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October 12, 2004

Wangari Maathai: Nobel Calls AIDS 'Weapon Of Mass Destruction'

9 October 2004 - Wangari Maathai, is a Kenyan ecologist and the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, which she received for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace. Maathai is the founder of the Green Belt Movement, comprised mainly of women, which says it has planted about 30 million trees across Africa.

According to a report on the African News24 site titled Nobel winner: Aids a WMD, Maathai reiterated her claim that the AIDS virus was a deliberately created biological agent.

"Some say that Aids came from the monkeys, and I doubt that because we have been living with monkeys (since) time immemorial, others say it was a curse from God, but I say it cannot be that."

While she does not specify who created AIDS, certainly the devastation wreaked with African lives by re-defining common illnesses as AIDS and treating them with highly toxic retrovirals has the same effect as one would expect of an attack with weapons of mass destruction.

The Western press has largely ignored Maathai's controversial stand on the issue. An exception is Australia, where the story has been picked up by the Herald Sun and Maathai is quoted as saying:

"Why has there been so much secrecy about AIDS? When you ask where did the virus come from, it raises a lot of flags. That makes me suspicious."

In an interview in Time Magazine, Maathai responds to a question about her stand on AIDS:

"I have no idea who created aids and whether it is a biological agent or not. But I do know things like that don't come from the moon. I have always thought that it is important to tell people the truth, but I guess there is some truth that must not be too exposed."

Yes, the truth about AIDS should be exposed - and certainly we have not been treated to much information on this by the media. Let me show you where to look.

Recent data indicates that AIDS might be amenable to treatment with natural medicines and simple nutrients. Vitamins slow AIDS progression, as shown by research undertaken by Wafaie Fawzi, Associate Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health. Four important nutrients completely reverse AIDS symptoms says Harold Foster, a Canadian scientist, who published his research in a book titled "What really causes AIDS". Foster says that

"... there is nothing really surprising about HIV-positive people not developing AIDS because they are eating the correct diet. AIDS is a nutrient deficiency disorder caused by a virus. If you eat higher than normal amounts of the four nutrients that HIV is removing from the body (selenium, cysteine, tryptophan and glutamine) you never develop deficiencies and, therefore, remain AIDS free. Conversely, if you have AIDS, but eat the correct amounts of the four nutrients all symptoms disappear and you can be back at work in a month."

Beldeu Singh, a physical anthropologist from Malaysia, advocates a paradigm shift away from immunotoxic medication. He concurs that the use of antioxidants prevents AIDS symptoms from appearing and fingers benzene and its derivatives as major environmental toxins implicated in the epidemic. Read his highly interesting paper titled AIDS, NON-HIV AIDS AND PRESCRIPTION AIDS here:



AS a physical anthropologist with a special interest in commercial science and new product development, I normally scan research papers and reports. I enjoy putting together seemingly unrelated facts and information and sometimes that creates a new picture and may make new sense or new meaning with potential prospects for paradigm shifts or new products.

This time, the accumulating literature on non-HIV AIDS caught my attention. HIV was announced to be the "probable cause" of AIDS by Robert Gallo at a government press conference. It was popularized as the cause of AIDS because HIV is found in virtually all AIDS patients (90%); HIV has been identified inside and on the surface of T4 cells of HIV positive and AIDS patients using electron microscopy; HIV-DNA can be found in as many as 1 of 10 blood lymphocytes of persons with AIDS; Antibodies against the virus, viral antigens and HIV-RNA have been found in HIV positive and AIDS patients; The virus has been found in HIV positive and AIDS patients, but not in healthy, low-behavioral risk individuals; The virus has been found both in low-risk and high-risk hemophiliacs.

Going through all the literature thus far has led me to conclude that among other things, that since 1984 no scientist has been able to explain how the HIV virus causes AIDS which they have done so well as in the case of, say the Salmonella microbe and the existence of the ICL group or non-HIV AIDS cases, the HIV virus is not the causative agent of AIDS. There are thousands of infected people who show no sign of AIDS. If it is pathogenic, why does it not produce the same disease in all patients? It has not conclusively proven to be an immunosuppressant. That is the key.

On the other hand, the automobile population exploded after 1970 which coincided with the significantly increasing use of sexual lubricants which have very toxic carcinogenic and immunosuppresive agents including benzene or its derivatives and talc plus silicon lubrication in condoms. Ten to fourteen years later the earliest cases of AIDS were reported and the "incubation" period also coincides with the time frame after which AIDS is said to manifest in people infected with the HIV virus. Benzene is added to gasoline, shellac removers, varnishes, cement, paints, glue, rubber and the post 70s era coincides with a property boom and economic development in many areas and in several countries.

There was a phenomenal increase of atmospheric pollution as well which corresponds with the increase in the automobile population after 1970. The culprits are more likely to be lead and later benzene which replaced lead in gasoline and its derivatives. The causative factors are these chemicals which act as immunosuppressants and the attendant free-radical damage to the auto-immune system. That is exactly what needs testing and verification.

The Toxic Oil Syndrome in Spain in 1981 was first suspected to have a viral cause because of immune suppression among thousands of people, many of whom were relatives but the culprit turned out to be benzene which contaminated olive oil!

Bacterial strains used to produce the amino-acid tryptophan, if they become tainted and instead produce toxins related to the benzene ring and causes benzene poisoning with symptoms of "AIDS" as in the case of Haitians who were singled out by the CDC as an "AIDS risk group".

Chronic benzene poisoning results in great individual variation in signs and symptoms and includes lymphomas, myeloid leukemia, Hodgkin's disease etc., much like in AIDS and mutagenesis due to severe free-radical damage. The cumulative effect of benzene and its derivatives takes a few to several years to develop and manifest, in most cases up to 10-12 years.

Free-radical damage reactions in cells produce toxic chemicals, destroy enzymes and kill cells. They also start chain reactions that are harmful to health and long term exposure to free-radicals can lead to chronic illness, chronic fatigue, cancers or early symptoms of aging. Benzene "burns out" the endocrine system and speeds up the aging process 100 fold, so in some AIDS cases the patients. The early cases of AIDS left a lasting impression of people who "died horrible deaths and looked like shriveled old men" due to immune system destruction caused by anaemia and leukocytopenia.

Free-radical reactions are vicious reactions. They produce other highly secondary products such as alkanes, alcohols, acids and carbonyls which react with proteins, amino-acids, amines and DNA leading to mutagenesis, cancers and promote aging. Some tumours have been shown by gas chromatography studies to exude minute amounts of formaldehyde, alkanes and benzene derivatives not found in healthy tissues and that is probably why young-adult dogs with no brain impairments can sniff out cancerous tumours in human beings. So, another postulate is that chronic benzene poisoning produces cancer cells that in turn produces benzine derivatives that continue the free-radical chain reactions in the body.

Chronic intravenous drug abuse results in the same “AIDS defining illness.” Cocaine, heroin and crystal methamphetamine are manufactured using coal tar derivatives like kerosene which has high benzene content. Illicit drugs are routinely prepared with acetone which affects carbohydrate metabolism, muscle weakness, kidney damage, vomiting etc. Such drugs have been implicated in immune suppression.

Oestrogen helps to inhibit and protect the body from benzene, as reported, and its free-radical damage simply because it is a very powerful anti-oxidant which means that the post-menopausal age group is at a much higher risk.

More research is needed to further prove what happens to toxic chemicals when they enter the body through the skin or ingestion or through rectal absorption, the later being 8 times more effective in putting toxic lubricants into the bloodstream and confirm their free-radical activity in the cells and how they generate more free-radicals.

Excessive mitochondrial damage causes weakness and fatigue. Both of these symptoms are found in people with HIV infection and associated with the use of anti-HIV drugs such as AZT. One group of researchers found evidence of increased free radical damage in people with HIV and in laboratory mice treated with AZT. They reported that high doses of vitamin E and vitamin C protected mouse muscle from such damage. We know that vitamins E and C are powerful anti-oxidants.

Mitochondrial disorders can be acquired while under drug treatment. AZT treatment in AIDS patients has been shown to cause mDNA depletion which in turn causes myopathic changes that are reversible upon termination of treatment. Chemotherapy agents such as fosfamide have been reported to decrease mitochondrial function. For mitochondria to reproduce themselves, a specific enzyme called gamma-DNA-polymerase or “pol-gamma” is required. Many medications have been found to interrupt pol gamma. Studies suggest that virtually all the nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NARTIs) including AZT interrupt pol gamma to some extent. One study has already demonstrated that people given AZT had significant depletion of mitochondrial DNA in muscle tissue. So, free radical damage to mitochondria, whether by benzene and its derivatives or AZT or other toxic chemicals can cause the “chronic fatigue” and weight loss symptoms diagnosed in early AIDS patients.

Mitochondrial damage can possibly be a primary cause for low platelet count (thrombocytopenia), anaemia and low neutophil count, regardless of HIV serostatus.

A study on cardiovascular toxicology reports “AZT treatment increases superoxide (free radical) production” and “the effects of AZT on endothelium-dependent relaxation are eliminated by pretreatment with a free radical scavenger” (anti-oxidant).

There is evidence of alcoholic toxicity being mediated via the generation of free radical species. Ethanol also induces free radical formation that damages mitochondria and alters metabolism in mitochondria. The consumption of alcohol results in the formation of two very toxic compounds; acetaldehyde and malondialhyde which generate massive amounts of free radicals throughout the body. This type of free radical damage is both to the cell wall and the mitochondria.

The HIV virus is able to pass through the cell wall that is damaged by free radicals and it being a retro-virus takes control of the genetic material. This explains why alcoholics as a group are an HIV risk group and explains why the symptoms in alcoholics may be different from other groups. So, an alcoholic could get AIDS from free radical damage to the immune system or HIV-AIDS.

Again anti-oxidants play a vital role. If a proper combination of anti-oxidants is taken shortly before alcohol consumption the cellular damage caused by alcohol generated free radicals may be prevented. There is data to suggest that the administration of vitamin C (an anti-oxidant) may be useful in limiting those aspects of alcohol toxicity mediated by circulating acetaldehyde. Also administration of large amounts of vitamin C appears to accelerate ethanol and acetaldehyde metabolism and reduce their adverse health effects. Vitamin E and glutathione, which are anti-oxidants reduces the toxic activity of acetaldehyde.

Heroin use results in damage to the brain tissue from free radicals and in long term drug abusers there may be free radical damage that breaks or weakens the blood-brain barrier leading to infections in the brain. In this group of drug users, the free radical are different and the damage may be more specific and localized and explains why the symptoms may be different from the alcohol-abuse group, in whom the free-radical damage is throughout the body with an exacerbation in the liver or other risk groups including the AZT-induced AIDS group.

Chemical stressors can act as free radicals or stimulate the production of free radicals that may initiate harmful chain reactions in the body. Practically every single medicament from the following groups have been found to have immunotoxic properties: antibiotics, antifungal, antiviral, and antiparasitic agents; tranquilizers, antiepiliptics, antiparkinson, and anesthetics; antihypertensive, anti-anginal, and antiarrhythmic drugs; gastrointestinal medications; antidiabetics, antithyroid drugs, and sex hormones including oral contraceptives; antiallergics; bronchodilating agents; anticoagulants, drugs acting on fibrinolysis, blood expanders, clotting factors, and inhibitors of platelet aggregation; non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, antirheumatismal, and anti gout drugs; and immunodepressive and immunomodulating drugs such as antitumoral drugs and medications to avoid graft rejection.

The immunotoxicity of AZT has been solidly documented. Azidothymide (AZT) and AZT monophosphate (AZT-MP) in concentrations as low as 10 and 50 microM, respectively promote oxidation. This prescription drug for AIDS patients is a very toxic medication that promotes free radical generation in a cell free system and in the body.

AZT is a poison that is cytotoxic. It was originally developed for chemotherapy but was never approved for use in humans because of its toxicity. It kills healthy cells by terminating the DNA synthesis in cells. Its mDNA depletion activity explains muscular fatigue and muscular atrophy later in long term use. AZT is confirmed to be carcinogenic in mice. In humans, AZT increases the risk of lymphomas by 50 times. AZT decreases white blood cells by killing young CD4 lymphocites. It causes anemia, vomiting, lactic acidosis, fatigue, muscles wasting and lymphocytopenia and it stimulates leukemias – all the classic symptoms of AIDS!

A rheumatoid arthritis drug, Remicade will have its label revised to warn of a three fold increase of lymphoma, a blood cancer. In fact all drugs that block or inhibit inflammatory proteins, especially those that cause edema or increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes should be studied to determine their free radical generating capacity in vitro and in the body, in particular their immunotoxic and immunosuppressive potency. As time passes, more and more metabolic and endocrine disturbances will be described in individuals placed on protease inhibitors while in tribal societies that rely more on herbs that are anti-inflammatory, the incidence of disturbances will be much lower or totally absent.

Industrial chemical and environmental pollutants are another important source of different abnormalities upon lymphocyte activation, proliferation and differentiation, cytokine production, cytotoxic effect, antibody production, phagocytosis, natural killer cell activity, complement, etc. Also here, immunotoxicity has been found in practically every single chemical that has been tested from the following groups: heavy metals, pesticides, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and derivatives, alcohols, phenols, and derivatives airborne pollutants including diesel engine emissions, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, sulfuric acid and food additives and preservatives.

The adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs on the immune system have been documented since the beginning of last century. There is a growing body of human and animal evidence of the immunotoxicity of tobacco smoke, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroine, alkyl nitrites, metamphetamines, qualones and other street drugs. The bottom line is that all immunosuppresants help in generating AIDS. These facts form some of the scientific basis for the “drug-AIDS hypothesis”.

The only logical hypothesis is that toxic chemicals, whether or not they are approved for medication, if they generate free radicals in the body that decrease white blood cell count or kill T4 cells or damage the cell walls of cells of the immune system or the endocrine system will generate AIDS. It is results in immune deficiencies or immune disorders or damage to the genetic material and explains the variation of the symptoms of the AIDS and that also means there will be no such thing as an AIDS vaccine.

Remicade and Enbrel are drugs that possibly fall in this category as indicated by the contraction of TB in 12 patients in California and its risk in causing blood cancer. They provide a good example that like AZT, they weaken or impair the immune system sufficiently allowing drug-induced opportunistic infections (DIOIs) or interfere with the genetic material in cells to result in cancers. The worldwide rise of TB may in fact be DIOI-TB while HIV-linked TB is attributable to the ravaging effects of AZT on the immune system or due to the immunosupprresive drugs. It appears that we are under siege by allopathic drugs.

In my current opinion the HIV virus only causes disease after the auto-immune system is weakened or destroyed by immunosuppressants and free-radical damage caused to the auto-immune system and the endocrine system by benzene and its derivatives. It is not the first direct cause. This is the synopsis that must be proven or disproved based on science and lab work.

The picture that emerges is as follows:

1. We have generated huge amounts of atmospheric pollutants since 1970 and many toxic chemicals that enter the body and cause free radical chain reactions.

2. We created a large number of chemical-based products since 1970 for use in industry and in homes, including sexual lubricants and condoms with toxic chemicals that generate free radicals in the body.

3. We developed a very large number of prescription drugs and medication that are also toxic and generate free radicals in the body some of which cause mitochondrial depletion or have immunotoxic properties.

There is an obvious case to distinguish four types of AIDS: one that is caused by free radicals generated by pollutants; another caused by lifestyle toxic chemicals such as in alcoholics, drug abusers and the gay population; the third being correctly labeled as “prescription AIDS” as it is caused by prescribed medications; and in any of these cases where there is HIV virus infection, the virus gains entry into the cell through the cell wall that has suffered free radical damage. In of all these cases, only when the immune and endocrine systems degenerate severely or are destroyed will the opportunistic infections set in to manifest the full blown AIDS.

There is also the obvious pointer to include anti-oxidants into the practice of medicine and develop an alternative approach that considers concoctions from herbs that boosts the immune system or has a restorative effect on the endocrine system to protect the body from the mayhem of free radicals. The natural approach is to consider an anti-oxidant pharmacoepia to strengthen or boost the immune system and restore the hormonal imbalances. We need to make a paradigm shift away from immunotoxic medication. And that requires a rethink on the free radical allopathic pharmacopeia (FRAP).



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Support the "Aids Critics Keywords Campaign" idea for action through the internet...

Zambia tests HIV 'herbal remedy'
Zambia has begun trials of three herbal medicines to see if they can be used to treat HIV/Aids, it says. Twenty-five people with HIV will take part in the three-month trial, which the health minister said conforms to World Health Organization guidelines.

AIDS Timeline...


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Tuesday October 12 2004
updated on Friday October 3 2008

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

Boyd Graves wrote a reader's letter to the New York Times:

Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 09:43:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Boyd Graves
Subject: Nobel Peace Prize winner correct--AIDS is a synthetic biological agent

October 9, 2004

Marc Lacey
Nairobi New York Times

Re: AIDS as a biological weapon

Dear Mr. Lacey:

Yesterday the Noel Peace prize was awarded to Dr. Maathal as you report in today's N.Y. Times.

Dr. Maathal's assertion that "the West developed HIV/AIDS" is supported by U.S. documents and the recent science disclosure that HIV/AIDS could not have come from monkeys.

The HIV/AIDS virus is the result of a 'century long hunt for a contagious cancer that selectively kills'. It is best exemplified in the experiments and contracts of the U.S. Special Virus program, which existed in the United States from 1962 - 1978. The 1971 flowchart of the secret virus program is 'proof positive' that HIV/AIDS is a laboratory creation. See

We implore you to honestly look at the evidence as well as the comments of the experts. See

Africa can be saved by implementing the U.S. patented cure for AIDS, patent #5676977.

Either you are a part of the problem or you will be viewed as a part of the solution. Dr. Maathal's claims can be validated further by reviewing U.S. House Resolution 15090, Part VI funding, page 129 ("SYNTHETIC BIOLOGICAL AGENT").

I am hopeful you will have the professional fortitude to respond to this email letter.


Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.
Director-AIDS CONCERNS, the Common Cause Medicla Research Foundation
819 University Avenue, #221
San Diego, CA 92103
619-542-0819, Ext 2221

Posted by: Sepp on October 12, 2004 09:42 PM


Here is an article sent by Brad McIntyre, a 20 + years surviver of AIDS living in Canada, which I believe is relevant to this discussion of AIDS treatment options:

The way we address HIV is cause for concern   

by Bradford McIntyre
The truth is that there are millions of people living to whom HIV has not caused illness and death. This information brings joy and hope to the heart of any person who has ever dreaded the onset of AIDS.

Initially, we only saw the deaths of those infected with HIV. Science, medicine and the pharmaceutical companies looked for answers, but fear set the standard that HIV infection was a fatal disease. Many cried out for answers. Pressure led to the release of drugs and the direction was set! High dosages and problems with toxicity played a major role in many of the lives considered plagued with HIV. What has happened is that the pharmaceutical companies have manipulated the shape of AIDS. They provide the medical profession with treatment information and dosages. As well, they are providing funding and treatment information to the AIDS organizations and in return AIDS organizations are promoting the treatment information provided by the pharmaceutical companies. These drug companies know they have a vulnerable market! Drugs are promoted to combat HIV when the suppliers know that many AIDS drugs may be unsuccessful. Whether it's over a short or long term, many do fail. HIV strategies evolve and outwit the immune system. Therefore, some individuals are in constant need of new drugs when their drugs fail and resistance develops. The more HIV/AIDS drugs that an individual takes, the greater the risk of drug resistance occurring.

Another thing which ensures many individuals choose the drug treatment, is the continual fear promoted by the pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession to influence an individual into believing they will progress to disease and/or die without HIV/AIDS medications. Often, a physician tells patients that those individuals who do use supplements and complementary therapies: "they die!" Individuals voicing anything other than the pharmaceutical company's ideology of HIV/AIDS and treatments are discredited. This is all too clearly understood by millions of people throughout the world.

Even the media has not told the true story but only conveys the information provided by the pharmaceutical companies. It is the responsibility of the media to investigate and then report! It is important and necessary to recognize the need for voices from all walks of life to be heard, thus helping to create a better understanding. One of balance!

Since the beginning, living with HIV has prompted many to learn about their bodies, to gain understanding of its needs. Large numbers of people have incorporated the knowledge of HIV/AIDS medications, how they work, what they do, dosages to take with or without food, side effects and benefits! Antiretroviral medications deplete many of the micronutrients necessary to keep the body healthy. Without proper nutrition how can anyone be expected to combat HIV or combat the side effects of the HIV/AIDS treatments? Without complementary therapies, patients are at a greater risk of failing drug treatments because they can't tolerate the side effects. They may decide to discontinue a treatment, which could have proved beneficial, had they been able to overcome the initial side effects. Providing proper nutrition and Complementary therapies can address the immune system and many of the side effects of HIV treatments.

There are no shortages of scientists and physicians as well as individuals living with HIV, who have realized another understanding of how HIV and other diseases can be affected. The fact the emphasis on treatment is placed predominantly on medical and pharmaceutical while other methods are not given the same deserving recognition, is in direct conflict with the way in which people infected with HIV have managed their infection!

Over half of the people infected with HIV ARE using alternative and complementary therapies. Regardless of HIV infection or not, in the United States alone, for every individual who seeks out medical and pharmaceutical care, three times as many people are seeking out alternative and complementary care. Here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where I live, I would say the numbers using alternative and complementary are even higher! Yet alternative and complementary care is not included in health care!

HIV has shown us that it is reacting differently from person to person. However, we began by trying to treat everyone infected with HIV alike. Each one of us is physically different with what is happening in our body. In the treatment of any disease, we must be careful not to have tunnel vision, or rely totally upon science, medicine and in particular, pharmaceuticals to maintain our health. The responsibility is ours, not something we pass on for someone or something to fix. There is much we can do in the fight against disease!

Many who have been living with HIV (some for two decades now) have no need for antiretroviral treatment because their immune system is strong. Others, who are on HIV medications, have included nutrition and replacement therapy (vitamin supplements, herbs and botanicals). Successfully boosting the immune system and positively addressing the efficacy of drugs and there many side effects. Whether it is being able to avoid treatment entirely, prolong treatment or in conjunction with medical and pharmaceutical treatment, we must recognize the importance of using every available means in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

An integrated health care system is the will of the people! World wide! Governments can include complementary treatment and supplements into health care to benefit those living with disease. Pharmaceuticals are an important part in research and treatment and there is no shortage of work ahead for pharmaceuticals. But, what the pharmaceuticals can't do is address the need the body has for nutrients.

What stands out for me about having lived with HIV for 20 years is the ability individuals have shown to positively impact the immune system using a nutritional diet and complementary therapies. Incorporating vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals into daily life provides the necessary requirements for an immune system to be up and running at optimum capacity. In my own experience, I did not take HIV/AIDS medications for 13 years, out of the 20 years I have been infected!

It is important to understand the immune system and what it needs to be able to carry out all its functions. Knowledge is necessary of the cells, the nutrients and all they require to be up and running to maximum capacity. The digestive system and organs all require their own needs be met. The immune system knows how to run the body and keep it healthy. On the other hand, we as human beings may not have been as conscientious. This creates far more for the immune system to handle, when the immune system does not have the proper requirements to provide balance and harmony throughout.

The immune system is made up of proteins and cells and these cells require nutrients. A healthy nutritional diet of protein is necessary to rebuild muscle. Protein provides the building blocks for new cells, including muscle and immune cells. Individuals infected with HIV have much higher protein requirements! Nutritional needs of those infected with HIV are 10% higher than someone not infected with HIV. A nutritional diet, which also includes vitamin-rich fresh fruits and vegetables, has been effective in boosting the immune system and reducing the side effects of the HIV/AIDS medications, as well as maintaining and improving health. Nutrition is a primary defense! However, we don't see or hear this side!

Funding, education and implementation of nutritional supplements and complementary therapies in health care is paramount. Nutritional supplements can be introduced into health care quickly and effectively, having positive effects on individuals with illness and disease. As a bonus, there are no toxic side effects. We must look to what is causing illness and disease and incorporate natural healing with traditional methods. Understand the immune system, all the workings of the body and when the body conveys immune deficiency!

Pharmaceuticals have played an important part in the evolution of how we understand disease and treatment. With the uncertainty of long-term effectiveness of experimental approaches and deaths associated with pharmaceuticals, it is time we validated the successes of people using nutrition and natural supplements in the fight against HIV and all illness and disease. These can have a major impact on health and can add years to one's life. However, the multi-national pharmaceutical industry is providing information about HIV/AIDS to make money and ensure continued financial success. How long will we continue in this direction and at what cost? Will the cost be the risk of causing illness in healthy people?

The body needs more than the HIV drug combinations and people all over the world are in agreement! Individuals not on medications know the importance and the work required, to remain off, or go off HIV/AIDS medications. Many individuals on medications are not relying totally on combination therapy. They are including the use of complementary therapies (CAM) and they ARE successfully boosting the immune system, reducing the side effects of the drugs and increasing the efficacy of the HIV/AIDS drugs.

I strongly recommend that the world community embrace this shift and
redirect the focus from the negative health condition to the positive solution.

Bradford McIntyre, HIV+ 20 years
Vancouver, Canada

Posted by: Sepp on October 13, 2004 10:28 AM


A comment to the article of Beldeu Singh, received (by e-mail) from Leo Rebello in India:

by Dr. Leo Rebello

AIDS is the greatest myth of our times. Inspite of voluminous evidence which shows that HIV is not AIDS, the myth is kept deliberately going so that the following multi-trillion dollar industries keep prospering:

(a) Latex industry: condoms in simple word, even children know its use now. Boys and girls as young as 15, who were earlier afraid of sex, are now experimenting with condoms giving rise to condom ethics, condom culture, condom civilization, condom protection, all of which is as fragile as the condom itself.

(b) Even though HIV testing is unreliable, non-standardized and dangerous, this is a big business. HIV tests cross-react with over 60 known medical conditions and illnesses. That means they are positively programmed to create scare!

(c) Then there are microbicides, ostensibly to protect the women. Oils, creams, lotions, gels, pessaries etc. Presently there is war between chemical microbicides and herbal microbicides for market share. The Consumer, as usual, is at the receiving end.

(d) But by far the most lucrative business is the chemical medicines as usual - protease inhibitors, cocktails, anti-retrovirals, HAART/multi-drug regimen, vitamin supplements. Trillions of dollars business.

(e) Someone has ¬Ďinvented' AIDS Counseling which includes telling an HIV positive patient to 'live with it'. Further telling him/her that there is no known cure. 'Scientists are working on Vaccines'. 'Anti-retrovirals are life-saving'. 'They are costly, but if you do not take them you will die and then what will happen to your family?' If a patient were to ask about Alternative Medicine, improved nutrition, change in life style, prompt comes the reply 'we know nothing about it'.

(f) Then there are ¬ĎAIDS Advocates' (usually Americans but working in sub-Saharan Africa) promoting the use of lethal chemical drugs and fighting for and on behalf of the poor patients to reduce their price, influencing health ministries to underwrite the costs of ¬Ďlife-saving drugs' and promoting free or subsidized distribution of AIDS drugs, including to pregnant mothers - ostensibly to save the unborn. If there is no food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, no problem. But you must have medicines, the more the better.

(g) How can we forget the AIDS conferences and AIDS journalists: local, regional, national and international? Big business. The same people, sponsored by the pharma cartels, parroting the same thing without application of mind, running down those who question them, throwing to the wind ethics, morals, professionalism, not considering alternative medicine's ideas, experiments, vision or approaches.

'There is no known cure for HIV/AIDS' is the frightening refrain that you get to hear, not only in Sub-Saharan Africa, but also in Asia. Those who gave you the idea that people have to live with AIDS, also tell you that you have to live with diabetes, with asthma, with epilepsy, with cancers, with muscular dystrophy, with stress and allergies! If you can give up your old habits, you can also be cured of any malady - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual : druglessly.

Anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) offer no cure for AIDS. The toxic effects of ARVs include nerve damage, weakened bones, unusual accumulation of fat in the neck and abdomen and drug-induced diabetes. Many people have developed dangerously high levels of cholesterol and other lipids in the blood, raising concern that HIV positive persons might face another epidemic of heart disease.

Indiscriminate use of ARVs to pregnant mothers is fraught with danger. If a cigarette smoking mother can deliver a ¬Ďblue baby', if an alcoholic mother can deliver a ¬Ďdrunk child', if thalidomide can produce ¬Ďmonster babies', you are unwittingly playing with the future generation, by demanding that the HIV positive mother be given ARVs compulsorily.

AIDS is the consequence of a suppressed immune system, which has been subjected to repeated onslaughts by four factors that build up toxins and deficiencies in the body. These are: antibiotic abuse, recreational drug abuse, anal sex (which causes toxic shock to the receiving partner) and nutritional stress.

Over the years, it has also become obvious that only the gay community and those indulging in substance abuse progressed towards full-blown AIDS. In other words, what I have said in this book is now being accepted; that the repeated assaults on the body's immune system by the build-up of toxins, nutritional deficiencies, coupled with unnatural living, lead to AIDS. With that the wisdom is dawning that the damage could be reversed without drugs. This new dimension puts to doubt the accepted belief that a virus, HIV, is responsible for causing AIDS. This implies that the poor ¬ĎAIDS Victims' of the world, as a whole, need more than condoms, sex education and a cocktail therapy of questionable value and we need to look at our age-old Holistic Healing modalities, which are safer, cheaper, faster and more reliable than the lethal cocktails.

In 1976, the World Health Assembly acknowledged the potential value of traditional medicine in expanding health services by calling attention to the manpower reserve constituted by traditional health practitioners (resolution WHA29.72). In the following year, another resolution (WHA30.49) urged countries to utilize their traditional systems of medicine. Yet another resolution was passed in 1978, in which WHO was called upon to develop a comprehensive approach to the subject of medicinal plants (WHA31.33). In 1987, the 40th World Health Assembly reaffirmed the main points of the earlier resolutions, as well as related recommendations made at the International Conference on Primary Health Care, held in Alma-Ata in 1978 (WHA40.33). In 1989, a resolution was passed (WHA42.43) that recalled earlier resolutions on traditional medicine, traditional health practitioners, and traditional remedies and affirmed that together they constitute a comprehensive approach to the utilization of medicinal plants in the health services. The moot point is, in spite of several resolutions of the World Health Assembly, why is the WHO according step motherly treatment to Alternative Medicine? Is it ignorance, corruption or big business that decides? Is WHO a health organization or trade association of pharmaceutical companies?

AIDS is a false alarm. Let us not panic. It is not a dreaded disease as is made out. Drugs do not heal; they kill. The only known cause of HIV/AIDS is lethal drugs!

Every disease under the sun can be treated by Holistic Healing modalities. The principles of healing are very simple: (a) the body heals itself (b) there is an inner environment (c) treatment should not be worse than the disease.

The above is the Preface to the 3rd Edition of my popular book AIDS AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE. Read through this monumental book carefully and take control of your lives, for Health Care is Self Care.

For more details you can contact Dr. Leo Rebello at
28/552 Samata Nagar,
Kandivali East,
Mumbai 400101,

Posted by: Sepp on October 15, 2004 12:18 PM


Another comment from Tommy (Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box) and my response:

I hope you know about the work of Royal Raymond Rife. This technology could eradicate the AIDs problem. Here is a microscope that "we" can use to advance Rife's work...


yes, I have read about Royal Raymond Rife and his microscope, also about Gaston Naessens and Hans Nieper. In fact it was a book of Nieper's that woke my curiosity and interest in technological progress for energy production - free energy as we loosely call it.

I was also happy to read about David Hudson's discovery of monoatomic elements some years ago.

Posted by: Sepp on October 19, 2004 05:41 PM


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