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November 25, 2008

Corrupt to The Core

Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower by Shiv Chopra.


In a word incredible!

As a short introduction here is a 9 minute CBC interview.

This long awaited book is sure to be ignored by the mainstream media. In it is proof, that shows how our public servants, education, institutions etc. have slowly but surely been usurped by the industry interests. It really puts into focus the words of, J. Edgar Hoover - FBI Director's, classic quote:

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists"

Explained in great detail here, is what really happens in the bowels of the government, for some this write up may appear as preaching to the informed, however, this book will still boggle the mind of even the most hardened skeptic. An education Par Excellence!

Health Canada, and I suspect all governmental regulatory bodies, more or less are usurped and essentially owned by the industry. Instead of scientists, Health Canada's upper management is now stacked with industry public relations men. A good account is made of how our science based institutions have been systematically overhauled into industry organs while maintaining the pretence of protecting the public.... Surely, under these circumstances one can never be safe given that the fox is guarding the hens...

Copious evidence is presented on how the upper management of our regulatory bodies have became handmaidens of the lobbyists, through coercion and bribery. Examples for such, are cases of scientists whose knowledge on the issue was too hard to succumb to the industry spin. Even more troubling are the shills who stick like molasses to the industry directives putting, not only their own families, but the whole country for sale!

Those who thought that this could not happen here will either go into denial or suffer the consequences, sadly these will extend to their children, grand children and more.... Unfortunately, this could only happen through the illiterate puppets and/or politicians who are too greedy to understand what they are doing? Many don't even read/know what they are approving!

The book clearly puts into focus the real impetus on what is behind the current vogue of:

- Updating/modernization of our regulations (safety and others)
- Risk benefit smoke screen - Regulations based on The Risk vs Benefit Ratios

..."A key element appears to be the redesign of the federal approach to health and safety regulation in order to create an "advantage" for industry by means of weaker safety standards.

Extracted from: More on Risk First, Safety Last!

- Government private partnerships

Contrary to what most people think these partnerships are not driven by the government, They are actually being foisted by the industry. Once implemented they will remove any due diligence from what ever semblance of protections that maybe afforded via the existing governmental regulations. Thus reducing the above onerous job of updating existing hard earned, and effective protections.

The government regulatory agencies "are essentially public relations and diversionary arrangements to control and placate the masses. Contrary to perceptions, regulatory bodies are essential to protect the industry, consumer protection is incidental! Regulations favourable to industry are created in the name of health and safety such as testing their wares on animals etc. which often have no relations to human health and safety. Once passed the companies are then off the hook, the tax payer and the injured party/s are left holding the bag for subsequent problems and/or complications.... Agencies themselves, by design of course, are unaccountable and serve as a shield for the industry."

Extracted from: Shedding Light on Genetically Engineered Food

Except that some existing legislation like our perfectly adequate existing Food and Drug Act can put the government in an awkward position should their actions be tested in court (as Dr. Chopra is still pursuing*) - hence this is a second prong approach of the government private partnerships in addition to raping our resources for a song...

Explained too is:

..."the universally known fact is that Canadian foods in particular are perceived to be toxic by other nations. Our foods are contaminated by neurotoxic gender-bender carcinogenic antibiotics, hormones, rendered slaughterhouse waste residues, genetically engineered plants, and pesticides - all unacceptable to the EU and other countries to the point of their readiness to defy the WTO court on these matters."...

Extracted from: Helke's Questions to Tony Clement July 08

Included is a blueprint for a world in which food is uncontaminated by genetic engineering and free of pesticides and immune disrupting and carcinogenic hormones and antibiotics.

For more see: Five Pillars of Food Safety

Eliminates the mainstream spin and exposes reality. If their is one book that should open eyes and sow the seeds for change this it!

Required reading.

Chris Gupta

"This book is a 'must read' for anyone who wants to understand the intersection between politics and corporate influence, science, and the law, within one of Canada's most controversial (and litigated) government departments."

David Hutton
Executive Director, Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform (FAIR)

*Time and again the courts supported Dr. Chopra and his fellow scientists and ruled against government attempts to shut them up. Today, the dangers of the drugs they opposed are internationally recognized and many countries have forbidden their use. In 1999, Chopra and his colleagues succeeded in preventing the use of carcinogenic bovine growth hormone (already banned in the EU in 1988) with implications for its use throughout the world. They also succeeded in stopping the use of dangerous antibiotics and hormones such as Baytril, Revalor-H and many more. His ongoing fight against the sources of Mad Cow Disease, while calling the bluff on the Anthrax scare, and his warnings about the myth of safe and effective vaccines are equally inspiring stories.

Extracted from: Corrupt to the Core: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower by Dr. Shiv Chopra

Shiv Chopra, former Health Canada Scientist on the Vaccine and Antibiotic Controversy

Shiv Chopra on Fluoride, a 22 minute audio extract is here of an video interview with Paul Connett

Chopra and Gerson on Detoxing Our Food Supply


One need only see the recent news as further proof and the warning contained in the book.

Health Canada approves use of preservative that could stem growth of Listeria

Juice / CFIA Talk Tape

Listen to another Health Canada whistleblower:

Dr. Michele Brill-Edwards on Government Corruption - Bills C-51&C-52

..."how early warnings of dangerous drugs can be ignored, or even silenced and she joined us from our Halifax studio."

Intimidation - Prescription Drugs

See also:

We Are The Government And We Are Here To Protect You! Bills C-51 & 52

GE Labelling - Government Adamant To Pass Bills C-51 & C-52

Corrupt to the Core - Memoirs of a Health Canada Scientist - Bill 517: GE Labeling


posted by Chris Gupta on Tuesday November 25 2008
updated on Thursday November 27 2008

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Unbelieveable what they are doing up there in Canada! Down here in the U.S.: The Ride 4 Raw Milk On Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 Max Kane, raw food activist and creator of began his 40 day and 40 night bike-a-thon across the U.S. while eating and thriving exclusively on a diet of raw unpasteurized dairy products! Find out Max's story, read his trip diary and show your support at

Posted by: nancy jacques on December 26, 2008 12:19 AM


I'd really like to get Shiv Chopra's email address. Do you have it? Sincerely, Larry Powell

Posted by: Larry Powell on April 28, 2010 06:10 PM


I'd really like to get Shiv Chopra's email address. Do you have it? Sincerely, Larry Powell

Posted by: Larry Powell on April 28, 2010 06:10 PM


What about animal rights? Eating vegan?
There are no good dairy, milk, egg, cheese, cattle, chicken, pig farmers
Abolish all animal exploitation & save the earth!
No to Monsanto!
I grow organic vegetables on my balcony in the city.
For every bite we eat I want to be free.


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