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May 14, 2004

Mad Cow & Parkinson's?

USDA orders silence on mad cow in Texas. One has to wonder how much of this actually goes on and gets though the controlled media. Suspect we only see the occasional botch and in reality this is the norm and not the exception as the vested interests should like us to believe...

The following response to an earlier post:"Six weeks to Parkinson's improvement with a single vitamin" which makes some very interesting and valid observations

Chris Gupta
Re: Six Weeks to Parkinson's Improvement

A significant relationship exists!!!

Herbivorous animals, raised in captivity for profit, have for years been fed the abominable combination of slaughter-house refuse, "enriched" with chicken feces and only God knows what all else, cooked and formed into "pellets" and "meal." All herbivores were intended to eat grass and plants; no meat, no feces !!!

Generally, U.S beef-raisers have fed this artificial abomination to their herds since it became cheaply available - when ? 1970s - 1960s; I don't know. We do know that commercial beef raisers in the US were cautioned during the Clinton administration to slaughter beef by their 3rd birthday. Why? England and Germany traced BSE to "cadaver meal" feeding of bovines, which led to BSE, world-wide, appearing after the third birthday. When slaughtered by their 3rd birthday, BSE usually hasn't "appeared" in cows. Nevertheless, BSE predecessors are present.

Leadership among MDs, at the US level, cautioned the MD community during the Clinton administration to list all "human BSE"-symptom deaths as "Alzheimer's," not "Kreuzfeld-Jacobs." Thus, "we" have known for years that BSE, Alzheimer and Parkinson symptoms are not identical, but in the same "family." For about thirty years, very little beef produced in the US has NOT contained the mal-nutritive predecessors of BSE. Thus, persons who have eaten one steak-per-day or one ground-beef-burger-per-day, have prepared themselves for a "human BSE" illness, more so than those who have eaten only one per week - or less. The effects are cumulative.

When correcting an illness, one discovers the cause, and stops it. However, US leadership doesn't want to effect a "cure" for "human BSE" illnesses. See below: USDA orders silence on mad cow in Texas. It would start a "chain reaction" backfire that would cripple the profits for industrial beef-raisers, recyclers of slaughter-house waste (cadaver-feed-pellets), generally the pharmaceutical industry, their marionettes among the MD and hospital industry, and the 70% of physicians whose income is strung on patient fees plus "profits" from the pharmaceutical industry. It has been estimated that the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is up to 30% associated with graduate programs that educate candidates for the MD degree.

What would the conglomerates like Monsanto and Bayer do, if they could not purvey mass quantities of their waste products onto pharmacies, whose livelihood rests in the hands of physicians who write prescriptions? Their profits would significantly decrease. Oncology wings of hospitals would go out of business, with related loss of jobs, etc. Fewer Chief MDs and hospital administrators could drive Mercedes and BMWs, buy million-dollar houses, send their offspring to exclusive colleges, and maintain a cottage somewhere for rendezvous with favorite nurse-types? Much big business would swiftly be less big. Thus, high-level leaders and physicians gladly sacrifice 1.5 million lives per year, in order to maintain the "net income, business balance" of between 20 to 60 billion, US dollars. Who knows the accurate amount?
What would the "naieve' but aggressive" among us do, if they could not demand the latest, most-costly, "wonder drug," from their physician? Your MD knows that if (s)he doesn't write the prescription, a patient goes to an MD who will. The MD you utilize also knows that it often means "death" to ones reputation if (s)he initiates an educational program about the myth and fantasy associated with modern medications. For some, it has meant the loss of licensure, income, family, possessions; for a few, the loss of life. After months or years of desperation, a few have ended their own lives. Others have had un requested assistance from colleagues or unknown persons: hirelings. Similar to Royal Rife, various followers and many individual "researchers," who, after 1945, discovered a "cure" for cancer or other illnesses. At this time, such people are reasonably safe in Hungary and the Czech Republic, where electromagnetic devices are effectively used by some physicians. However, assassins for hire are world-wide. Remember JFK, MLK? Movies are often based on real events.

Our world-wide, societal stupidity is clearly demonstrated by one current situation. A few US soldiers allegedly mistreated a few allegedly Moslem prisoners. Mister Rumsfeld, totally removed, who knew nothing about it, is US Secretary of Defense. Thus, some people demand his resignation or removal. However, Mr. Rumsfeld's misuse of political power in 1981, when he forced US FDA approval of aspartame, is overlooked. Millions of persons, world-wide, have become ill and crippled, and have died from cumulative, degenerative, aspartame-related illnesses. However, such illness and deaths cannot be classified as "religious suppression." Is one to conclude that alleged "religious suppression," of a few, captured, allegedly-Moslem soldiers, with which Mr. Rumsfeld had nothing to do, more important than millions of deaths for which the same man holds responsibility, however indirectly? Confused values, illogical thinking? Years ago, a friend of mine, psychiatrist, called this, "Shit Thinking." It was present prior to BSE, but is getting thicker, post-BSE.

USDA orders silence on mad cow in Texas

Washington, DC, May. 11 (UPI) -- The U.S. Department of Agriculture has ordered its inspectors in Texas not to talk about mad cow disease with outside parties.

United Press International has learned that the gag order was sent May 6 by e-mail from the USDA's Dallas district office. It was issued in the wake of the April 27 case at Lone Star Beef in San Angelo, in which a cow displaying signs of a brain disorder was not tested for mad cow disease despite a federal policy to screen all such animals for the deadly disease, otherwise known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

The order reads: "All BSE inquiries MUST be directed to Congressional Public Affairs Phone #202-720-9113 attention Rob Larew OR Steve Khon. This is an urgent message."

Representatives from the National Joint Council of Food Inspection Locals -- the national inspectors union -- alleged the order suggests the agency is concerned about its personnel leaking damaging information about the Texas case.

Ijaz Qazi, the author of the e-mail and circuit supervisor for the Dallas district, told UPI the notice was not issued in response to the Texas case and inspectors are free to talk to outside parties, including reporters.

Copyright 2004 United Press International

See also:

Mad Cow in the US: We're going to D.C.


posted by Chris Gupta on Friday May 14 2004
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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Posted by: Chris Gupta on May 17, 2004 07:13 PM


Do you lot really expect anyone to believe the crap that comes out of this website- hang your heads in shame and be greatful for vaccinations, dopaminergic therapy etc.

Posted by: on June 5, 2004 07:14 AM


So why are you wasting your time here? Maybe you have been vaccinated just one too many times..

Posted by: on June 6, 2004 01:00 AM



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