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February 14, 2006

Magnet therapies 'have no effect'???

Here is another example of The Medical Mafia rules:

OK to use and promote untested and toxic drugs and medical procedures
Not OK for generally safe and efficacious natural foods and/or vitamins!

..."Only 6% of drug advertising material is supported by evidence...

Chris Gupta

The attacks on dietary supplements well underway, and a framework for restrictive global guidelines (Codex) now in place, it would appear that the pharmaceutical-medical orthodoxy is increasingly turning its attention to magnet therapies. And its verdict? Magnet therapies have "no proven benefits".

Millions of patients clearly feel differently, of course, as sales of therapeutic magnetic devices now top $1 billion worldwide. No small wonder then that Professor Leonard Finegold of Drexel University in Philadelphia and Professor Bruce Flamm of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in California are quoted in the BBC's story as saying that "Money spent on expensive and unproved magnet therapy might be better spent on evidence based medicine".

By "evidence based medicine", of course, the Professors are referring to patented synthetic drugs produced by the pharmaceutical industry, which evidence shows don't work for most people and caused around 2,216,000 serious adverse drug reactions and 106,000 deaths in 1994 in the United States alone. Hardly surprising, then, that patients are turning to safer therapies that work, and that the pharmaceutical-medical orthodoxy's so-called "evidence based medicine" is increasingly losing out to safer, effective, more naturally-based therapies.....

Paul Taylor


posted by Chris Gupta on Tuesday February 14 2006
updated on Sunday February 19 2006

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Readers' Comments

Thanks Jim for these comments excellent as usual. The situation is even worse for Orthomolecular medicine where majority of the papers don't even show up in Medline.


At 10:22 AM 15/02/2006, you wrote:

This story has picked up legs! Same old story from the cartels. Find a person who has no training, skill, or education in the issue to be tested. The more ignorant and unskilled the better. The person should be intelligent, and well educated in a completely different discipline that seems to overlap. But in reality the so called researcher is ignorant, and too flattered by issuance of the research grant to admit it. This is the equivalent of having an orthodontist design a bridge for use by vehicles because they know how to make one for teeth.

This technique of using the improperly educated to evaluate non medical health care professions, and non medical treatments is the gold standard of the medical- pharmaceutical cartels. An assured outcome based upon incompetence and ignorance is the desired goal. This is the reason therapies used by the natural health care professions are not allowed to be evaluated at their own schools.

One can find probably many papers on the positive effects of static magnets published in peer review literature by a simple search on Pub Med. There are a good 50 other papers on the positive effects of static magnets scattered throughout the abstracts of the past few years Bioelectromagnetics societies conference abstracts. The abstracts are available for free download from the BEMS website:

James E. Bare, D.C,

High quality research, by those skilled and educated in the bioelectromagnetics is freely available. they should download the past few years abstracts from the Bioelectromagnetics Societies Web page.

Posted by: James E. Bare, D.C, on February 18, 2006 10:01 PM


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