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July 08, 2003

Healing language

In France, reports Emma Holister of Candida International, it is strictly prohibited for anyone but a medical doctor to heal someone, to prescribe a remedy, or to claim that any natural treatment has medicinal or therapeutic properties.

This deplorable state of affairs is described in a book by Sylvie Simon in her book "Healing, al Illegal Practice".

The pharmaceutical monopoly of the healing arts has made deep inroads into our cultural and social fabric, declaring the practice of healing to be criminal - except if execised by those beholden to the pharma view of medicine.

The situation seems to be no better in the US, where "quackbusters" are sent after those who help people take care of their own health, without recourse to expensive and toxic pharmaceutically prescribed treatments, or in Canada, where nutritional help for the mentally ill is being suppressed because "it hasn't been researched", meaning it's not coming from pharma.

Meanwhile (11 July 2003) BBC publishes an article that makes one think things are already mending.

In any case, is time we examined this highly aberrated state of affairs and took back our right to self-determination and our freedom to choose. Emma Holister tells about the situation in France.


The French Prohibition on Words Related to Healing

By Emma Holister

Where does the EU directive that bans natural supplements lead us? The UK can look just across the water to France to get an idea…

On reading the book “Healing, an Illegal Practice” by France’s foremost health freedom author Sylvie Simon we not only discover the truth about the brutal repression of alternative medicine in France but that the very title of her book itself is causing a scandal.

The French Health Freedom Movement is faced with the confusing task of having to dance around in a baffling war of semantics in order to be able to preserve the citizen’s right to choose natural effective remedies. Simon’s title is aptly chosen.

The main problem facing alternative therapists in France is the fact that using certain words pertaining to health matters is against the law (L4161-1). Any therapist claiming the ‘therapeutic’ or ‘medicinal’ properties of a natural treatment risks being denounced and dragged before the law courts for ‘Illegal Practice of Medicine’. Worse still, they risk being denounced as gurus of dangerous sects. The repression is both medical and religious in nature!

Practitioners of alternative medicine and indeed patients and parents choosing alternative means to treat their children, are pursued, harassed, crimminalised and even imprisoned on the command of the pharmaceutically dominated medical authorities. There have even been cases of parents losing custody over their children for child neglect because they did not comply to the laws on compulsory vaccination of children against diphtheria, tetanus, polio and tuberculosis. A school has the right to refuse access to a child who has not been injected with these doubtful chemicals that research is revealing to be harmful to the child’s health and immune system.

These Inquisitors, as Simon aptly names them, do everything in their very great power to stamp out the population’s desire for alternative medicine. The chemical-pushing general practitioners who flaunt the occasional acupuncture needle around as a token gesture to their having ‘successfully integrated’ alternative medicine into mainstream allopathic medical practice is probably the scariest result of this repression of people’s basic human rights.

By law, no one other than a doctor from mainstream allopathic schools of medicine (controlled by the pharmaceutical industry) is allowed to PRESCRIBE, DIAGNOSE SYMPTOMS, or claim MEDICINAL, THERAPEUTIC or HEALING benefits for anything other than what is permitted by the medical authorities (in other words chemical pharmaceutical products). It is against the law for anyone other than a mainstream doctor to practise acupuncture and homeopathy. A contradiction? The truth of the matter is that the only way to officially see an alternative medicine practitioner is to go to your mainstream doctor, who naturally will put you back onto those antibiotics and synthetic hormones whilst claiming that acupuncture and homeopathy are very good but are slower and less effective than allopathic drugs – as they have naturally been ‘trained’ to do. Alternative medicine in France has been kidnapped and bastardised by the pharmaceutical industry.

What is the result of this crime against humanity on the French language? A few therapists in alternative ‘medicine’ (oops, can’t say ‘medicine’) claim to have no problem with this legal obstacle. They insist that all we need to do is abandon all vocabulary pertaining to health in order to practise natural ‘therapies’ (oops said the ‘therapy’ word) ‘freely’.

What is more worrying is that the general feeling of aversion towards doctors that is naturally occurring in this country has lead to a very predictable prejudice against those sensitive words ‘doctor’, ‘medical’, ‘cure’. Certain people have even criticised Sylvie Simon’s use of the words Healing and Illegal in her book, pointing out that alternative ‘medicine’ (oops, said it again), does not ‘cure’ because the patient ‘cures’ himself, that alternative ‘medicine’ (or should I say alternative whatsit) is not illegal as long as we don’t use the vocabulary of doctors, because natural therapies have nothing to do with ‘medicine’, ‘doctors’ and ‘cures’, these now being dirty words that the pharmaceutical industry are welcome to keep, we don’t want them anyway. Well, let’s see, what does that leave us with in terms of vocabulary?

When the massage therapist Savatofski was pursued by our friends in the Medical Inquisition for using the word ‘massage’ (permission to use this word is only granted to the state and doctor controlled kinesitherapeutes) the problem was ‘aptly’ overcome by changing the word ‘massage’ to ‘touching’, which so far, is not against the law. So whilst the alternative medicine practitioners jump for joy for having found a way to continue practising their healing art without more ado, the client is in the strange position of having to say ‘I’m going to get touched’ instead of ‘I’m going to have a massage’.

So what has our good old-fashioned health promoting massage been reduced to? Getting touched in a non-therapeutic manner? That sounds almost as bad as paedophilia!

What does a Chinese Doctor become? A Chinese Thingy? What does Oriental Medicine become? Oriental Stuff? What does Oriental Diagnosis become? Oriental What-ja-ma-call-it?

France is the only country in the world to have an official government committee which studies all the new words occurring in French culture and which determines which of those words will be officially allowed or disallowed.

So before anyone could confiscate my old dictionary with its old fashioned terms, I got it out sneakily and discovered that nowhere is it stated that these ‘medical’ words are the exclusive property of the pharmaceutically oriented modern medical world. In fact, looking at my dictionary of word origins, I discovered that these words all have ancient origins in Greek and Sanskrit that trace the entire history of humanity. So in reality these terms, historically speaking, describe what has now ironically come to be known as 'Alternative Medicine'. 

Seeing as our forefathers in all world cultures have always used these words, having always had the right to diagnose disease and prescribe healing remedies, I don't see why we should suddenly change and only allow pharmaceutically oriented doctors to use them. Especially when we know that pharmaceutical products are killing hundreds of thousands of people across the world every year - and that's just counting the industry’s poisonous 'remedies' not to mention all the deaths caused by their relentless poisoning of the planet with pesticides and chemical warfare!

Here is the result of my investigations with the dictionaries.

Dictionary of Word Origins by John Ayto

Publishers: Bloomsbury Reference


The underlying meaning of Greek diagnosis was ‘knowing apart’. It was derived from diagignoskein ‘distinguish, discern,’ a compound verb formed from the prefix dia- ‘apart’ and gignoskein ‘know, perceive’ (a relative of English ‘know’). In post-classical times the general notion of ‘distinguishing’ or ‘discerning’ was applied specifically to medical examination in order to determine the nature of a disease.



The words for ‘know’ in the various Indo-European languages mostly belong to one large many-branched family which goes back ultimately to the base gn-, which also produced English can and ken. Its Latin offspring was noscere, from which English gets cognition, incognito, note, quaint, etc. From its Greek branch come English agnostic and diagnosis. And in other Indo-European languages it is represented by, among others, Sanskrit janati ‘know’. Old Irish gnath ‘known’, and Russian znat. In the other Germanic languages it is the immediate relatives of English can (German and Dutch kennen, Swedish kanna, Danish kende) that are used for ‘know’: know itself, which was originally a reduplicated form, survives only in English.

The –ledge of knowledge was probably originally the suffix –lock ‘action, process,’ which otherwise survives only in wedlock.  Acknowledge is derived from knowledge.

- agnostic, can, cognition, diagnosis, incognito, ken, knowledge note, quaint, recognise.


Latin mederi ‘heal’ underlies all the English ‘medical’ words (it was formed from the base med-, which also produced English remedy). From it was derived medicus ‘doctor,’ which has given English medical: and on medicus in turn were based Latin medicina ‘practice of medicine’ (source of English medicine) and medicari ‘give medicine to’ (source of English medicament and medicate).


Chambers 20th Century Dictionary 1983


The identification of a disease by means of its symptoms: a formal determining description.


To ascertain from symptoms, as a disease.


Distinguishing, differentiating that by which anything is known: a symptom.


To lay down as a rule or direction: to give as an order: to appoint: to give directions for, as a remedy: to limit, set bounds to: to claim by prescription: to lay down rules: to give or make out a prescription: to make a claim on account of long possession: to become of no force through time.


The act of prescribing or directing: a written direction for the preparation of a medicine: a recipe: enjoyment, possession, use, etc. from time immemorial or for a period of time fixed by law by which a legal right or title is acquired: any claim based on long use, or an established custom taken as authoritative. : limitation of time within which action may be taken.

Refs: Sylvie Simon “Exercice illegal de la guerison

Ron Law’s Study on the Safety of Dietary Supplements:

See also:

"The ABC of a Global Dictatorship" on the ban of our safe and effective dietary supplements and "From Baby Food to a Nation of Babies" on the wrong doings of the United Nations Codex Alimentarius Committee on the website under HEALTH FREEDOM MOVEMENTS.

Modern Medicine: The New World Religion - The Hidden Influence of Beliefs and Fears by Olivier Clerc, France


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Tuesday July 8 2003
updated on Tuesday December 21 2010

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