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July 17, 2006

Help Prevent Illness—Even Breast Cancer—by Avoiding Constipation!

"Curing constipation is guaranteed to make you feel better, and with the possible added benefit of preventing more serious illness even breast cancer—it's certainly worth the effort."

This is a very important post and serous consideration should be given to this if one wants to stay healthy!

"Constipation is not caused by an Ex- Lax deficiency!"

Yet again another triumph of nutrients! Although I think cod liver oil at a lower dose maybe more effective than flax seed oil. Don't forget to check out the important embellished links!

Chris Gupta

While constipation isn't a popular topic of conversation, it is, nevertheless, an important subject that could mean a world of difference to your overall health. The concept of bowel endotoxemia has been around for a long time (though, again, most people don't want to discuss it). This theory states, quite logically, that waste products aren't good for human cells, and that it's best that our bodies literally get rid of them every day, rather than retaining them internally and giving more time for absorption back into the body. Once reabsorbed into the bloodstream, bowel toxins can be distributed anywhere, including the breasts, where they can cause "atypical" and precancerous" changes. A number of years ago, a group of British researchers did a comparison study of severely constipated women, who had bowel movements approximately once a week, vs. women having daily movements and not suffering from constipation at all. All of these volunteers then had their breasts compressed sufficiently to squeeze out a few drops of fluid, which was then examined under a microscope. The women suffering from severe constipation had many more "atypical" and "pre-cancerous" cells found in their breast fluid than the women not suffering from constipation, who had few to none.

Of course, very few individuals have constipation as severe as the women reporting only "once-a-week" bowel movements. Infrequency of this level would understandably be associated with the heaviest reabsorption of bowel toxins. But all too many of us have milder degrees of constipation and are likely reabsorbing more toxins than our livers and other detoxifiying organs are meant to handle on a daily basis. If you have this problem, from mild to severe, it is important to find the cause, and correct it. Remember: Constipation is not caused by an Ex- Lax deficiency! One of the most widespread causes of constipation is insufficient fiber in the diet. Increasing dietary fiber with foods like carrots, beans, and whole grains is a good starting point. Supplemental forms of fiber, including oat bran, wheat bran, and psyllium, are all available at natural food stores. Psyllium is widely used, and can be found as whole or ground seeds or sometimes as a powder. A daily dose of 1 to 2 tablespoons dissolved in water is usually sufficient.

Essential fatty acids can also help relieve constipation, since they are the precursor material to hormones called prostaglandins, which help to regulate bowel function. Flax oil is the best option, and 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons daily is usually enough to help. To help prevent the essential fatty acids from oxidizing too rapidly, you should also take additional vitamin E (400 units daily) along with them. For people age 60 and older, additional folic acid may be helpful in reducing constipation. Six to eight 800-microgram (the largest quantity available in natural food stores) tablets per day, taken for several weeks can offer significant relief. Folic acid should be accompanied by 1,000 to 2,000 micrograms of extra vitamin B12 per day.

Two other common causes of constipation, especially as we grow older, are hypochlorhydria (lack of stomach acid) and insufficient production of digestive enzymes. For help in identifying the underlying cause of constipation and remedying it, contact a member of the American College of Advancement in Medicine (1-800-532-3688 or or the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (1-703-610-9037 or

Curing constipation is guaranteed to make you feel better, and with the possible added benefit of preventing more serious illness even breast cancer—it's certainly worth the effort.

Extracted from: Nutrition & Healing Vol 9, Issue 1 - Jan. 2002


posted by Chris Gupta on Monday July 17 2006

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