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June 09, 2008

Another Health Canada Horror Story - C-51& C-52

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Truehope Drags Health Canada into Federal Court


So what's the thread here?

"Do you believe that Natural Health Products (NHPs) compete with pharmaceuticals?

Did you know that Health Protection Branch (HPB) directors* and scientists have several times publicly objected to, and even quit because of internal pressure from senior HPB officials to approve drugs that had not been properly tested, or in which testing had shown to be unsafe yet the government has never investigated the HPB?

Did you know that most of the pressure to regulate NHPs comes form the drug regulating branch of HPB?

Did you know that there are no provisions to protect the consumer form conflict of interest (many HBP officials have had direct connections to drug companies) in the HPBs current or proposed NHPs regulations?"

*Including the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD)

Extracted from: Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) Member Questionnaire

Did you know that most of the funds for the Health Canada come from the pharmaceutical companies?

Don't you think that this is a conflict of interest?

Now do you still think giving Health Canada officials more power to protect us via the charade of C-51& C-52 will really protect us?

How can NHPs that are safer than foods pose a risk and be treated like poisons?

Don't you think that those MPs who claim that they won't let C-51 or C-52 unduly restrict access NHPs have sold us out then?

Surely they have bought into the lie that NHPs pose a risk?

We must then continue to expose this lie and demand "evidence-based data of death and adverse reactions to justify the extreme federal interventions showing harm? It is not ordinary citizens who are clamouring and demanding protection from safe and effective nutrients, but the "competitors" who are selling unsafe and intolerable products -- such as cancer drugs so horrific that an eleven-year-old boy is unable to endure a repetition of the treatment and begs to be allowed to die in peace"

Extracted from: Bills C-51 & C-52 Example letters

For a comprehensive raison d'ĂȘtre for these bills see Vitality June 2008 article by By Helke Ferrie

Only by exposing the lies can we defeat these bills....

Chris Gupta


Thanks to Rose Stevens for sending me the following CDG:


From: Ken Dyck
To: Bill Blaikie
Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2008 11:27 PM
Subject: Bill C-51 & Bill C-52

Hi Mr. Blaikie,

This is a copy of a letter sent to the Bill C-51 Committee tendering my resignation from the PC party. If you are in opposition to Bill C-51 and C-52, you have my support and vote. I am one of the constituents in your Transcona-Elmwood riding. Please help me defeat these Bills. You may you use this and the letter below in any way you see fit to affect the passing of those two Bills. I'm angry and not as cordial as I usually am, but this is how I feel.


Ken Dyck
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Dear Bill C-51 Committee Members,

I am outraged that our party, of which I am an honorary trustee campaign member, has presented to the House such treasonous pieces of legislation. The Spirit and Letter of these Bills C-51 & C-52 have nothing to do with protecting Canadians with poor quality health products, but rather the destruction of the natural health industry in Canada. These Bills will go farther than just allowing Health Canada to break the existing laws of the country, it will allow Health Canada to operate outside of the court system.

Seven years ago I fell victim to Health Canada not allowing a naturally formulated product {extremely anti-pathogenic} to be registered. Currently my brother-in-law has tried to register an all natural single ingredient product that has also been denied in the agricultural sector. Our two products and others like it would have inflicted heavy damage to the pharmaceutical companies' established market {in our opinion} while simultaneously improving the health of livestock and food chain in Canada. In our own product trials that we had conducted on numerous farms, we had completely eliminated the need for antibiotics or drugs of any kind while producing superior animals.

To add insult to injury, my brother-in-law's product was classified by Health Canada as a drug because it was too potent to be considered just another natural product. I have had other friends and associates that have had their products seized without warrant or court order under the allegation that those products were tainted with heavy metals and poisonous substances. These allegations were proved to be false by two independent lab tests but not before they were discredited on national TV by Health Canada, and internationally on the Health Canada web site. This is something that is happening right now even though there are no legal provisions do to so. The proposed legislation will also give Health Canada the power to seize bank accounts, again without a court order. They will become the judge, the jury, and the executioner modeled after Judge Dread of Marvel Comic fame. The only difference in the comic book version, Judge Dread went after the drug companies {sorry, I meant drug pushers}.

Tony Clement and Health Canada are trampling on the Constitution and the Charter and SO ARE YOU.

I have had to make the decision to remove myself from the party membership until the proponents of these two Bills are no longer with the party. I cannot in good conscience be affiliated with a party that would even consider presenting Bills like this to the House. This is high treason.

You must also consider the fact the Tony Clement may have a conflict of interest. These Bills are written in the tradition of the Liberal Party and the Communist Party, NOT the Conservative Party.

Please consider this my resignation from the party. I will be calling the office on Monday. Tony Clement and his goose stepping morons at Health Canada can stick these Bills in their Panzershreck and smoke it.


Ken Dyck


posted by Chris Gupta on Monday June 9 2008

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Readers' Comments

In a recently reported story about the deadly horrors taking place in our Canadian hospitals it was revealed that some 12,000 (twelve thousand) patient/victims are killed in Canadian hospitals due to "hygiene problems" in those hospitals. This "poor hospital hygiene" results in such deadly bacteria, viruses and "super bugs" as flesh-eating disease, C-difficile, staph and streptococci infections. These deadly hospital "super bugs" can kill patient/victims, hospital visitors and hospital staff. None of this should surprise us as it is known for example that approx. 30 of our medical professionals in our hospitals do not wash their hands as often as they should (or some maybe not at all).

Posted by: Mark Mager on July 31, 2008 01:06 AM


Approx. 30 of our medical professionals in our hospitals do not wash their hands as often as they should (or maybe not at all). Therefore, the recently reported story about the deadly horrors taking place in our hospitals should not surprise us. This new "hospital horror" report revealed that some 12,000 (twelve thousand) patient/victims are killed in Canada due to "hygiene problems" in Canadian hospitals. This poor hospital hygiene results in such deadly bacteria, viruses and "super bugs" as flesh-eating disease, c-difficile, staph and streptococci infections. These deadly hospital "super bugs" can kill patient/victims, hospital visitors and hospital staff. Apparently there are no consequences for hospital staff engaged in unsafe/unhygienic/dangerous work practices like not washing their hands etc. I have never heard of any medical professional being fired simply for spreading deadly germs/bacteria all over their hospital workplace. Another recent medical horror story reported that my city, LONDON (our medical "Mecca") ONT., has the dubious distinction of being the SECOND MOST DEADLY, to patients, IN OUR PROVINCE OF ONTARIO. This fact should not surprise anyone as it is statistically known that LONDON and AREA HOSPITALS KILL approx.35-40 PATIENT/VICTIMS EVERY MONTH (by medical errors, mis diagnosis, negligence, poor hospital hygiene, "super bugs" etc.). A recent statement by Mr. Michael Barrett (South West Local Health Integration Network) that "ALL OF OUR HOSPITALS ARE SAFE" is PATENT NONSENSE. In fact, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE HOSPITAL IN CANADA THAT IS "SAFE". After all, it is those very HOSPITALS THAT KILL 36,000 (thirty six thousand) PATIENT/VICTIMS EVERY YEAR by a myriad of medical wrongdoings. These numbers mean that CANADIAN HOSPITALS KILL APPROX. 100 (ONE HUNDRED) PATIENT/VICTIMS EVERY DAY. That is an atrociously high and horrific number (for a country of only 33 million people) and is much higher, per capita, than is the case in many other wealthy, industrialized countries. Studies have shown that most of those deaths are preventable. However, these hospital-caused deaths will continue at the same atrocious rate as long as we allow our hospitals/medical professionals to continue to assume their "holier than thou" and "business as usual" attitudes. Another silly statement made recently by Dr. Ian Herrick (chief of staff at the London Health Sciences Centre) was "Is there something we are missing here..., Holy smokes we need to fix this because it's not safe? We are not finding that". Mr. Michael Barrett and Dr. Ian Herrick, in their respective "responsible" positions, certainly know or should know exactly why our CANADIAN PATIENT/VICTIMS ARE BEING SICKENED, HURT, ASSAULTED (physically and/or sexually), INJURED, MAIMED or KILLED IN OUR HOSPITALS. (Medical errors, mis diagnosis, negligence, deadly hospital "super bugs", abusive/violent medical staff, drunk/high medical "professionals" etc.,etc.) People of their stature (being highly educated and highly paid we may assume) making such disingenuous statements just proves once again that they hold their vulnerable patient populations, their families and the general Canadian public in utter contempt. Signed, Mark Mager of London (our medical "Mecca"), Ontario, Canada.

Posted by: Mark Mager on August 3, 2008 06:17 AM


Unfortunately the ugly and racist practice of "RACIAL PROFILING" can rear its ugly head in any institution, even IN OUR HOSPITALS. I believe, with good reasons, that my dying wife and me were victims of this hurtful and hateful practice at the hands of at least one emergency dept. staff member (a nurse) at the UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL OF LONDON (OUR MEDICAL "MECCA"), ONTARIO. Even the local coroner, Dr. Siu, whom I met some three months after my wife's death, agreed with me that the treatment I received from some medical staff at the UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL (LONDON, ONT.) was wrong and he called this unfair, biased and bigoted treatment " a kick in the b...s ". I called the ugly, and I believe racially motivated, insinuations against me by at least emergency dept. "professional"(I believe a nurse) " a stab in the back ". My wife and I were a mixed race couple, as millions of Canadian couples are. I am white and my wife was asian and I believe that some E.R. "professional" was engaged in the ugly practice of "racial profiling" against my wife and I. When I first took my wife to the E.R. of UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL in LONDON, ONTARIO, she had flu-like symptoms for exactly 2 days and 2 nights. However, in the subsequent, and I believe falsified, medical records some medical professionals claimed that my wife had those flu-like symptoms for 4 days and in another falsified "medical record" they claimed that my wife had those symptoms for 3 days. I, my wife's family in London, and a friend of the family, we all knew that my wife was symptomatic for only 2 days. WHEN HOSPITALS DO THEIR JOB RIGHT, INSTEAD OF ENGAGING IN UGLY "RACIAL PROFILING" AND STEREOTYPES, THEY USUALLY SAVE E-coli PATIENTS WHO ARE SYMPTOMATIC FOR ONLY 2 DAYS. These incompetent medical "pros" at LONDON'S UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL only learned that my wife had E-coli approx. one day after she died. I did not realize the emotional anguish and pain that would be inflicted on me and my dying wife by the very people (some E.R. staff, some doctors who kept me in the dark, hospital risk management (cover up) office, the phoney HOSPITAL "MOUTHPIECE" CALLING ITSELF "PATIENT ADVOCATE") I naively trusted and believed in. The nurse in the E.R. of UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL (LONDON) asked me about my "ethnic background" and what my "accent" was. When I told her I was Jewish/Polish she almost immediately (within minutes) told me to "go home" and "get some sleep". At this point my wife had only 18 hours left to live but this same "nurse" told me "we have it under control; her fever is down and not to worry" etc. Had I known those statements were a misdiagnosis/negligence or deliberately false I never would have left my dying wife's side as I was "advised" to do. I believe, with good reasons, that the incompetence/quackery and racism of some at the UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL IN LONDON, ONT., deprived my wife and me of being together as a couple as we should have been during the last hours of her life. I trusted their (medical staff) "advice" and went home not being aware of what I now know were the real reasons for the "nurse" in E.R. to have me out of the way. It turned out that the "nurse" wanted to ask my dying wife some ugly, and I believe racially motivated, questions about "abuse". They had absolutely no reason or basis for this kind of ugly questioning of my dying wife. That is why I can only conclude that this ugly psychological torturing of my gravely ill wife was a type of "racial profiling" as I was white and my wife was asian and someone (I believe a nurse) in the E.R. made some ugly,false and racist assumptions about a white husband mistreating his asian wife. The local coroner, Dr. Siu, agreed with me that they had no basis for their filthy assumptions. UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL (LONDON, ONT.) "medical professionals" were certainly not competent enough to save my dying wife from E-coli (with only 2 days of symptoms) but they were quite competent enough to make ugly, racially motivated insinuations about our marriage. UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL QUACKS WERE THE ONES WHO WERE IN FACT MISTREATING AND ABUSING MY WIFE AND ME, DURING THE LAST HOURS OF MY WIFE' LIFE. Signed, Mark Mager of London (our medical "Mecca"), Ontario, Canada.

Posted by: Mark Mager on August 4, 2008 06:08 PM


Here is a more complete list of the nasty and deadly infectious diseases that may be transmitted/acquired in our hospitals and other "health care" facilities/settings; Acinetobacter Bloodborne pathogens Burkolderia cepacia Chickenpox (Varicella) Clostridium Difficile Clostridium Sordellii Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) or mad cow disease Ebola (Viral Hemorrhagic fever) Gastrointestinal (GI) infections Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Hepatitis C HIV/AIDS Influenza MRSA- methicillin-resistant-Staphylococcus Aureus Mumps Norovirus Parvovirus Poliovirus Pneumonia Rubella Sars S. Pneumoniae (drug resistant)Tuberculosis Visa- Vancomycin Intermediate Staphylococcus Aureus Vre- Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci The 4 main types of hospital infections; Urinary tract infections Surgical site infections Pneumonia (lung infections) Bloodstream infections Any patient/victim who "receives" any of the above illnesses/diseases from a hospital is entitled to compensation/justice from that hospital. If you want to recover any damages, for yourself or your loved one, from any hospital you cannot waste any time or energy by trying to get any compensation/justice from any hospital representative/mouthpiece. Hospitals will not hesitate to give out misleading or even false information, cover up or in any other way try to prevent you or your loved one from ever getting the compensation/justice that they owe you. THEREFORE, YOU MUST GET A FREE LEGAL MEDICAL MALPRACTICE CONSULTATION FROM A LAW FIRM SPECIALIZING IN SUCH CASES. IN MEDICAL MALPRACTICE CASES YOU PAY THE LAWYERS AFTER YOU WIN YOUR CASE. Signed, Mark Mager of London (our medical "Mecca"), Ontario, Canada.

Posted by: Mark Mager on August 8, 2008 04:16 PM


We have approx. 60,000 doctors in Canada. We know (from medical sources) that approx. 5 of our Canadian doctors are not competent enough to be employed in their profession. This means that some 3,000 (three thousand) of our doctors across Canada are not qualified to practice as such. A further 5-10 of our doctors are alcohol and/or drug abusers (sometimes stealing those drugs from their employers, the hospitals). This means that approx. 3,000-6,000 of our doctors in Canada cannot be fully trusted with our health and lives. Another 5-10 of our medical professionals abuse and/or mistreat and/or assault (physically or sexually) their patient/victims in one way or another. These further numbers represent an additional 20,000-40,000 (out of 400,000) medical professionals in Canada who should not be allowed anywhere near a vulnerable patient. All of the above sad statistics mean that we have between 9,000-15,000 doctors in Canada who should not be allowed to "practice" on their patient/victims. Therefore, as many as 15,000 Canadian doctors should be re-educated/retrained/reformed/rehabilitated or fired outright. Further, as many as 40,000 of our medical professionals (besides doctors) should be reformed/rehabilitated etc., or fired. All of the above numbers are from our very own Canadian medical sources and are facts not in dispute. How can a technologically advanced, civilized and progressive society like Canada, with the wealth and resources that we have been blessed with,allow all of the above abuses of our vulnerable patient/victim population to continue? We have the wealth and resources in Canada to be number one in patient safety. Unfortunately, when we compare our overall health care situation ( access, patient safety, wait times) and the atrociously high number of illnesses, injuries and deaths caused by our hospitals, nursing homes etc.,to that in other wealthy, advanced societies we are only somewhere in the middle at best. Signed, Mark Mager of London (our medical "Mecca"), Ontario.

Posted by: Mark Mager on November 24, 2008 10:31 PM


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