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April 11, 2004

Legalizing the Loss of Freedoms in Canada

..."the government stacked the deck by sending it to the Transport committee instead of Legal and Constitutional Affairs where it belongs, but would have a much rougher ride."...

Historically this is a common trick to pass unpopular legislation...

We are to take it that the crooks that run the government are trust worthy and there is no need for concern... Gee, if that was the case, then why on earth was the constitution created to begin with?

Chris Gupta

Canadians, please take urgent action to let the Senators know of your concerns regarding Canada's Patriot Act 3 before the Senate:

The committee meets Monday to hear the Ministers involved make their sales pitch. Some of the questions you should be looking for answers to include:

Why is the Senate considering giving 8 different Ministers the Executive power on their sole authority to issue Interim Orders in lieu of laws without first consulting Parliament, and exempts the Orders from being even examined in advance for their legality or constitutionality?

Why does the government want to establish a reserve pool of military judges in the event of martial law?

Why is the Senate considering reintroducing searches without warrant?

Can the Interim Orders under the Quarantine Act be used to order forced vaccinations and/or internment as in the US Homeland Security Act?

Why does the government want to removes the protections of the Privacy Act of their personal data collected by the government within Canada?

Why does the government want to gives the personal data of Canadian travelers without any control on how the information will be used? If you are black-listed in the United States, will you be black-listed from flying in Canada? What can you do about it if you are?

What is the demonstrable need for Big Brother databases in a free and democratic society? Why does the USA get all the personal data of Canadians even when they are not flying to the US?

Please call, email and fax all of the Senators on the Transport Committee:


Joan Fraser (Chair, L) T: 613-943-9556 F: 943-9558 frasej
Leonard Gustafson (PC) T: 613-947-2233 F: 947-2235
Willie Adams (L) T: 613-992-2753 F: 996-9163
Eymard Corbin (L) T: 613-996-8485 F: 995-8432
Joseph Day (L) T: 613-992-0833
John Eyton (PC) T: 613-943-1460 F: 943-1495
B Alistair Graham (L) T: 992-3770 F: 995-5217
Mobina Jaffer (L) T: 613-992-0189 F: 992-0673
Janis Johnson (PC) T: 613-943-1430 F: 992-5029
Laurier LaPierre (L) T: 613-992-0081 F: 992-0087
Gerard Phalen (L) T: 613-996-4680
Mira Spivak (Ind) T: 613-995-1488 F: 992-2912

as well as the Minister responsible for the Senate who is pushing this:

Sharon Carstairs (L) T: 613-947-7123 F: 947-7125

For more questions, see our submission to the Committee

Canada's Patriot Act 3 before the Senate

Sun Mar 21 21:33:30 EST 2004

The Senate is holding hearings into Bill C-7 the latest piece of Canada's police state legislation. This bill is the third version of it that they have tried to pass over the last 2 years: it was C-42 then C-55 then C-17, now called C-7. This bill is horrific: it gives unlimited power without parliamentary review to 8 different ministers in the form of interim orders, with an explicit exemption from the orders being examined for their legality or constitutionality. It gives these orders under the Quarantine Act, and provides National Defense with a reserve pool of military judges to prepare for the event of martial law, so it's truly frightening; all of us who have examined the bill feel it must be stopped by any means, although we recognize that stopping legislation in the Senate is rare and very difficult.

The bureaucrats have been testifying all week before the committee, and the questions from the Senators clearly showed that there are a number who are strongly and weakly opposed to it, as well as 2 strongly pushing it (Day and the Chair: Fraser). So that means that there is the possibility, albeit very slim, of stopping the legislation.

Unfortunately, some of the Senators who are the most opposed are not on the Transport committee (Andreuchuk, Beaudoin); the government stacked the deck by sending it to the Transport committee instead of Legal and Constitutional Affairs where it belongs, but would have a much rougher ride.


posted by Chris Gupta on Sunday April 11 2004
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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Readers' Comments

Each one of you, especially Gupta. Should be tried and convicted of treason. All of you are threats to national security. You communist or Pseudo-Socialists (whatever you want to call yourselves) are trying to rip apart the government, as Communism has always done to every single nation that has adopted it!
Bill C-7 is justified on the grounds that Canada is no longer safe enough to just look the other way when it comes to national and international problems. Terrorism and disease are spreading like wild fire and are slowly sneaking through our doors. I know I'm ranting, but Im very sick of all this Pinko bullshit! SO don't think insulting me could bother me because I get it a lot!

Posted by: EW on May 20, 2004 04:27 PM



You need to bone up on your history!

It will come as a surprise to most that Stalinist Russia started from one of the most democratic governments of all in its day!

Do you know how that happened? It's because trusting people like you got roasted. Its got nothing to do with democracy or communism - its all about control and money - believe it or not they are just the opposite sides of the same coin....

Then again maybe your belief system may not be ready to be confused by the facts! I hope not, but than you do sound like the "my or the highway" quackbuster type.

...Again and again we see how our governments dupe us. They continually protect the interests of corporations ahead of our health and wealth. It is clear that their (governments') primary role is to act as industry watch dog and servant through the pretense of protecting it's citizens.

Those who think that governments are needed for our protection, security and well being are sadly mistaken. Instead of expecting the government to stem the tide of corruption and self interests we continually see their dismal track record of betrayal.

Time and time again it has been shown that governments and corruption are synonymous. This especially include our democratic(?) ones. The more democratic the society becomes the more likely it will be abused by governments/authority as it becomes progressively easier to betray citizen trust.... It will come as a surprise to most that Stalinist Russia started from one of the most democratic governments of all in its day!

Chris Gupta

extracted from: Experts challenge Water Fluoridation

Posted by: Chris Gupta on May 20, 2004 06:31 PM


I don't need to brush up on history at all. Im a history major, and I am doing very well thank you. Also I am not a democrat so don't bring that up. Democracy, especially the kind we have here, is a joke. A utopic dream lost in greed and corruption. Communism didn't start in Stalin's Russia anyways. It's irrelevant to argue the fact that the Soviet Union was founded through a democratic process. Communism was truely sculpted by pioneers like Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin. Who cares? Look at what happened to the SU. Look at their people now. Anyways,
Why shouldn't a nation put the interest's of its money makers before those who leech off social assistance programs, and lack proper jobs and education. It's very easy to become successful here in Canada, yet we have so many low-income, uneducated people here because of all the babying our government does. The government isn't set up to protect us it is there to help guide us on the path to fixing the social, and economic problems of our daily lives. But we're getting to political here Chris. I wrote my last comment out of anger(from something unrelated to this article concerning certain hippy activity at school). I'm sorry if I offended you, and I know you should be entitled to whatever opinion you want. I know I should have just said I disagree but I didn't and I knew that I had not acted accordingly. I will continue to read your postings and news because I find them quite interesting at times and informative.

Posted by: EW on May 26, 2004 03:59 AM


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