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September 24, 2005

AIDS 'Made In America' - Journal of Degenerative Diseases

AIDS is a US government operation directed towards population control, which springs from secret research into disease causing agents conducted in government biowar laboratories. That is the view of Donald W. Scott, M.A., M.Sc. of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, a group in Canada which publishes the Journal of Degenerative Diseases. In a special edition made available for download here by Progressive Convergence, the 36-page journal attempts to make a murky chapter in recent medical history more clearly understandable - up to a point. Scott has delved deeply into the paper trail left by what seems to be a government funded effort to develop disabling diseases and to find ways to transmit these to a target population, time coincident with the appearance of "AIDS" on the world scene.

We learn about Thomas Merigan, who wrote in 1971 about "Viral infections in man associated with acquired immunological deficiency states", about Robert Huebner's research for the US Navy into spontaneously degenerating adenoid tissue aggravating respiratory disease in submarine crew, as well as Bjorn Sigurdsson's Rockefeller sponsored research into brucella bacteria causing visna (danish for wasting) sheep disease. Hilary Koprowski developed and tested a polio vaccine and "lost his records". Belgian and Portuguese research that completed what US scientists were finding and a small pox eradication campaign that may have been the vehicle for a disease causing agent to get to Africa. Henry Kissinger figures prominently and Robert Gallo is of course a king pin, linking the Nixon "war on cancer" research program with the eventual appearance of AIDS.

I cannot possibly do the work of Scott justice just naming a few of the highlights. His account makes very interesting reading and it appears that a book is in preparation that will lay our the story in all its gory detail.

That there was indeed a US Special Virus program is confirmed by Boyd Graves, who has been researching the matter independently. His timeline of the development of a disabling disease agent that he says became AIDS is available here, while his flow chart and other publications can be had for a fee.

Alan Cantwell is another author who states that there were efforts to develop an illness concurrent with the appearance of AIDS on the world scene. See: The Virus Cancer Program 1964-1980: The Birthplace Of AIDS And The Kaposi's Sarcoma Epidemic

- - -

What really causes Aids?

Whether AIDS is indeed caused by a virus coming out of a government program, that is, whether the program was successful and is now in full swing, or whether it is - as Jonathan Campbell says - the result of an accidentally "escaped" bioweaponized swine fever virus is immaterial for now. It might be neither of these two. I still have some doubts, not about the existence of the program, but about the mechanism that makes people ill. I have challenged Graves saying that yes, there may have been a government effort to develop such a virus, but what about the abundant data that shows

- HIV was never properly isolated

- HIV is not present in sufficient numbers in the blood of 'infected' victims to explain the damage done

- there is no proper test to unequivocally prove infection with HIV

- AZT and other anti-retroviral drugs are highly toxic killing the patient rather than the virus.

- those of the 'infected' that keep away from drugs and strengthen their own immune system by proper nutrition and other natural intervention seem to survive and indeed rarely if ever progress to those 'opportunistic' diseases that make up AIDS.

All those things would seem to indicate that quite possibly, HIV may have nothing to do with what's called the clinical picture of AIDS and that most of the damage could actually be done by the cure that is so ardently advocated by one and all - that cure which is not a cure at all, but it is the only accepted way of medical intervention. Peter Barry Chowka put this quite succinctly in a recent article, when he said:

"Incredibly, the conventional war on AIDS, like no other issue in history, has succeeded in uniting left and right, liberals and conservatives, and evangelicals and nonbelievers in a lock-step march toward institutionalizing the pharmaceutical drug treatment paradigm worldwide right down to every last person on earth. If this sounds like an exaggeration, consider the fact that the expressed objective of policymaking HIV/AIDS control proponents is to test everyone on the planet for HIV and treat everyone who tests HIV positive with antiretroviral drugs, even infants who test HIV negative if their mothers test positive. It is an absolute act of modern heresy and guaranteed career suicide for anyone in any position of power and authority to challenge the dominant HIV/AIDS mega-spin including the belief in the monolithic HIV/AIDS-test-and-treat-with-drug strategy that is now completely operant at every level of public policy around the world."

Genocide or accident?

Are we looking at viral genocide? a viral accident? pharmaceutical genocide? medical incompetence? population reduction in action? We just can't know with certainty with the data available to us so far. So by all means therefore, let researchers dig into the murky history of what seems to have been a government program with destructive intent.

One useful thing to do would be to find out whether there is any truth to the viral causation of Aids and what particle may be the culprit. Is it the mycoplasma, the visna virus, is it the Gallo/Montagnier HIV, or a combination? More importantly, what is the mechanism by which that viral agent or that particular combination causes the destruction. In that sense, it would be immensely useful to know what went on behind closed doors in the US biolabs for at least a decade and a half before the sudden emergence of AIDS.

But in the meantime, are we to let thousands upon thousands die from no treatment or wrong treatment? I don't think so. We should concentrate on cures that work without causing further degradation of the patient's immune system. Whether it be selenium and other nutrients as advocated by Harold Foster, a silver colloid patented in the US as a possible cure for AIDS and advocated by Graves, a multivitamin, or simply bettering the standard of living and the diet of people in Africa and indeed around the world, it does not matter. Let's just get going with something we know works, and let's not poison the patient in the meantime, please.

But resolve it we must, the riddle of AIDS, if only to prevent the next hyped up epidemic.

Here again the link to the special issue:

AIDS Made in America - Journal of Degenerative Diseases

The recent release by Progressive Convergence:

Progressive Convergence release - Whistleblowing: AIDS, Made in America

and Harold Foster's book suggesting a nutritional protocol for AIDS patients:

What really causes AIDS - Harold Foster

As I mentioned Jonathan Campbell's hypothesis of AIDS causation, here a discussion of it from a recent email:

Accidental release of swine fever virus? - Jonathan Campbell

I came at the AIDS puzzle from a completely different angle. When I first started doing research on AIDS, I was fascinated and horrified with the fact that it seemed to appear first on Haiti and then spread to San Francisco and New York. A doctor treating two of the first AIDS patients - two Haitian immigrants in Boston - Dr. Joseph Viera, suggested that the disease had been carried to SF and NYC by gay men traveling to Haiti, since it was a popular vacation spot. He had no idea why it was in Haiti in the first place. Then when I was in NYC for a protest demonstration in the early 80s I found a flyer that claimed that African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) had been cultured in Haiti in the late 60s and early 70s for use in biological war against Cuba. ASFV kills pigs by wrecking their immune systems. This was substantiated by an article several years later, citing that the US had sent the National Guard to Haiti to exterminate the native wild pig population of Haiti because it was infested with ASFV. There were other articles as well: research by Drs. Jane Teas and John Beldekas that they had discovered ASFV infection in men who had AIDS, clusters of AIDS and ASFV in Belle Glade, Florida where Haitian immigrants had smuggled pigs from the island, and prevalence of ASFV in Zaire among pigs where the epidemic of AIDS seemed to be centered at the time in Africa.

There was a missing link, however. Where on earth did Gallo's new retrovirus, HIV, come from, and why did it seem to be prevalent among men who had AIDS? It seemed to be similar to a retrovirus prevalent in green monkeys. Then I read that there had been a big controversy about the use of chimpanzees in research, as they were an endangered species. Green monkeys, which were plentiful and not facing extinction, became the choice for animal experiments and, as it turned out, green monkey kidney became the popular growth medium for virus research. BINGO. The green monkey retrovirus was obviously used as the culture medium for the CIA's ASFV biowarfare agent, adding green monkey retrovirus into the mix. This mixture was undoubtedly tried out on wild Haitian pigs to see if it worked, and one or more of them probably escaped. Or the CIA released them purposely to see what would happen, since Haiti was considered expendable.

The rest is history. Either through ingestion or blood ritual, Haitian people became the first victims (in the Western Hemisphere, that is). I stated above many of the other connections as well, supporting this historical origin. Gallo's new virus, HIV, possibly a mutant of the green monkey retrovirus, was found to be prevalent in AIDS patients and declared to be the cause of AIDS, but prevalence does not mean virulence or causation. The emerging AIDS establishment at the CDC, led by Gallo, had to come up with weird explanations of how a weak, lame retrovirus could possible cause disease years later. In 1986, faced with the possibility that researchers were going to develop an alternative origin model, Gallo and his following met at Cold Spring Harbor and *declared* that no funding was to be given to anyone working on a non-HIV causation of AIDS, and these alternative researchers were essentially drummed out. AZT, a failed cancer drug, was tested in a fraudulent manner in Boston, and wild claims of its efficacy provided the backdrop for the declaration that it was the first-line defense against HIV, now very firmly entrenched as the "cause" of AIDS.

       If what I have stated above is true, what we have is the possibility that AIDS is the unintended result of biological warfare. The vast majority of alternative AIDS researchers such as Duesberg - those who understand that HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS - believe that AIDS does not have a special viral cause at all. Their claim - and they have lots of good evidence - is that in the US it is caused by toxic trauma and/or malnutrition, and that in developing countries it is just a convenient label given to people who are dying of mundane causes - malnutrition, typhoid, TB, - all of the ordinary, known diseases of poverty.

See also:

Donald Scott is a retired high school teacher and university professor who is currently president of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation and adjunct professor of the Institute of Molecular Medicine. He has extensively researched neurosystemic degenerative diseases over the past five years and has authored many documents on the relationship between degenerative diseases and a pathogenic mycoplasma called Mycoplasma fermentans.

New Book: Unraveling AIDS
The Independent Science and Promising Alternative Therapies
Mae-Wan Ho, Sam Burcher, Rhea Gala and Vejko Velkovic
"This book delves into the nutritional and other lifestyle factors that establish the biological milieu for AIDS, and perhaps is at the very root of the expression of the disease."
Henry A. Becker, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada

Was There an AIDS Contract?
by Michael Morrissey
I heard about Jakob Segal's theory that the AIDS virus originated in a US government biological warfare research laboratory in early 1989. After some preliminary research, I was amazed to find that this shocking theory had received no attention whatsoever in the mainstream American press, and almost none in Europe. The questions this theory raised were a matter of pure science, or so it seemed to me. There were only three possibilities: 1) Segal was wrong; 2) he was right; 3) it could not be determined either way. I resolved to find out which of these was true...

The AIDS Epidemic at 25: The Hidden Benefits and Design Behind the Devastation
My research has convinced me that vaccines were not only the goal behind the development and unleashing of HIV but also the source of the epidemic, as well.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Saturday September 24 2005
updated on Tuesday December 21 2010

URL of this article:


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AZT, Nevirapine: Do Anti-Retroviral Drugs Cause AIDS?
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AIDS Surviver Teaches Africans How To Overcome 'HIV Infection'
His name is David Patient and he was diagnosed HIV positive in 1983 - more than 20 years ago, reports Jonah Fisher of Reuters from ASMARA, the capital of Eritrea. After taking anti-retroviral drugs for a short time and finding they did not agree with him, he has been concentrating on diet, lifestyle and positive attitudes in his fight against what doctors told him to be a sentence of certain... [read more]
June 30, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger




Readers' Comments

I don't know what causes AIDS, but I am fairly covinced I know what doesn't cause it: HIV.

In any event, Levy talks about the use of Vitamin C in controlling all viruses in his book: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins: Curing the Incurable. The beauty of Vitamin C therapy is, even if it doesn't work, it won't hurt to try. In addition, there are no viable alternatives to treating any virus infection.

So, if the HIV hypothesis for AIDS is correct, try Vitamin C, not AZT.

So my advice to all my friends is very simple: if you get a viral infection, any viral infection, find yourself a physician who will administer what should be standard practice today, simple I.V. Vitamin C.

Here in Colorado I know of four cases of West Nile Virus completely cured with Vitamin C. The person relating this information warning me about the reaction I could get if I push the idea publicly.

Why is it there is such fear of Vitamin C, which has killed, to my knowledge, only one person; yet, no fear of OTC drugs which kills thousands every year? Is it me, or is the world truly going mad?


Jack Simmons

Posted by: Jack Simmons on September 30, 2005 11:29 AM


"AIDS Made In America," in my opinion, is an unscientific paranoid conspiracy theory, created from a hodgepodge of disconnected, misinterpreted events, data bent to fit the theory rather than the other way around.

One of the most obvious false claims is that this so-called "created virus" was allegedly engineered to primarily attack people of "African descent." What they cannot fathom is that all human beings on the planet are of African descent. Homo sapiens emerged in East Africa, and then migrated to the rest of the world, undergoing tiny mutations in our DNA that led to lack of melanin ("white" people), and changes in facial features ("caucasian" vs "oriental" vs "native American" vs "aboriginal Australian).

The specifics of these minor genetic differences were not
really understood until the 1990s, yet the research these conspiracy theorists cite for the creation of this virus that allegedly attacks blacks is two decades earlier.

That should be enough by itself to blow their theory to confetti. But there is more: they claim that the virus thus created is HIV, the implication being that HIV causes AIDS. But many fine researchers dispute that there is any connection between HIV and AIDS, and provide lots of evidence. Among AIDS critics, the HIV-->AIDS connection is referred to as a myth.

And there is more: they claim that a "sheep scrapie co-factor" is part of HIV. Sheep scrapie is a prion disease, an improperly-folded protein. It has nothing to do with viruses.

These folks cannot tolerate criticism, and claim that people who criticize it or finds fault with it must be CIA agents (I was personally slandered in public email in this way by Mr. Graves). They claim that Peter Duesberg, one of the primary critics of the "HIV causes AIDS" theory, and who has suffered horrible ostracism by the academic/pharmaceutical community for this brave stance, was one of the CONSPIRATORS who created HIV (or AIDS).

This purported "theory" should fall down of its own dead weight, but it is buoyed up by people falling for it. It is an unscientific embarrassment.

Posted by: Jonathan Campbell on October 1, 2005 10:27 PM


What we do know about AIDs is that the first reported cases that Doctors noted was a mystery illness that appeared in the New York and San Francisco areas of the USA. And these cases did not respond properly to antibiotics or other forms of treatment.
It seemed that the important feature of the victims was that they were all homosexuals and clearly the mode of transmission appeared to be related to their particular form of "sexual�? relations.
In Africa at this time no such disease was rampant throughout the native population, unlike today in 2005.

Now where did this disease come from?

Now I remember some original reports suggested that the AIDs virus was indeed a product of US bio warfare research and that paying programs offering people money for "medical�? research into the common cold etc were running and this virus was one of many that were tested. The program was the sort of thing that attracts junkies, petty criminals, down on their uppers homosexuals etc. and the sort of program these (deliberately targeted) outcasts would be inclined to take part in.

Now as suggested earlier it could have been developed from a mutated strain of the swine fever virus or the African green monkey immune system virus. Early propaganda from the US government claimed that the jump from green monkey to human was a result of homosexual safaris where indeed the homosexuals had anal intercourse with natives and the green monkeys.

The myth eventually built up that the origin of the disease was Africa ….but why wasn't there the epidemic 50 or 100 or more years ago?
This myth was propagated to allow the US government to dodge the billions of dollars in law suits that would arise if the truth were ever to be told about where this disease really came from.

Posted by: Simon Sheldon on October 28, 2005 11:46 PM


There are many anomalies about AIDS and HIV.
For example I just read a recent research showing that in Italy the most part of yearly AIDS death hits people whose date of birth is between 1960 and 1965.
This situation seems to be constant in Italy since the beginning of AIDS.
Between 1960 and 1965 in Italy there was the highest rate of antipolio vaccine.
Suggesting, as Ministry of Healt says, that it's due just to the meds is absurd for two reasons the Ministry itself points out: 50% of HIV + in Italy doesn't know his status (and so doesn't take meds, I guess), and in the remaining 50%, 55% is on natural healt care.
So,if less than 25% of HIV+ in Italy are on meds, why the age of death is increasing?

Posted by: Michael Fortini on November 18, 2005 10:56 AM


stanford med school
In 1962, under the cover of cancer research, the United States charts a path to commit premeditated murder, the "Special Virus�? program begins on February 12th. Dr. Len Hayflick sets up a U.S. mycoplasma laboratory at Stanford University. Many believe the "Special Virus�? program began in November 1961 with a Pfizer contract.

Facts from stanford med chool

1965 Development of technique for extracting anti-hemophilic globulin, the blood fraction needed to prevent bleeding in hemophiliacs

1967 First synthesis of biologically active DNA in test tube

1971 Discovery of RNA priming of DNA synthesis

1972 First construction of a recombinant DNA molecule containing DNA from two different species

1972 Discovery of a new class of immune response genes, suggesting for the first time that people may have predictable susceptibility to certain diseases

1974 Isolation of genome – genetic blueprint – of a virus that causes hepatitis B and a common form of liver cancer

1984 Isolation of a gene coding for part of the T-cell receptor, a key to the immune system's function

Posted by: strain michael on November 29, 2005 12:33 PM


AIDS 'Made In America' - Journal of Degenerative Diseases

This article explaining that AIDS was developed in USA bio-warfare programs is not new, as you know. But it is a new angle.

When AIDS was first launched into San Francisco, New York and then Africa, etc. it was the brainchild of two suspect doctors who were working on old philosophies that mimic other great discoveries (e.g. Dunlop-Beaurepaire with their simultaneous discovery of how to stabilise rubber)

It looked good, but was all lies.

If this was all true and USA have made a virus it would be quite possible to isolate it and reproduce that identification in many labs across the globe, but it isn't, because no virus exists.

If the truth gets out that it is an elaborate hoax and U.N. was very involved, the future of a "world government" under U.N. and certain people who drive its non-national philosophies could be exposed.

I thought your comment "Its the AZT stupid" was a start in the right direction, but obviously too much money and influence is involved for such a simple answer.

Posted by: Ronald Modra on December 16, 2005 03:58 PM


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