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November 17, 2004

Why They Continue To Ignore The AIDS/HIV Selenium Connection

Further to: Further to: Selenium Status Is Associated With Accelerated HIV / AIDS, many thanks to Dr. Landman, for sending me this much needed and succinct note. It is clear, both intuitively and from the literature, that drugs, unless they are combined with nutrients, simply cannot address the casual nutrient deficiencies that create nearly all diseases, Often they exacerbate the original deficiencies! Drug use, only makes sense when limited to emergency use such as catastrophic injury from accidents, environmental impacts etc. even there nutrients such as Oxygen, IV vitamin C and Magnesium should not be overlooked.

Dr. Foster and others also have shown, through demographic studies, over and over the relationship between disease and mineral/nutrient deficient areas of the world. Yet the medical Mafiosi continue to demand, the next to useless, clinical trials before even educating their constituents on the benefits of nutrients. Given that the nutrients are generally less toxic than foods and cost next to nothing this is plane inexcusable and negligent!

The clinical trials, combined with hoopla of tight non scientific nutrient dosage standards are simply used as a filter mechanism to prevent wide spread use of sane and humane, but not profitable, disease control/prevention methods. They are well aware that no funds will ever be forthcoming for low cost and non patentable remedies regardless how effective they might be. With some notable exceptions it's is to the discredit of such low calibre professionals, who in many cases lack both knowledge and ethics, that our sickness management system has turned to snake oil health methods under the pretense of health care.

Given the above, it is not hard to understand why our so called medical experts choose to ignore and even attack the most non toxic and effective remedies which are available and have been available for tens of years.

One can only conclude that: - they choose not to see the obvious as cultivated ignorance (mind set) is so common among the experts - they have ethics of a snake - are greedy like their chain of command and/or are plan stupid - as often they themselves use the same non effective toxic drugs in face of safer and efficacious alternatives.

If we leave such an important aspect of our lives to these vultures than expect the conversion of nutrients to become inaccessible and high priced drugs, through the trick of more regulation such as CODEX and the business with disease. And we think it's bad now?

It really pays to take matters in our own hand and never to take an experts' word without first doing some independent research. No where is the adage "Customer Be Aware" more important as our health and wealth may literally depend on it!

Chris Gupta
Dear Chris,

I attended a lecture by WJSerfontein.gif Professor W J Serfontein in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in March 2004.

He is a world expert on AIDS - I'll try and recap a few points he made:

HIV cannot infect a patient with enough Selenium in his body.
Pasteur: The host is more important than the invader.

Plasma selenium (p < 0,002) is a far better indicator of risk than CD4 (p < 0,04).
Selenium regulates viral replication.
It declines early, before the patient gets sick.
All AIDS patients have a progressive decrease in Selenium.

Selenium is incorporated as selenocysteine into proteins to form selenoproteins, eg glutathione peroxidase.
Glutathione is a measurement of life expectancy.
Need 1 mol glutathione to remove 1 mol peroxide.
Worst infection: more oxidized glutathione.

Senegal has lowest AIDS and CANCER incidence in the world because the soil there has the highest selenium content. Neighbouring countries has a very high AIDS rate, and very low soil selenium.

Other nutrients involved in viral replication:

-Vit E
-Glutathione powerful suppressant of reverse transcriptase
-NAC etc.

Other infections assoc. with AIDS is the same in a way:

-Selenium dependent Hep B, HHBV (Kaposi), CMV, E-B, Coxackie, Ebola
-Produces altered CD4/CD8 ratio's

Best regards,

Dr Hilda Landman


posted by Chris Gupta on Wednesday November 17 2004
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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Readers' Comments

it looks like as time goes on i become more convinced that AIDS is a consipracy to wipe out the poor peoples of the world, so many people say the USA has a cure but keep providing killer ARVs to the poor. these people should know that however powerless the israelites were, they managed to drown the egyptians who had persecuted them for a very long time and were following them to kill them. even now the so calles rich nations used the poor nations free slave labour, toture and all ungodly ways to become rich-it is the God who rescued the israelites and drowned the the egyptians who is going to avail the AIDS cure to the poor and will the rich countries will get a catasrophy of all time.
for those trying to be true and faithful God will rescue them.
i Uganda i have seen many people suffering with ARVs and many who are well off with local herbs but all with HIV.
African governments have unfortunately failed to be vigorous in the research of our herbs to find a cure for HIV , there is no doubt tthe cure lies in Africcan herbs.
i discovered i had HIV in September 2003, i was weighing 61kg,i started herbs and now weigh 65 kg,i used to suffer fevers every week but now it takes me 5 months with no fever.

Posted by: stanley on February 26, 2005 12:38 PM


Video: Selenium for AIDS - CBC Interview
CBC interview with Norman Sartor, HIV positive, who takes Selenium and amino acid supplements in accordance with discoveries by Dr Harold Foster, author of "What really causes Aids", a freely downloadable book.

Posted by: Sepp on May 6, 2007 04:52 AM


I am >20 years HCV+ in New Zealand and since 2003 have supplemented with selenium, l-methionine (a cysteine precursor), 5-HTP, silymarin and mixed dietary antioxidants; later adding alpha lipoic acid and l-glutamine. From the very start the improvement was radical - complete reversal of depression, obviously the result of a deficiency, because LFTs only imroved slowly - but after 4 years LFTs are sometimes normal, and never all elevated at once. Reducing iron intake is crucial, and balancing omega 3 and 6 EFAs

Posted by: George D. Henderson on February 21, 2008 07:27 PM


a few years ago one gr of paroxetine was more expensive than one gr of cocaine , and they r selling tons of meds worldwide each day .. u get the idea , the med mafia earns thaousands times of more money than drug cartels .. they can rule the world with that much of income , they can make the prefered politicians get selected , kill people , buy courts and anything u can imagine .. i feel like i m on a table like in the movie matrix and something suckin my blood .. god bless internet and take care

Posted by: captured on July 16, 2008 10:52 PM


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