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April 16, 2004

Rife Conference 2003 Summary

Updated with Hulda Clark's seminar notes. CG

Attached is quick overview on what transpired at the recent Rife conference. If not conversant with Dr. Rife's work you can get an overview (in addition to the links in the report below) at:

Those more ambitious and should like to construct a modern day variant - can find details at:

Chris Gupta

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The Rife Conference 2003 in Seattle was a whopping success with about 400 people attending. For those who have been to one of these, the lunch meals were clearly a step ahead of prior years! The exhibitors had their many types of machines on display, and there was even a Multi-Wave Oscillator to see, as well as a re-creation of the late 1950's AZ-58 Rife Ray machine! The nutritional folks are starting to pay attention to the Rife Conference, and several of them had interesting displays as well.

I'll have more detailed writeups and photos on in the near future, but here's the speaker lineup and a short idea of what they talked about: (The site may be down for the moment; just got upgraded and is having problems ..)

Friday Jason Ringas - Jason ran his history of Royal Rife videotape part 1 of 2, although I understand that there were additions to it from the version shown last year.

Saturday Richard Loyd, Ph.D. Dr. Loyd introduced a chest cancer survivor from Washington who spoke of beating her cancer using alternative methods. Dr. Loyd's main subject was "100 Years of Cancer Treatments" and went on to discuss the new findings of autistic babies with high levels of mercury and other metals in their baby hair - mercury from their mothers and possibly from vaccines. It would appear that most of us have a gene which helps expel the heavy metals (from wherever), but some don't, and may thus become autistic.

Hulda Clark, Ph.D. - Stared her talk by describing the early 1900's electromedical devices, and the crossing of technology of devices and their applications. Her "Science of Health" talk gave an entertaining talk about using frequencies to help the body, building simple oscillators to use, etc.

Carl Taylor, M.D. - Dr. Taylor once again gave an excellent talk of the body's chemistry, of the importance of an alkaline pH level in the body (harder to maintain than one would think!) and various conditions that arise from incorrect levels of magnesium and other minerals. He also described measurements of far lower levels of lead, mercury, sodium and aluminum in organic wheat vs standard non-organic wheat and the importance of a good diet.

Glen Curd - Spoke on the "Marriage of electro-medicine, alternative medicine, and allopathic medicine for the purpose of healing and the maintenance of health" and "Leading people out of a suspended state of sickness!" He noted that studies showed that a high percentage of colon cancer patients were type A with no appendix, and that just possibly the organ does indeed have uses necessary for the body.

Peter Walker - Peter, from the Rife Group in Germany, ran two videotapes on the new Ergonom 500 microscope, which features capabilities far in excess of what Royal Rife's Universal Microscope was capable of. With maximum magnifications of far over 10,000 times, the device can image live virus cells in many modes of operation. See for their web site.

George Gaborney - President of the San Francisco Tesla Society - noted the founding of the Wellness Electronics Industry League, and introduced two of the individuals whose homes and offices were raided in the last year by armed agents of the FDA (In one case, 7 flack-jacketed armed Federal Police who essentially kept the person and a child captive all day while the FDA went thru the house, seizing 30+ boxes of materials, records, computers etc (and no charges have been filed.) Attorney Jim Turner then described what actions the industry may take to regain their freedom to help protect health, and noted approx. 13,000 actions by the FDA or FTC and their agents in the last year against the alternative health industry. Another attorney described additional actions which may help restore health freedoms to Americans. Freedom Fighter Tim Bolen, and author/lecturer Dr. Len Horowitz then spoke, as did Frank Cuny, the head of Californians for Health Freedoms.

Sunday James Bare, D.C - spoke on "The Importance of Charge" - and on the idea of electro-vitalism, that the cells require certain charges within them if they are to function correctly, and the concept that small voltages within the cell generate tiny magnetic fields, and that these assist the movement of colloids and cell potentials. Accordingly, the application of frequencies, by whatever method, may have an advantageous effect on the cells of the body.

Steven Haltiwanger, MD. - A very energetic speaker, Dr. Halterwanger discussed cell biology and nutrition, and outlined the four chemical/nutrient compounds which every cell needed to help build or restore its health and immunity from attack.

Henry Lai, Ph.D. - Always an interesting speaker, Dr. Lai covered his research in feeding malaria cells with various iron compounds, then using strong magnetic fields to negatively effect the organisms. He also displayed several studies showing the increased effect of various chemotherapy agents to patients exposed to strong magnetic fields, and that in mice, cancer-infected mice may survive twice as long when exposed to a 1000-gauss magnetic field vs the unexposed mice. He then discussed Artemisia annua L. and its possible role as a cancer treatment. In addition, the compound was found to be fairly effective against malaria during the Vietnam War.

Dave Felt - An engineer, Dave discussed using doing culture cell tests on the safe strain of e.coli using a Rife/Bare device, and displayed some results in slowing down the growth curve, and speeding up the death curves in e.coli cultures using the emissions from the frequency - modulated plasma lamps. The spectral energy outputs of the typically used gasses in plasma lamps was also displayed and discussed.

Len Horowitz, Ph.D. - Dr. Horowitz discussed problems with the current health system, then covered some of the fine points in his "Healing Codes" book.

Otherwise, many attendees congregated in the lobby and the hotel's restaurant and talked for hours about the speakers, their personal experiences, etc. A very satisfying conference. The 2004 or 2005 conference isn't scheduled yet, but I'd bet the organizing group is thinking about it.

Thanks to Dr. Loyd for hosting the conference this year!


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posted by Chris Gupta on Friday April 16 2004
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Dear Friends:

Where can I find a Rife Machine & a Rife Microscope as well as comprehensive uptodate information to be included in the new ed of my Cancer book?

Thank you!

Dr Sartori

Posted by: H.E. Sartori, M.D. on April 4, 2004 02:18 AM


Go to:

Posted by: Chris on April 4, 2004 03:50 AM


need inormation about photon genie, how it works , with cancer patients... thank you

Posted by: Conleth on May 16, 2004 11:29 PM



Please redirect your qestion to the rife list at:

Posted by: Chris Gupta on May 17, 2004 06:02 PM


Looking for a real comparison on the various rife machines out there, along with prices. Would love to find an affordable one that transmits.

Thanks for any help. Peace,

Posted by: Cole on July 3, 2005 12:08 AM


need inormation about photon genie, how it works , with cancer patients... thank you

Posted by: harold spurlock on September 7, 2005 09:51 PM


Hi, One of my friends has the Rife Machine and another friend has the Photon Genie. They both swear by their respective machines. I want to buy one and I would like to buy the superior one. What would you suggest? Thank you, Bobbi Van Eman

Posted by: Bobbi Van Eman on June 30, 2008 07:24 PM


hi bobbi, its stephen, remember me? i remember you!!! im doing alright these days... im really healthy!!!! take care of yourself ok?

Posted by: stephen debouver on March 2, 2011 11:37 PM


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