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November 26, 2004

World AIDS Day 2004 - What happened to Koch's Postulates?

UNAIDS is announcing the World Aids Day 2004 to be held on 1 December.
Women are being infected more than men these days, says UNAIDS in their campaign document titled "Have you heard me today?"

It appears that the UN and especially its AIDS arm have not heard of the numerous objections against classifying AIDS as an infective disease. One of these objections is based on Koch's postulates which require for a disease to be classified as infective to satisfy some very specific conditions, none of which are present in the case of HIV.

So we are effectively throwing out standard medical practice in the case of AIDS, and we are treating the unfortunate victims with highly toxic drugs that cause the very symptoms we then ascribe to the virus! This amounts to scientific dishonesty and serious medical misconduct and it is being perpetrated at the highest levels - by an international organization under the aegis of the United Nations.

Instead of helping people strengthen their own immune system, we weaken them by toxic drugs, saying they are necessary because of this dangerous virus, but we are unable to satisfy the most simple basic and required test - Koch's postulates - for saying with certainty that we are really dealing with an infective disease and not with immune weakness that is acquired by force of malnutrition, recreational drug use, and a number of other concurring factors.

In an earlier article published on and referenced on this site, AIDS: Scientific or Viral Catastrophe? Neville Hodgkinson rolls up the background of this scientific misjudgement and comes to the conclusion that the catastrophe is not viral but scientific, that is, related to our understanding and treatment of the disease, rather than to the supposed virulence of a microbe that can not even be found in many AIDS victims.

AIDS Racket

A very vocal critic of the AIDS paradigm is Dr. Leo Rebello from India, who goes even further, calling the efforts around AIDS campaigns a racket. No wonder, the toxic medicines promoted for the unfortunate victims are priced so high most governments cannot even afford them and instead of helping to restore immunity, they cause the very symptoms we ascribe to the disease. Here is Leo Rebello's message:


World AIDS Racket Day will be celebrated on 1st December and the same lies will be repeated ad nauseam, namely, HIV=AIDS=ARVs. Willy-nilly please do not join this bandwagon.

Let there be Light, the good Lord said and there was light. But if you shut the doors and windows of your mind, how will Light percolate...

The following list of AIDS myths should help you to work From AIDS Scare, To AIDS Care. In the Internet age there is no room for ignorance and manipulation.


Aids is a new disease.

It is not. It is rebranding of pre-existing conditions.
Aids symptoms are also found in people NOT HIV positive.

HIV alone causes Aids

AIDS symptoms occur without HIV.
Not one controlled study has found symptoms in HIV positives
- without other factors also.

HIV is an infectious virus

HIV is unproven as infectious as defined by Koch's rules.

HIV infects you sexually

HIV has spread in heterosexuals much too slow for an epidemic.
Example: All prostitutes should by now have become infected!!

Aids is killing Gays

Gay "Aids" is actually due to prescribed and illegal drugs.
'Poppers', crack/heroin abuse and deadly drugs like Bactrim/AZT.

Africa is ravaged by Aids.

African Aids is inferred from symptoms, rather than tests.
Malnutrition (high cortisol) causes Aids. TB is called Aids.

Aids is an incurable disease

AIDS can be cured by avoiding toxic drugs, through good nutrition,
certain alternative therapies and by a healthy lifestyle.

You can test for HIV infection

There are about 70 reasons for a false positive HIV test.
These tests are unreliable and they are not standardized.

AZT is anti-viral against HIV

AZT is NOT metabolized to an anti-viral form in cells.
It damages DNA activities bodywide. Avoid this Poison.

Cocktail drugs stop HIV

They mask some symptoms, but they have failed.
These drugs cripple, disfigure, and leave many users disabled.
AIDS deaths are mainly due to these drugs.

See also:

Dissident Action Group

World Aids Day - Do the facts matter?
[The following from Sharon Stone to Larry King]
"a child is dying every two minutes from AIDS. We have to look at what's really happening. And I think the biggest number we have to look at is how many people have survived AIDS. Zero."

"people don't really believe it can happen to them. I don't think that people are in the reality of how prevalent AIDS really is and how serious that it really is. . . . it's the fourth leading killer of women in America . . . half of the people that have AIDS are women."

Medications prevent mother-to-child transmission: "mothers of HIV [sic] were able to give birth to zero children with AIDS".

Henry Bauer, who wrote a book: The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory discusses the actual numbers around HIV and Aids in an intelligent, non-emotional manner. Perhaps it is time we paid attention to people like him.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday November 26 2004
updated on Wednesday November 24 2010

URL of this article:


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Harvard Research in Tanzania Confirms: Multivitamin Slows AIDS Progression
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July 01, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger




Readers' Comments

Way to go! Has Big Pharma gone that crazy that we must now live with perpetrated lies and falsehoods? I don't think it will change for the better, either. We need an "underground health" movement to get people well. Problem is that much legislation is being done at this point to limit availability of information, healing, supplements, etc. Most if not all US legislators are under the guns of Big Pharma due to campaign contributions, perks, and all. As are the Doctors. To increase the strength of the immune system is not "cost effective" for the bottom line of stock holders. So, keep the lies coming from Big Pharma on how drugs "cure" aids. Keep the costs up. What we need now is the proof that these drugs are actually killing people. Need proof that strengthening the immune system works against AIDS, and a lot of other maladies as well. Problem with that is, only the Big Pharma can approach the FDA. All others are pushed aside. We need a complete revamping of the FDA, from the top down. Good for Dr Graham. Glad he blew the whistle.

Posted by: Kern Stafford, Pharmacist and Massage Therapist on November 27, 2004 01:48 PM


It will never understand why people choose to let themselves be lied 2 and when they come across truth turn and run pretending not 2 c anything.
For the evil doers its not about money, its easy 4 the government to print this money. The evil hidden one just love seeing human suffer.

Posted by: Angel Dvyne on July 23, 2005 01:09 AM


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