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October 03, 2010

From Helke Ferrie Re Bill C-36 URGENT

While much of this information is already in the hands of MP's, it should be a good idea to follow up with a call to your MP and ask why, they insist on passing a bill that majority don't want? What is the urgency when "currently, if there is a dangerous product and the manufacturer will not recall, Health Canada can: seek a Court injunction; obtain a search warrant to seize the product, or issue a Ministerial Order under the Hazardous Products Act."? A concise summary can be found on page two of "NHPPA on C-36 to all MPs Sept 2010".

It is incredible how a minority government can make the opposition tow their position no matter what - This is beyond me?

Chris Gupta

Dear Mr. Layton,

I was astounded to hear that your Health Critic, MP Megan Leslie endorsed bill C-36 (the former C-6 which the Senate turfed out for its unconstitutionality, aka the former C-52 which was the same as the current C-36). I cannot understand that the obvious is being ignored, namely that this bill attacks the rule of law, could not survive a constitutional challenge, is abusive in terms of human rights, and - worst of all - has NOTHING to do with protecting Canadians against hazardous wastes. Under the fuzzy guise of protecting Canada's children it bamboozles the nation into cooperation.

If the government really wanted to do something about that - as indeed it should - we should become REACH-compliant and follow the European lead at least sufficiently to be useful to them as trading partners. Hence, I have attached the same enclosures that I mailed by special delivery to MP Leslie.

Given it was the NDP that helped stopped C-51/52 in 2008, surely it must be clear that C-52 (now C-36) is no different today and that its extensive "order in council provisions" allow the government to do whatever it wants without any public knowledge and parliamentary debate. It would even make it possible to amend the Food and Drugs Act along the same legally insupportable ways as C-36 without literally anybody knowing about; after all who regularly reads the Canada Gazette, leave alone understand its carefully gobbledygook-worded announcements?

Having written and published so much about this bill and written an entire book on the subject ("What of No! Don't They Understand?", Kos 2008 - you received a copy of it in early June 2008, as did every MP in Parliament), I find it amazing that nothing has changed except that the NDP is going along with the Conservatives. How did this happen?

Forgive me for being totally confused and dismayed.

With kind regards,

Helke Ferrie

You can also read and/or write and send a e letter here.


posted by Chris Gupta on Sunday October 3 2010

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