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January 14, 2007

If You Value Your Food Say No To Genetic Modification

Following is a plea for signing a petition in an effort to convey the gravity of the situation to the Prime Minister of India. While on surface this is an Indian issue, if not checked, it will impact all of us in the long run. Please read and sign the petition and pass out far and wide.

It should be most effective to INCLUDE SOME OF YOUR OWN COMMENTS. You could add an extra paragraph, in the area provided, expressing your own view. Here is an example of what I wrote:

"It is imperative that the reckless promotion of genetically modified foods be stopped, while I do not live in India, many of us do buy and support all traditional foods and associated industries. Contaminated foods will clearly jeopardize India's edge as the leading supplier of foods. Can India with its huge agriculture industry afford to lose its world market share along with a potential to become the leading organic food basket of the world?  What if in the process, India's own food own food supply is potentially damaged or even destroyed?

Many of us have done our own investigation and found that typically the regulatory bodies all over the world are ill equipped to assess the GM conundrum and simply rubber stamp industry studies. Self serving studies - intended to expedite the regulatory process to their own end."    

Please note the end of January 2007 target date.


Chris Gupta

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Dear Friends

I wish you all a very happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

The last two months have been very busy for us in India. The biotech biggies have been conducting open field trials of genetically engineered seeds in India. Please read my article on how our foods are being genetically modified, including rice:

Biotech GM Seeds Buccaneers destroy India's Rice Economy

Rice is not merely food to us; it is part of our culture and heritage.

We are seeking a complete ban through a writ petition in the Supreme Court: to stop all open field trials of genetically engineered seeds. The next hearing is on 31st January, 2007.

The On-line petition: "Say No To India's Crops Being Genetically Engineered" is here

Our target is to get 100,000 signatures worldwide. We and our friends are organising a farmers' campaign in India and we all are working to ensure that another 600-700K signatures are collected within 90 days.

Please spread the word far and wide. I don't know how to thank you all for encouraging me and helping me whenever I needed help and guidance.

Warmest regards,

Arun Shrivastava
New Delhi


If you eat Indian rice, this is of concern to you


Say "No" To India's Food & Crops Being Genetically Engineered


If you eat Indian rice, please read this petition carefully and sign it. By signing this petition you will be helping yourself get rice which is not genetically modified/engineered (GM/GE) and you would be helping us in India to preserve the non-GM status of not just rice, but Indian food & feed crops now seriously under threat because an irresponsible Indian Government Regulator is facilitating trans-national corporations to grow GM crops. This sign-on petition will also actively support the Public Interest Litigation being fought now in India's Supreme Court. The information presented here is comprehensively documented in the evidence before the Honourable Court.


The profound truth is that:

u     GM crops remain untested and present unique risks to the bio-safety of our planet. Their potential harmful impacts of many magnitudes are still not understood and will affect our lives in ways unimaginable.  

u     Transgenic contamination of the natural environment is a biological certainty and is not disputed. Along with Climate Change, GMOs threaten us with unprecedented global ecological crises, whose impacts will be in perpetuity.

u     The stated goal of these biotech GE companies is to have monopoly control of the world's seed supply and eventually genetically modify global seed stock. To achieve this diabolical objective, India's precious biodiversity and genetic wealth are particular target.

u     Small and poor farmers are manipulated into field-testing experimental GM crops through the inducement of paltry sums of money and the trust reposed in the 'approvals' granted by the official Regulator. Our farmer's have no real comprehension of what they are being asked to grow, nor the enormity of the adverse implications for farm economics, their livelihoods, contamination, food safety and health. 


Despite the evidence of serious hazards, the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee [GEAC], the official Regulator appointed by the Government of India, has not discharged its responsibilities with due diligence. At a single meeting of its committee, it approved wholesale, and with a recklessness unmatched in any other country, an astonishing array of over 150 open field trials of every conceivable variety of GM Crops, each, in several locations. 


This is of the greatest concern because the approvals cover bulk commodities like rice, wheat and oilseeds among others as well as the full range of vegetable crops, e.g.  aubergine, tomato, potato and okra, etc.


Indian rice [both Basmati and non-basmati] is exported to 92 countries globally. In 2006, the GEAC has approved open field trials of six varieties of Bt rice in 10 out of 25 States in India. Farmers' associations have filed law suits against officials in charge of supervising field trials. Some, fearing contamination, have burnt fields in which GM crops were being tested.


Opposition is growing to the implacable onslaught of the pro-GMO lobby on our national interest, which regrettably includes the Government of India. This critically involves farmers' rights around seeds: the right not to be contaminated and grow Non-GM crops. Furthermore, sovereign issues of biodiversity, safe food, food security and trade, all of these are being mortgaged, to promote the commercial interests of biotech. Our survival as a sovereign nation will be severely compromised.


Therefore, time is of the essence for remedial action. We have launched a major signature campaign all over India to petition the Indian Parliament to bring forth an Act banning all open field trials of genetically engineered seeds and to establish an independent and autonomous Ombudsman with a mandate for the protection of India's bio-safety starting with the impacts of GM.


1.         If the Parliament does not intervene by virtue of a decisive and comprehensive Act terminating all field trials, India and its neighbouring farming nations will be irreversibly contaminated and lose security of food and nutrition forever.


2                    If the GEAC's reckless rush into GM foods is not checked, this process will be the fastest and riskiest experiment ever conducted, anywhere in the world, with irreversible impacts on our farmers, their crop choices, our food and health, our forests, our wilderness and our countryside.


3                    In India every intelligent farmer saves seeds. If contamination is not halted and the diverse traditional varieties are not protected, our seed stock will be contaminated irreversibly - farmers will be unable to keep their lands and our  earth GM-free. 


Unless stopped, GM crops  will change the molecular structure of the world's food in perpetuity.



Rice is not only food on a plate but LIFE in Asia.


Genetically engineered crops and foods truly present the gravest global threat to biodiversity and to survival.




We need the support of each one of you, especially those who know and enjoy Indian rice.


By signing this petition you will not only strengthen our hands to fight this deadly scourge, but help set in motion processes that must lead to the application of the precautionary principle for this hazardous technology which must include a complete ban on open field trials of genetically modified seeds that cause proven and extensive contamination. 


We are not against science. We are against spurious technology that is being promoted as sound science.


posted by Chris Gupta on Sunday January 14 2007

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Readers' Comments

Use of olive leaf is becoming widespread.It is thought that the phenolic component in the olive tree allows synthesis of ascorbic acid in humans,finishing the fourth step in the enzyme chain.I hope this helps.Sincerely,Van

Posted by: Inge Hanle on January 16, 2007 10:49 PM


I seem to be in the same boat as others. Charge on card went through a month ago and still no product.

Posted by: Sandy Mozingo on January 16, 2007 11:04 PM


Growing with Nature through organic developments will save the world by producing nutritious food , not by trying to control nature. Greedy people are trying to harnes nature for their financial benifit, not humanitiesb but nature will punish us all as is happening as we polute the air and are getting Global Warming with it's disatorous effects on the weather world wide.

Posted by: Phil Anderson on January 19, 2007 05:21 PM


GMO food sure make the chemical companies rich. Then, when the people get sick, the pharmaceutical companies get rich. I say that it's time for everyone in the world to eat food as Nature intended it to be. People would esp. benefit from eating food that is locally grown, to their place of residence. I was very fortunate to grow up on a farm where we grew wonderfully delicious & nutritious food. It was grown organically - that's all we knew. We really benefited from what Nature provided. I feel very Blessed. People could get together to make gardens, even within cities, using Heritage seeds, & then share the produce. What a benefit they would receive when they grow their own food. We need to put health & well-being before profit.

Posted by: S-J. Chadwick on January 21, 2007 08:07 PM


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