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January 13, 2005

AIDS: 'No Gold Standard' For HIV Testing

According to the scientific literature, there is no "gold standard" for HIV tests. Liam Scheff, who has exposed how children are removed from their parents' care and forcibly drugged with highly toxic anti-retrovirals insists that testing for HIV does not mean a thing. A "positive" test result could merely "confirm that you are pregnant or have used drugs or alcohol, or that you’ve been vaccinated; that you have a cold, liver disease, arthritis, or are stressed, poor, hungry or tired."

A recent TV ad campaign for "HIV testing" is built around the slogan Knowing is Beautiful. But what does that mean, when the tests that allow us to know do not establish with certainty whether we are infected, and indeed when the virus that is supposed to cause AIDS cannot be found in many of the unfortunate individuals who have a compromised immune system? It means that our bodies may react to a number of stress situations and that what is measured by the tests is not the presence of a virus but the fact that our immune system is under stress.

Yet, in an apparent attack of medical insanity we fill AIDS patients with medications designed to "kill the virus" and end up killing the patient.

Neville Hodgkinson, a journalist from the UK, has eloquently dissected the practice in his article "AIDS: Scientific or Viral Catastrophe?":

"Despite more than $100 billion spent on AIDS by US taxpayers alone, scientists have not been able to ascertain how HIV causes the AIDS syndrome. Predictions about the course of the epidemic have proved inaccurate. While millions are said to be infected and dying in Africa, AIDS deaths have fallen in Europe and the USA and now total fewer than 250 a year in the UK, which has a population of nearly 60 million. Claims that cocktails of antiviral drugs are responsible for a decline in Western AIDS are unsupported by clear evidence. Genetic and chemical signals produced by disordered immune cells may have been misinterpreted as evidence of the presence of a lethal virus. There is vast over-diagnosis of AIDS and "HIV disease" in Africa and other countries where malnutrition and grossly impoverished living circumstances, with associated infections, are the real killers."

Yet, according to Liam Scheff's latest update published in the New York Press, there are currently 41 trials recruiting for HIV-positive infants, children and young adults in New York, with the same drugs and vaccines, in the same combinations - AZT, NNRTIs (the nevirapine type) and protease inhibitors - as reported last June. Fourteen of those studies are recruiting at Columbia Presbyterian, ICC's parent hospital.

Here are copies of these latest articles "The Hidden Face of HIV" and "STILL ON TRIAL" that continue to relate the harrowing story of children subjected to an incredible regimen including surgically implanted gastric tubes for those who "don't like to take their drugs" in the name of "scientific medicine":

- - -

The Hidden Face of HIV – Part 1
Mon, 3 Jan 2005

(Original on Liam's site

By Liam Scheff
“Knowing is Beautiful”

As a journalist who writes about AIDS, I am endlessly amazed by the difference between the public and the private face of HIV; between what the public is told and what’s explained in the medical literature. The public face of HIV is well-known: HIV is a sexually transmitted virus that particularly preys on gay men, African Americans, drug users, and just about all of Africa, although we’re all at risk. We’re encouraged to be tested, because, as the MTV ads say, “knowing is beautiful.” We also know that AIDS drugs are all that’s stopping the entire African continent from falling into the sea.

The medical literature spells it out differently – quite differently. The journals that review HIV tests, drugs and patients, as well as the instructional material from medical schools, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and HIV test manufacturers will agree with the public perception in the large print. But when you get past the titles, they’ll tell you, unabashedly, that HIV tests are not standardized; that they’re arbitrarily interpreted; that HIV is not required for AIDS; and finally, that the term HIV does not describe a single entity, but instead describes a collection of non-specific, cross-reactive cellular material.

That’s quite a difference.

The popular view of AIDS is held up by concerned people desperate to help the millions of Africans stricken with AIDS, the same disease that first afflicted young gay American men in the 1980s. The medical literature differs on this point. It says that that AIDS in Africa has always been diagnosed differently than AIDS in the U.S.

In 1985, the World Health Organization called a meeting in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, to define African AIDS. The meeting was presided over by CDC official Joseph McCormick. He wrote about in his book “Level 4 Virus hunters of the CDC,” saying, “If I could get everyone at the WHO meeting in Bangui to agree on a single, simple definition of what an AIDS case was in Africa, then, imperfect as the definition might be, we could actually start counting the cases…” The results – African AIDS would be defined by physical symptoms: fever, diarrhea, weight loss and coughing or itching. (“AIDS in Africa: an epidemiological paradigm.” Science, 1986)

In Sub-Saharan African about 60 percent of the population lives and dies without safe drinking water, adequate food or basic sanitation. A September, 2003 report in the Ugandan Daily “New Vision” outlined the situation in Kampala, a city of approximately 1.3 million inhabitants, which, like most tropical countries, experiences seasonal flooding. The report describes “heaps of unclaimed garbage” among the crowded houses in the flood zones and “countless pools of water [that] provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and create a dirty environment that favors cholera.”

“[L]atrines are built above water streams. During rains the area residents usually open a hole to release feces from the latrines. The rain then washes away the feces to streams, from where the [area residents] fetch water. However, not many people have access to toilet facilities. Some defecate in polythene bags, which they throw into the stream.” They call these, “flying toilets.’’

The state-run Ugandan National Water and Sewerage Corporation states that currently 55% of Kampala is provided with treated water, and only 8% with sewage reclamation.

Most rural villages are without any sanitary water source. People wash clothes, bathe and dump untreated waste up and downstream from where water is drawn. Watering holes are shared with animal populations, which drink, bathe, urinate and defecate at the water source. Unmanaged human waste pollutes water with infectious and often deadly bacteria. Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes, which bring malaria. Infectious diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, TB, malaria and famine are the top killers in Africa. But in 1985, they became AIDS.

The public service announcements that run on VH1 and MTV, informing us of the millions of infected, always fail to mention this. I don’t know what we’re supposed to do with the information that 40 million people are dying and nothing can be done. I wonder why we wouldn’t be interested in building wells and providing clean water and sewage systems for Africans. Given our great concern, it would seem foolish not to immediately begin the “clean water for Africa” campaign. But I’ve never heard such a thing mentioned.

The UN recommendations for Africa actually demand the opposite –“billions of dollars” taken out of “social funds, education and health projects, infrastructure [and] rural development” and “redirected” into sex education (UNAIDS, 1999). No clean water, but plenty of condoms.

I have, however, felt the push to get AIDS drugs to Africans. Drugs like AZT and Nevirapine, which are supposed to stop the spread of HIV, especially in pregnant women. AZT and Nevirapine also terminate life. The medical literature and warning labels list the side effects: blood cell destruction, birth defects, bone-marrow death, spontaneous abortion, organ failure, and fatal skin rot. The package inserts also state that the drugs don’t “stop HIV or prevent AIDS illnesses.”

The companies that make these drugs take advantage of the public perception that HIV is measured in individual African AIDS patients, and that African AIDS – water-borne illness and poverty – can be cured by AZT and Nevirapine. That’s good capitalism, but it’s bad medicine.

Currently MTV, Black Entertainment Television and VH1 are running advertisements of handsome young couples, black and white, touching, caressing, sensually, warming up to love-making. The camera moves over their bodies, hands, necks, mouth, back, legs and arms – and we see a small butterfly bandage over their inner elbow, where they’ve given blood for an HIV test. The announcer says, “Knowing is beautiful.” Get tested.

A September, 2004 San Francisco Chronicle article considered the “beauty” of testing. It told the story of 59 year-old veteran Jim Malone, who’d been told in 1996 that he was HIV positive. His health was diagnosed as “very poor.” He was classified as, “permanently disabled and unable to work or participate in any stressful situation whatsoever.” Malone said, “When I wasn’t able to eat, when I was sick, my in-home health care nurse would say, ‘Well, Jim, it goes with your condition.’ That’s the way I thought,” he said.

In 2004, his doctor sent him a note to tell him he was actually negative. He had tested positive at one hospital, and negative at another. Nobody asked why the second test was more accurate than the first (that was the protocol at the Veteran’s Hospital). Having been falsely diagnosed and spending nearly a decade waiting, expecting to die, Malone said, “I would tell people to get not just one HIV test, but multiple tests. I would say test, test and retest.”

In the article, AIDS experts assured the public that the story was “extraordinarily rare.” But the medical literature differs significantly.

In 1985, at the beginning of HIV testing, it was known that “68% to 89% of all repeatedly reactive ELISA (HIV antibody) tests [were] likely to represent false positive results.” (NEJM – New England Journal of Medicine. 312; 1985).

In 1992, the Lancet reported that for 66 true positives, there were 30,000 false positives. And in pregnant women, “there were 8,000 false positives for 6 confirmations.” (Lancet 339; 1992)

In September 2000, the Archives of Family Medicine stated that the more women we test, the greater “the proportion of false-positive and ambiguous (indeterminate) test results.” (Archives of Family Medicine. Sept/Oct. 2000).

The tests described above are standard HIV tests, the kind promoted in the ads. Their technical name is ELISA or EIA (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbant Assay). They are antibody tests. The tests contain proteins that react with antibodies in your blood.

In the U.S., you’re tested with an ELISA first. If your blood reacts, you’ll be tested again, with another ELISA. Why is the second more accurate than the first? That’s just the protocol. If you have a reaction on the second ELISA, you’ll be confirmed with a third antibody test, called the Western Blot. But that’s here in America. In some countries, one ELISA is all you get.

It is precisely because HIV tests are antibody tests, that they produce so many false-positive results. All antibodies tend to cross-react. We produce antibodies all the time, in response to stress, malnutrition, illness, drug use, vaccination, foods we eat, a cut, a cold, even pregnancy. These antibodies are known to make HIV tests come up as positive.

The medical literature lists dozens of reasons for positive HIV test results: “transfusions, transplantation, or pregnancy, autoimmune disorders, malignancies, alcoholic liver disease, or for reasons that are unclear…”(Archives of Family Medicine, Sept/Oct. 2000).

“[H]uman or technical errors, other viruses and vaccines” (Infectious Disease Clinician of North America 7; 1993)

“[L]iver diseases, parenteral substance abuse, hemodialysis, or vaccinations for hepatitis B, rabies, or influenza…” (Archives of Internal Medicine August, 2000).

“[U]npasteurized cows’ milk…Bovine exposure, or cross-reactivity with other human retroviruses” (Transfusion,1988)

Even geography can do it:

“Inhabitants of certain regions may have cross-reactive antibodies to local prevalent non-HIV retroviruses” (Medicine International 56; 1988).

The same is true for the confirmatory test – the Western Blot.

Causes of indeterminate Western Blots include: “lymphoma, multiple sclerosis, injection drug use, liver disease, or autoimmune disorders. Also, there appear to be healthy individuals with antibodies that cross-react….” (Archives of Internal Medicine, August 2000).

“The Western Blot is not used as a screening tool because…it yields an unacceptably high percentage of indeterminate results.” (Archives of Family Medicine, Sept/Oct 2000)

Pregnancy is consistently listed as a cause of positive test results, even by the test manufacturers. “[False positives can be caused by] prior pregnancy, blood transfusions… and other potential nonspecific reactions.” (Vironostika HIV Test, 2003).

This is significant in Africa, because HIV estimates for African nations are drawn almost exclusively from testing done on groups of pregnant women.

In Zimbabwe this year, the rate of HIV infection among young women decreased remarkably, from 32.5 to 6 percent. A drop of 81% – overnight. UNICEF’s Swaziland representative, Dr. Alan Brody, told the press “The problems is that all the sero-surveillance data came from pregnant women, and estimates for other demographics was based on that.” (PLUS News, August, 2004)

When these pregnant young women are tested, they’re often tested for other illnesses, like syphilis, at the same time. There’s no concern for cross-reactivity or false-positives in this group, and no repeat testing. One ELISA on one girl, and 32.5% of the population is suddenly HIV positive.

The June 20, 2004 Boston Globe reported that “the current estimate of 40 million people living with the AIDS virus worldwide is inflated by 25 percent to 50 percent.”

They pointed out that HIV estimates for entire countries have, for over a decade, been taken from “blood samples from pregnant women at prenatal clinics.”

But it’s not just HIV estimates that are created from testing pregnant women, it’s “AIDS deaths, AIDS orphans, numbers of people needing antiretroviral treatment, and the average life expectancy,” all from that one test.

I’ve certainly never seen this in VH1 ad.

At present there are about six dozen reasons given in the literature why the tests come up positive. In fact, the medical literature states that there is simply no way of knowing if any HIV test is truly positive or negative:

“[F]alse-positive reactions have been observed with every single HIV-1 protein, recombinant or authentic.” (Clinical Chemistry. 37; 1991). “Thus, it may be impossible to relate an antibody response specifically to HIV-1 infection.” (Medicine International, 1988)

And even if you believe the reaction is not a false positive, “the test does not indicate whether the person currently harbors the virus.” (Science, November, 1999).

The test manufacturers state that after the antibody reaction occurs, the tests have to be “interpreted.” There is no strict or clear definition of HIV positive or negative. There’s just the antibody reaction. The reaction is colored by an enzyme, and read by a machine called a spectrophotometer.

The machine grades the reactions according to their strength (but not specificity), above and below a cut-off. If you test above the cut-off, you’re positive; if you test below it, you’re negative.

So what determines the all-important cut-off? From The CDC’s instructional material: “Establishing the cutoff value to define a positive test result from a negative one is somewhat arbitrary.” (CDC-EIS, “Screening For HIV,” 2003 )

The University of Vermont Medical School agrees: “Where a cutoff is drawn to determine a diagnostic test result may be somewhat arbitrary….Where would the director of the Blood Bank who is screening donated blood for HIV antibody want to put the cut-off?...Where would an investigator enrolling high-risk patients in a clinical trial for an experimental, potentially toxic antiretroviral draw the cutoff?” (University of Vermont School of Medicine teaching module: Diagnostic Testing for HIV Infection)

A 1995 study comparing four major brands of HIV tests found that they all had different cut-off points, and as a result, gave different test results for the same sample: “[C]ut-off ratios do not correlate for any of the investigated ELISA pairs,” and one test’s cut-off point had “no predictive value” for any other. (INCQS-DSH, Brazil 1995).

I’ve never heard of a person being asked where they would “want to put the cut-off” for determining their HIV test result, or if they felt that testing positive was a “somewhat arbitrary” experience.

In the UK, if you get through two ELISA tests, you’re positive. In America, you get a third and final test to confirm the first two. The test is called the Western Blot. It uses the same proteins, laid out differently. Same proteins, same nonspecific reactions. But this time it’s read as lines on a page, not a color change. Which lines are HIV positive? That depends on where you are, what lab you’re in and what kit they’re using.

The Mayo Clinic reported that “the Western blot method lacks standardization, is cumbersome, and is subjective in interpretation of banding patterns.” (Mayo Clinic Procedural, 1988)

A 1988 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that 19 different labs, testing one blood sample, got 19 different Western Blot results. (JAMA, 260, 1988)

A 1993 review in Bio/Technology reported that the FDA, the CDC/Department of Defense and the Red Cross all interpret WB’s differently, and further noted, “All the other major USA laboratories for HIV testing have their own criteria.” (Bio/Technology, June 1993)

In the early 1990s, perhaps in response to growing discontent in the medical community with the lack of precision of the tests, Roche Laboratories introduced a new genetic test, called Viral Load, based on a technology called PCR. How good is the new genetic marvel?

An early review of the technology in the 1991 Journal of AIDS reported that “a true positive PCR test cannot be distinguished from a false positive.” (J.AIDS, 1991)

A 1992 study “identified a disturbingly high rate of nonspecific positivity,” saying 18% antibody-negative (under the cut-off) patients tested Viral Load positive. (J. AIDS, 1992)

A 2001 study showed that the tests gave wildly different results from a single blood sample, as well as different results with different test brands. (CDC MMWR, November 16, 2001)

A 2002 African study showed that Viral Load was high in patients who had intestinal worms, but went down when they were treated for the problem. The title of the article really said it all. “Treatment of Intestinal Worms Is Associated With Decreased HIV Plasma Viral Load.” (J.AIDS, September, 2002)

Roche laboratories, the company that manufactures the PCR tests, puts this warning on the label:

“The AMPLICOR HIV-1 MONITOR Test….is not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV infection.”

But that’s exactly how it is used – to convince pregnant mothers to take AZT and Nevirapine and to urge patients to start the drugs.

The medical literature adds something truly astounding to all of this. It says that reason HIV tests are so non-specific and need to be interpreted is because there is “no virologic gold standard” for HIV tests.

The meaning of this statement, from both the medical and social perspective, is profound. The “virologic gold standard” is the isolated virus that the doctors claim to be identifying, indirectly, with the test.

Antibody tests always have some cross-reaction, because antibodies aren’t specific. The way to validate a test is to go find the virus in the patient’s blood.

You take the blood, spin it in a centrifuge, and you end up with millions of little virus particles, which you can easily photograph under a microscope. You can disassemble the virus, measure the weight of its proteins, and map its genetic structure. That’s the virologic gold standard. And for some reason, HIV tests have none.

In 1986, JAMA reported that: “no established standard exists for identifying HTLV-III [HIV] infection in asymptomatic people.” (JAMA. July 18, 1986)

In 1987, the New England Journal of Medicine stated that “The meaning of positive tests will depend on the joint [ELISA/WB] false positive rate. Because we lack a gold standard, we do not know what that rate is now. We cannot know what it will be in a large-scale screening program.” ( Screening for HIV: can we afford the false positive rate?. NEJM. 1987)

Skip ahead to 1996; JAMA again reported: “the diagnosis of HIV infection in infants is particularly difficult because there is no reference or ‘gold standard’ test that determines unequivocally the true infection status of the patient. (JAMA. May, 1996)

In 1997, Abbott laboratories, the world leader in HIV test production stated: “At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of HIV antibody in human blood.” (Abbot Laboratories HIV Elisa Test 1997)

In 2000 the Journal AIDS reported that “2.9% to 12.3%” of women in a study tested positive, “depending on the test used,” but “since there is no established gold standard test, it is unclear which of these two proportions is the best estimate of the real prevalence rate…” (AIDS, 14; 2000).

If we had a virologic gold standard, HIV testing would be easy and accurate. You could spin the patient’s blood in a centrifuge and find the particle. They don’t do this, and they’re saying privately, in the medical journals, that they can’t.

That’s why tests are determined through algorithms – above or below sliding cut-offs; estimated from pregnant girls, then projected and redacted overnight.

By repeating, again and again in the medical literature that there’s no virologic gold standard, the world’s top AIDS researchers are saying that what we’re calling HIV isn’t a single entity, but a collection of cross-reactive proteins and unidentified genetic material.

And we’re suddenly a very long way from the public face of HIV.

But the fact is, you don’t need to test HIV positive to be an AIDS patient. You don’t even have to be sick.

In 1993, the CDC added “Idiopathic CD4 Lymphocytopenia” to the AIDS category. What does it mean? Non-HIV AIDS.

In 1993, the CDC also made “no-illness AIDS” a category. If you tested positive, but weren’t sick, you could be given an AIDS diagnosis. By 1997, the healthy AIDS group accounted for 2/3rds of all U.S. AIDS patients. (That’s also the last year they reported those numbers, CDC Year End Addition, 1997).

In Africa, HIV status is irrelevant. Even if you test negative, you can be called an AIDS patient:

From a study in Ghana: “Our attention is now focused on the considerably large number (59%) of the seronegative (HIV-negative) group who were clinically diagnosed as having AIDS. All the patients had three major signs: weight loss, prolonged diarrhea, and chronic fever.” (Lancet. October,1992)

And from across Africa: “2215 out of 4383 (50.0%) African AIDS patients from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Lusaka, Zambia, and Kinshasa, Zaire, were HIV-antibody negative.” (British Medical Journal, 1991)

Non-HIV AIDS, HIV-negative AIDS, No Virologic Gold standard – terms never seen in an HIV ad. But even if you do test “repeatedly” positive, the manufacturers say that “the risk of an asymptomatic [not sick] person developing AIDS or an AIDS-related condition is not known.” (Abbott Laboratories HIV Test, 1997)

If commerce laws were applied equally, the “knowing is beautiful” ads for HIV testing would have to bear a disclaimer, just like cigarettes:

“Warning: This test will not tell you if you’re infected with a virus. It may confirm that you are pregnant or have used drugs or alcohol, or that you’ve been vaccinated; that you have a cold, liver disease, arthritis, or are stressed, poor, hungry or tired. Or that you’re African. It will not tell you if you’re going to live or die; in fact, we really don’t know what testing positive, or negative, means at all.”

Liam Scheff is an investigative journalist and health advocate who’s been published in the New York Press, LA Citybeat and Boston’s Weekly Dig. His reporting on cell-killing drugs like Nevirapine was recently featured in a BBC documentary.

Read his most recent article for GNN, “The Truth about Nevirapine,” here.


Original in (New York Press)

JANUARY 11, 2005



Last July, New York Press published "Orphans on Trial," the story of the HIV-positive children of Incarnation Children's Center (a Washington Heights Catholic orphanage overseen by Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center). The piece detailed how these children are being used in National Institutes for Health- and pharmaceutical-industry-sponsored clinical trials.

The "orphans" at ICC aren't always orphans; they often have a parent or family member who'd like to take care of them. The children are often removed from family custody because they fail or refuse to keep up their significant drug regimens. Once inside the walls of ICC, the drug regimen is enforced by a variety of meansócajoling, removal of privileges (like leaving the facility on weekends) and surgery.

The children in the center who refuse on a continuous basis are drugged through nasal and gastric tubes. The G-tubes are surgically implanted. Drugs, fat and protein mixtures are pumped into the children's abdomens by machine.

ICC wasn't always this way. It started in the mid 80s as a nurturing home for abandoned babies of drug-addicted mothers. But in the early 90s, ICC began receiving funds from the NIH to use its wards in human drug trials. To this day, ICC receives money from the state consistent with the number of children they have in their keep.

In 2002, the NIH connection was severed - at least publicly. Children at ICC continue to be used in clinical trials at Columbia Presbyterian and neighboring New York hospitals, and ICC remains on the clinical-trials database as a test center for drugs and vaccines.

The drugs used in the trials tend to bear FDA black-box labels, warning of fatalities caused by organ failure, bloody skin eruptions and blood-cell death, as well as developmental damage, cancer, wasting and heart disease. It's an ugly reality made acceptable for one reason: The children test HIV positive. The significance of the term "HIV positive" is accepted as a givenóa death sentence. But this concept, however heartfelt and popularly accepted, isn't borne out in the CDC reports and medical literature. It becomes more troubling as many of the children approach and surpass their 20th birthdays as drug-addled, developmentally disabled, emotionally crippled survivors of a lifetime under lock and key.

In late November, the BBC aired a documentary called "Guinea Pig Kids" based on the same research that featured many of the same witnesses. New York City Council Member Bill Perkins was filmed for the piece, and said that while it was known that children had died during the studies, the investigation wasn't getting anywhere.

"There's been somewhat of a secrecy about the whole matter," he said. "It has not been easy to get through the bureaucracy as to exactly what this is all about."

The BBC received letters of shock and outrage. WBAI's Democracy Now! interviewed the film's producer.

And at ICC and Columbia Presbyterian - nothing changed.

In November, a top NIH AIDS researcher, Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, blew the whistle on the Ugandan drug trial that got nevirapine approved for use in pregnant HIV-positive women in Africa.

His boss, Dr. Edmund Tramont, had quashed reporting of infant deaths and thousands of serious adverse effects reported in the trial. In the late 90s, it was known that nevirapine could kill from liver failure and toxic skin reactions. In 2000, the FDA put a black-box label on the drug, warning of the dangers.

Nevirapine had also been tested in the United States since the late 90s, at ICC and Columbia Presbyterian. It was used on the little boy Sean, whose story was featured in "Orphans on Trial." Sean was given the drug at Beth Israel as a "miracle cure" for his HIV-positive status. He was kept on the drug for nine months, despite twice ending up on life-support due to organ failure.

In December, the Alliance for Human Research Protection, a medical industry watchdog group, filed a press release criticizing the NIH for continuing to "defy rules of conduct and ethical research standards." The NIH responded by ignoring the incident and firing the whistleblower, Dr. Fishbein. At present, there are nine studies "currently recruiting" with Nevirapine for use in women and children in India, Africa, South America and the United States.

Currently there are 41 trials recruiting for HIV-positive infants, children and young adults in New York, with the same drugs and vaccines, in the same combinations - AZT, NNRTIs (the nevirapine type) and protease inhibitors - as reported last June. Fourteen of those studies are recruiting at Columbia Presbyterian, ICC's parent hospital.

The practice of forced drugging with tubes is also finding support across the country. A June 2000 University of California San Diego/ Northwestern University study of HIV-positive children found that implanting an abdominal tube can reduce a child's drugging time by five minutes. There's no indication that the children in the study were sick, or that the drugs improved their health.

The doctors noted that one "older child" had to quit gymnastics because the tube made it too difficult. But she can take drugs faster. And that's what's important. Isn't it?

See also:

Video: Olympic Gold Medal winner Lee Evans discusses the myriad of problems with the HIV tests that are incorrectly diagnosing people as HIV-Positive. Lee Evans tested HIV positive, which prematurely ended his athletic carreer. A later negative test could not undo the damage. Evans explains why you should believe the test makers when they say that their tests are not able to establish "HIV infection". The video is less than 5 minutes long - please go watch it now. Share with friends and family.

Dean's World: Falsifying the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Thursday January 13 2005
updated on Saturday December 4 2010

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

An interesting comment that fits perfectly with this article, just received by email:

Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005
Subject: Letter Re: Reappraising HIV and AIDS

About David Crowe's Lecture On HIV
(Red Flags Weekly)

I was happy to see Red Flags publish the transcript of David Crowe's excellent lecture on HIV. In 1988, I wrote a book debunking HIV as the cause of AIDS; AIDS Inc: Scandal of The Century. Since then I have seen successive generations of people take up the sword and skewer the fraudulent research behind AIDS.

I want to extend one point David made about HIV testing. Because the blood tests yield so many positive readings as a result of cross-reaction with scores of irrelevant factors (e.g., alcohol, vaccines, malaria, malnutrition), any population that is cajoled into taking the test is going to see HIV and AIDS diagnosed in its ranks, and extremely toxic drugs will be prescribed---drugs that actually bring about severe and life-threatening immune suppression, the hallmark of so-called AIDS.

There is a closed loop here, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

An examination of the tremendous pressure brought to bear on gay men to take the HIV test reveals the ugly truth. ANY population subjected to the test would, by virtue of cross-reaction, yield many, many positives. Left-handed carpenters in Toronto. Cab drivers in Bombay. Rock-climbers in Colorado.

The test is the key and the gateway into a medical holocaust brought about by the drugs.

Whereas immune suppression, without the label of AIDS, can be dealt with effectively, so long as each person who has that problem handles it by discovering the true factors (not HIV) in his/her individual case. Malnutrition? Street drugs? Overuse of antibiotics? Contaminated water supplies? Debilitating parasitic infections resulting from a multitude of sexual partners? Etc.

While researching material for AIDS Inc., I interviewed a doctor who had set up a small AIDS clinic in Africa. He told me he "couldn't give drugs to patients because they were too bad off. They were starving." So he set up a small farm where food crops were grown, and first he did no harm by feeding his patients. He was then shocked to discover that "all the patients' 'AIDS symptoms' disappeared."

Jon Rappoport
See Jon's excellent site here:

Posted by: Sepp on January 17, 2005 05:59 PM


A recent message by Liam Scheff, author of several articles exposing the inhuman experiments on children of "aids positive" mothers interned and "treated" in the New York Incarnation Children's center

Liam writes:

... there's lots to this recent piece, and I think it'll surprise even the veterans:

and here's a recent weblog - the NIH is running studies of people who turn up HIV positive After participating in an HIV vaccine trial - some nerve on those boys, huh?

Vaccine Trials: Get the Cure - Get the Disease

My reply:

thanks for this new article. Yes, it should definitely be spread around.

The double standard on tests is a sure way to have Aids in those persons who are "high risk" (undesirables? blacks? drug users?) while protecting the clean working population...

and with the Aids drugs (the retrovirals) killing who receives them - violà, a "better world" - less gays, less blacks, and less of those poor.

What a scam!

Posted by: Sepp on March 20, 2005 08:33 PM


what about false negatives? more on this needs to be addressed.......people repeatedly testing negative with all the classic aids symptoms

Posted by: staarr8t on March 11, 2007 09:17 PM


Interesting thought.

My view is that false negatives are just as damaging to the paradigm of a virus-causes-Aids as are the false positives.

We are probably missing something very basic - like an alternative causation that is not being looked at.

Just yesterday I found an interesting article on Emma Holister's new blog:

Is Mathematical Modeling of HIV Infection Good for Anything? by Rebecca Culshaw
One problem with all existing mathematical models of HIV infection is the simplistic treatment of CD4+ cells, which HIV allegedly "destroys" in some poorly-understand fashion -- variability in CD4+ measurements makes them almost useless in mathematical models, and treating all CD4+ cells as equal ignores the documented shift in AIDS progression among all CD4+ cells from Th1 (that "help" in cell-mediated immunity) to Th2 (that "help" in extracellular immunity and antibody production)...

Posted by: Sepp on March 12, 2007 05:49 AM


i have enjoyed reading this..actually shocked by the outside the box thinking in the article and impressed by some factors mentioned about diagnosis but really discouraged by the alleged bombading of anti retrovirals in kids HIV postive mothers. ok that aside..i want to ask something..if the soon to be hypothesis that is likely the explanation for HIV is dependant on the individual eg alcohol or drugs or malnutrition etc, how come the basic symptoms of their problem turn out to be same..there must be a meeting point, a common exposure..this was the basis of the Hiv theory...can you please explain the basis of the other possible theory because am really interested in this topic!

Posted by: Janet on October 11, 2012 10:06 AM


You will find the answer to your questions in articles on this site, but I can't point you to just one article. It's a study. If you want to go down that rabbit hole, search articles on this site for keywords like Aids or for one researcher who has done a lot of work on this - Cal Crilly. Starting with those articles you find, you can reach others in the "see also" links at the end of each one...

Posted by: Sepp on October 12, 2012 04:39 PM


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Posted by: Favour Eddie on November 8, 2016 09:04 AM


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