotherapy drugs to stage IV cancer patients who are weeks from death and could at least have a little quality time if they were not pushed into chemo...and on and on. And then there are the elderly who cannot afford to buy the medicines (and there are some medicines that are important) their docs tell them they need and Bush telling Americans not to buy from Canada cause the drugs are not the same! And millons of working poor who cannot afford health care or dental care!

Bravo to those who fight the good fight. I only wish the media was not controlled and people had a chance to hear the truth.

Posted by: on July 9, 2003 04:48 AM


Dear Josef Hasslberger,

I have a patented invention that if made public, would bring the drug companies and the AMA to their knees. With clinical proof of prostate cancer remissions (MRI, Biopsy) and 1000s of empirical cases, this technology would empower the people by putting something tangible that TRULY WORKS IN THEIR HANDS. Electromagnetic preventive screening protocols and therapeutic applications are sequenced on a CD medium.

The public has been denied the medicinal benefits of Electromagnetic Technology for 80 years.

Seeking a viable marketing company for manufacturing and distribution to the masses.

Imagine a .50 CD that shrinks tumors.

Please forward to any/all interested parties.

(877) 818-0482
(540) 967-9939


Joe DeBrouse

Posted by: Joe DeBrouse on July 9, 2003 06:40 PM


dont pay taxes, buy more gas than needed,try holistic therapies,car pool,spread the word , refuse to let your sons and enlist in the millitary. ect. T.W.Stevenson

Posted by: on July 9, 2003 06:55 PM


I think we would do well to take a look at the educational system as well.

I also know a lot of people in the agricultural realm that are having a hard time. Our world's food supply is likely going to be a key part of this whole thing. Refined grains and sugars are among the most viscious detriments to our health I can think of.

Jason Wharton

My comment:

Hi Jason,

I agree fully with what you say. The post you commented on is a legal complaint to the International Criminal Court and is therefore limited to the aspects of pharmaceutical misconduct that can give rise to eventual prosecution.

You might be interested in the following article, also on my site, which gives an idea of several other areas that need to be taken care of if we are to bring about positive change:

Kind regards

Posted by: Jason Wharton on July 9, 2003 09:41 PM


A correction: HIV just does not exist. AIDS may be, but HIV is a scam. gives credible info.

Posted by: Grasso on July 10, 2003 04:14 AM


I have an interesting bit of input to add in here from the opposite perspective:
1.) This "complaint" repeats itself so many times before getting to the "prevention" point it became boring and lame (and then it repeats itself some more to bore you to death).
2.) I don't buy your collusion theory at all where you assign blame to everybody under the sun.
(I believe a bit of it with the campaign contributions and doctors almost pushing pills on people sure because I've seen it and had doctors try to give me pills when I did not even want them, but not that deeply to be a vast global political conspiracy. Hollistic medicine is out there for all those who seek it and it is not illegal even if the pharmacuetical firms DO try to debunk this approach as junk science.)
3.) You totally ignore that some drugs DO help people (if taken in moderation) and they are not all 100% evil all the time.
Examples: I have allergies that are so darn bad on some Summer days that I literally cannot do anything but suffer (and I mean horribly) without a Triaminicin or Claritin to let me work or play in peace from a non-stop runny nose that demands constant tissue paper in hand to keep my snots from POURING out and embarrassing me to death in public.
Occassionally, I have a headache that nothing but an Excedrin will fix also.

Here is where I agree with you:
1.) I totally agree that drug companies promote the "temporary fix" of the symptom and do not push a cure that would put them out of business. (But why would they? It is up to us to be informed about anything we are diagnosed with isn't it? If you are too stupid to look up a problem yourself, you almost deserve what you get for trusting doctors who make money from drug reps by pushing pills on people. Harsh but true.)
2.) I also agree that the drugs the pharmaceutical firms generally promote usually compund the illness (as my mother is living proof of this).
Example: All my life, my mother pushed this pill or that pill at me and I usually said no because I believe my body can fight most MINOR stuff off in a week without help from any pill.
That is why we have immune systems and white blood cells after all. Good nutrition and exercise is THE way to go to not be sick.
I worked out religiously since age 18. I spent about 2-2.5 hours in the gym 3 times or more each week until I was about 30 and had kids. During this time, I just "happened" to consume the ammino acids L-lysene, L-lucolysene, (and a few others) in Joe Weider's (and other) name brand body-building shakes/powders as part of my training.
My sister however, took the pills she was handed by mom almost all the time.

What was the result?
Well, I was hard as a rock and RARELY was sick in this entire timeframe while my (very slightly) older sister is now almost always "sick".
Meanwhile, my 60 year old mom has grown so dependant on a pill for making things better for her that she literally gets huge boxes of pills by mail-order now each month.
Mom fails to acknowledge that she now takes 7 or more pills each day because she has compunded her original problems just as you suggest by staying on pills that do you less good than good food and exercise will.
I have taken ammino acids as an inadvertant supplement just as you suggest, but I also ate well, exercised, and I am healthy as a horse at 33 despite a father who was diabetic and dead as a stone by age 32 (from a heart attack which I believe was brought on, or directly compunded by his daily shots of pharmacuetical insulin that treated symptoms and not the cause just as you suggest.)
Anyone with half a brain who looks at the pages upon pages of side effects that come in any modern drug bottle should ask themselves if they want these side effects.
(I said no way, I'll trust my body, my food, and my exercise to do me right until I need hospitalization for something and I will not pop pills or take drugs before this happens.)

Anyone with half a brain who looks in the gym and sees the upitomy of healthy people working out should ask themselves if they want that.
(Most people will say yes, but they fail to follow through from my experience of watching them come and go forever in only a few weeks. People want the quick fix that is promised in the modern snake oil pills that are out there and THAT is the problem of why Americans are the most disgustingly fat and unhealthy looking people I have ever seen. But then again, I have never left America, but how unhealthy and fat we are compared to the rest of the world is shouted on our T.V.'s all the time.)
Now that I am 33 (and have not worked out lately like I used to), I do have a pot belly starting to form, but I am STILL the healthy one in a family full of "sick" people who seem to need more pills each year from the pharmacy.
Okay, I am almost done ranting.

You have made some good points on several things, but they are slightly out of context and blaming the pharmacuetical firms for people being too lazy to reasearch their illnesses, or eat right, or exercise, or even believing magic pills will fix them right up is only half the pharmacuetical firms fault.
People still believe in ghosts and Gods for cripe's sake, and the fact that they are stupid is the MAIN problem.

How do I know?
I am in the 85th percentile, an Inc. 500 Co. supervisor by the age of 28, and I deal with stupid folks every day.
I agree that there should be laws (not lawsuits) to protect our idiots since we have dumbed down our society but how do you do it?
Every time we enact a safety precaution, a stupid person's life is saved. Inadvertantly, we are interfering in the natural selection of the smartest, fastest, and the intelligent reigning supreme.
This is only going to get worse if stupid people are not "weeded out" in some way. Perhaps the pharmacuetical firms are actually doing us all a favor and you just won't admit that aspect of this arguement will you?
(No, I am not totally heartless. I have tried to get my sister and my own mother to give up their pills and go hollistic because I want them around, but how do you force people to do what they do not want to when they believe in magic pills?)

Posted by: Dean Doepk on July 10, 2003 09:31 AM


Thank you, Dean, for your long comment.

you are correct, the posting on my site is one-sided. It is a faithful copy of a complaint filed by Dr. Rath at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. By nature, such a complaint, in detailing the actions of certain powerful interests, is by necessity somewhat legalistic and of course one-sided because it argues why certain people should be prosecuted.

As for people being dumbed down, that is an unfortunate reality, but I believe that instead of making laws to "protect" them, we should work to smarten them up.

Only by individual (that's our very own) understanding and action can we be free. The way of ever more legislation leads to the hell of ever more control on all aspects of our lives.

Kind regards

Posted by: Josef on July 10, 2003 11:36 AM


As a health researcher (aren't most of us?), and being a manufacturer and supplier of alternative supplements, and being a helper and confidant of those willing and wishing to treat their own diseases, I am privy to given medical mal-advice and mis-treatment and privy to all the crap and obfuscation one cops from government and semi-government departments. I also have close contact with medical doctors who have been or are harangued by their professional association for nothing more insidious than suggesting natural substances to alleviate health challenges. Also, my mother, being a nurse for 45 years and having nursed all over the world, and my step-father, having worked for the CIA, and having a brother who HAD hepA,B and C, and of course is now negative (this occurred despite being on methadone), and my being a victim of "medical assault", have all conspired to allow me to possess intimate knowledge of the way this world works or rather the way the world is worked. It's bullshit and more bullshit and it's heaped on us! Dr Rath enlightens us all with the depth of it!
It is fitting George the fake president Bush comes from Texas where they have the death penalty. I condemn him to death! Please, if I may be the one to execute this task for the betterment of society and world safety and as a reminder to the people who put him there that the game is up,it would be an honour. I want our prime minister, John Howard, charged with treason and terrorism for he has willingly followed this evil cretin at the expense of Australia and in Australia's name and therefore endangered the lives of present and future Australians' safety. To all those who doubt the veracity of what Dr Rath is saying, you have been asleep or cocooned and it is now time you awoke and embraced the light of truth and knowledge and together with millions of others overpower the darkness and its forces.

Posted by: Richard Nilsson on July 10, 2003 11:52 AM


Here is a comment received by e-mail and my answer - Josef


as far as I know the case is at the ICC and in time the prosecutor will have to decide whether it can be taken up or not. One major obstacle seems to be the fact that ICC has jurisdiction only in those countries or rather for those nationals whose country has signed up, that is, ratified the treaty and the US have been contrary to that. They did not sign.

Why is it not in the mainstream news, is a good question. Most of the mainstream media outlets are actually concentrated in just a few hands, and honest reporting seems to have somehow fallen out of favour with the owners of the media companies. Many things pass relatively unreported or underreported, because of this.

Posted by: Josef on October 10, 2003 12:54 PM


I doubt that this (lawsuit) will ever see the light of day, but that does not take away from it's beauty. People ARE waking up and actions like this are helping. However, let's not fool ourselves. People have been waking up for thousands of years but the "elite", or whatever you choose to call them have always found a way to win. It is a horrible feeling to wake up one day and realize that the sofa you've been sitting on so comfortably for forty-five years is actually an alligator. It's sort of a "Sixth Sense" moment, if you happened to see that movie.

My wife is a cancer research manager and I almost have to call a lawyer everytime we get into the "looking for the cure/looking for the cause" debate. She's totally bought in to the whole damn thing. The problem I have is that she is such a great human being. She's smart, she's attractive, she's totally aware, yet she's brain-washed with the process and her job.

I hope I never get cancer. She'll shit when I refuse the chemo-therapy.

Peace, all.

Posted by: Duane on January 2, 2004 03:08 AM



What a complete relief it is to know that I am not alone against what I believe is the worst, most despicable and evil crime ever perpetrated in human history (and that's saying something). I continue to pray for the "Age of Accountability" where these loathesome and greedy institutions with all of their "henchmen" get called out onto the carpet.
I guess my prayers are beginning to be answered...let the trials begin!!!

Posted by: Mark Russo on January 6, 2004 12:35 PM


The health arguments concerning the prevention of degenerative diseaases are weak and misleading. It is not the use of individual nutrients as alternative therapies that offer the answer but the totality of the diet. The scientific research is now overwhelming - that animal products (in particular saturated fat, cholesterol and animal protein) are at the heart of all degenerative diseases. Popping a pill, alternative or otherwise, is not the answer but adopting plant-based diets is. When wellplanned, they contain complex carbohydrates, fibre, vegetable protein and all the minerals and vitamins which are essential and work in concert to provide good health. However, coming back to the original charge - the provision of antibiotics, fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, growth promoters,a host of other drugs and artificial fertilisers for livestock and fodder production consitute some 40 per cent of pharmaceutical companies profits so the charge against them still stands. Thay have done everything in their power to ridicule these facts (it's s till amlost impossible to get many people to mention the word vegetarian without sniggering) through all the old transparent methods adopted by the tobacco industry - false science, dismissing of good science, placement of corrupt scientists, the wooing of unprincipled journalists (which is most) and massive political lobbying. Tony Wardle of Viva! and the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation, Bristol, UK.

Posted by: Tony Wardle on January 14, 2004 06:33 PM


An interesting question with reference to the following article, received by e-mail.

Chemist sentenced to death in Tokyo gas attack

12 people died in the 1995 Tokyo poison gas attack. The chemist sentenced today was the 11th perpetrator to get the death sentence. How many Americans have died because of organophosphates, the same category of poisons as the sarin gas used in Tokyo? Vastly more than 12. How many more have been crippled, left permanently disabled? And how many chemical company executives, managers, chemists, engineers and applicators have received the death penalty for their part in this slaughter? America's death row inmates are condemned to die, almost all of them, for small-scale destruction of life, one or two or a few people here and there, not for the wholesale poisoning of hundreds or thousands. Why is the murder of a few people with a gun or a knife so terrible to the people who run the legal system, whereas the genocide of hundreds of thousands of people with chemicals is acceptable?

Posted by: Josef on January 31, 2004 05:06 PM


I admire Dr. Rath and his battle to bring truth to power. Although it sometimes seems like we are Don Quixotes trying to bring down a giant concrete windmill, as long as we keep speaking and writing the truth, we will transform the status quo. When even a top official of GlaxoSmithKline admits that his drugs don't work for most people, the ice is thawing. It seems like more of the economy is now imitating the pharmaceutical business -- self-defeating and self-perpetuating. The latest "mental health charity runs" are particularly irksome, when they are sponsored by more of the pharm companies. How much of the money they raise will go to the victims(' families) of suicide-causing drugs? This kind of mental slavery is indeed a crime; just read Peter Schrag's "Mind Control" book. Someone should investigate the myriad of giant cancer-related charities, to see where their funds actually go -- undoubtedly, back to Big Daddy Pharm. Their medicine show juggernaut will inevitably collapse of its own weight and conceit. When we plant the seeds of truth about natural cures and preventive nutrition, we will help save the world and its creations from extinction. HealthSupreme rules supreme -- keep fighting the good fight and your eyes on the prize -- vibrant health for all!

Posted by: Brent Bielema on May 14, 2004 02:29 AM


Thank you for posting this Complaint to the ICC. Although I am in the local peace mov't & am a medical critic, it never occurred to me that medical militarism is directly linked to Iraq & the Patriot Act. I thought that it was merely conservation of social principles that medical violence & geopolitics were so similar. It is entirely possible that the medical-industrial complex ORDERED the 9/11 terror attack to facilitate neocon military escapades & domestic civil liberties curtailment otherwise impossible. It is an incontrovertible historical fact that the upper-class male medical cartel is directly responsible for the medieval witch hunts, in which 100s of millions were tortured & burned at the stake, as well as being directly responsible for the Nazi Holocaust (otherwise Nazi Germany would've been a conventional apartheid regime). It is the pseudoscientific medical ideology of eugenics that is directly responsible for the development of modern racism as we know it.

Although anesthetics are not sold at the local drug store, the Complaint should include general anesthesia, a class of dangerous pharmaceutical agents. It was never tested on animals or in clinical trials, so the past 150+ years have been a barbaric human experiment in violation of int'l law.

Horace Wells, the inventor of general anesthesia, became addicted to it, and committed a sulfuric acid attack against sex industry workers in NY under its influence. He was arrested, and committed suicide in prison, writing a suicide note saying that his hands shook so badly that he could barely hold his pen, & that his life was ruined. His widow, Elizabeth Wales Wells, said that anesthesia was "an unspeakable evil." The 1st modern recreational drug epidemic was the imbibing of volatile anesthetics in the 1850s. One curious student in Detroit bought a bottle of chloroform for inhalation, and became addicted from a single use. The top 19th c. expert on addiction wrote that ether & chloroform were the most addictive substances known, far worse than cocaine or opiates. Even the pro-medical Julie Fenster admitted that surgical narcosis ushered in the modern epidemic of addiction. The truth keeps rearing its ugly head.

Wm. Morton and Chas. T. Jackson, who introduced surgical narcosis to the public, both died of mysterious brain diseases from self-experimentation. Jackson had a peculiar dementia that afflicted him for the last 7 yrs. of his life. Jackson was the brother-in-law of Ralph Waldo Emerson. David Shenk's book on alzheimer asserted that Emerson almost certainly died from that disease. It never occurred to Shenk that Jackson might've experimented on Emerson. Wells had mood swings and parkinsonlike shakes from his self-experimentation. How much parkinson is caused by surgical narcosis? Alcohol is known to cause alzheimer; it follows that ALL depressants, incl. surgical narcosis, sleeping pills, & anxiety drugs, also cause alzheimer. How much 'bipolar' is caused by downers (incl. anesthetics), uppers (incl. caffeine, tobacco, & antidepressants), or a combination thereof?

How can poisoning a person into a coma NOT cause brain damage? My mother volunteered, w/o any prompting from me, that surgical narcosis impairs one's creativity & imagination. In the Global South, where most people can't afford allopathic medicine (as noted in the Complaint), the 'generation gap' is unheard of & unthinkable. In the Global South, listening to new vernacular music is a family experience: whole families -- children, parents, & grandparents -- gather around the cheap transistor radio or cassette player to listen & enjoy together. It is inconceivable for the parents & elders to dislike such new music as Western elders do, & in totalitarian regimes, mature Global Southerners risk their lives to get their hands on it. I believe this is because Global Southern peasants are almost never anesthetized. Moreover, look how the schools & society have been dumbed down: I believe this is a societal adaptation to the accumulation of anesthetic-induced brain damage in the population. It has gotten to the point that normal mental function has been labeled 'ADHD' or whatever they're calling it this week. Thus, the best & brightest are being brightsized by forced drugging into the sub-adult mental function of the anesthetized nation. The anesthetized nation is comparable to global warming: compare the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere from fossil fuels, causing physical climate change, to the accumulation of low-level brain damage in the world population, causing global social climate change. It is incontrovertible that most Americans are functioning at a sub-adult level. Robt. Bly calls this "swimming w/ the half-adults."

Finally, Eve Ensler, examining rape, says that my vagina is a village. If so, then my consciousness is a major city. Depriving a human being of one's consciousness is to deprive one of the essence of one's humanity. I can't imagine a more humiliating & degrading experience than being intentionally deprived of one's consciousness (for the record, this includes electroshock, which should be included among the crimes against humanity inflicted by the medical-industrial complex). The definitive response to such utter helplessness, which far exceeds infancy, is to commit violence. Look how violent society has become since the invention of surgical narcosis in 1846. The past 100 yrs. have been more violent than all previoius eras combined. The Dark Age is NOW.

A previous msg. touched upon the adulteration of our food supply by industrial capitalism, even though it exceeded the scope of the original Complaint. The Complaint itself touched upon fossil fuel as a motive for attacking Iraq, & as raw material for pharmaceuticals. It did not address global warming, or asthma, cancer, birth defects, infertility, & endocrine damage caused by exhaust from fossil fuels. All this is irrefutable evidence that the entirety of industrial capitalism is a global upper-class conspiracy that can only be stopped by an unified progressive mov't. The local, nat'l, & int'l peace activists are appallingly myopic in this regard, to my constant dismay. The locals complain that I'm 'off-issue' & are always trying to shut me up about medical regime change, in no small reason that some of the local leaders are part of the medical-industrial complex themselves, & think that diverting war expenditures to a nat'l health insurance plan will solve all our problems. This Complaint blows their argument out of the water, & affirms that I am right, & that the peace mov't is doomed to fail unless it embraces medical regime change w/ the same unbridled alacrity that it embraces fair trade, human rights, & environmental stewardship.

As a teenager, I was baffled why local & regional blocks were withheld from surgical patients even though they were cheaper & safer, & had been around since the '20s. Now I know that this non sequitur was one of many entrance ramps to discovering the most appalling abomination of all time.

Posted by: MES on June 27, 2004 01:35 PM


I would like to know where we are with these charges. Had snything happened since 2003?

Sepp, I think that unless you posted this recently, it should be posted again because I know not many people know about it.

Would it help to get more people involved with Dr. Rath's charges?

The fact that pharma wants to control the world and more than selling drugs is something that changes my perspective, especially as I read the history and how pharma started and becmame a trillion dollar industry. Most of the time I read billions not trillions.

All the law suits taking place for millions are not really stopping them.

As Vera's mail, yesterday, reported that Eli Lilly is combative about suicides being a result of antidepressants given to teens.

I would love to hear from other people's opinions about this topic, if possible.

Thank you,
Ayala Karsh

Posted by: Ayala Karsh on October 12, 2005 01:25 AM


As the niece of one of Dr Vogels associates I am aware of these pharmaceutic wargame for decades. My uncle proclaimed already in 1955 that there are more people who life from cancer than who die from the disease and that is why allophatic medicine will never develop a real cure. I always felt the allophatic world as another world which I don't belong to. I always used vitamins by supplements and in healthy food. I learned a lot about orthomoleculair medicine and I am selling food supplements myself to some friends and colleages. I never felt the urge to convince someone else of my opinion about the pharmaceutic industry. And if I did I was called paranoid. My opinion was that I could not save the world but that I was responsible for my own health. And if someone likes to know about natural haelthcare I always explained what I know and I helped people to find there way in this field. This filosophy always worked out for me until today.
If the codex will limit the vitamin and mineral dosage to minimal levels I have to fight for my own survival. How dare they take my food away. This is one of the first human rights!
In Europe the pharmacriminals succeded already in limiting the dosage of melatonine to 0.1 mg. The nescesary 3 mg could only be obtained by doctors prescription and paying 3 times as much. Melatonine is a natural hormone that cannot be patented but because is a hormone the national health board in Holland took it off the free market. My distributor did not stop selling it and he was put in prison for 3 weeks.
And there is also another way in whitch I can't avoid contact whith the pharmaceutic world. The medicines are alraedy running out of my tap. Antibiotics, anticonceptives and antidepressives are found in our drinking water.
So I feel obliged to become a soldier and I am looking for the right army to join in the war on pharmaterror. What can I do?
I am also very curious about the developements at the international court of justice. Is there already a verdict?

Posted by: Vera on October 23, 2005 12:42 AM


Thank you for your comment, Vera.

Your view on this sounds much like mine - forced into paying attention and eventually doing something about it by the circumstances of a pharmaceutical takeover of our health.

Now for the complaint to the ICC in The Hague, I have not heard any more about this. The complaint was made by Rath together with some colleagues, but it does not seem that there is very much of a follow-up, as Rath has moved his attention to South Africa, where he is providing Aids victims with an alternative to the toxic retroviral drugs they normally get.

Since you are in the Netherlands, it would seem a natural thing for you to stick your nose into the ICC, to perhaps find out what happened to Rath's complaint. Depending on what you find out, we might be able to make another article and let more people know the more recent developments. Just a suggestion.

In addition to that, you might want to check out the Alliance for Natural Health. They are based in the UK, and their site is

I have also taken the liberty of adding your email to a notification list of new posts on my site. Just tell me if you don't want to receive them. The notifications are not frequent, perhaps one or two a week.

Posted by: Sepp on October 23, 2005 01:43 PM


Thanks for doing this loving act for the world. I am a psychologist doing therapy working in Granada, Spain, and have noticed in the last ten years a terrifying number of clients coming medicated horribly with psychitric drugs that were deteriorating their bodies and minds rapidly. i help many to come off them, the brave ones, because many are frightened by their doctors. I have seen relatives die in hospitals medicated with things that did nothing but cause them suffering. This is really an SOS. Pilar.

Posted by: Pilar Jimenez on October 24, 2005 07:20 PM


all I am doing is make the information available.

But you are right. Psychiatry and their drugs are one of the most destructive influences on this planet. It would be proper for health authorities to recognize this and move on to actually help people, instead of damaging them.

Posted by: Sepp on October 24, 2005 10:04 PM


I cannot agree more to everything that this article states. Pharmaceutical firms have been exploiting 'illness' and disease for a long time now.Nazi germany was the catalyst.

Most pharmaceutical drugs are ineffective. All pharmaceutical clinical trials are biased and do nothing but serve the agenda and interest of the pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical companies have no interest in 'healthcare' or humanity. They are profit driven corporate machines. That is their sole function. Profit.

It would be naive to believe otherwise. They gag and silence people who speak the truth. They fund governments and lobby politicians. They can even change laws, as seen with teenscreen and the current bush administrations attempt to block class actions, thus making Big Pharma unaccountable for defective drugs. They have more power than most people could ever imagine. Scary, but true.

Take a look at the 'bird flu Hysteria'. who is creating this ? Who would profit from a pandemic? Of course its the pharmaceutical companies. How much is propaganda and how much is the truth? How many millions of people in Africa and other developing nations die from lack of access to drugs which are so over priced that they become out of reach.... Uncountable numbers ...

Vioxx. Thalidomide. Paxil. Zyprexa.
How did these poisons get on the market?
Through Regulatory boards such as the FDA and the MHRA which are funded and influenced by ... Pharmaceuticals

The whole industry is corrupt from the CEOs who Play golf with the Politicians to the Drug Reps who peddle misinformation and bribes ... From the Psychiatrists who drug patients on cocktails of useless and dangerous drugs while lunching on Pharma expense accounts to the doctors who write notes on Pharma logo paper .... It's an industry thats green and 'sick' with greed from gorging itself on Dollar bills...

Unfortunately as with most monsters, they tend to be difficult to fight ...

But mark my words... In 50 to 100 years from now, an enlightened and more evolved generation will look back in disgust at the behaviour of these Pharma monsters...

In the meantime people should look to themselves for the right healing path ...

Posted by: Kev on January 30, 2006 09:34 PM


Thank you for getting the word out. This articlereminds me of kevin Trudeau's views on America's current money-making empire, the pharmaceutical drug cartel. Prescription drugs, in my personal experience, are incredibley damaging to health and should never be taken. Great article!

Posted by: Gillian on February 5, 2006 07:15 AM


Thanks for posting the article. Too bad it doesn't receive newsworthy reporting in the media - of course we know why.

It is a very bold move but may be too broad. It may be better to just stick to "drugs-medicine-health regs" and tackle Iraq and Afghan wars as a separate lawsuit in order to focus energies and resources. Yes, more and more learn that the same interconnected network of global financiers design, fund and plan World Wars for control and profit. Rothschilds and Rockefellers made a lot of money on prior world wars as some of them have publicly stated.

They control governments not just by drug money but by control of central banks. Nathan M Rothschild took control of the Bank of England during the battle of Waterloo with insider trading. Britain won the battle but lost control of Britain, and its Empire became Rothschild's playground. Then the rush was on to control central banks in country after country. Thus the Great Depression was engineered to bankrupt many nations who would go into receivership (to the banksters) including the USA under Roosevelt, Canada and 'crown' countries as well as much of Western Europe. The Fed Reserve is a private banksters club not a government agency. The banksters funded the Nazi regime and the Bolshevik Revolution. There is a good chronology of the House of Rothschild here

The Jewish Post International Edition, week ending January 24th 1991, confirms Vladimir Lenin was Jewish. Lenin is also on record as having stated,

"The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation.??

These Jewish, Rothschild funded Bolsheviks would go on in the course of history to slaughter 60 million Christians and Non-Jews in Soviet controlled territory.

When war is waged ALL sides have to borrow money and the banksters make profits from all sides. So two centuries ago it became policy to plan wars for control and profit, re-draw maps and boundaries, bankrupt nations and take control of the governments and industries. WW2 was a theme war with Communism vs Capitalism. WW3 was stated to become a theme war with Islam vs Judeo-Christianity ...and so it is evolving. Planned conceptually well over a century ago!! (noted Aug 15, 1871 by Albert Pike).

So today's terrorism is not surprise violence by Muslims but the old "engineered phony crisis to gain control" - creative conflict as they call it, known as Hegelism. E.g., create mass random shootings to raise a call for gun control and then implement that as a "solution". And as Rath points out, curtailment of civil liberties following the "terrorist" activity is done in just this same vein.

"Competition is sin" as J.D. Rockefeller said, so trusts, combines, cartels and monopolies are preferred.

The goal is world domination and tyranny. The Tri-lateral commission (TLC is NOT tender loving care here), is the 3-sided triangle of the pyramid again. Eventually the world will be organized into what I believe are 10 trading blocs or zones at one time called 'directorates' in a planning document on the web. Like the ten toes in Daniel's image that will underpin the world. First we had NAFTA, and CAFTA and pretty soon SHAFTA. Trading blocs are Lego for global tyrannists! And it reflects the relentless drive to merge, acquire, combine and concentrate power into ever fewer hands. The combine, trust or monopoly at a new level.

One major problem is that Health Regulators are corrupt and easily bought or controlled. It is the laws which enable the wrongs. ALL inducement lobbying should be made illegal and actively monitored during and after holding office. WTO Codex rules must ONLY apply to international trade and never to domestic markets (between not within). Any trans-national accords and agreements should have the support of the people, for a country belongs to the people and not the government who are supposed to be civil servants. Handing control in any area to a foreign entity, global body or trans-national corporation should constitute a form of treason if it does not have voter support (the opposite of fast-track). And all such agreements should be subject to withdrawal if they prove to be a sell-out or injurious b/c of political hidden agendas. No more of these trans-national Codex appointees over-riding domestic regulations by the elected. Canada had a million strong petition in 1997 on health freedoms .... not the re-structured lack of freedoms that was enacted. The people shall decide - not civil servants.

And why is Canada now harmonizing its health regs with Australia far away, when the existing health regs that best conform to the above petition is the DHSEA act in the USA, our neighbour right next door .... not in another hemisphere!! It PROVES the intent is to circumvent the will of the people and act in bad faith. Health is a Provincial jurisdiction yet we have some 12,000+ Health Canada employees in Ottawa doing exactly what? And what overstepping of bounds has occurred but goes unchallenged ..... so far?

I wish Dr Rath every success. More challenges and support are needed.


Posted by: Geoff Essen on June 12, 2006 07:02 PM


Evil prospers because good men stand by and do nothing! We can all help bring about this vital paradigm shift by educating urselves about health & the prevention of disease and by taking responsibility for our own lives when it comes to the food we eat. We have the power to bring the Big Pharma 'Business with Disease' to its knees by remaining healthy and shunning conventional healthcare and the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Posted by: Alex on May 17, 2007 04:54 AM


I was told to check a museum in Florida for a Pogue caeburetor on display. I found it there. I took pics of it, went home and with the help of a friend, uncovered the device as not patented by Pogue but rather by Levi H. Torell. The device you all know. It is the famous hot water heated vapor carb supposed to have been Charles Pogue\'s. If anyone is interested in knowing more, I have copy of the patent with drawings and photos of the carb. Maybe yall remember the advertisement in Hemmings Motor News in July 1980. This is the famous carb reported as the Winnipeg carb. The carb has Winnipeg labeled on it.

Posted by: Kevin a.k.a Epiphelion on July 18, 2007 11:12 PM


(This comment was lost due to a catastrophic server failure)

Posted by: SIR REAL on July 30, 2007 06:51 PM


How convenient that the politicians that are pushing Health Care on Americans, aren't on the list?
Instead of health care: all we need is-fresh air, clean water, and nutritious food. Instead of genetically altered poisons.
What about the people involved over the last 50+years that are responsible for this fiasco?
And what about Congressmen and Senators that are making millions approving these drugs?

Posted by: Vanda on November 13, 2007 01:37 AM


thank you for writing this article. Very excellent work and I agree with you 100. Can I donate money to your efforts?

Posted by: KellyDay on May 4, 2008 12:27 AM


No Kelly, I am not taking any money for my efforts. But if you want to donate, you could do so for La Leva di Archimede, an association of which I am one of the initiators.

Their websites:

to donate:

Posted by: Sepp on May 4, 2008 05:41 AM


WHAT then can be done? I put up my own URL to draw attention to the urgency and severity of this problem, but it seems to be about all I can do. Keep getting the word out! People actually vote these monsters into office, and all politicians are getting their pockets lined...

Posted by: Alan Foos on December 2, 2008 01:06 AM


I finally get it now thanks for putting it all in perspective for me. Unfortunately many MANY more ppl will die before anything will start being done. Profit before life is the human way to live and ironically survive in the 21st century...

Posted by: jeffrey viscusi on January 17, 2010 02:06 PM


Did anything good come of Rath's astronomical efforts? What's happening now and what can the rest of us who agree do to help? Do you know? Thanks in advance for any info and for all you do to spread the truth.

Posted by: mscindys on July 3, 2010 11:21 PM


I believe that the good that came (and still comes) from Rath's efforts is an increased awareness that we are living in a hostile environment, health-wise. More and more people are waking up to the fact that the commercial imperatives that inform health decision making are often incompatible with our health seeking, as they must, new customers for their offerings. And their customers, by definition, must be sick... Rath did a lot to crystallize this in people's minds.

Posted by: Sepp on July 4, 2010 05:57 AM


i am so happy this information is finally been put out and i hope it will permantelly destroy the ignorance we had to help the pharmacutical industry make more and more....pharmacutical are like doctors they only treat syntoms.... surgeons are the ones that cure.

Posted by: eddie on August 6, 2011 01:07 PM


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