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May 29, 2007

Re: Vaccines

At 02:16 PM 29/05/2007, you wrote:
Why do you lump all vaccines together as a category that is dangerous rather than treating them as individual cases? Is that a good way to find out if vaccines are dangerous in your opinion? Also, why would you trust eyewitness accounts rather than treat them with a well needed grain of salt? If I found eyewitness accounts that contradicted your opinion would you just as easily change your mind about the 1918 flu or are you going to be selective again, fooling yourself into actually being less intelligent? If you are a faculty member it wasn't achieved through critical analysis of any subject related to the natural sciences obviously. Your opinions are of similar value to someone who believes that the earth is 6,000 years old. Your knowledge of the world is clearly created by authority of the source not reason and analysis and testing. The latter isn't fool proof and today their are more sophisticated ways of reasoning. However, that would be a good start.

Matthew Fuller

Thanks Matthew, for the feedback. I can understand your ire and concern, however, think it may be misplaced. In that all the things you are accusing me off should well be applicable to the mainstream medicine rather than someone like me. Unlike the vaccine pushers I do not get paid for a rigorous scientific approach that you suggest that I be mindful off and/or do. This job squarely falls under the auspicious of those whose job is exactly what you are asking me to do. This is what you find:

"off label applications of already inadequate and generally toxic drugs are being used villy nilly and the importance of nutrition is shoved under the rug while trials conducted on select populations are extrapolated to the untrialed populations including children and the elderly. Animal studies with totally different metabolisms are used as basis for humans without any human trials. The standards of testing from lab to lab differ often with no oversight. When only 6% of the drug advertising material is supported by evidence yet highly efficacious and often non palliative solutions based on nutrition, Orthomolecular, Oxidative and Electro medicine are routinely ignored while thousands continue to die and suffer. Any fool can see that majority of the diseases are due to a lack of nutrients. Yet the medical system behaves as though we have a deficiency of drugs. Not too bright - unless there are other agendas?"

Extracted from: Re: Feedback On Your Website

Do you really think that mainstream medicine evidence is really good scientific practice? See:

The Meningococcal Gold Rush - Pushing the Vaccine Agenda

Since you asked, here is some stuff right out of the mainstream texts clearly indicating how and why vaccines are known even to them to be dangerous:

Vaccines Often The Cause of "Multiple Sclerosis & Other DEMYELINATING Diseases"

Yet you and many professionals are totally oblivious - why?

If they are so safe and effective why this?

CODE RED Alert - U.S. Senate Bill Broadly Eliminates Liability For Vaccines And Drugs

and why the petition?

Petition - Show us the Vaccine Data

"The strange thing is that most of us will ignore massive side effects and deaths form conventional medicine but will not tolerate the slightest problem with alternative approaches"

Extracted from: Opinion of the Quackwatch site

My personal opinions are just that opinions and are not directives for others to follow. Rather they are simply fodder for thought and nothing more. Secondly those who have done their homework will quickly understand that vaccines are hardly the panacea that they have been made out to be. If you like please try to at least read some contrary information such as in the link below before swallowing the self serving mainstream junk science continually pushed on the unsuspecting. Then ask them for some real evidence of the efficacy of all the vaccines and other procedures they push. Given the lack of rigour in medical science in general how are you going to decipher the good from the bad?

Disease Reduction & Medicine

Chris Gupta


posted by Chris Gupta on Tuesday May 29 2007

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Re: Vaccines
At 02:16 PM 29/05/2007, you wrote: Why do you lump all vaccines together as a category that is dangerous rather than treating them as individual cases? Is that a good way to find out if vaccines are dangerous in your opinion? Also, why would you trust eyewitness accounts rather than treat them with a well needed grain of salt? If I found eyewitness accounts that contradicted your opinion would you... [read more]
May 29, 2007 - Chris Gupta



Readers' Comments

I'm searching for a doctor that can help me, back in Sept 07, my daughter got this gardasil vaccine, that paralysis her from chest down, my daughter has a lot going on in her little 15 yr old body. I have read a lot of your articles, you know a lot about vaccines, if you can't help, I hope that you can connect me with someone that can, You are friends with Dr. Russell Blaylock, He may can help or know someone. you have been practicing medicine for a long time, you have encountered hundreds of vaccine casualties, will you please help me.
This is my only child, I have to fight for justice, for my daughter, I cannot do it alone, You can reach me @ 731-986-3918 or cell @ 731-535-1219.My lawyer is,Scott Kirkpatrick @ 901-523-2161. which you can contact, and he can reach me.

Response: Please get in touch with Dr. Carley for a consult to learn how to reverse your disease with natural remedies, please call her at 828-294-0662 9A-9P/EST


Posted by: Vicki Corkern on May 8, 2008 11:15 AM


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