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July 23, 2004

Blood Electrification Effectiveness On Malaria

This is a good example and summary on what's going on within the mostly non medical electromedical therapy arena.

"A research project by a small company in Africa showed blood electrification effectiveness on malaria as detailed below.The test is impossible to conduct in U.S.A due to interference by vested interests."

This is yet again demonstrates that ordinary people from all walks of life can do (as it is not an issue of difficulty or cost) that our, over inflated and corrupt, medical system cannot or will not do even the such elementary clinical trials. If this is the case, then one might ask how is it that we can give such incompetent medical systems the exclusivity to practice medicine? Surely it's high time we took our rights back. See the following ground breaking initiative:

Canadian Court Case against Health Protection Branch (HPB)

Chris Gupta

The two links below contain most of the information to build your own Beck devices. Even simpler devices are discussed in the body below: All should own some variant of a blood electrification device as they are generally safe. fast and effective for so many ailments...

The Beck Protocol from Sharing Health From The Heart

Build a Low cost & simple Magnetic Pulser

In a message dated 16/07/2004 01:40:30 GMT Daylight Time, writes:
Well done Terry. Could you print this out and spread it about?

Dear Sirs,

Passing 50 to 100 microamperes of simple D.C. electrical current through Aids infected blood disables the Aids virus and stops reproducing it was discovered in 1992.

It also works on a broad range of other viruses/bacteria including Hep-A,B,C and also quite importantly for malaria.see below.


Research conducted at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Ave., Bronx, N.Y.10461 in New York but researchers forced to keep quiet after being threatened by the pharmaceutical companies who would lose many 100 of billions of dollars if the method came into wide spread use. Remember an Aids person is a revenue stream for an average of 5 years of between $5000 to $20000 per person per year for the pharmaceutical industry.


Remember it is simple electrical current nothing else that disable the virus/pathogens. In the case of the Aids virus the electrical current stops it reproducing and the body's immune system removes the remaining virus. The level of the current is very low, 25 milliamps is required to electrocute a person.These devices only use 0.3 milliamps to 1 milliamp maximum.This is much less than a Tens device.

1 milliamp is 0.001amps.1 microampere is 0.000001 amps. No money can be made from such devices which are very cheap and easy to produce. No expensive toxic drugs with dangerous side effects are involved.

The practical device to neutralize Aids inside the body consists of two 0.5cm by 2 cm long electrodes wrapped in wet cotton or alternatively conductive foam attached to wrist pulse points or other major artery points and then a direct current of 300 microamperes TO 1000 microamperes (0.3 Milliamps to 1 Milliamps MAX to allow for losses through the skin) is passed through the electrodes and then through the blood.The current maybe adjusted to suit the condition or individuals.

It is important to use these particular electrode dimensions as the current density must be maintained at 4 to 9 microamperes per square millimetre of electrode.The higher currents near 1 milliamp produce more rapid results.

Every 5 minutes the current direction is reversed to prevent possible electrolysis.The voltage required to drive this current is from 20 to 40 volts max depending on skin resistance. Four 9 volt batteries in series would be sufficient. In poorer countries three 12 volt car batteries can be used in series. Application times vary from 20 minutes to up to an hour or more daily depending on condition.


At Beck-n-Stuff and Microelectricitygermkiller a number of private individuals have tried it for a number of viral/bacterial conditions including Aids, Malaria, CF, lymphomas and other Cancers with excellent results backed up by blood tests have submitted reports. The devices are very easy to make yourself and instructions are included at the links below.

Also remember cancers are caused by virus, bacteria and fungi and parasites and is contagious as a result. (Only if ones immune system is low - see Re: Brain Tumor - CG)

Check it for yourself by typing 'cancer microbe' in search engine Google for many hundreds of research papers.The mainstream medical establishment continues to deny this as it would be an admission of their closed minds over the decades.In the same way they denied for 20 years that their was a link between stomach ulcers and the bacterium Heliobactor Pylori.

That's why the incidence of cancer has risen to 1 in 3 now and continues to rise with no cure being found for the last 60 years and no cure in sight and the medical establishment denying that it is caused by viruses/microbes due to their entrenched position.

Last year 126,000 people in the U.K died from cancer and 36,000 died from pharmaceutical drug side effects. In the U.S. 245,040 people died from pharmaceutical drug side effects alone last year.

More information as well as original research is at sites below. The method is not confined to Aids only but has a broad spectrum of uses which is why the pharmaceutical companies are desperate to keep it hidden.

You have to type these complex links EXACTLY as otherwise they wont work or copy/paste. <---full research paper <---abbreviated paper <----how to make devices yourself. <----free electromedicine ebook, device construction plans <---user groups of electromed <---Cancer caused by microbes <---background to suppression
The BBC Horizon programme showed the futility of making vaccines for Aids viruses recently due to multi variant strains.Think of all the people who could have been saved since 1992 but due to this suppression have died. Also the Aids virus is spreading due to increased promiscuity in the general population.

I ask you to bring this knowledge to public awareness and for you to ask government officials some searching questions after studying the research papers above and below carefully. It is very important that the below research paper is read a few times over and over again to make it clear in your own mind. Once again it is simple direct electrical current that disables pathogens in the blood.

A research project by a small company in Africa showed blood electrification effectiveness on malaria as detailed below.The test is impossible to conduct in U.S.A due to interference by vested interests.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
Subj: [microelectricitygermkiller] SOTA's Clinical Trial Results on Malaria
Date: 05-Aug-03 11:04:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (sotainstruments)

Hello Group,

Below is a copy of an e-mail that SOTA has sent to Spectrum magazine. I thought it would be also appropriate to share this with some of the BECK chat lines. Please feel free to copy it and pass it on to whomever you wish. It is time to get the word out. We are not making ANY claims here! We are simply sharing the results of our clinical trials. Please draw your own conclusions, as free individuals with free will and sound minds.

I only wished that Dr. Bob Beck could be here (physically) to see the fruits of his labour.

Russell Torlage,
SOTA Instruments Inc.

Hello everyone at Spectrum Magazine (

We so very much enjoy your magazine, and we were pleasantly surprised to find this month's Spectrum with an article on Bob Beck's great work (August 2003)

Thank you for the kind words about our company.

In future if you are planning any follow-ups to Bob's work may we suggest you contact us ahead of time? We are working on many things to bring Bob's work to the world and we would be happy to share with you up-to-date research etc.

We've recently concluded a small trial we conducted in conjunction with a medical doctor in Nigeria. We have not shared this publicly as of yet and most likely won't until we can get a second trial done. [SOTA has decided to share on BECK chat lines.] However, we decided to share this with you and if you so choose your readers. We see Spectrum as being on the cutting edge...

As many of your readers know, it is very expensive and very difficult to get medical studies done in North America. However, because of the current situation in Africa, where so many people are sick, government regulatory bodies are easing up the requirements and, of course, the cost of doing studies there are not near so costly.

SOTA relies on doctors who have been exposed to the BECK Protocol to approach us about conducting a study. When that happens, a practitioner's heart is in the right place and money is not the primary issue. When we pursue a researcher to do a study, the costs quoted are prohibitive for us at this time.


A Medical Doctor in Nigeria contacted us in 2001 asking if the blood electrification aspect of the BECK Protocol was effective against Malaria. We told him we didn't know but it could be. We sent him a unit to try on one person who was willing to try it and whose life would not be put into danger by trying it. About two months later we heard back from him-the units had been effective with malaria in 5 out of 6 people.

Then we began the long journey (almost eighteen months) of putting together a proper small trial study. The Nigerian government gave us a letter of support. Unfortunately due to cultural differences everything took a lot longer to accomplish. We learned much about patience. In the end, we decided to stop the study prematurely (we were originally hoping to have 60 people included in the trial). When we stopped the trial, 37 people had been enrolled. Stopping prematurely meant that several of them had not finished the protocol or the testing. Another limitation was the fact once people tested negative for malaria, they no longer returned to complete testing and lab work (they were well so why keep returning to the doctor).

Of the 37 people, 12 were women and 25 were men. The age range was from 18 to 38. Subjects were either asymptomatic or symptomatic with malaria. We were unable to test the protocol on individual's with resistant malaria cases. The type of malaria was P. Falciparum, known to be the worst strain.

Blood Electrification was administered daily for one hour until lab work showed negative for malaria. Each person was to be tested for malaria on days 0, 3, 7, 14 and 28.

Only 8 people completed all the testing. Of these 7 tested negative for malaria and 1 still tested for malaria.

14 people completed the blood electrification and tested negative, but they did not complete all of the lab work subsequent to testing negative.

11 people didn't finish the protocol due to the study being stopped. Of these 11, all of their malaria loads were reduced, but not negative.

3 people's records weren't complete so we cannot use the details.

1 person was removed from the study before beginning because they also had typhoid and due to the parameters of the study they could not be included with the study.

An important note is that the majority of people testing negative showed negative between day 3 and day 7 testing. Also, virtually everyone had a significant reduction or elimination of symptoms on day 3.

This study is by no means conclusive, however we feel it has given us some good information as to the possible effectiveness of blood electrification as per Bob Beck with malaria. We are very much interested in continuing the research in this area, and are doing our best at finding funds that may be available to us now that we have an indication of the effectiveness.

We have other research projects that are in the beginning administrative stages. Once completed we will release the information.


SOTA has also been donating units to a few organizations in Africa. One such group operates out of remote villages in South Africa. They have approximately 90 health care workers that go out into the villages, trying to help people. SOTA sent them several units to use in the villages. We have not had a lot of feedback from can imagine how difficult communication is between third world conditions in these villages and our ultra-modern society. However the feedback we get always touches our hearts. We are planning on sending a unit for each of their health care workers so that they will be able to help more individuals. We have recently designed a unit for those in economically poor countries so they can afford what we consider the most important part of the BECK Protocol-blood electrification.

We have been told that people in the villages line up to use the units. The blood electrification units have to be shared and so go on to the next worker in another village. Unfortunately this means the treatment gets stopped prematurely in each village. For this reason we are going to send one unit per health care worker.

Thank you again Spectrum for being so interested in the BECK Protocol. In today's world there are so many gifts we have been given that can help us...we only need to have the desire to seek them.

Thank you,

Russell Torlage and Lesley Punt
SOTA Instruments Inc.

<< Subj: [microelectricitygermkiller] 9-volt relief
Date: 16/07/2004 01:40:30 GMT Daylight Time
From: (tcjc48)


I discovered the other day that some bugs had been feasting on my neck in the back just into the hairline. I had a large, sore, itchy bump.

I took a 9-volt battery and placed it with the electrodes on either side of the bump. First I wet the area with saliva and held the battery so that it just touched (too painful if too much contact). After 10 minutes, I had to go do something, but 20 minutes later, when I checked the bump, it was almost gone! The itching had stopped, with almost no soreness.

I can see the value of the 15K resistor (no stinging, right?). I just received a package of 200 of them, so I think I will start building them for my friends.

Terry Chamberlin


The group's main page has a menu to the left, with photos of Godzilla devices and other things useful in research. These are free to members. Membership is free, but you agree to be on your own, not take our freedom of speech as medical advice. We are not doctors! Repeat, we are ordinary lay people, not experts, not healthy officials, or geniuses of any kind. The information on this group is not intended as medical advice. Most group members are NOT doctors or health authorities. Please do not request medical advice, lest anyone get into trouble out of human compassion. There are huge fines and issues currently involved with unlicensed medical advice. The group is only here to share experiences according to the theme of the group, namely testing if electrical stimulus might inactivate microbes, as it seems to have done in the Einstein Medical College labs. We are interested in your results, but cannot say anything about repeatability, or whether this might have medical benefits. Thanks, for your understanding, good luck researching. --bG

More general information can be found by typing 'BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION' or 'BECK PROTOCOL' in web browser.

Below is a easy to understand version of the original paper. Look at the graphs and tables below.

Lab Test Results of HIV inactivation by electric current from Appendix E
Paper by W. Lyman, et al. Reporting Inactivation of AIDS Virus by Electric Current
William D. Lyman, Irwin R.Merkatz
William C. Hatch and Steven C. Kaali
Departments of Pathology,
and Obstetrics & Gynecology
Albert Einstein. College of Medicine,
1300 Morris Park Ave., Bronx, N.Y.10461


Overview: A non-flow vessel or cell included a pair of platinum electrodes 1 mm apart inserted into a well 1.56 mm in length and 8.32 mm in depth. The non-flow vessel was connected to a direct current source capable of creating an electric field at a constant voltage and constant amperage. Into this well was placed a suspension of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) at a concentration of 1,000,000 infectious particles per ml. An aliquot of approximately 10 ul of the virus suspension was placed into the well. Thereafter, the viral suspension was exposed to direct currents ranging from 0 microamps (uA) for up to 12 minutes, to 100 microamps for up to 6 minutes. Intermediate currents of 25, 50 and 75 microamps were used to expose similar viral aliquots. After exposure of the viral suspension to electric currents, the contents of the non-flow vessel were removed and placed into sterile microtubes. 5 ul of each sample were removed and diluted with 95 ul tissue culture medium supplemented with 10% fetal calf serum (FCS. unborn calf blood) In Experiment 1, the resuspended and treated viral stocks were incubated with a human T lymphoblastoid cell line named CEM-SS. This cell line, upon exposure to HIV-1, forms syncytia (giant cells). It is well documented that the viral titer (amount) used is directly correlated with the number of syncytia formed. Therefore, evaluation of infectivity of HIV-1 can be used with this assay. In contrast, Experiment No. 2 used a differnet human T lymphoblastoid cell line named H9. This cell line, in contrast to CEM-SS cells, produces, upon exposure to HIV-1, many viral particles. The amount of virus produced is proportional to the amount of virus to which the cells are exposed. Therefore, quantitation of viral particles, or more commonly associated viral protein (in this case reverse transcriptase), can be used as an index of viral infection. In both assays, the CEM syncytia forming assay and the H9 viral protein assay, similar type results were obtained. That is, with the CEM cells, although syncytium formation and quantitation is preferable, one can quantitate the HIV-1 associated protein (reverse transcriptase) activity and conversely with the H9 cells, although reverse transcriptase quantitation is preferred, one can quantitate giant cell (syncytia) formation. Both of these assays are widely used as reproducible measures of viral infection and can be used to determine if alterations in viral infectivity as a product of this electrical treatment can be detected.

Experiment #1

Approximately 100,000 CEM-SS cells per sample were incubated with a treated or untreated (control) viral aliquot for up to 4 days. The cells were placed into microtiter plate wells and monitored for formation of syncytia every 24 hours by microscopic observation. In a standardized fashion, as it has been reported in the literature and is currently being conducted in many laboratories, the number of syncytia at 3 and 4 days was determined. Table 2 summarizes the results from a representative experiment using this assay. As can be noted, the number of syncytia formed was inversely proportional to the amount of electric current. That is, additionally, with increased current (100 vs 50 uA) there was a reduction in the number of syncytia formed. These results and those of additional experiments using the CEM-SS cell line indicate a consistent finding that electrical treatment of the RF strain of HIV-1 attentuates the virus potential for inducing syncytium formation in this cell line.

Experiment #2

A separate and independent assay to determine the ability of electric current to alter HIV-1 infectivity using H9 cells was employed. The basic strategy was similar to that used for the CEM cells with the exception that the initial suspension of treated and controlled (non-treated) viral stock was incubated with 100,000 H9 cells for 2 hours at 37 degees Celsius. Thereafter, the cell virus suspensions were further diluted to 5 ml in standard tissue culture medium. The cell-viral suspensions were then incubated for up to 14 days at 37 degrees Celsius with 5% carbon dioxide. At 3 day intervals (beginning at day 2), aliquots of cell suspension were removed from each sample. The aliquots were centrifuged at 1,000 rpm for 5 minutes in order to pellet the cells. After centrifugation, the supernatant and cell pellets were seperated. The supernatant was cyropreserved for subsequent reverse transcriptase assay and the cell pellets were resuspended in fixatives and maintained in a tissue bank for additional studies employing in situ hybridization and immunocytochemistry to detect qualitatively and semi-qualitatively viral infection by HIV-1. At the end of each experiment, the supernatant samples from each of the tests and time points were examined using standard reverse transcriptase assay. The results of the representative experiment are shown in Table 3. The results of this experiment indicate the ability of HIV-1 to infect H9 cells is attenuated by the magnitude of the electrical currents to which the virus is exposed. Additionally, at lower current magnitude, but with prolonged exposure time, attenuation of viral infectivity is achieved. That is, analogous to the results observed using syncytium formation and the CEM-SS cell line, either increased current or increased duration of exposure time was inversely proportional to the amount of reverse transcriptase produced by the cell line.

In conclusion, these experiments which have been repeated several times, and those using the CEM-SS cell line, indicate at a statistically significant level that direct electrical current at biocompatible amperages for discrete exposure time intervals can attenuate the ability of HIV-1 to infect normally healthy cells which are susceptible to the HIV-1 AIDS virus.

TABLE 2 Syncytium Formation
of virus (Number of Syncytia)
-------- --------------------------------
1:20 TNTC TNTC 28 66 15
1:40 TNTC 175 22 42 7
1:80 TNTC 90 20 25 4
1:160 180 44 9 9 2
1:320 115 28 4 6 0
1:640 70 10 0 2 0
1:1280 40 7 0 0 0
1:2560 28 4 0 0 0
1:5120 15 2 0 0 0
1:10,240 10 1 0 0 0
1:20,480 4 0 0 0 0
------ ----- ----- ----- ------
0uA 25uA 50uA 75uA 100uA
(TNTC=too numerous to count)

Reverse Transcriptase Activity
(count per million x .001)
Days of Incubation
uAmps/Time(min.) 2 days 4 days
---------------- ------- ------
0/6 0 13.8
0/12 0 11.7
50/3 0 9.1
50/6 0 9.1
50/12 0 4.8
100/3 0 5.7
100/6 0 3.6

For a Herbal alternative see: Sweet Wormwood Heals Malaria


posted by Chris Gupta on Friday July 23 2004
updated on Tuesday October 3 2006

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Readers' Comments you think we can build the circuit ourselve....what are the side effects....?

Posted by: 123fahhh on August 8, 2007 07:11 AM


such discoveries are fantastic knowledge.
only a genius and not chance can bring knowledge into application.
how can the scientific society can be blind to it?

Posted by: samir chatila on August 27, 2010 10:54 AM


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