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August 09, 2005

High Homocysteine Due to Low B Vitamins

Thanks Eddie, for this great information and comments. This must be a disease of the intellects*?? in that they will continue to study the most obvious while thousands die. Even more disturbing is the fact, as you say, that they ignored B6 which is germane for any meaningful assessment of homocysteine (Hcy) and these are the experts* we are supposed follow.... Or is this just the price one has to pay while they usurp more and more funding for all those useless ongoing studies? What I don't understand is that they could continue the studies while fortifying the food but choose not to or overlook it. It only took them a few hundred years to figure that lack of Vitamin C leads to scurvy!

All this leads to one thing, that is: if there is no money in it, it just does not get done. Statins anyone? Totally mad!

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Chris Gupta

* "Science became an educated cadaver of thought, above which congregate expert players. If the encyclopedia of the ignorance of the acknowledged authorities in the history were to be published, it would number many fat volumes. Nothing will interest scientists anymore. They are like oxen which feed of fenced-off pasture."

Prof. Wlodzimierz Sedlak


Well, there is indeed 'knowingly' but many don't realize the awful situation when 2 young populations [slum and not] are at homocysteine levels of 22 [and at the extreme low levels of the only 2 vitamins measured]. Researchers in Rotterdam glanced over this level of 22 in an elderly on 'meals on wheels' study and ditto in Framingham Bostonians over age 90 [and where levels of under 6 also were found, but the mean was 22].

The bulk of physicians have no idea of the value of Hcy as a marker better than a rectal thermometer about a patient's state of health, and 'scientists' still debate if Hcy is the cause of anything. I have no doubt that in the Indian context Hcy could be halved by flour/grain product fortification with B2, B6, folate and B12 and this probably for a cost approaching $0.10/year if done at the food plant and required by gov't.

Europeans are not adding these nutrients either -and the 'scientists' are busy debating theoretical 'harm' while asking for more studies ... while Rome burns!

The moral: get a cheap multivitamin to all who want one, and to those who cannot afford it, make it available at clinics and health / community centers at cost or free, it's that cheap.

Best, Eddie

Chris Gupta wrote:
> Thanks Eddie, that is a great demonstration (and needs more exposure) on > how the medical community knowingly allows heart disease to spread!

> Chris
> --------------------

> Chris
> At 06:31 AM 09/08/2005, Eddie Vos wrote:
The vegetarians did marginally even worse than non-vegetarians in the B12 and folate department, with sky high homocysteine that has to be a national scandal: about 22 in people in their twenties. B6, a massive contributor, not analyzed.


Fig. 1 Serum levels of homocysteine and low nutrient intake. Group I: Healthy
subjects living in urban slum; Group II: Healthy subjects living in an adjacent urban
non-slum area; FA folic acid; B12 vitamin B12; B1 vitamin B1; RDA Recommended
dietary allowance for Asian Indians [26].

Summary Background and Aim

An adverse coronary risk profile has been reported amongst rural-to-urban migrant population living in urban slums undergoing stressful socio-economic transition. These individuals are likely to have low intakes of folic acid and vitamin B12,which may have an adverse impact on serum levels of homocysteine (Hcy). To test this hypothesis,we studied serum levels of Hcy in subjects living in an urban slum of North India and healthy subjects from urban nonslum area. Methods Group I consisted of 46 subjects (22 males and 24 females) living in an urban slum,while group II consisted of healthy subjects (n=26, 13 males and 13 females) living in the adjacent non-slum area.Anthropometric measurements, biochemical profile (fasting blood glucose, total cholesterol, serum triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol) and fasting serum levels of Hcy were measured.Dietary intakes of folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin B1, and iron were calculated by the 24-hour dietary recall method. Serum levels of Hcy were correlated with dietary intakes of nutrients, anthropometry, and metabolic variables. Results Sex-adjusted serum levels of Hcy in mol/L (Mean±SD) were high, though statistically comparable, in both the groups (group I: 20.8±5.9 and group II: 23.2±5.9).Overall, higher than normal serum levels of Hcy (> 15 µmol/L) were recorded in 84% of the subjects. A substantial proportion of subjects in both groups had daily nutrient intakes below that recommended for the Asian Indian population (folic acid: 93.4 % in group I and 96.7 % in group II, vitamin B12: 76.1 % in group I and 88.4 % in group II). However, between the two groups, average daily dietary intakes of both the nutrients were statistically comparable.As compared to nonvegetarians, vegetarians showed lower intakes of folic acid (p < 0.01) and vitamin B12 (p < 0.01) in both groups. On multivariate linear regression analysis with serum Hcy as the response variable and vegetarian/ non-vegetarian status and sex (male/female) as predictor variables, higher serum levels of Hcy were observed in vegetarians vs non-vegetarians (â=4.6, p <0.05) and males vs females (â=5.3, p < 0.01). Conclusions Low intakes of folic acid and vitamin B12, and hyperhomocysteinemia, in both the healthy population living in urban slums and adjacent urban non-slum areas, are important observations for the prevention of nutritional and cardiovascular diseases in the Indian subcontinent. Key words Homocysteine Vegetarians Coronary heart disease Asian Indians Folic acid Vitamin B12....

.....The data of uniformly high levels of serum Hcy in urban dwellers, irrespective of the socio-economic class, raises significant concern, suggesting urgent employment of low-cost strategies for prevention of atherosclerosis and its complications in this semi-literate and illiterate popu lation. First a nd f oremost is t o spread awareness about balanced nutrition and increased intake of fruits and vegetables. In addition, fortification of food materials with folate (e. g., grains [52, 53] and flour [54]), and its provision to people of low socio-economic strata at a subsidized cost should be considered in the National health policy. Cobalamin supplementation could also be considered for the CHD prevention in the population subgroups [43, 53], particularly in the developing countries where its deficiency is widespread [55]. These simple, inexpensive and effective interventions hold promise for reducing CHD prevalence and for simultaneous prevention of several vitamin deficiencyrelated disorders [17]. Micronutrients supplementation program and policy in India does not include such an option yet [56].

Complete paper "Hyperhomocysteinemia, & low intakes of folic acid & vitamin B12 in urban North India" is here.


posted by Chris Gupta on Tuesday August 9 2005
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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