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May 28, 2008

Bills C-51 & C-52 Example letters

Here are a couple of letters that you can adapt and paste in the left hand side of Health Canada Abuse site to send to your representatives. Here is an extract from the site:

  • Harper & Cabinet Ministers
  • Standing Committee of Health
  • Canadian Senators
  • Canadian Members of Parliament
  • Conservative MPs
  • Liberal MPs
  • NDP MPs
  • BLOC MPs
  • Independent MPs
  • The current Status for Bill C-51 is here and for C-52 is here.

    Chris Gupta

    To make this more effective try to do all: write, fax, email*, print out the petition and send it by snail mail, and/or telephone your representative directly and don't forget to be persistent! Clearly emphasizing the extreme importance to you in your note. Many MPs like mine often state that they are not able to study the issue and rely on party line supported by some regulatory body or such. Please ensure you state as your elected represent it is their duty to represent you. Ambiguity needs to be avoided at all cost. Please be creative, articulate and direct to the point. Send follow up letter and/or fax, phone and keep demanding a response on how and what they will actually do to mitigate concerns outlined. CG

    Dear Sue, (

    From what are the Natural Health Product Regulations, Bills C-51 and C-52 actually protecting us?

    They clearly target Natural Health Products (NHP), such as Dietary Food Supplements / Holistic Traditional Health Care Products, regardless of origin. Health Canada is currently denying approvals for more than half of the perfectly safe nutritional products it has reviewed. Implementation of C-51 will criminalize their sale and use to an unprecedented degree. We will not even be allowed to give a product to anyone, as this is now considered tantamount to making a sale and this includes parents giving the product to their children.

    The excuse that the use of NHP to prevent the use of "proper medical care" and are being used to scam the public is absurd -- coming as it does from those who create a swath of drug-induced "iatrogenic" disease and death. Not to mention Health Canada's failure to protect Canadians from such a system.

    People would not be turning to non-drug and "non-standard" health solutions -- if the essentially-free, publicly-insured "proper medical care" really worked. It's because of the medical system's failure to cure "chronic" disease and the massive adverse reactions and deaths that Canadians are voting with their pocketbooks for other approaches.

    From the point of view of the patients (aka consumers), it is the medical-drug system that is not safe and effective. It's little better than an expensive scam, as all it does is create and manage diseases, instead of preventing and/or curing them! So why does Health Canada continually choose to ignore the daily carnage from "proper medical care" system?

    On March 9, 2005 in Parliament, MP Colin Carrie stated that just allergies from peanuts alone result in approximately 5 to 10 deaths in Canada each year. By comparison, since 1960 not one death in Canada has been attributed to a natural health product. Nothing else -- not food, and certainly not pharmaceuticals -- can brag of such a safety record!

    So where is the the government's evidence-based data of death and adverse reactions to justify the extreme federal interventions showing harm? It is not ordinary citizens who are clamouring and demanding protection from safe and effective nutrients, but the "competitors" who are selling unsafe and intolerable products -- such as cancer drugs so horrific that an eleven-year-old boy is unable to endure a repetition of the treatment and begs to be allowed to die in peace.

    The Conservatives dismantled the publicly-funded, independent drug-testing labs years ago, in order to cut expenses and thereby taxes, an ideological action. They placed the onus on pharmaceutical companies to test safety, and let us all wait for "after-market surveillance" to reveal harm. It is this government policy decision that has put Canadians at risk, and some have suffered harm and even death.

    Who is being protected by such policies, in the proposed Bills C-51 and C-52 Natural and the Health Product Regulations?

    It looks as though the large pharmaceutical corporations' bottom line comes first, and the safety of Canadians is last.

    By definition, a pharmaceutical drug is a toxic substance, which is why it must be regulated carefully. Why then is Health Canada so preoccupied in spending inordinate time, energy and our money trying to create nutrients into drugs?

    We don't need protection from substances that are far safer than foods! Meanwhile, Health Canada continues to claim that they do not have sufficient mandate to regulate toxic drugs (pharmaceuticals). Yet they are not fazed with the inordinate effort in regulating anything that competes with generally toxic ineffective drugs. Instead they are all too eager to further loosen the already-loose drug regulations and allow even more risky experimental drugs... Why?

    This government further bullies its citizens by knowingly allowing our bodies to become toxic waste disposal to profit their industry cronies and masters -- by brazenly withholding information such as not allowing GMO labeling of foods in spite of lack of their safety, by adding toxic waste products such as Hydrofluorosilicic acid to our water, neurotoxins such as Aspartame, and other toxic chemicals to our foods. This is done and kept behind the scenes, while purposely misleading and/or keeping the public ignorant, either through complete media silence or through the manipulation of "facts" to create controversies and confusion so that the deceptions can continue.

    To add insult to injury, in section 30 of Bill C-51 there is what amounts to a "Trojan Horse" clause. This will allow the government to add a "regulation" that will enable laws written by other governments or even by non-elected institutions in other countries to be declared law in Canada with no Parliamentary review. This can be done just by publishing the new rules in the Canada Gazette, and then having them signed into law. (clickable link)

    One has to wonder why such a clause has been added to this bill. Surely these and many other changes were not made without a purpose. Hint: Removing Parliamentary and Court scrutiny would obviously facilitate the adoption into Canadian Law of documents from foreign governments and institutions which would be unacceptable to Canadians. Apparently the federal cabinet already has specific foreign documents in mind and already knows we won't like them at all.

    Looking inside this Trojan Horse and seeing threats to Canadians' safety and sovereignty raises issues that go beyond the actual content of this bill. It sheds light on the extreme punitive measures it sets up about which Mr. Harper saw fit to brag in a radio sound-byte.

    The jurisdictional intrusions into exclusive provincial jurisdiction in foods, health, civil and property are significant. So is the suspension of Canada's Fundamental Rule of Law, Implied Bill of Rights and Written and Unwritten Constitutional rights, freedoms and liberties.

    To summarily ram this through without pre-discussion with Conservative MPs and affected stakeholders especially consumers just confirms the ugly, scary and fascist / socialistic agenda of Stephen Harper and his colleagues from all sides of the House..

    This betrayal by Harper and the top Conservatives after supporting the Bill C-420 campaign is unforgivable. Tony Clement actively allowed the PHARMA controlled Health Canada bureaucrats to continue with the Liberal drug class Natural Health Product Regulations and now the Conservatives allow the Health Canada bureaucrats to introduce Bills C-51 and C-52.

    This reveals the truth Rule of Law is dead in Canada Constitutional Monarchy is a fraud in Canada Democracy is dead in Canada and individual Canadian citizens have no party in the federal Party that will do the right things on behalf of the ordinary men and women of Canada.

    We cannot allow PHARMA controlled bureaucrats to continue to high jack our federal Parliament and our institutes against public interest by making benign, nutrient-based products into drugs. Leaving it up to the opinion of the Minister to decide which ones to ban is unacceptable. To further burden the already generally ineffective Health Canada given that it can't even deal with the existing, let alone the new, toxic drugs that are constantly being foisted on the unsuspecting public is unforgivable.

    Surely then, these bills should only target for removal, from the market, the most dangerous pharmaceuticals which kill hundreds if not thousands of Canadians.

    I am not interested in getting party line form letters designed to sooth and reassure me from elected representative/s in the House. Given that the party line is apparently the result of consulting "stakeholders" -- defined as pharmaceutical companies and their marketing representatives. Allowing one business sector in the health-care field to write legislation restricting the ability of another sector of the same field to serve its consumers is a serious conflict of interest. This is absolutely contrary to all the laws governing Parliamentary democracy. Following the party line cannot serve as an excuse, not to do your own due diligence. And does not obviate you (due to lack of time (or inclination) to study the bills you support. There is sufficient proof in this letter to demonstrate that the pretense of public protection is simply public relations tactic to turn our foods into drugs.

    As my elected represent it is your duty to understand what is at stake, and to represent me and not the party line, nor drug companies, nor any other regulatory body.

    Here is a list of demands that, as my representative and on behalf of the Canadian people you need to support:

    1) The Natural Health Product Drug Regulations which were illegally implemented on January 1st 2004 need to be cancelled immediately via the Joint Scrutiny of Regulations Committee and our dietary food supplement returned to their existing legislative definition as foods. There is no need to further regulate safe products which are adequately and rightfully already regulated under existing food laws.

    2) Given the above, all references to dietary food supplements / Natural Health Products in Bills C-51 and C-52 need to be removed. There is no federal criminal sanctioned jurisdiction unless actual existing serious national harm, based upon evidence, exists. Federal regulations are designed for toxic substances and are simply not applicable to safe products such as dietary food supplements/Natural Health Product Regulations. We can become deficient of nutrients but never of toxic drugs!

    3) New legislation needs to be introduced immediately as recommended in item #1 of the 53 points from the 1998 Standing Committee Report. This legislation needs to be a food type which is patterned after the successful and admirable American Dietary Supplements Health Education Act of 1994 [DSHEA] and the Standing Committee on Health needs to implement a full review of Health Canada activities and conduct.

    4) Morris Rosenberg was the Deputy Minister of Justice that allowed the Natural Health Product Regulations to be implemented on January 1st 2004 and now is the Deputy Minister of Health responsible for introducing Bill C-51 and C-52 and needs to be removed from that post immediately. It is clear from his background that he is part of the network of BIG PHARMA operatives that is controlling our federal government to protect pharmaceuticals from competition by non-patentable holistic health care products. No Health Minster should ever interfere with the completely legitimate growing, processing and sale of Holistic Traditional Health Care Products, now or in the future without solid evidence.

    5) Tony Clement should be removed immediately from this Cabinet portfolio. He too is part of the PHARMACARTEL's network, has direct conflict of interests and is responsible for failing to cancel the Liberal Drug Natural Health Product Regulations and has betrayed all Canadians that helped to elect the current Conservative government by introducing Bills C-51 and C-52.

    6) Kevin Lynch, Clerk of the Privy Council should be removed. He was directly involved in pushing C-51 and C-52 into Parliament and his predecessor was responsible for allowing the drug Natural Health Regulations to be implemented without Standing Committee on Health Review and any Parliamentary / Senate review.

    I is clear from the above that our key institutions have been infiltrated by industrial interests and this must not be knowingly allowed to continue.

    The Natural Health Products Drug Regulations, Bills C-51 and C-52 clearly do not belong in our Rule of Law, Constitutional Democratic, People focused society. Given the absurd and blatantly transparent stance of this government against the wishes and safety of Canadians, and there is no need to waste time doing by any more studies, given the governments record of inaction on previous promises. The 1998 Standing Committee Report has covered all the necessary points and must be implemented promptly. Ten years' delay is too long already.

    Please let me know what actions you have taken to cancel the Natural Health Product Regulations and Bills C-52 and C-52 unacceptable measures, and how you are ensuring the 6 points above will be carried out. Otherwise, I must ensure that I, my friends and acquaintances will not vote for you ever again. We will campaign against you and those mentioned above in the next election. And make it our business to expose all who betray public trust.

    I await your response.

    Thank you,

    Chris Gupta, P.Eng
    919 Plantation Rd
    London, Ont.
    N6H 2Y1


    Here is another fabulous letter to emulate:

    Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 11:17 AM
    Subject: larry The Right Hon Bill c-51.doc

    The Right Honorable Stephen Harper May 16, 2008
    The House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

    I have completed a review of Bill C-51, and find the proposed legislative changes alarming. As a voting Canadian citizen I strongly oppose Natural Health Products (NHPs) being regulated as drugs under the umbrella of "Therapeutic Products".

    In the Preamble to the legislation, there is much verbiage dedicated to parliamentarians' recognition of their responsibilities to ensure "safe" products and "safety of the public".

    Vitamins and supplements (NHPs as they are now referred to) are being used by over 50% of the Canadian population without a single death in 60 plus years. Is this not evidence of their safety? More Canadians die every year from such common food allergies as peanuts and shellfish, than have ever died from using NHPs.

    If "safe" usage and "safety of the public" are such a concern, why has (have) my government (s) not addressed the following safety issues:

    The practice of spraying crops with Round-Up, the most deadliest of herbicides, to kill unripened cereal plants so as to promote immediate harvest. Where are the studies to (a) justify approval and (b) to show the long-term effects of this practice. Yet these poisoned cereal grains are permitted in all breads, pastries, cereals, etc. Is this really "safety of the public"?

    The usage of steroids and antibiotics in cattle feed to promote more rapid growth and weight gain, and in chicken feed to increase egg production and weight gain in marketable birds. I don't want to consume steroids and antibiotics through the food chain, yet somehow "safety" is not a governmental concern.

    Amalgam (mercury) dental fillings there are more and more studies indicating this to be a harmful practice, and mercury being a contributing factor in neurological diseases, yet the practice continues to be permitted. Maybe our "safety" concerns need to be redirected to these more dangerous areas.

    Fluoride aluminum manufacturing results in fluoride waste. It is an acute toxin with a rating higher than lead. Fluorides are used in insecticides as they are poisons and destroy certain vermin.
    Fluoridation is known to increase osteoporosis and other neurological conditions. Toothpastes
    have a child warning. A "safe" product?

    7 Thimerosol in child vaccines is now being linked to autism and challenged in U.S. courts.
    What "safety" actions are being taken or contemplated by Health Canada?

    The list of product safety concerns is endless, yet my government chooses to regulate safe NHPs as being the most dangerous in spite of their impeccable "safety" record. The proposed legislation contains many regulatory concerns, the first of which is NHPs being classed as drugs under the umbrella of therapeutic products. Why is a change from the word "drug" to "therapeutic products" important to Health Canada, and what part of the industry is this change for?

    Under NHP regulations, all NHPs had to have a product license, and the criteria for approval was based on "reasonable evidence" (a nice subjective term). It is my understanding that to date the NHP Directorate has received only 10,000 applications (there are 60,000 products sold in Canada). These applications are mostly for single-ingredient products, and 60% have been rejected and remain unapproved. It can be anticipated that multi-ingredient products will receive a much higher rejection rate, if for no other reason than they will be assessed under the same model as synthetic drugs.
    This means that over 60% of the NHPs on the market will fail the licensing process and will become illegal. Manufacturers can willfully withdraw them from the market or Health Canada can take enforcement action. The Bill provides Health Canada inspectors with more power to seize harmless vitamins than our police forces have to seize illicit street drugs like cocaine and crystal meth!

    Enforcement officers will have the power to seize without reason, without a warrant, without limits as to what can be seized, without a time limitation and without reporting the seizure to a Court. Owners will have to pay the cost of seizure, transport and storage of seized items, even if it turns out that there was not a safety risk, and pay substantial fines for having unapproved products for sale. There is no indication that any compensation is available.

    This severe legislation is being proposed under the guise of protecting the public through ensuring product "safety". I would think the safety record of NHPs over the past 60 plus years cannot justify destroying the entire NHP industry.

    There is much denial by the Minister and MPs that Bill C-51 will not be detrimental to the availability of NHPs, and that oversight under the legislation will be "reasonable and fair". Given the power that over-zealous inspectors will have, and the current rate of unapproved applications, I have no comfort or faith in such subjective terms, and their ultimate result, as is the case with "reasonable evidence" for approval.

    Mr. Prime Minister, it is incumbent on Health Canada or the NHP Directorate to show unbiased proof of the number of Canadians who have been harmed by the use of NHPs. When hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are spent on such a devastating initiative as Bill C-51, there needs to be some accounting of anticipated results, either through saving of lives, or some other motivation.

    In this case, one can only ask "who is this legislation benefiting"? It certainly is not the 50% plus of Canadians who are current users of NHPs.

    In a letter from your office as Leader of the Opposition dated February 21, 2005, it was written. "The Conservative Party has been a strong advocate of enhanced freedom in the production and consumption of natural health products and complementary treatments. We support a wide availability of these products, unless there is proven harm, adverse effects or contamination. Please be assured that the Conservative Party will continue to support enhanced accessibility to natural health products and alternative medicines for the Canadian public." . Mr. Prime Minister, I want you to honour this statement of support for NHPs, and not destroy them.

    Mr. Harper, Mr. Dion, Mr. Layton, Mr. Duceppe, I need the natural health products that I take on a daily basis. I want you collectively and cooperatively to do the decent thing and kill Bill C-51.

    If Bill C-51 is allowed to pass it would represent an unprecedented removal of our freedom of choice, and once again be a serious erosion of Canadian democracy.

    May I have your individual responses, please?

    Larry Symyrozum
    5108 124A Avenue
    Edmonton, Alberta T5W 4X9

    cc: Hon.Tony Clement, Hon. Stephen Dion, Hon. Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe MP, Leon Benoit MP, Peter Goldring MP, and Rahim Jaffer MP


    posted by Chris Gupta on Wednesday May 28 2008

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    Readers' Comments

    Re:BillsC-51+C-52 June 7, 2008 Dear Sir or Madam: You folks are unbelievable with your pandering to the Pharmacutical lobbyists (just one example} over the use of bio-identical hormones. The greedy bastards want to eliminate all competition, even though I will NEVER go back to Premarinno matter what ! My natural cream from Women's International Pharmacy works !Your attempt to pass this legislation is reprehensible ! Read my original letter below....nothing has changed except my anger at this unneccesary intrusion into my rights....terninator seeds by Monsnato and our our own Agricultural Dept ! Genetically altered, and carbon dioxided meat that needs antibiotics because cows aren't built to eat corn ! to name just a more thing has changed....I just lost my beloved husband to a savage form of Prostate Cancer in less than a year from his diagnosis...he wrote a letter about this issue as well; and I now am a mortal enemy of anything that is known to be dangerous or a cancer causing agents......the jury is in on Premarin, and they have a lot of nerve to try and force themselves down our throats...If my natural compound is taken away by these means, I will personally rally a law suit against Wyeth, as well as each and every Legislator who voted on one more immoral grab for lobbying money without any concern for the senseless damage you are doing to millions of American women....We will no longer stand for the outrageous behavior of you folks and multinational corporations.! Stop this takeover immediately, or may you never have another restful night of sleep ! I need my hormone cream, and I know it's safe, so please prevent this travesty, for know what's DO it...I'd pay you for the truth myself if I could, but I'm not a wealthy lobbyist with at least a dozen corporate clients under his economic belt.Please don't sell your integrity to these jackals at my expense. I want to know your personal thoughts that would justify such a outrageous, needless intrusion into our health rights. Sincerely yours, Sallie Dodd Butters POB 1223 Homer, Alaska 99603 907-235-5994 Re: Docket 2005 P - 0411 April 9, 2007   Dear Sir or Madam:           My name is Sallie Dodd Butters and I have been taking bio-identical hormones for  seven years.   It has been a tremendous comfort to me as it alleviates hot flashes, most night sweats and most importantly, loss of libido.         After a complete hysterectomy in 1989 I was prescribed Premarin (yellow) and remained on it for ten years.  I have asthma and am allergic to horses, so I decided to no longer take Premarin.  Ten years is a long time, and why should I introduce more possible allergens into my body? A wonderful Doctor at Kachemak Family Planning referred me to Women's International Pharmacy where my pharmacist prepares a synthetic natural hormone for me. It has proven to be a safe, highly satisfactory alternative to Premarin, and I don't have to add to horse abuse.  I am extremely pleased with its' results, and would never go back to Premarin in any case.   I'm also taking (successfully so far) two very powerful and expensive prescriptions( Fosamax and Miacalcin) for Osteoporosis; and I don't want to `mix n match' drugs in my body any more than I already do.         I have not yet read Wyeth's excuse for attacking such a healthy useful pharmaceutical company, but I can only see it as a greedy spiteful `slap suit' power grab.  I rely on WIP for my physical and sexual quality of life; and will defend my right to choose with every angry activist bone in this 58+-year-old body.  Don't allow rich lobbyists to buy our freedoms. Please listen to the voices of reason and need from your constituents. Wyeth's Citizen's Petition (Docket # 2005P-0411) would restrict the ability of my physician and pharmacy to keep prescribing and making these individualized creams for me. Citizen?  I think NOT!  I however, AM a citizen, and my family has been fighting tyranny here for almost 400 years.  This multinational monster is not what our forefathers envisioned for us.  The FDA should reject Wyeth's petition.                      Sincerely,     PS: Incidentally, please pass this thought along to the appropriate channels in the FDA:  None of my family of four will EVER knowingly buy or eat beef that has been subjected to carbon dioxide.  Reverse your ruling.  Again, it is a matter of my right to know and choose.      

    Posted by: Sallie Dodd Butters on June 8, 2008 03:19 AM


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