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July 22, 2004

Re: Brain Tumor

Finally Liam, I can get back to you....

First let me say germs are natures way to clean up the rot - they don't go after healthy tissue as it's immune system won't allow it happen. Cancer in the main is a deficiency disease, like nearly all diseases - hence good nutrition and environment has to be addressed else you get these, after the fact, cancer or other germs.

Many don't address the causes of the disease hence are condemned to get it again and again. Also many diseases are mistakenly considered as hereditary. In many instances this is due to all the family members being exposed to common foods and environments some times generation after generation. Mainstream medicine rather not discuss or investigate this as the hereditary theory feeds the esoteric nature of allopathic medicine. One must find and change their nutrition to address the deficiencies and remove any bad environmental artifacts. Fortunately you have already recognized that looking for that magic bullet/potion to cure and prevent the cancer is not the answer as this is a recipe for failure...

While most effective - sadly for most of us - changing our nutrition and environment is the hardest thing to do. It is this venerability that the medical Mafia exploit so adroitly (skillfully)...

Electromedical therapies when used skillfully are good solutions as interim measures but will not sustain one in the long run. Primarily, I suspect, they work by modifying cell membrane permeability and electrocution of some pathogens - thus allowing better nutrient uptake in the effected regions allowing for very rapid healing (again it boils down to nutrients and one's ability to utilize them). However, this is a double edged sword, as it can just as readily increase the uptake of toxins especially drugs and even some minerals, vitamins and herbal nutrients to excess. So one must be cognizant of this and work around this potential liability or use it to advantage. This also explains why some (those with highly toxic bodies) react as though they are allergic to these modalities.

I am really not aware of any electronic machines that have the kind of evidence that you are looking for. However, Rife is an exception but the current embellishments are not what Rife's original device was. However, there are very large and growing users and owners of the Rife/Bare devices. Hence one can conclude that these are serving their intended applications. For more on this see:

Re: Rife / Bare Machines

You may want to direct your question to a one of the rife groups, mentioned in the above link.

My own tendency is to go with much less complicated and cheaper devices (particularly if you build your own) such as the Beck protocol. See:

Blood Electrification Effectiveness On Malaria

Gerson Therapy, in my mind, is one of the best nutritional therapys' for cancers and it should be a good idea to incorporate some of it in our nutrition.

Case studies are here

See also the many vitamin C posts on my web page a good one for a typical maintenance dose is:


Vitamin C works best with bioflavonoids - however, all the studies mostly use ascorbic acid or it's salts. I mix powdered Amla, usually available form Indian grocery stores, or as a second choice, dried organic orange skins that have been ground in a coffee grinder with my ascorbic acid powder intake, at roughly 1:1 ratio... Although I should prefer to get all my nutrients form foods - with the depleted soils etc. it has become increasingly difficult to do. If Amla was easily available I should use it alone.

"Amla is 12 times more assimilable and creates more potent effect than synthetic vitamin c and moreover, it has no side effects."

My ongoing attempts to get key nutrients through food sources are at:

How to make your own B Vitamins

Cultured Cabbage Juice - Make the Best Lactobacteria

If you do want to pursue over the counter vitamins etc then I urge you to check out the following - it systematically shows you how to determine and check individual levels of appropriate nutrients.

The New Supernutrition by Richard Passwater

Finally for everyday nutrition I highly recommend:

"Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon

If I had to buy one book on diet and health this should be it....

Chris Gupta


in your own time

thanks again

Quoting Chris Gupta :

Dear Liam,

Thank you very much for such profuse comments it really makes it all worthwhile. Sorry could not reply earlier as I am very stretched at the moment. I will respond to your query soon.

At 05:32 AM 7/9/2004, wrote:

i made my way to your site and once there found what i think is THE most informative and empowering information available. I have been on a quest for the past couple of years as my young daughter was dx with a brain tumor in 2002. since then i have hunted high and low for useful research. I believe strongly in nature and her ability to heal. I am most interested in electromedical therapies as i have come across it independantly a number of times and believe that it is the future of health management. 1 question i have is this:

of all the 'machines' available which one (in your opinion) has the most 'scientific' backing.

One that has surfaced recently is the 'Vibe-Machine'. It costs a fair amount of money and i would like your opinion (if possible) i understand if you would rather not and im not looking for the 'magic bullet' im just trying to do the best i can for my child. she has been tumor free for two years and im looking to keep it that way so i will be investing in one of the machines. Ive ordered various books and i will certainly use them to increase my knowledge in this field.

Your site is now my homepage and i have urged at least 10 people to do the same thank you in advance youve already been a great help



posted by Chris Gupta on Thursday July 22 2004
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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any herbal treatment for glioblastoma brain tumor- or at least muscle in leg and arm weakness

Posted by: liam on July 27, 2004 11:21 AM


A very good friend has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He also had radiation for prostate cancer.He has been taking Lupron shots for the last couple of years and has lost muscle mass in his legs. Is there any herbal treatment that can restore his muscles in his legs

Posted by: bernie on August 26, 2004 10:13 PM


Please,let me know any information about treatment of meningioma(brain tumor)

Posted by: matheos pekkas on May 10, 2005 03:12 PM


any herbal treatment for glioblastoma brain tumor- or at least muscle in leg and arm weakness

Posted by: Grace on January 2, 2006 07:20 PM


My address is Please,let me know any information about any herbal or nutrition ltreatment of meningioma.

Posted by: matlek20 on October 27, 2008 07:26 PM


Hi Chris, Are there any instructions available on how to build Dr. Beck's "brain tuner"? Namaste

Posted by: TM on January 26, 2013 01:06 PM


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