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March 22, 2007

Fluoride Dangers - A Case Study

"I no longer require thyroid hormones. Hypothyroid symptoms such as cold hands and feet are gone. My thyroid blood serum numbers have moved into "optimal" range. I am "cured" of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism - diagnostic labels that had been applied to me over the years from various doctors."

Further to: Contrary to the Rhetoric Water Fluoridation Damages Teeth & Health here is real life validation from the effects of Fluoride.

"One cigarette will not kill anyone. Cigarette smoking over a lifetime may be harmful to your health or may kill you. Likewise, ingesting chronic doses of fluoride over a lifetime has the potential to do much harm."

Many are suffering but are unaware of hidden dangers of Fluorides....

Furthermore Fluoride will effect the IQ of your child!

See also: Avoid fluoride to cure IBS

Should it not be better to study this issue like Carole and work to remove all water Fluoridation as we also absorb this toxin from our bath water and the foods we grow from city water?

Chris Gupta

Hi Chris,

I have been reading through your website [and FAN, Sherrell, PFPC, Meier, Masters, etc.] for a few months now. I have some catching up to do!

I am a resident of Waterloo. We fluoridate, unlike surrounding Kitchener, Cambridge and Guelph with hydrofluorosilicic acid [ distributor, in Toronto, but they will not tell me where they get the HF]

HF is not sourced from one place Brenntag probably bids for it and obtains the best price I suspect. Further more the impurities in HF change with each batch some of which are unknown and often not checked. I will be writing about this in more detail soon. CG

A brief summary of my story, which I have incorporating into letters from communities who need help:

I am shocked. After reviewing the research literature evaluating the effects of chronic, low levels of fluoride ingestion, I realized that my low thyroid function may be caused by fluoride.

I found it difficult to believe that medical authorities would assure me of the safety of fluoride if it was known that it could harm various biological systems in our bodies.

I embarked on an experiment. I eliminated fluoride intake as much as is humanly possible. It is of course impossible to eliminate fluoride from anyone's diet, because it is found in our food, in our air that we breathe, in the water that we drink, in many drugs and anaesthesia, and in many dental products in use today [mouthwashes, toothpaste, etc.], and in tea [which I was fond of drinking].

The result of my experiment?

I no longer require thyroid hormones. Hypothyroid symptoms such as cold hands and feet are gone. My thyroid blood serum numbers have moved into "optimal" range. I am "cured" of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism - diagnostic labels that had been applied to me over the years from various doctors.

What does fluoride have to do with the thyroid gland? Talking with thyroid experts from around the world, and reading the available research literature taught me that fluoride interferes with the body's ability to absorb iodine. Fluoride also interferes with myriad enzymes involved in the production and metabolism of thyroid hormones, both in the thyroid gland and in peripheral tissues.

Fluoride also interferes with many enzymes involved in the production of energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. That might partially explain the symptoms of fatigue which I experienced.

One cigarette will not kill anyone. Cigarette smoking over a lifetime may be harmful to your health or may kill you. Likewise, ingesting chronic doses of fluoride over a lifetime has the potential to do much harm.

My nieces and nephews all have dental fluorosis, a condition caused by excessive fluoride. The fluoride causes a destruction of the tooth-building cells called ameloblasts, leaving the teeth with white spots, which may, over time, become brown, mottled spots. This is due to a "hypomineralization" of teeth. [CDC 2007] They have been told that it will cost several thousand dollars to repair the damage and that these tooth veneers only last for about 10 years.
Are you familiar with these 2 recent studies:

2757 Determinants of caries in adjacent fluoridated and non-fluoridated cities

A very recent 2007 study from the University of Toronto compared 2 communities in Peel region just east of Waterloo. They examined over one thousand 13 year old children from Brampton [fluoridated] and Caledon [not fluoridated]. The factors that were associated with increased cavities were; family income, the absence of dental sealants, last dental visit for check-up and cleaning, whether the child was fed infant-formula post-natally, multivitamins, and whether the child or parent was born outside Canada. As to the importance of fluoride in the rate of cavities they concluded that "The effect of fluoridation on caries in these communities was not evident".

Another recent publication [Pizzo 2007] concludes:

1) THE BENEFITS OF FLUORIDE ARE LARGELY TOPICAL NOT SYSTEMIC. They write: "it is now accepted that systemic fluoride plays a limited role in caries prevention [12, 38]." This is in agreement with the cover story article from JADA in 2000 by Featherstone and many other sources.

2) WATER FLUORIDATION MAY BE UNNECESSARY. They write: "Several studies conducted in fluoridated and nonfluoridated communities suggested that this method of delivering fluoride may be unnecessary for caries prevention, particularly in the industrialized countries where the caries level has became low. Although water fluoridation may still be a relevant public health measure in poor and disadvantaged populations, the use of topical fluoride offers an optimal opportunity to prevent caries among people living in both industrialized and developing countries." This is also in agreement with many other recent reviews and studies.

3) INTERUPTION OF WATER FLUORIDATION DOES NOT INCREASE DENTAL DECAY. They write: "In the past decades, a number of authors focused their attention on caries trend of the communities that interrupted water fluoridation in comparison to communities without water fluoridation (Kuopio and Jyvaskyla, Finland; Chemnitz and Plauen, Germany; Tiel and Culemborg, Holland; La Salud, Cuba). In these communities, during the years of water fluoridation, a caries reduction had been observed, but after the cessation, caries prevalence did not rise, remained almost the same or even decreased further. These findings do indicate that the interruption of CWF had no negative effects on caries prevalence."

4) REJECT THE NOTION THAT FLUORIDATION REDUCES SOCIAL DISPARITIES. They write: "to date, there is limited evidence to support the view that fluoridation reduced the disparities in caries." This is in agreement with the York 2000 study and a report by Locker 2001 from the University of Toronto.

I need some help here in Waterloo. I have got some Waterloo Councillors reading the research material. They are supportive. I met with the Region of Waterloo Director of Health and she is repeating what she is told to say. I have also written to a number of Dental Health officials in Ontario and Quebec. This is a global issue.

Can we help each other? I am reaching out and attempting to network with anyone who is active in this area.



posted by Chris Gupta on Thursday March 22 2007

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Readers' Comments

Data shows Thyroid cancer on the rise in young adults & I assume this due to environmental and/or dietary impacts. Can correlations be drawn re: fluoridation, multivitamins, or other "common practices" of our current generation or is it more environmental, say I-131 via grass & cows in milk? tx Randy.

Posted by: randy wood on April 6, 2007 10:45 AM


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