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October 20, 2004

AIDS Called Black Genocide - US Special Virus Program Chart Vindicates Maathai

In what appears to be a confirmation of Nobel Wangari Maathai's statement that Aids may be a man-made illness, Boyd E. Graves J.D. has published his research into the US government's “Special Virus” program on a site dedicated to the issue. According to his timeline, the research program goes back to the late 1800s. Graves charges that the program is specifically directed against Blacks with a view to reducing their population, both within the United States and across the African continent. The research is documented in a 1971 secret government flow chart, the existence of which, says Boyd, was only discovered in 1999.


Boyd E. Graves in front of UN headquarters in New York displays the flow chart

- - -

AIDS may well have been part of a US special virus program, but since HIV is not found in all AIDS patients and since that virus has not been scientifically demonstrated to cause the syndrome - there is not enough of the virus present to indicate causation - something seems to have gone wrong. AIDS in fact was brought into existence with the help of extensive scare mongering in the media. The "cure" does the rest - AZT, an anti-retroviral drug used to treat AIDS seems to cause the clinical symptoms observed, acccording to Beldeu Singh. The widespread use of the pharmaceutical "cure" for AIDS, clamored for by special interest groups, has the same effect as if those people were the victims of a virulent disease - they eventually die of the cure.

Having seen the smoking gun of a government sponsored "special virus" research program, found and brought to our attention by Boyd Graves, we might start looking into other epidemics that perhaps could follow the same logic - control and population reduction. Certainly the motive is there - population control has been on the agenda for quite some time. We now have a first glimpse of how government research into virulent diseases might fit into that agenda.

I certainly was surprised to find that SARS seems to have originated in a government virus lab - the first person to die from it was a virus researcher. A subsequent outbreak originated in a Beijing government laboratory. It infected nine people and killed one of them. The outbreak led to the resignation of Li Liming, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
A later "isolated case" of SARS in Singapore originated in a government lab as well.

For those who like to do some more research, it might be worthwhile to look into the fairly numerous cases of microbiologists of international standing who lost their lives in seemingly unrelated accidental deaths. Strangely, there are far too few microbiologists of world repute to explain away the high number of violent deaths as wholly accidental.

The good news is, both SARS and AIDS seem to respond to nutritional intervention.

Vitamin C was used in Canada and Australia as well as in the Philippines, where shortages of supply caused by production capacity being shut down tripled the price of the vitamin.

AIDS has been shown by a trial in Tanzania to respond to supplementation with a simple multivitamin. Harold Foster in Canada says that AIDS responds to four nutrients that are deficient in affected patients. A small trial in Botswana brought a first confirmation of Foster's proposal for nutritional intervention.

While governments and medical science are apparently quite fixated on virus research, could they really have it all wrong? Certainly if we study the history of Pasteur's germ theory of disease causation we find that the jury is not yet in on what really causes disease. Immunity and good health are built by a relatively abundant supply of certain biological building blocks in our bodies.

Perhaps that is why simple nutrients seem so effective.

See related:


AIDS Timeline...

Was There an AIDS Contract?
by Michael Morrissey
I heard about Jakob Segal's theory that the AIDS virus originated in a US government biological warfare research laboratory in early 1989. After some preliminary research, I was amazed to find that this shocking theory had received no attention whatsoever in the mainstream American press, and almost none in Europe. The questions this theory raised were a matter of pure science, or so it seemed to me. There were only three possibilities: 1) Segal was wrong; 2) he was right; 3) it could not be determined either way. I resolved to find out which of these was true...

The AIDS Epidemic at 25: The Hidden Benefits and Design Behind the Devastation
My research has convinced me that vaccines were not only the goal behind the development and unleashing of HIV but also the source of the epidemic, as well.

Experimental hepatitis B vaccine linked to 80s AIDS deaths
Experimental subjects for these HB vaccine trials included homosexual males in NYC, Willowbrook State School (WSS) mentally retarded children on Staten Island, and African Blacks. All subjects were not informed that the four subtype HB vaccines being tested were partially processed in live potentially contaminated chimpanzees, shipped from Africa by Bionetics, then housed in NYC where biohazard and containment problems, including the horizontal transmission of infectious diseases, was routine.

Further scrutinizing the development and testing of these four HB vaccine subtypes, the blood from these experimentally infected human subjects was later pooled and used to develop "perhaps 200,000 human doses" according to Merck's vaccine chief, Maurice Hilleman. Again, these doses containing HB viruses serially passed from Australian humans, to WSS children, into African chimpanzees before being reinoculated into New Yorkers and central Africans by way of vaccines by 1975. This was perfect timing for the initial outbreak of GRID/AIDS cases in these regions by the late 1970s.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Wednesday October 20 2004
updated on Tuesday December 7 2010

URL of this article:


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October 22, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

AIDS Surviver Teaches Africans How To Overcome 'HIV Infection'
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June 30, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

AZT, Nevirapine - Children In New York Orphanage Given Toxic Drugs
A Catholic orphanage in New York - Incarnation’s Children Center - has allowed its charges, mostly orphans and children removed from their mothers' care, to be used in cruel experiments with drugs that are known to kill most of the patients taking them. This tragedy has taken place under our very noses - we weren't looking. Journalist Liam Scheff has written about this scandal before and you can see that... [read more]
November 05, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

Pharmaceutical corporations accused of Genocide before ICC in The Hague
June 14, 2003 - The Hague Pharmaceutical corporations and individual executives have been accused of genocide and crimes of war before the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The charges, which also involve accusations of war crimes against US President George W. Bush, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and other top political figures, are contained in a detailed complaint filed with the ICC by Dr. Mathias Rath. Pharmaceutical companies including... [read more]
June 23, 2003 - Sepp Hasslberger

AZT, Nevirapine: Do Anti-Retroviral Drugs Cause AIDS?
Nevirapine has been in the news recently over a study in Africa, where researchers apparently "forgot" to report numerous serious side effects and even several deaths. The study was to prove efficacy in reducing HIV transmission from pregnant mothers to their newborns, but researchers also "forgot" to include a control group of mothers that did not receive the drug. Grave oversights? Apparently the US health authorities thought so, because the... [read more]
February 10, 2005 - Sepp Hasslberger

Africa - Nevirapine For AIDS Mothers: U.S. Hid Research Concerns
According to a recent article in the Indy Star, the National Institute of Health did not inform presidential aides about safety concerns that emerged during testing of nevirapine in Uganda. As a result, a U.S. led program distributed the drug to hundreds of thousands of pregnant mothers in Africa. The aim was to stem mother-to-child transmission of HIV, a retro-virus widely believed to cause the symptoms of Aids. U.S. Senator... [read more]
December 14, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger




Readers' Comments

Wangari Maathai almost says it.
HIV is a compromised Immune System from whatever cause. Could be a 100 reasons.
AIDS is AZT or any of its family of drugs.

The treatment causes AIDS.
Print this widely and quote me.

This is what we all know, but are not daring to say.

It's just another segment of the Drugs-Sickness Industry.

Get them all into the World Court, Hague; before any more of this genocide is inflicted an innocent people.
The rest by Foster was garbage. There is no virus.


Posted by: Ronald Modra R. on October 21, 2004 03:33 PM



Links totwenty three "Interactive Information Resource" forums, each covering one aspect of AIDS from Safe Sex to HAART and AIDS scientists to T4 cells. An International forum in 12 languages and a Latino Forum too. Everything you need for another perspective on the subject.

Posted by: Paul King on October 24, 2004 01:06 PM


This is in complete denial of what the true causes of AIDS/HIV are. Please stop drumming up hatred towards caucasians by printing this blatant propaganda.

Posted by: Dr Robert Georges on November 11, 2004 08:32 PM


Dear Sir/Madam,Please inform me Address where I can send the sample of medicine to
be checked in U.S.A Research Labs.for its results & thereby
helping to irredicate this threatful disease

Posted by: Tramboo Noor. on January 22, 2005 03:18 PM


Here is an e-mail received from an activist in Africa, that mentions the Tetrasil (silver) product for Aids sufferers, and my reply, which I think is relevant to this post.

- - -

From: rife@

To: "Josef Hasslberger"

Subject: Fw: Imusil Inquiries.

Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005

The following is what I received in response to an email I sent to Dr. Marvin Antelman, - the 'developer' of the once-off HIV/AIDS cure IV injection. -

I know it's not his fault of course, but GEEEZZZZZZZZZZ, he developed it in 1996 & patented it in the USA in 1997 ... surely the FDA would've prioritised efficacy testing on this long before they would've on lethal ARVs which have to be taken for life (although that's not always very long as you know).

Also, why doesn't the US Government fund the testing, instead of donating their lethal ARVs to SA and other African countries?

Bush keeps boasting about their generosity - and concern towards our HIV and AIDS crisis, well, why not do something really WORTHWHILE and CONSTRUCTIVE for a change?

I wonder!

Posted by: Sepp on February 4, 2005 12:36 PM


Why we keep blaming everything on other people when we should blame them on ourselves. Even if the government had something to do with the virus and now that we know about it let use our brain and play hard with them.First thing I will say, as long that black men and woman do not have some type of self discipline toward sex nothing will never change. Wake up from our sleep and stop this nonsense. Black men need to understand their value and calling themselves PIMP and learn how to live with one woman and not wanting to have sex with every woman they see. Abstinence,education,and family value is the key to change this. Black parent need to teach their kids the importance of family and teach them to get married and not wanting to lay with every woman they see. Africa have the same problem people their do not understand that the disease is spread out from men that have so many wives because it is legal for them to get married so many time.

Posted by: Daren Jones on March 18, 2005 04:40 PM



there is a whole lot of information about aids that does not jibe with the official theory of a virus-induced disease. You should start with this article and follow the links from there, if you want to find out.

Even though Boyd Graves documented the INTENTION of the U.S. government to develop a viral disease that should selectively attack certain populations, it is by no means certain that their work yielded the intended result or that the result was HIV and not some other virus (see this recent article on the HHV-6A virus). But even if it did not, the treatments given will actually bring on the Aids symptoms. All that is needed is to arrange tests that favor certain outcomes, and get everyone on the toxic retroviral drugs. That is why it is important to study and read up on ALL the information that is out there.

Posted by: Sepp on March 18, 2005 08:46 PM


An email from Jojoi ( in response to

AIDS, Chronic Fatigue: Modified African Swine Fever Virus Implicated?

Hi Sepp,

Many thanks for the info. We will include this info at the next website update...

Here is a list of recently started and still ongoing public debates about HIV-AIDS.

These debates show, that HIV-AIDS is not an issue which follows the conventional leftwing - rightwing lines but that there are more and more people who want to know the TRUTH.

TRUTH can only be achieved, if ALL relevant facts are taken into consideration. With regards to HIV - AIDS the general public has been told what serves the interests of the big PHARMA companies and their associated PR agencies...

Please ADD YOUR COMMENTS because these threads are ongoing and step by step more info will be added.

Maybe it would improve communication if also from your website some crosslinks were incorporated so that an ever growing number of people become aware of the aidscritical debates...

Kind Regards

Posted by: Sepp on May 4, 2005 10:17 PM


Received from Boyd Graves (

The Laboratory Origin of AIDS

To the Editors:

This letter is in response to your article on the "Origin of AIDS", written by Professor Jim Moore in your November-December 2004 issue. As you are aware I have contacted both you and Professor Moore. The origin of the AIDS pandemic can be traced throughout the 20th century and back to the 1878 U.S. mandated "Laboratory of Hygiene", a federal program to discover diseases of world origin. In 1915, the infectious agent of HIV/AIDS was developed in South Africa ("graaff reinet" disease), which subsequently became known as "VISNA" disease. According to the Proceedings of the United States of America, National Academy of Sciences, HIV/AIDS evolved from VISNA (sheep) disease. Further, in June 1946, TIME Magazine published an article, "Better than the Bomb", about a synthetic biological agent of the United States that was in "useable" condition. Although Professor Moore had some rudimentary understanding of the U.S. Special Virus program (1962 - 1978), he was unwilling to concede the plausibility of a laboratory birth of AIDS. Finally, on June 9, 1969, the U.S. Pentagon sought ten million dollars to produce within ten years, a synthetic biological agent for which no natural immunity could have been acquired, and one that would deplete the immune system. Ten years later we were facing an alleged mystery illness. If HIV/AIDS is not the Pentagon's synthetic biological agent that depletes the immune system, then where is the Pentagon's agent?

Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.

San Diego, California


The Editor of American Scientist magazine led me to believe the above would be published. It was not. Instead Dr. Moore and Dr. Hooper played 'footsies' with their Aryan premise of an 'out of Africa' origin of HIV.

The connection between the Tobacco Mosaic Virus and HIV is startling! The connection between Rabies and HIV is mind-boggling. The CURE for AIDS (U.S. patent #5676977) continues to work like a charm for me.

Two weeks from today, we will meet the defendant United States in open federal court here in downtown San Diego (Case No.: 04 CV 1345, GRAVES v. LANSDOWNE). The U.S. wants the lawsuit dismissed. They do not want a jury to weigh their documents. They appear to be in opposition to the Constitution I have believed in, all my life.

My actions seek to strengthen the security of my homeland. Long live truth. Boyd Ed Graves

Posted by: Sepp on June 10, 2005 07:47 PM


I am social worker who is at present working in an ngo which deals in care and support of HIV/aids infected and affected children in Manipur(India).

Sometimes,I feel that HIV/AIDs was invented by some mad scientists? I don't know if I am quite out dated or not, but I need an answer.

Do you have any comments on this?

Posted by: thangjam sanjoo on July 24, 2005 06:00 AM


From a January 2006 email exchange - Jonathan Campbell on Boyd Graves:

HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS. This has been proven by numerous scientists, such as Dr. Peter Duesberg, award-winning microbiologist, and is now taken for granted by serious AIDS researchers, despite the public image of the AIDS establishment. It is most likely caused by a virus called HHV-6A, which is also the apparent cause of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), otherwise known as "Non-HIV AIDS." Some researchers believe this virus is carried by pigs, which would explain sudden large outbreaks of CFIDS.

The HIV test is a complete fraud. It is diluted X400 and then tested for antibodies, unlike any other viral antibody test. If it were used like any other viral antibody test, it would show that 100% of the population is "HIV positive" - proving that it is a fraudulent test. In fact it is a test of whether your body is in immune overdrive, which can be caused by a serious cold, influenza, and, for women, pregnancy.

Most Africans who are labeled as having AIDS do not have AIDS. They have TB, malnutrition, and all of the other maladies of poverty, poor nutrition, and poor public health. They are being given the convenient label of "AIDS" in order to divert money from infrastructure aid to buying incredibly toxic and useless Anti-Retro-Viral (ARV) drugs. And then they are left to die, as the ARVs do not help.

What Mr Graves is doing is criminal, diverting people's attention from the most important issue, which is that AIDS is caused by an ordinary (albeit virulent) virus that can be resisted and defeated by ordinary natural immune boosters such as vitamin C, selenium, beta carotene, and vitamin E and the natural protease inhibitors lysine, glycine, proline, along with vitamin C to increase collagen production. Instead, people are drawn into an inane debate which does not solve anything.

People who believe Mr. Graves' wrongheaded hypothesis are sucked into wrongheaded thinking that AIDS is some kind of horrible, nearly incurable disease, and driven to use toxic pharmaceutical agents - such as AZT and the synthetic protease inhibitors such as Kaletra - which will make them sicker and eventually kill them, while having the appearance of effective treatment.

If you want to waste your time on trying to decode an old organization chart of the US Special Virus Program, which was created by Richard Nixon in his ill-fated "War on Cancer", then by all means buy the unmitigated junk on Mr. Graves' website. It is apparently his claim to fame and his source of income, and he sends this ridiculous spamvertisement to anyone who is in any way connected publicly with the AIDS debate.

If you want to find out more about really fighting against AIDS, then do some real internet research on natural anti-virals and regimens to stop viral replication. Start with Dr. Matthias Rath's foundation English language website at, click on the English language dropdown menu choice. If you want something more polemical, which also has Dr. Rath's actual regimen that he is using in South Africa to stop AIDS, click on the RSA menu choice. Then type the phrase "Healing AIDS Naturally" to, and you'll find a link to a great article outlining much of what I've said above, as well as a link to a book by the same name by Dr. Laurence Bagley.

Kind regards
Jonathan Campbell
Health Researcher and Consultant

Posted by: Sepp on January 25, 2006 11:13 AM



Posted by: VINSPAT E. on March 31, 2006 04:16 PM


white devils doing want they do best

Posted by: whitey remover on August 4, 2006 05:46 PM


Here is a message from Boyd Graves, received by email:

January 26, 2007

U.S. Government to allow AIDS lawsuit

Earlier today Darlene Christian, the FOIA Director for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) informed San Diego lawyer, Boyd Ed Graves, that a right to sue letter was on its way. At issue with the United States are the fifteen progress reports of the U.S. Special Virus program.

In a May 15, 2000 letter, Dr. Victoria Cargill, Medical Officer for the NIH's Office of AIDS Research confirmed the existence of three of the reports in the archives of the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

In a subsequent FOIA request, progress reports # 14 and 15 were missing. "These specific progress reports show the end results of the development of HIV/AIDS, including the $550 million dollar (visible) budget for the mostly-secret, fifteen year program".

"Someone at NCI removed the relevant progress reports, and the people have a right to know who it was, and where those progress reports are now".

"In the upcoming federal lawsuit, we will also draw a strong nexus of complicity with the NCI 'official' who credited the government's ORIGIN of the AIDS Virus Report as 'accurate'. As a direct result of the NCI 'official', the government closed its investigation and would not even allow for a timely response"!

In my personal opinion, the U.S. stealth origin of AIDS is the greatest perpetration in human history. I am certain, as well as others, if we review and investigate, the U.S. Special (AIDS) Virus program (1962 - 1978), through truth and reconciliation, we can solve AIDS. There is a strong basis in U.S. laws and facts for the sound and only conclusion: HIV/AIDS is the synthetic biological agent funded in the U.S. Congressional Record on June 9, 1969. The budget in progress report #15 shows the 1970 appropriation as requested.

On behalf of the American people, we have a right to know, particularly as it relates to stealth depopulation. Our Constitution provides us this right.

Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.

Posted by: Sepp on January 26, 2007 03:51 PM


how effective is tetrasil-silver tetroxide?

Posted by: nicholas on February 22, 2007 06:07 AM


What is really holding back the publication of Tetrasil and Imusil to cure HIV/AIDS? Where is the democracy that is preached in USA? May be America is the theoretical laboratory of democracy; and Africa and the Middle East are the practical workshop of democracy, good governance and human rights? we are being hypocritical!

Posted by: NIBA-NGWA MARTIN on March 5, 2008 07:31 AM


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Posted by: Skidmore Emily Michelle on April 28, 2016 01:07 PM


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Posted by: Lisa Nayna Tumelo on September 27, 2016 07:05 PM


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