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July 15, 2004

AIDS Experiments on Children in New York's Incarnation Center 'A Human Tragedy'

Liam Scheff is the author of a series of articles exposing the Incarnation Children's Center's cruel experimentation on children - often orphans - who are subjected to excruciating multiple drug "treatments" for having tested positive in so-called HIV/AIDS tests. Liam's original expose' "The House That AIDS Built" is here.


Liam Scheff is one of the very few courageous reporters who will not shut up to appease. His latest article: Orphans on Trial

HIV/AIDS tests are highly unscientific and according to their manufacturers are not a proper tool to establish infection. They do not prove, in other words, that a person is infected with any virus.

Nevertheless, these children, who have no parents to speak up for them, are held in the Incarnation clinic and are forcibly drugged. They are given some of the most damaging drugs the pharma giants have yet come up with. If they refuse, because the drugs make them feel miserable, they are forced to swallow them and if that force is not sufficient to "make them take their medicine", they are simply operated and fitted with a tube that goes directly into the stomach, so the drugs can be injected.

These children are crushed between the interests of a pharmaceutical industry gone completely out of control and the ability of their bodies to stand the treatment given to them.

Jon Rappoport of has recently commented on this and has re-printed Liam Scheff's latest article, "Orphans on Trial", which should bring home the tragedy of the children in this New York "hospital". It is not beautiful to read but read it we must, if we are to put an end to the suffering of these children and thousands of other innocent victims of the pharmaceutical AIDS business.


JULY 14, 2004. Below, I’ve reprinted a brilliant and horrifying article by Liam Scheff, published in the NY Press.

That paper is to be commended for running Scheff’s piece.

This is a story where many repellent and criminal vectors intersect:

Poisoning by drugs.

Poisoning based on a failed and scientifically corrupt hypothesis that something called AIDS is caused by something called HIV.

The tireless arrogance of health care professionals.

The refusal of doctors to accept the fact that alternative remedies can heal.

The insane insistence that something called AIDS is, if untreated with drugs, a fatal disease.

The willingness to experiment with children’s lives, in a prison-like atmosphere where drugs are forcibly fed to the innocent.

The presumption that parents of children (especially poverty-stricken parents) have no rights to control treatment of their children.

The utilization of scientifically bankrupt diagnostic blood tests to falsely mark patients with a disease that REQUIRES poisonous drugs.

The disinterest of law enforcement authorities in punishing those who launch medical assaults on children.

Outright lying by medical professionals.

The unwillingness of major medical and religious institutions to investigate the medical projects they sponsor.

The justifying of poisonous medical experiments on the grounds that the (false) prognosis of death allows what amounts to the torture of children.

The placement of the poor into a special category---“anything can be done to them.”

The resurgence of Nazi-like medicine.

The bland adherence to a totally delusional scientific structure.

The bald assumption of intellectual and social and political superiority of the health professional.

The assertion of medical success in the face of horrifying outcomes.

The refusal to consider studies which contradict the poisonous treatment plan.

The refusal to closely examine studies which are funded and staffed by those who have an overriding money conflict of interest.

The refusal to think honestly about drugs which, by their very nature, destroy the foundations of biological life.

The assumption that, if most health professionals agree about the nature and diagnosis and treatment of a disease, THAT agreement alone constitutes unchallengeable science.

The dumping of cases in which people easily survive the criminal diagnosis by using alternative remedies (or no remedies at all) into a special category which, through devious manipulation, becomes “mysterious” and “unimportant” and “the rare exception to the rule.”

The assertion that conventional medical professionals should and do control the landscape.

The refusal to see and comprehend the terrible and monstrous effects of the drugs that are being delivered, as they are being delivered.

RICO murders being inflicted over a wide area in an easily recognizable pattern.



The medical destruction of the family.


(original here)

Abandoned kids are force-fed experimental AIDS drugs at a Catholic children's home in Washington Heights. And the city wants it that way.

By Liam Scheff

Maggiore was told that the AIDS drugs would make her sick, so she skipped them, instead relying on natural methods to support her health. A year and a half later, she was so healthy that her doctor said there was something wrong and she should retest.

She did retest, several times. The tests came back negative, indeterminate and positive. Maggiore investigated the medical literature and learned that HIV tests are highly inaccurate. She also discovered that there are gaping flaws in the HIV hypothesis itself.

Believing that this is the sort of thing people should know, she founded Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives, a resource for people who, like herself, want to make fully informed decisions about their health.

Since testing positive, Maggiore has had two children. Her kids, two and six years old, have never been tested. They've been raised on organic food, with a naturopathic approach to health. They're both intelligent and active. They don't take AIDS drugs. And they're not in the least bit sick. They regularly see their pediatrician, who has no medical complaints about their well-being.

And they're not alone. There are thousands of healthy HIV-positive people who don't take the drugs, who rely on natural regimens to support their immune function.

It was through Maggiore that I met Mona, whose children, Sean and Dana, have tested HIV-positive. By the state's definition, they're not actually her children; Mona is their great aunt and legal guardian. Her niece, a long-time drug user, was unable to act as a responsible mother, so Sean and Dana were remanded to state foster care. Mona took them back to raise as her own.

When I first spoke with Mona, she was stressed and nervous. Sean had twice been sent to the Incarnation Children's Center (ICC), a "home for HIV positive children" located in Washington Heights. First, as an infant, then again four years ago. And Dana was there until June.
"Why did they take her?" I asked.

"They said I was a negligent parent because I didn't want to give the drugs."

She'd been taking Sean and Dana to a naturopath. That the children were healthy didn't matter. When city agencies found out that the children weren't on the drugs, they took them away for mandatory treatment at a clinic and then transferred them to ICC. There, they were locked up and pumped full of drugs day and night.

"What drugs?"

"AZT, Nevirapine, Epivir, Zerit. All kinds of drugs."

To read through the list of drug studies either currently underway or recently concluded at IC—studies sponsored by government agencies such as National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and huge pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxo, Pfizer, Squibb and Genentech—is to take a trip through the nightmare world of pediatric drug research.

For example, the study called "The Effect of Anti-HIV Treatment on Body Characteristics of HIV-Infected Children" is looking for the causes of "Wasting and Lipodystrophy [fat redistribution]"—by using drugs known to cause wasting and lipodystrophy.

Or consider "The Safety and Effectiveness of Treating Advanced AIDS Patients between the Ages of 4 and 22 with Seven Drugs, Some at Higher than Usual Doses." The seven drugs in the study are all known to cause debilitating, potentially fatal side effects, yet they are administered at "higher than usual doses" in four-year-olds.

Then there's a study with "Stavudine…Alone or in Combination with Didanosine." Stavudine plus Didanosine has killed pregnant women.

Or the vaccine study to be administered to children "12 months to 8 years" using "live chicken pox virus," even though one of the consequences of a live virus vaccine can be the disease itself.

Another measures "HIV Levels in Cerebrospinal Fluid." Cerebrospinal fluid can only be gathered from a spinal tap, a dangerous and invasive procedure.

There's even a study on HIV-negative children born to HIV-infected mothers that uses an experimental HIV vaccine.

Mona was never informed that Sean had once participated in clinical trials at ICC.
"But they're always changing the children's medications," she said.

I asked Mona how the children tolerate so many medications.

A lot of them don't, she told me. "The ones that can't are drugged through a tube…in their stomachs. If a child refuses drugs too many times, they take them away for the operation. I've seen it happen to children who refuse the medication."

INCARNATION CHILDREN'S CENTER is a foster home administered by the Catholic Home Bureau under the Archdiocese of New York. According to the ICC website, it was established in 1987 "to deal with the boarder baby crisis." Boarder babies are children abandoned at the hospital.

In 1992, "an outpatient clinic for HIV-positive children was established" and, with funding from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is a subdivision of the National Institutes for Health (NIH), "the clinic became a subunit of the Columbia University Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Unit."

That's when ICC went from being a home for children of impoverished, drug-addicted mothers to a recipient of funds for allowing the NIH to use these HIV-positive orphans as test subjects.

The ICC webpage listed dozens of trials with AZT and Nevirapine conducted through the late 90s. The NIH site recently listed "[f]ive studies currently recruiting for drug trials," and "27 studies ongoing or recently completed"—all on children at ICC—as well as more than 200 at Columbia Presbyterian, ICC's parent hospital. The studies are sponsored by NIH subdivisions; many are cosponsored by the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the drugs being tested. The studies use the standard AIDS drugs: nucleoside analogues, protease inhibitors and Nevirapine.

Nucleoside analogues, like AZT, work by stopping cell division. They stop the formation of new blood in the bone marrow, in some cases causing anemia and bone marrow death. They've caused death in pregnant mothers, spontaneous abortion, birth defects, liver failure, pancreatic failure, muscle wasting, developmental damage and death in children and adults. They also may cause cancer.

Protease inhibitors interfere with the body's ability to build new proteins. Since we're made of protein, protease inhibitors have pronounced effects on physical appearance and organ function. The side effects can be bizarre, grotesque and often fatal: wasting in the face, arms and legs, fatty humps on the back and shoulders, distended belly, heart disease, birth defects, organ failure—and death.

Almost all of this is found on the warning labels.

The first AIDS drug, AZT, was designed in the 60s as a chemotherapy drug for cancer patients, but it was never approved. Critics declared it too toxic even for short-term use, yet in 1987 it was pushed through for lifelong use in HIV-positive people. Although its trials were later revealed to be fraudulent, AZT remains on the market.

Finally, there's Nevirapine, which also interferes with normal cell function. In test trials, Nevirapine has caused severe liver damage and death in dozens of patients. Most die from organ failure due to drug toxicity. Nevirapine can also cause a violent skin disorder called Steven-Johnsons Syndrome—a horrifying condition in which the skin blisters and ruptures or peels off in large swaths, leaving bloody, exposed flesh.

Despite causing so many serious medical issues in the course of treatment, AIDS drugs don't even claim to work. Every AIDS drug label bears a version of this caveat:

"This drug will not cure your HIV infection… Patients receiving antiretroviral therapy may continue to experience opportunistic infections and other complications of HIV disease… Patients should be advised that the long-term effects are unknown at this time."

So why do people take the drugs? Because they test HIV-positive. But as Christine Maggiore learned, HIV tests are highly inaccurate.

Most HIV tests are antibody tests, which means that they can cross-react with normal proteins in human blood. There are nearly 70 commonly occurring conditions—as listed in the medical literature—that are known to make the tests come up positive. These include yeast infections, colds, flus, arthritis, hepatitis, herpes, recent inoculations, drug use and pregnancy.

The remaining HIV tests, called viral load tests, can produce dozens of conflicting results—even from the same blood sample.

HIV tests are so unreliable that they all bear a disclaimer: "At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of HIV-1 antibody in human blood," or "The AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITOR [Viral Load] test is not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV infection," or "Do not use this kit as the sole basis of diagnosis of HIV-1 infection" (Abbott Laboratories HIV Test, Roche Viral Load Test and Epitope, Inc. Western Blot Test, respectively).

And the kicker: Positive test results can occur due to "prior pregnancy, blood transfusions...and other potential nonspecific reactions" (Vironostika HIV Test, 2003).

In short: In the 90s, drug companies like Glaxo Wellcome and Abbott Labs began recycling old chemotherapy drugs for the new AIDS drug market. This market consisted of gay men who weren't told that the HIV test was a nonspecific antibody test. They were told, however, that AIDS was an unavoidable outgrowth of testing positive on this test, and that HIV was a fatal condition.
If you look in the medical literature, you'll find that neither of these assumptions is true.

MONA'S SON SEAN has lived in a virtual coma his entire life. He was put on AZT in infancy. The drug made him so sick that he couldn't swallow solid food and, as a result, he ate through a tube in his nose until he was three. He had no energy. He was constantly ill. He couldn't play or even walk without becoming exhausted. Sean got sicker every time Mona gave him the drugs, so she cut down the doses. His energy level began to improve. She continued to wean him off the drugs and started taking him to a naturopath.

"For the first time in his life," she told me, "he became a normal boy. He could play with the other children, he could walk, he could run. He smiled and laughed. He was normal."

This would've been good news, except that Sean was born to a mother who once tested HIV-positive. Sean, the recipient of his mother's antibodies, also tested positive.

The Administration for Children's Services (ACS) came down hard on Mona for not drugging him. She was sent to a new doctor, an AIDS specialist at Beth Israel, who put Sean on a "miracle drug," Nevirapine. Within six months, he was on life support due to organ failure.

That's when ACS decided that Sean should be put into ICC. They said he'd be there for four months; he was there for more than a year. Mona had to get a lawyer to get him out.
Mona showed me Sean's medical records. They told the same story: AZT, Nevirapine, the ICU.

"Now they have Dana on the drugs."

Mona introduced me to Sean on a basketball court near their home. He was a cute kid. His jacket was too big for him, and he walked with a little shuffle—and a little wariness. He was small. I have a picture of myself at four years old—oversized denim jacket, swinging my legs a bit as I walked—and I was about the same size as Sean. Except Sean was 13. He weighed 50 pounds and was about four feet tall. An AZT baby. Stunted, his cells damaged from the inside out.

INCARNATION CHILDREN'S CENTER is housed in a four-story brick building, a converted convent with barred windows. At the entrance, there are glass panes on either side of a large, solid door with a camera above it. The day I went to ICC, there were children pushing up against the glass beside the closed door looking at me.

I walked through the door and into a waiting room with a wide steel elevator door at the far end. I signed in as a family friend of Mona's. The nurses eyed me suspiciously but didn't stop me from entering.

Beyond the reception area was a large, dark room with stained-glass windows on the far back wall. Children were grouped around folding tables.

The kids ranged from a couple years old to almost adult. Except for a few Hispanic kids, they were mostly African-American. A number of the children were in wheelchairs. There was a boom box playing in the background. Somebody had brought in pizza in cardboard boxes. A young woman in sweatpants sat on one of the chairs. She looked at me and seemed embarrassed; it was her 18th birthday party. A few bored, pale teenagers sat around in the corners, watching with detached, vague expressions. They were volunteers, coming to do community service for the AIDS children.

The wheelchair-bound kids were being fed or drugged, or both, with a milky-white fluid dispensed through tubes coming out of hanging plastic packs. The tubes disappeared beneath their shirts. Their eyes were vacant, pained, focused at a point in the distance that I couldn't see.

I walked down a short hall into another room. There was a boy, maybe 10 years old, who had a bloated, water-logged appearance. He waved and shouted, motioning for me to come play with him. A childcare worker said his name sharply, like a warning, then looked at me sternly.

Back in the hallway, another little boy approached me and held out his arms. I picked him up, and he squealed and squirmed playfully. As I tried to get a better grip, my hand hit something hard—plastic. There was a piece of plastic covering a hole in his abdomen. I went cold and put him down carefully. Again, the nurses stared at me.

Getting ready to leave, I noticed a girl with a bloated stomach. She was probably 12 or 13 years old. I looked down—there was a clear, hollow plastic tube curling out of her sweatpants.

The thick, stale air was overwhelming, and it's then that I realized the windows were not only barred, but shut.

"If they were open," Mona would later tell me, "the kids would try to get out."

As I left, I again noticed the massive steel elevator door. According to Mona, it led to the clinic.

"That's where they give them the drugs. Upstairs. They used to do it down here, but they didn't like the other children seeing them give the drugs."

DR. DAVID RASNICK is a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley whom I worked with on a series of articles examining the AIDS debate. When I told him what I'd seen at ICC, he was disturbed—but not entirely surprised.

"AIDS doctors always assume their patients are going to die," he said. "Nobody ever asks if an AIDS patient is actually sick from drug toxicity, because they never considered that the person had a chance anyway."

Last September, I requested an interview with an ICC official. A nurse told me that no one could come because "the children all have chicken pox." I remembered the live chicken pox vaccine.

I showed up anyway. They wouldn't let me in, but they gave me a brochure. It was filled with black and white pictures of patients, exactly like the children I'd seen—drugged, damaged, with tubes hanging out of them.

In the middle of the brochure was a two-page photo of a drug tray filled with syringes. The drug schedules read, "8 am, Valium, Lasix, Prednisone, Bactrim, Epivir, Colace, Nystatin, Ceftriaxone."

There was a caption below the photo: "Medicine, medicine, medicine, medicine. The medicines give you a clue of how complicated HIV disease in childhood is. Ironically, years ago, one of my old professors told me that any patient who's put on more than four drugs should find a new doctor."

In the back of the brochure, there was a photo of a man handling a small white coffin, and another of a child's coffin in the front seat of a hearse. In the back seat, an infant sat on a woman's lap. There was no mention of drug toxicities. When these children die, they just call it AIDS.

Rasnick had told me about a nurse, Jacqueline Hoerger, who'd worked at ICC in the early 90s and had an experience similar to Mona's.

Hoerger had tried to adopt two little girls from ICC to raise and care for with her husband. She administered the drugs "by the book" for about a year, and watched as the girls got sicker. She started researching the AIDS drugs. After much consultation with an open-minded M.D., she decided to give the girls a permanent "drug holiday." To her relief and amazement, the girls improved remarkably. She documented their improvement with her doctor.

When it was revealed to the adoption agency that she wasn't drugging the girls, New York Administration for Children's Services took them away and returned them to foster care. It didn't matter that they were better. It only mattered that they took the drugs.

IN OCTOBER 2003, I contacted ICC's executive director, Caroline Castro. She told me to write out my questions and send them in an email, which I did.

Where do the kids come from?

What's the current protocol for treating HIV-positive children?

I read on your website that you're participating in clinical trials. What kind of trials?

What kind of funding do you get for participating?

Castro replied: "ICC appreciates your interest in our services but regretfully declines to participate in your project."

I called her anyway and asked her about the clinical trials. She said that ICC wasn't participating in clinical trials. When I noted that the NIH website lists ICC as a participant, she yelled at me.

"Why do you have to write about ICC?" she asked. "Don't write about us. You should write about somebody else." Then she hung up.

I called ICC's medical director, Dr. Katherine Painter. I got lucky—she agreed to speak with me. Evidently, she and Castro weren't sharing emails that day.

I interviewed Dr. Painter for about an hour. Painter responded to my questions in extremely cautious, academic language.
When I mentioned the toxicity of AZT, she agreed that there had been some problems. But, she assured me, the new drugs had solved them.

According to Painter, the "biggest problem facing families with HIV-positive children is adherence." Adherence is a code word for people who don't want to take the pills. It doesn't mean illness; it means obedience to a drug regimen.
I asked her if ICC participated in clinical trials.

"Many of the clinics that refer to us are participating in clinical drug trials. Children participating in a drug trial undergo monitoring, testing and supply of an experimental drug through their outpatient clinic and we maintain that treatment here."

Had Castro lied to me? Clearly, the Incarnation Children's Center was participating in clinical trials. The kids may be enrolled at various area hospitals, but they're housed and drugged at ICC—which sounds an awful lot like participation.

I noted that the NIH clinical trial database listed hundreds of drug studies using children.

"There are loads and loads of trials going on in children," she replied.
As for adherence among the young patients, Painter noted that the drugs have a "significant, lingering, bitter taste." So they mix the pills or powders in chocolate or strawberry syrup.

But "for some cases," she said, "it's better administered through a g-tube." That's the stomach tube.

According to the director, a surgeon cuts through the child's abdomen, "through the abdominal wall musculature, and then through the stomach." A very small hole, about a quarter inch, is made, through which a small tube is placed. "From the outside you can connect a syringe or feeding tube."

I asked why ICC insisted on drugging children in this manner when there are thousands of HIV-positive individuals who aren't sick, or who are pursuing naturopathic regimens with great success.

Painter admitted that she knew about these people—she used the industry term, LTNP (long-term non-progressors). This is a title used by AIDS academics to dodge the fact that even the Center for Disease Control & Prevention agrees that the majority of people with HIV aren't sick. Most AIDS patients are given the diagnosis because of a T-cell count rather than an actual illness.

The LTNPs I know are involved in health-supportive regimens, they avoid immune-damaging practices, foods and substances—including the AIDS drugs.

"In treating AIDS," I asked, "why aren't we looking at supporting the immune system? Why are we giving people who are already sick drugs that kill the lining of the intestines and cause liver failure? Look at the adverse effects of any of these drugs—"

She interrupted. "Yes, of course, drugs have adverse reactions. But the risk/benefit of any medication must be weighed." She was becoming irritated. "May I remind you that untreated HIV infection is a terminal diagnosis."

And there it was, exactly what Dr. Rasnick had said: "AIDS doctors always assume that their patients are going to die."

But Painter had already agreed that wasn't true. There were the LTNPs. If they weren't dying and they tested positive, then her statement was incorrect.

She began to lecture me about the progression of the disease. First positivity, then, 10 years later, sickness, then inevitably, death.

"Fine," I said, "let's say that someone who tests positive is indeed ill. The kids in ICC, besides being drugged all the time, are children of chronic drug abusers. Isn't that a good reason to be sick?"
"No," she said.

"But HIV tests cross-react with antibodies produced from drug abuse."
"No," she protested.

"Yes, they do," I said. "Drug abuse, hepatitis, there are about 70 recorded conditions that make the test come up positive."

In reporting on the AIDS debate, I'd never met an HIV researcher or doctor who told me that HIV tests were even close to 100 percent accurate. Even the lab technicians I've met accept that the tests can be inaccurate and unreliable.

I ask again: "Why are we treating AIDS patients with drugs that kill their immune systems? Shouldn't we be helping them build their immunity? Shouldn't we be saying—anything that works in the treatment of AIDS is valid?"

Painter said that there was room for "supplementary therapy, including nutritional support" but, she reiterated, "antiretroviral therapy has been the leading intervention that has significantly reduced morbidity and mortality in HIV infection."

I looked at my pile of papers: dozens of drug studies in which patients have died, in the researcher's own estimation, specifically because of the drugs. I looked at the warning labels: heart attack, organ failure, wasting, bone loss, anemia, birth defects, skin loss, bloody rashes, deformation and death.

Painter was in charge of at least 20 kids at a time, many of them orphans taken from their homes for the purpose of having a drug regimen enforced. She knew or was willing to admit less about HIV tests and HIV drug toxicity than almost any medical professional I'd ever spoken with. I thanked her for her time, and hung up.

INSIDE INCARNATION CHILDREN'S Center, the children in wheelchairs stared ahead, unable to focus. I wanted to take them all outside, into the fresh air. It was a bright sunny day, and they were locked up in this room, a girl's 18th birthday party under stained glass.

I approached one of the children in a wheelchair, a boy about 12. There was something strange in his face—his head was oddly shaped. It was a bit squashed, with the eyes spaced widely. His limbs and torso were slightly warped, shortened and weak-looking. This is what happens to AZT babies.

I looked at the other children. Same arms, same legs, same faces. One boy on half-crutches tried to dance to the music. His legs dangled beneath him, his feet at odd angles to the ground. I knelt by the boy in the wheelchair. He made a slight sound, like a panic deep inside trying to get out. I didn't want to alarm him, so I got up.

I met a boy named Amir who was sitting at one of the tables. He was about six years old. Amir had a stomach tube. He had also undergone multiple plastic surgeries to remove "buffalo humps"—that's what the AIDS doctors call the large, fatty growths from the necks and backs of people who take protease inhibitors.

I walked over to him, and he smiled broadly. His head was in that same squashed shape, and his back and shoulders were oddly rounded. He grabbed onto my shirt. I knelt down and he put his arms around my neck for a hug. There were large round discolorations on his neck where the lumps had been removed. After a couple minutes, I tried to get up, but he held on. I took his hands gently in mine, held them for a moment, then carefully let go.

Five months later, Mona saw Amir in the hospital. "My stomach is swollen; it got big," he told her. "They cut me, they cut me." He pointed to an incision on his side.
"I think it's the tube," Mona told me. "I think it's infected."

When I asked Dr. Painter how they decide that the stomach tube should be used, she told me, "When other interventions to help a child take the medication by mouth have failed."
Something certainly failed with Amir. Two weeks after Mona saw him in the hospital, he was dead.

End of Scheff article.


- - - - - - -

June 2005: An update by Vera Hassner Sharav of the ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION (AHRP)

The Associated Press reports that an investigation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP) concluded that:
"Columbia University Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, where several foster children were enrolled in drug studies in the 1990s, failed to obtain and evaluate whether it had proper consent, information and safeguards for the foster kids."

OHRP's investigation found that the hospital's "records demonstrate a failure ... to obtain sufficient information regarding such safeguards with respect to the enrollment of wards of the state or foster children," the agency concluded.

In a letter dated May 23, the government cited Columbia Presbyteria with violating rules in at least four AIDS studies involving foster children, including:

Failing to "obtain sufficient information regarding the selection of wards of the state and foster children as research subjects."

Failing to "obtain sufficient information regarding the process for obtaining permission of parents or guardians for wards of the state or foster children."

Failing to have enough information to ensure the selection of patients for the studies was "equitable."

In its letter to the hospital, OHRP noted:
"When some or all of the subjects (e.g., children) are likely to be vulnerable to coercion or undue influence, additional safeguards have been included in the HHS regulations to protect the rights and welfare of these subject."

"Federal rules require researchers to provide independent advocates to foster children in a narrow class of experiments that pose more than a minimal risk and do not hold the likelihood of improved health for the test patients. Those rules also require the researchers to follow any additional safeguards imposed by state and local authorities."

These Federal safeguards prohibiting the use of children in foster care for any but essential experiments intended for their best interest -- and then, only with the consent and on-going monitorin by an independent advocate for each child, were adopted precisely to prevent their abuse and exploitation.

But the foster children enrolled in AIDS drug and vaccine trials -- all of whom were children of color -- were enrolled illegally. The children were denied the minimal protections, in part, because of a culture of arrogance that permeates the medical research community. That culture of lawless disregard for the disadvantaged in the community needs to be changed by Congressional action.

A law is needed to protect children and vulnerable adults from overreaching researchers who seem to think that ethical standards and Federal regulations are a matter for their discretion. A law is needed to make it a criminal offense to use a human being in medical experiments that faile to comply with Federal rules.

Questions remain about the death toll and the adverse events suffered by the children: how many children who were illegally enrolled in phase I and II drug and vaccine expeiments died? Nothing has been reported about the financial stakes in these pediatric AIDS trials.

As acknowledged by AP, The Alliance for Human Research Protection filed the complaint that led to the Federal investigation.

Vera Hassner Sharav

From an ABC News article:
Feds: Some AIDS Drug Tests Violated Rules

17 July 2005 - The New York Times just covered - I suppose 'attempted to bury' would be a better way to say it - the story on Incarnation Childrens' Center in New York drafting orphans into AIDS drug studies or "experimental treatments" and forcing the kids to take the drugs by surgical feeding tube implants. The story was investigated and exposed by Liam Scheff.

Below is Liam's response to the NY Times.

What can I say? At least the "newspaper of note" has to do a hack job on the story, it's no longer possible to just ignore what is posted in various places on the internet...

Kind regards

Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005
From: liam scheff
Subject: NY Times "Covers" ICC story - important - please take a minute

NY Times Covers ICC story.. And by Covers - I mean buries.

It's in the Times, so lots of people will skim it.
If you find their reporting lacking in any facts, then please write them a letter at:

The article was written by
Janny Scott and Leslie Kaufman.

They interviewed me, but only used the little bit they needed to make everybody feel good about ignoring the story.

What can you expect? It's the NY Times.

But you can email them a response, if you want to put together a reasonable letter.

My letter can be found here (scroll down the page to number 5)

See also related:

April 23, 2005 -- The city has asked an independent group to determine whether proper procedures were followed when 465 HIV-positive children in foster care were put in clinical drug trials from 1988 to 2001, officials said yesterday. The Administration for Children's Services has contracted with the Vera Institute of Justice, a not-for-profit research organization, to examine whether the required parent or guardian consents were obtained, whether the medical criteria were met and whether ACS correctly monitored the situation.

The Truth about Nevirapine - Stepping over bodies on the way to market
By Liam Scheff

New York's HIV experiment
A program exposing the scandalous AIDS drug experiments at Incarnation Children's Center: Guinea Pig Kids to be broadcast on Tuesday, 30 November, 2004, at 1930 GMT on BBC Two (UK).

Asking the Questions - by Patricia Nell Warren
It's nothing new for children to participate in AIDS trials, with parental consent. But Incarnation is a foster home - the kids are all wards. Evidently many were seized from their HIV-positive mothers by the city's Administration for Children's Services. The ACS then "volunteered" at least 100 children for these trials of vaccines and drugs, including AZT, protease inhibitors, and combinations supplied by GlaxoSmith-Kline, Pfizer, Biocine, Roche, Genentech, and other firms. Some children were shuffled to ICC from area hospitals that were also participating in trials...

Here is the article as published in New York Press Magazine

'Global Business Coalition' Wants More Testing: But Tests Do Not Show AIDS

Harvard Research in Tanzania Confirms: Multivitamin Slows AIDS Progression

AIDS Surviver Teaches Africans How To Overcome 'HIV Infection'

AIDS Test 'Is Not Proof Of Infection'

Aids Test Unscientific: Test Kit Makers Sued in Kansas

HIV-Aids: A Tragic Error

AltHeal - Access to scientific, verifiable, alternative information about HIV/AIDS and immune boosting treatments.

Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives

AidsMyth - Aids Rethinkers Worldwide

Top 100 Aids Inconsistencies - The mounting inconsistencies in Aids are clear grounds for a major overhaul of the Aids paradigm. We expose the misrepresentation, fraud, pseudo-science and unsubstantiated hype in Aids treatment today.

Selenium Conquers AIDS?

Liam Scheff comments on the reporting the New York Times did on his exposure of the Incarnation Childrens Center's AIDS drug experimentation on orphans:

More New York Times Bullshit on the AIDS/ICC Scandal

The Times piece is regurgitated by, without a single fact checked.

contact FrontPageMag

or email

Dear Editor,

Your writer's (Ryan O'Donnell's) piece on me and the ICC story is pure garbage,

"The Left's War on Black and Latino Children"

but I'm trying not to hold that against you.

The NY Times, which your writer quotes with reckless abandon, had a reason to exclude most of the important facts in their fictitious and easily-disputed report on the ICC story...

read Liam's whole piece

Infants exposed to AZT and Lamidovine will get cancer
Two new animal studies have examined the cancer-causing effects of transplacental exposure to AZT in mice and rats and found increased rates of tumors and tumors with gene changes that frequently occur in human cancer. In addition, two human studies are the first to observe the induction of mutations and large scale chromosomal damage in red blood cells of newborns exposed to NRTIs in utero.

December 2007: More 'Guinea Pig' Kids
An ongoing investigation by the Vera Institute of Justice, has uncovered 59 additional New York City foster care children--between July and September--who may have been used in AIDS drug / vaccine trials in violation of federal regulations. This brings the tentative total number of mostly minority children involved, to 773.

Here is a whole link collection for researchers:
The AIDS Investigation by Liam Scheff
In 2004, I broke open the NIH clinical trial scandal - government researchers using New York City orphans in clinical trials with combinations of highly toxic, speculative drugs.

New York Times - Children Die in Aids Drug Trials, but the Drugs are Fine, Fine, Fine
What can I say that Robert Lifton hasn't written so clearly, and so well already? We are practicing a corrupted medicine. There is a taint of racism running through Aids science. We are over-burdening groups with the permanent and fatal 'Aids' diagnosis, based on faulty technology, and an immovable assumption that we then enforce by the overly-toxic regimens you witness above.

How do we propose to save children by first, giving them a death sentence based on faulty and poly-reactive (poly-diagnostic) tests [HIV Tests - Yes, They Do Not Diagnose Nor Are Specific For Only One Condition];

Then enrolling them with or without permission into drug trials with the most severe toxic effects recorded in a pharmaceutical [Nevirapine].


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Thursday July 15 2004
updated on Wednesday December 8 2010

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April 12, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

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October 20, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

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October 12, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

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June 26, 2003 - Sepp Hasslberger

AIDS in Botswana
Thanks to Harold and Joe for this incredible piece of info: Yet again we have another demonstration of disease due to nutrient deficiency. ..."HIV-1, however, encodes the entire selenoenzyme, glutathione peroxidase. As it replicates, therefore, it depletes its host not only of selenium but also of the other three components of this enzyme: namely, cysteine, glutamine, and tryptophan. AIDS, therefore, is a nutritional deficiency illness caused by a virus. Its... [read more]
October 05, 2003 - Chris Gupta

Selenium Status Is Associated With Accelerated HIV / AIDS
Thanks for sending me this note Harry, then again ethics is not a strong factor amongst the medical Mafiosi - particularly when, egos, greed and wealth have superceded their consciousness. Concern for health, their supposedly original good intentions, have turned to pretense, and have simply become a tool to accomplish their goals incognito... Even more abominable is the zeal with which toxic drugs and immunization are thrust on the sick... [read more]
November 15, 2004 - Chris Gupta




Readers' Comments

AIDS Experiments on Children in New York's Incarnation Center 'A Human Tragedy'.

Sounds like Tuskegee all over again.

Posted by: Ray on July 16, 2004 04:13 AM


Here is a comment on the article received by e-mail from Jon in the US:

This is unbelievable. It's Nazi Germany all over again, with a change to the names of the drug companies and using children instead of Jews. This is a very sad day for me. I am Jewish. I can feel their pain.

Even if these children were going to die - which most of them wouldn't if nurtured and fed - this would still be a monstrous crime.

Posted by: Sepp on July 16, 2004 12:28 PM


A comment received from Boyd Graves that's relevant to this article...

The 1971 flowchart is ABSOLUTE evidence of the laboratory ORIGIN of AIDS

According to all science criteria HIV/AIDS evolved from nazi sheep VISNA disease, JAMA, 258, 1143 - 54, 1987..

Posted by: Sepp on July 16, 2004 08:13 PM


Phillip Day has written an excellent book on the subject of HIV/AIDS tests. It is titled "A world Without AIDS". The more I read about AIDS, I am becoming clearer that the drug co.s are trying to keep the truth hidden (what's new?)

Posted by: Tim McNeilly on July 20, 2004 05:14 AM


I am absolutely in awe. How can we let this happen? I am sick to my stomach. How does this happen in theis country? Is it who has the most money wins and can "buy" whoever (children)? Thats our future they are destroying.... Makes me sick sick sick. I want to wrap my arms around each of these children and tell them it will be ok

Posted by: Kimi on July 22, 2004 10:24 PM


The following is a reply to a comment posted on another article - South Africa: Traditional Medicine to Fight AIDS, Poverty, copied here because of its relevance.

Dear Mabasa Sasa,

thank you very much for your comment. I am happy that my site is providing a window into a world that, as you say, is (still) in a shadowy backwater when it comes to academic debate and policy making at a national and international level. My hope is, that by stimulating that debate - and here help from journalists such as yourself would be very welcome - the issue will indeed emerge into public consciousness and scientific debate will ensure we progress from highly toxic remedies to actual prevention and real cures.

Perhaps it would be best for you to link up with some of the people who are discussing the scientific aspects of AIDS and who, for now, are frozen out of the policy making debate.

I am copying this response to some of these people in the hopes that you may get in direct contact with them, and see what they have to say. My role in this can only be to stimulate. Others are dedicating much more time to the issue and may be able to supply you with more "ammunition" in this matter.

Christine Maggiore is a long time aids surviver and has a website:

Harold Foster is a Canadian scientist who has written a book on how to reverse aids by the use of some simple nutrients that are deficient in most or all aids patients. His site:

Joan Shenton is a British journalist who has been writing and making films about the aids issue. You can see references to some of her work at this site:

Liam Sheff is a US journalist who has exposed the experiments done on children in New York:

Neville Hodgkinson is another UK journalist who has investigated the aids epidemic and written an excellent overview of the science on aids and hiv:

and on the flaws in aids testing:

Robert Giraldo is a medical doctor and has written much on aids. His informative website:

David Rasnick is a scientist who has done much work on aids. Some links are on this site:

Robert Laarhoven is the webmaster of what is perhaps the most informative site on aids issues:

Val Turner is an emergency Physician at the Perth Royal Hospital and works with what is known as the Perth Group, a group of scientists challenging conventional aids wisdom:

Not to forget Mark Griffiths, aids surviver and initiator of a very informative site on aids - AltHeal:

Posted by: Sepp on August 9, 2004 10:28 PM


I am not surprised this kind of inhuman, objectification of vulnerable children is happening. The only question is why is it still happening and why isn't it being stopped. Why aren't the perpetrators/criminals acting against these children being pursued through the courts. Its nothing short of sickening.

Posted by: Judy Abraham on November 30, 2004 10:47 PM


Article in the LA Times and comments from Vera Hassner Sharav of AHRP:

LA Times: Researchers Tested AIDS Drugs on Children


On March 10, 2004, The Alliance for Human Research Protection filed a complaint with the FDA and the federal Office of Human Research Protection about a series of AIDS drug experiments conducted on New York City children in foster care. That complaint prompted two separate investigations by the FDA and OHRP which are still on-going.

Articles in The New York Post and a documentary by BBC raised the alarm among the African-American and Latino community in NY-some of who have been protesting weekly in front of Incarnation Children's Center, the site of some of the drug experiments.

The Associated Press AP has just released its investigative report: the problem is a national scandal--the experiments were conducted in "at least seven states -- Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Colorado and Texas -- and involved more than four dozen different studies.

AP's investigation found that 13,878 children had been enrolled in pediatric AIDS studies funded by the government since the late 1980s. Of these, officials estimated that 5 percent to 10 percent were in foster care. Their age ranged from infants to late teens.

"More than two dozen Illinois foster children remain in studies today."

Those who conducted the experiments in violation of federal regulations, are supported by taxpayers-thus they have a public responsibility which they violated. The children who were targeted to serve as human drug testing subjects-mostly poor children of color-were not afforded the protection of a personal advocate-as is mandated by federal regulations. (45 Code of Federal Regulations 46.409)

The institutional culture of arrogance is demonstrably in evidence at both medical research centers and government agencies: "Our position is that advocates weren't needed," said Marilyn Castaldi, spokeswoman for Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York.

And officials of NYC Administration of Child Services "defend the decision to enlist foster children en masse, saying there was a crisis in the early 1990s and research provided the best treatment possibilities."

The children are reported to have suffered painful side effects "such as rashes, vomiting and sharp drops in infection-fighting blood cells as they tested antiretroviral drugs to suppress AIDS or other medicines to treat secondary infections."

In one study testing the drug dapsone, "at least 10 children died from a variety of causes, including four from blood poisoning, and researchers said they were unable to determine a safe, useful dosage. They said the deaths didn't appear to be "directly attributable" to dapsone but nonetheless were "disturbing."

"overall mortality while receiving the study drug was significantly higher in the daily dapsone group. This finding remains unexplained," the researchers concluded.

"Another study involving foster children in the 1990s treated children with different combinations of adult antiretroviral drugs. Among 52 children, there were 26 moderate to severe reactions -- nearly all in infants. The side effects included rash, fever and a major drop in infection-fighting white blood cells.

At least three states declined to use children in foster care in medical experiments: Tennessee said its foster care rules generally prohibit enlisting children in such trials. California requires a judge's order. And Wisconsin "has absolutely never allowed, nor would we even consider, any clinical experiments with the children in our foster care system," spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis said.

Not addressed in the AP report is the amount of money that these trials generated for the institutions involved in the experiments.

Vera Hassner Sharav

Posted by: Sepp on May 5, 2005 05:59 PM


Here's a link to a recent article in the Toledo Blade, and a comment sent in by Liam Scheff:

Foster children were helped by medical trials

Foster Children in Clinical Trials? Hell Yuuueah!!!

Or so says the most independent Dr.Mark Kline in a Toledo Blade Editorial.

"Do I regret including these foster children in clinical trials? --No. I had to do something to help them, to extend their lives, which were as precious to me and others in my field as were the lives of those children who had parents to push us to provide them with the most potent treatments available."

Potent is right...

As the good doctor says of early AIDS therapies (AZT): "I and others who treated them saw them die because available treatments offered only partial, short-lived benefits."

Partial benefits - riiight, that's it, that's how it works. Never mind actual data, drug effects, profit margins, hell, never mind research. The story's good enough. You meant well. So, we'll love you for trying.

Bless you and your warm, wonderful worldview, Doc. A few more guys like you and we can all retire to our barracks,, bunks,, ovens,, oh,,,, whatever. I'm sure you know what's best for all of us.

letters to the editor:

Posted by: Sepp on June 2, 2005 11:15 PM


The moment i saw this story on television i was shocked .
You would expect this in hitler germany , but no this is in our "civilized world".
And the really disturbing fact is that it is all done within the boundaries of the law.
This is not about saving lives,this is about sqeezing out the last buck out of allready dying children by the pharmacy industries.

Posted by: M van Eykelenburg on August 4, 2005 03:06 AM


I am utterly shocked, appauled, and speechless. I have been all day, since having learned about this.
"Any man who harms a hair on these little ones who believe on me, should wrap a millstone around his neck and jump into the deepest part of the ocean - per my wrath."
"Their Angels do cry before the face of the Lord every day."
No wonder a emergency call went out, and was answered with the very nightmare these little ones live.
Since Science may be losing this, now they go for the Preborn?
Good Night, New York.
My own soul is darkened today.
Pharmacueticle Corps. - worse than terrorism

Posted by: Rhonda on August 6, 2005 12:51 PM


I was reading the article on "Orphans on Trial" I came to a photo of a baby with (SJS)and other photos of children my heart broke and I cried How can these People lay down at night and sleep after making these precious babies and children suffer its bad enough these children have HIV/AIDS and be without someone to hold and love them without suffering someone should have been working on finding a cure or Treament for SJS but, in the end we all have to stand before god!

Posted by: Mel on August 7, 2005 12:07 AM


First I want to thank Montel Williams for exposing this horrifying tragedy.

After seeing the Montel Williams Show I can't stop thinking about the children in the ICC as a matter of fact everybody else who has been diagnosis with HIV/AIDS. It makes me think about my beloved family members who I lost to "AIDS". When I think about their battles and the "progression" of the disease that supposedly killed them. I remember them trying to tell our family that it was the drugs that was killing them but because we trusting the doctors in saying they were hallucinating, we went along with it. Perhaps they were just as ignorant. It pains my heart to know that people can be so cruel. In fact, i'm angry and I want to know what I can do to help to spread the message so that the human race will no longer have to suffered at the hands of their own kind. Can somebody tell me, what kind of world we are living in?

Posted by: Christie Morris Jackson on August 8, 2005 07:02 PM


This is a terrible thing being done to these children. Whatever can be done to stop this must be done. I will contact some of our leaders to put a stop to this tragedy.

Evelyn Gidcumb

Posted by: Evelyn Gidcumb on August 18, 2005 05:08 PM


I was made aware of this issue while watching the Montel Williams Show. As I listened to what was being said on his show, I just felt really angered at the government for allowing things like this to happen to children. I really want to do something to help all of the victims of these brutal and heartless crimes. What made me angry the most wasn't only the fact that the majority of the kids targeted in New York were Black and Latino kids, and that most of the kids labeled as "AIDs infected" were in fact not infected, but it was the fact that these kids did not have anyone to protect them, they were not only orphans but they were also innocent children who deserved to live their life like any other child their age, with protection and freedom. I don't know what I'm going to do to help stop these atrocities from occuring, but I promise that I'm going to do something.

Posted by: Amaris R. on August 19, 2005 12:11 AM


This is the first I have heard of this atrocitie with these poor babies -innocent children! I have worked all my life for animals in farm factories and various other cruelties(lab experiements)and rescue work. I know what the government is capable of. But this! This is Frankensteinish! We are going to be selling our home very soon and traveling across the country. I am wondering if there is anything, anyway I can do something to get the word out so the public can truly be made aware of this dispicable, insane behavior. And save the children. Do you have booklets, pamphlets anything I could use. I am more than willing to spend a good amount of time to educate myself on this issue and do "whatever" I can as I am traveling around. The people of this country need to know what is happening to these poor babies. It makes me sad beyond words and I feel helpless - for the moment. I have never been afraid to jump in -whatever the cost. I've done it for abandoned, abused animals, I will certainly do it for these abandoned and abused children. This government needs to hang its head in shame! Please contact me.
Thank you
rita marie
1558 so pt douglas rd
st.paul,mn 55119-6006
651 731-6895
If I cannot show love what gospel am I living.
P.S. I am also a fairly good writer if this would be of any service. Here is a piece I wrote for 9/11:
Sitting in the Shadows

The children sit in the shadows of a world
lost for a time,
driven to its knees but for a moment,
rising again in an instant,
a faith instilled,
a Hope believed,
a stregth born in the knowing that it is these children who must inherit the same Hope,
the same belief, the same strength,
in a God, in a country
rippled with mountains, gracious plains and deep blue seas,
in a world that will know peace,
and in themselves;
sitting in the shadows of our sadness,
our tears and perseverance,
our mourning and determination,
it is these chidren who will be our glorious future,
steeled in the strength they have witnessed,
believing in the right of the good,
knowing the Hope of their God is True.

We have to have Hope. The God of this universe will not let this go on forever - He cannot.

Posted by: rita marie on August 19, 2005 03:54 AM


Thank you so much for sharing this. I have shared this with everyone by e-mail that I can.

Tonight I posted it as a blog in two places.
(link no longer active)

We have to get the word out!


I wonder what the agenda of the Clinton's are? Pushing the HIV lie! Stocks in the pharm companies? Genocide?
And now Jena Bush with her new book!?

Posted by: Nancy on December 4, 2007 12:56 AM


I meet a man in Times Square outside a church, a homeless man. Well, I felt it was hypocritical for them not to let the man into the church service; therefore, my friend got him something to eat at a McDonald's near by and we had a chat.
The man told us that he was diagnosed with HIV in the early 80's (around 1981 or 1982) alongwith several of his friends. He and his friends were drug users, and used needles to inject the drugs into their bodies.

This man and his friends were offered AZT treatment to prevent AIDS. This man said he refused the treatment, and so depressed and felt he was going to die anyway...just did more drugs, drank (and a smoker) and did not take care of himself. All his friends took the medication and died 9-10 years later. This man (homeless man we were talking to) NEVER got aids and is a HEALTHLY
STRONG man - still out on the streets. So that got my friend and I curious (as we both believed that HIV was a disease and caused AIDS), and did some research - first finding . Now we are CONVINCED that HIV is a lie, and either a genocide or for GREED (making money for the pharmaceutical companies and stock holders) - and shame on them.

I was appalled to read about this today, and heard about it on the news last night:
Mandatory HIV testing for pregnant women in New Jersey, signed into law 12/26/07 by Richard Codey, the Senate president serving as acting governor while Jon Corzine is on vacation.

The New Jersey bill, sponsored by Senate President Codey, would require all pregnant women to be tested for HIV during their pregnancy and again in their third trimester.

We need to contact our Representatives and let them know we do NOT want this in our state/s. No mandatory HIV testing.

Here are some more good webpages I found -

RETHINKING AIDS............. (Get informed and do something about contacting your representatives and blogging everywhere you can - to inform a many people as you can...) ! ! !

And thank YOU so much for YOUR webpage....I share it whenever I can! :)

God bless you and your mission to share this HIV lie.....THANK YOU ! ! !

Posted by: New York Resident on December 27, 2007 01:59 PM


Dear Sepp, this story (bless Liam Scheff!) must never be allowed to die, in particular since similar "live-saving" exercises (premeditated genocide) are in full swing in South Africa and any person (including President Mbeki and our Minister of Health) having the guts to point out the lethal toxicity of antiretroviral drugs is immediately ridiculed and labeled as a dissident by the pharma-funded Mengele clones in our country. The devastating side effects, including death, of AZT and NEVIRAPINE have been brilliantly researched and documented by Advocate Anthony Brink on

Posted by: Ingrid Blank on December 29, 2007 01:29 AM


I wonder what else is being called what it isn't. Follow the pharm money, and you will know. I am an escaped pharm animal, myself but not of the HIV sort.

Posted by: Jana on December 29, 2007 08:11 PM


Verdict Of $2.5 Million Over False-Positive HIV Diagnosis

Now what can we do to fight HIV testing of newborns in NY and CT, and pregnant
women in FL and NJ.

Why isn't this on YOUR LOCAL NEWS? Censorship - corporation owned media, sad to say.

Share this with a friend !

Posted by: Victory in MA on January 22, 2008 09:46 PM


Omnicidal Elitists: Their Killers, Their Science, Their Plan

"The HIV 'virus' was intentionally bioengineered in government, military, and private laboratories right here in America. The American microbiologist who attempted to assume international credit for 'discovering' the AIDS virus, Dr Robert C. Gallo, was in fact the principal coordinator who was hired by the US Department of Defence (DOD) to develop and create the AIDS virus. The facts supporting the above allegations are brilliantly laid out in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, Nature, Accident, or Intentional? by Dr. Len Horowitz�? The Sham of AIDS Research (

Posted by: Jy208 on January 28, 2008 06:45 AM


RETHINKING AIDS.............

Quotes from Rethinkers

New York Incarnation Center

Posted by: Keep Our Constitution on March 9, 2008 11:40 AM


that's so messed up the docotrs there piss me off how can anyone be so heartless, and it tears me up to think that their parents/gaurdians can't do anything about it with out being threatened to give up their kids. and people think abortion is bad, these people are just killing and killing kids as if they're not even people it's horrible and i can't believe we fund this without even knowing it. what they're doing is illegal and needs to be stopped!

Posted by: Morgan on September 1, 2009 06:12 PM



Posted by: M R M on December 17, 2009 03:01 PM


Many people are against animal testing of cosmetics. Society and its laws do not tolerate the injection or consumption of known carcinogens into people to observe their effects (excepting ciggarettes).

The laws and animal activists cannot not allow such tests and experiments on apes but such horrifying acts that use toxic drugs and chemicals with known immunesuppression capacity and capacity to produce symptoms of AIDS are taking place in America. It is the very insane people who do such acts to orphans.

Orphans probably come under state protection which means that the state is in cohoots with the industry!

Will transformational find an impact in this immoral insanity?

Posted by: Beldeu Singh on August 11, 2010 12:05 AM


My Spirit feels 'Mortally Wounded', after reading this article. I would like to believe its all an 'exxagerated ficticious horror story'..but my GOD given intelligence/intuition, tells me it is not! This is most sickening in everyway & area & it will most certainly haunt me, 'The Rest of My Days Upon This Earth'. This world is 'So Sickenly Twisted, It Makes Me Utterly Ashamed'. I can't help but to end this with the words...... 'COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS..COME QUICKLY'!

Posted by: Brenda Young on July 9, 2011 09:08 AM


My name is Lola from South Africa, my story goes like this i traveled out to USA to look for jobs from there i contaminated HIV which was in my body for the past seven years, because of that i loose my jobs and my husband run away from me. i looked for a solution out but no one can help me, i went to some different churches herbalist but no solution came out,until i met a friend who directed me to a doctor called dr.zack balo so i message him an all he told me the steps to follow then i respected him and follow the procedures so now as am telling you now i am being healed from HIV sickness the dr is specialized in HIV sickness here is now your opportunity for you to also be healed like me email him at or call him +2348078927387.

Posted by: Lola on February 6, 2014 09:15 PM


My sister is on ARV drugs ( Atripla) and now she developed big muscles at the back of her shoulder (buffalo muscles) what does she need to do to avoid the growing of this muscles can she stop taking ARV or what is the opinion. Plz help urgently.

Posted by: Zandi on April 11, 2015 01:25 PM


You will have to either do your own research (that is, your sister will) about the drugs and their effects. The hump she has developed is not a muscle. It's one of the common side effects of Aids drugs and it's called lipodystrophy. It is an uneven distribution of fats in the body. As for not taking the drugs, you really must research more about that. There are groups of people who have stopped and are using better food and nutrition to stay healthy. The decision is ultimately up to your sister

Posted by: Sepp on April 13, 2015 03:10 AM


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