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March 16, 2005

Will Magnetic Molecular Energizing Revolutionize Medicine?

Magnetic Molecular Energizing is a promising treatment modality intended primarily to stimulate the human body's metabolic processes and to increase its regenerative powers. While not yet officially approved - the treatment is still in the "experimental" stage - there are some centers in North America that deliver this treatment, and results obtained so far seem to be nothing short of impressive.

According to this site,

Magnetic Molecular Energizing (MME) is a treatment modality for various types of medical problems. These include particularly neurologic (brain, spinal cord and nerves) and orthopedic (bone and joint) disorders. MME treatment is considered investigational and is utilized under the direction and auspices of an Investigational Review Board (IRB). The IRB complies with FDA requirements for investigational therapy usage and results review. This IRB consists of expert physicians and other health professionals who determine the specific treatment protocols and review records and results.

MME therapy is safe and non-invasive. In some cases, patients may experience some tingling, however, most experience no ill effects and can talk, sleep, read or watch TV.

Jonathan Wright, M.D. put together the available information in a recent newsletter, which I enjoyed reading and would like to direct your attention to.

- - -

Breakthrough magnet therapy speeds up your body's healing power

By Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.

Usually, I use this space to tell you about various vitamins, minerals, and herbs that can help you achieve optimal health. But some of the most impressive healing results I've come across lately didn't have much to do with supplements. They came from a machine called a Magnetic Molecular Energizer, or MME.

By now, everyone knows about MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans. MRI is such an advance in health care that the inventors recently won a Nobel Prize for it. With a few exceptions, though, there have been very few treatment applications for electromagnetism.

But, thanks to the MME, that's starting to change dramatically. Case studies show that stroke, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetic neuropathy, and chronic non-healing injuries and other trauma can all be significantly improved with this breakthrough therapy.

Magnets' long healing history goes "high-tech"

The MME operates somewhat like an MRI as they both use strong DC electromagnetic fields. However, an MRI receives resonating electro- magnetic fields generated from the body due to a radio frequency input. This signal then creates an image. The MME applies DC electromagnetic fields to the body to treat various conditions. So an MRI is a "receiver," while an MME is a "transmitter."

The MME device is made up of two strong electromagnets, which apply a direct-current magnetic field to the body. Unlike MRI, MME treatments aren't done in a "tunnel." Instead, you lie on an open bed, which moves you into the correct position between the two magnets and magnetic fields.

These electromagnetic fields interact with the electrons in atoms in cells in the area of focus on your body. Some of the electrons on these atoms start moving faster, which leads to enhanced electron transfer. Electron transfer is the basic action in all chemical reactions of the body.

So the magnetic field causes all your body's normal processes to become heightened. Oxygen gets carried throughout the body faster and more efficiently. Nutrients from your food and supplements get assimilated more quickly and effectively. Waste gets removed from your cells and organs sooner than it would otherwise. And, perhaps most importantly, tissues get regenerated more rapidly, which means that healing time for all sorts of injuries-from brain and nerve damage to broken bones -is dramatically reduced. And, with MME, tissues that have remained damaged and unhealing for years, even decades, can be induced to heal. This allows the patient to recover significant-sometimes even complete-function.

This sounds very technical and involved, and on a molecular level, it is. But magnet therapy has actually been around for quite a long time, well before technological advancements like MRI and MME machines. In fact, ancient Egyptians and Greeks used magnets for healing.

But like any other alternative therapy, magnets have met with their share of skepticism and criticism. And the magnet hype that came about several years ago-coupled with the deluge of substandard magnetic products boasting wild claims-certainly didn't do much to help this therapy's reputation. But the fact is, magnets do work in many cases.

Different magnets, different results

True, MRI and MME are very different from the magnets you've seen advertised on TV or in magazines. Those types of magnets are called permanent, or static, magnets and expose the body to both poles of a magnetic field. The primary difference is that static magnets don't use electric currents to direct and "power" their magnetic fields. So the results are much weaker than what you get from the MME, and static magnets wouldn't have the power to treat some of the serious conditions the MME can treat.

But, as much as the skeptics and naysayers downplay static magnet therapy, I think it's safe to say that if it didn't work at all, we probably wouldn't have advancements like the MRI and MME, which do have proven clinical applications.

Don't get me wrong: I'm skeptical about machines and devices promising amazing results. I've observed that nature provides us with most of the healing tools we'll ever need. And I've seen-in countless people-the positive impact vitamins, minerals and other natural substances can have. But don't forget that as technologically advanced as the MME is, magnetism - and the magnetic fields around your cells - is natural. And as another natural option for helping your body heal itself without patent medications or surgery, the MME is worth a closer look.

MME's inventor, Dr. Dean Bonlie and his colleagues at MME centers in North America are conducting clinical trials under the supervision of an Institutional Review Board as required by the FDA for "approval." These clinical trials on the MME aren't yet complete, but Dr. Bonlie and the other investigators have a wealth of personal experiences from their patients that they shared with me. The case studies ran the gamut, but I'll just share some of them here, starting with the MME's effects on nerve damage and neurological disorders.1

Patients recover from brain and nerve damage without intensive physical therapy

Many times, recovering from brain injuries or repairing nerve damage brought on by disease takes months or even years of arduous physical therapy. The long hours and intense exertion can be just as emotionally draining for the patient as it is physically. And all that hard work often results in minimal changes to their condition.

That's what made the case histories the doctors shared with me particularly interesting: Their patients have been able to recover significant nerve function with absolutely no exertion using MME therapy.

One such patient had suffered multiple strokes during open heart surgery: His medical records indicated that he'd been without blood flow to areas of his brain for at least 13 minutes. Before he received MME treatment, he had undergone all the conventional treatments available, which helped bring back his kidney function and motor function. But he still couldn't see, had lost most of his memory and reasoning capacity, and, according to his family, he had considerable personality changes.

This patient received MME treatment for three weeks, 11 hours a day. It does sound like quite an intense treatment protocol and time commitment, but some severe cases require longer sessions than others. Minor conditions might only require a few hours of MME treatment-protocols are based on the patient's individual needs. And keep in mind that MME is non-taxing for the patient, so even long treatment periods aren't nearly as exhausting as most physical therapy sessions. Patients are free to take personal breaks as needed.

After three weeks of treatment, this patient's memory, reasoning capability, and personality had all returned to normal, according to both him and his family. Unfortunately, his vision didn't return, but with the other progress he'd made, he was able to function independently enough to enroll in a school for the blind.

Researchers think that these effects might be due to the changes that magnetic fields can cause in nerve cells. In one study published in 1999, human nerve cells exposed to magnetic fields demonstrated changes in their shape and growth. They formed organized patterns, and grew branches (dendrites) with specialized communication structures within 20 minutes.2

This ability to help spark nerve branch growth might explain another of the case histories-this one of a young man who had nearly all of his spinal cord surgically removed to eliminate a tumor. Consequently, he was paralyzed and had no feeling from the chest down except for one spot of his right big toe.

After five days of 10- to 15-hour MME sessions, he began to regain sensation in both of his legs, and continued to improve for the remainder of the treatment. By the end of his treatment, he was no longer paralyzed and could walk behind his wheelchair, leaning on it for support.

Four months later, he had lost some of his improvement, so he took another 120 hours of treatment, and regained the sensory and motor improvement that he had achieved immediately after the first series of treatments. This is unusual, though: In most cases, the results from MME treatment are permanent. But one year after his second round of treatment, this patient has maintained his improvement.

MME also works on diseases of the nervous system, such as cerebral palsy. There are few sadder sights than children with cerebral palsy. Their frequent uncontrollable motions and difficulty relating to others are usually lifelong. But the MME is helping some of these children beat those odds. In one case, a 4-year-old boy with frequent arm and leg spasms, double vision, and difficulty speaking was brought in by his parents for MME treatment. After 60 hours, his double vision improved dramatically. After 130 hours, he could sit upright by himself, and use a styrofoam cup without routinely crushing it in his hand.

The doctors tell me that, so far, every patient with cerebral palsy has improved significantly.

Back pain wiped away

Granted, the nerve problems in those case studies are somewhat out-of-the-ordinary. But the MME also appears to help nerve damage - and pain - brought on by more common causes as well.

Dr. Bonlie showed me before-and-after MRI scans of one individual whose herniated disc could clearly be seen almost entirely "closing off" the entire adjacent spinal canal. This patient had been in continual pain, and was unable to work. After MME treatment, the follow-up MRI showed the badly herniated disc barely protruding into the spinal canal at all. The patient became entirely symptom free, and resumed normal activity.

With back pain being one of the most common complaints in this country, and with so few truly effective, non-surgical ways to treat it, MME opens up a whole new avenue of relief for the millions of people looking for it.

Heal nagging, persistent injuries in 1/3 the time

The doctors have also had great success with common injuries like sprains and bone fractures. Of course, bones do still heal in a cast, and sprains do still heal if you stay off the injured body part. In most cases, the "old way" is probably still the most cost efficient for the majority of people. But knowing that MME can heal acute injuries like these in about 1/3 the expected time is a good testament to its power and potential.

But sometimes injuries and trauma "just won't heal" no matter how long you wait. MME can often induce complete recovery. Here are a couple of examples the doctors gave me:

- An internationally ranked professional tennis player who had been struggling with tennis elbow for months fully recovered after just 5 1/2 hours of MME treatment. She then went out to win the Australian Open.

- A professional football player in the NFL had a chronic recurrent elbow injury that wasn't alleviated even after two arthroscopic surgeries. The injury restricted his elbow motion, and he had to wear a brace during games. After 16 hours of MME treatment, he reported that his elbow felt "almost normal." After one more 8-hour session, his elbow was completely normal, pain-free, and he had complete restor- ation of motion. He played the final six games of the football season with no splint, and- more importantly-with no pain.

MME's "big three"

Most of the work with MME is focused on neurologic, orthopedic, and cardiovascular problems. It sounds like a small list, but the array of conditions it encompasses is staggering. The doctors I spoke with have used MME to successfully treat:

- Parkinson's disease. The disease's characteristic jerking movement, fatigue, and "freeze ups" are all reduced with MME therapy.

- Congestive heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). MME therapy has helped CHF and COPD patients clear their lungs of fluid and eliminate their need for oxygen.

- Liver fibrosis. In addition to returning liver function tests to the normal range, MME can also alleviate the debilitating fatigue brought on by this condition.

- Diabetic neuropathy. Dr. Bonlie reports that every patient he's treated for diabetic neuropathy with MME has recovered completely.

A summary prepared several years ago by four MME centers states: "Of an initial 114 patients receiving MME treatment, 75 [65.8%] showed significant improvement. The most promising results were in cerebral palsy, where seven of seven patients improved. A 40 year old patient, quadriplegic since birth, became ambulatory after 200 hours of treatment... Patients with Parkinson's disease, CNS injury, stroke, and MS also benefited."

Since that time, physicians at MME centers have also observed improvement in many other previously untreatable or chronic problems, including seizure disorders, Alzheimer's disease, concussions, autism, and Bell's palsy

Finding MME treatment near you

When Dr. Bonlie completes the FDA "approval" process, there will undoubtedly be more MME centers cropping up across the country. And insurance companies may start picking up some of the costs involved. Right now, since it's still considered "experimental," most insurance plans won't cover MME treatments.

But even though it's not "approved" or covered by insurance yet, you can still get MME treatments at several clinics affiliated with Dr. Bonlie's Advanced Magnetic Research Institute (AMRI). In fact, I was so impressed by all the case reports that my wife, Holly (who's also a nurse), and I are having MME systems installed right next to Tahoma Clinic, where we'll combine it with our time-tested natural therapies for even better results.

There are also five other MME centers in the United States and Canada:

- AMRI-Calgary:
5421 11th Street NE, #109
Calgary, Alberta T2E 6M4
Dr. Dean Bonlie, inventor and principal investigator

- AMRI-Laguna Niguel:
27652-B Camino Capistrano
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Dr. David Stokesbary

- AMRI-Pennsylvania:
195 Stock Street #211
Hanover, PA 17331
Dr. Trent Nichols, Jr.

- AMRI-Michigan:
43393 Schoenherr Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48313
Drs. Mike Opipari, Diane Culik, Anthony Halat, A. Ronald Rook, and Ronald T. Rook

- AMRI-North Carolina:
217 Dayspring Way
Mocksville, NC 27028
(336) 492-2800
Dr. Larry Pearce

MME treatments are generally billed on an hourly basis, and usually run about $50 per hour. It can add up. But keep in mind that, as expensive as it can be, MME's healing effects on otherwise "incurable" problems can also be well worth the price tag.

And don't forget that, as you've read in these pages numerous times, there are also effective vitamin and nutrient solutions for some of the conditions MME can treat. Plus, some of the MME centers also recommend a comprehensive supplement program in addition to MME treatments, to enhance the healing effects. So you may want to start with the nutritional approach first and decide whether to try MME based on your results with that.

I'll keep you posted on the results we achieve at the Washington MME center. Until then, if you're interested in learning more about MME and how it might be able to help you, contact the Tahoma Clinic (see "Resources" on page 8), or any of the other clinics listed on page 4. JVW

Citations available upon request and on the Nutrition & Healing website:


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Wednesday March 16 2005
updated on Monday November 29 2010

URL of this article:





Readers' Comments

I'm sorry, but this reads like a crock. What a coincidence that Johnathan Wright was "so impressed" with the therapy but is also planning on selling it to his patients, despite the fact that it's undertested and has no idea how it works.

The Skeptic's dictionary says the jury is still out on magnetic therapy (see, and the claims about it in Wright's article aren't very coherent. The magnetic therapy "speeds up" all bodily processes? Great, then logically it should make cancer grow faster too, right? And I guess anyone who uses magnets will be aging more, having to go to the bathroom more often, and spending and consuming more energy. That's if you believe that they have any effect at all.

Perhaps someday we'll understand the mechanism behind the seemingly miraculous effects described herein. But until we do understand them, trying to make a buck off of them is unethical and immoral.

Posted by: peterb on March 27, 2005 03:17 AM


thanks for the comment, peterb.

I prefer something more balanced than the "skeptics" community, which seems mostly composed of a few backwards hardliners who make it a profession to make nothing out of any advance in the healing arts, or for that matter, in technologies and a number of other fields.

Wasn't Robert Park the same one who said cold fusion is all delusion? If you care to look there are literally thousands of papers on continuing research in this emerging field that is pushing the boundaries of our knowledge. This article goes a bit into that.

I have no bones with Jonathan Wright planning to use the technology and offer it to his patients. How else could we progress knowledge about it, how could we realistically establish if something works or doesn't, unless some brave souls like Wright started to apply it, even in the absence of the double blind routine that can only be financed with great difficulty and will not be financed by anyone in control of how our research money is spent, seeing the pharma-centered direction all research seems to take these days.

Instead of the "skeptic" propaganda, I would rather point to other, in my view less biased sources, such as

(Magnetic Molecular Energizing for Cerebral Palsy)

Posted by: Sepp on March 28, 2005 06:26 PM


How about posting the citations for some peer reviewed publications in reputable scientific journals for MME? The claims seem pretty spectacular and the cases mentioned sound compelling, but without unbiased scientific study of this type of therapy it is all hype and no science. Magnets are pretty mysterious to most people and the reasons thet MME should be beneficial are also rather mysterious. Let's see some placebo controled well documented studies thaat are laid out in detail for the scientific community to read, consider and constructively criticize.

Posted by: R Dyer on November 11, 2007 08:20 PM


Re MME, the results seen to date are largely anectodal, hence preliminary and possibly biased. Let's wait for the outcome of controlled studies under the auspices of the FDA before making any judgments, pro or con.
Herman Rutner, industrial R&D scientist, consultant

Posted by: Herman Rutner on January 2, 2008 12:32 PM


I agree with Herman Rutner that what we have here is a lack of studies that unequivocally prove benefits. MMR is an investigational method of healing, according to the AMRI in Michigan. Here is how they describe it:

Magnetic Molecular Energizing (MME) is an investigational treatment modality for various types of medical problems. These include particularly neurologic (brain, spinal cord and nerves), orthopedic (bone and joint) disorders and certain cardiac and pulmonary disorders. MME treatment is considered investigational and is utilized under the direction and auspices of an Investigational Review Board (IRB). The IRB complies with FDA requirements for investigational therapy usage and results review. This IRB consists of independent expert physicians and other health professionals who determine the specific treatment protocols and review records and results. MME therapy is safe and non-invasive. In some cases, patients may experience some tingling, however, most experience no ill effects and can talk, sleep, read or watch TV. The treatment plan for each patient will vary dependent on the individual and the problem treated. Treatment durations may also vary between a few hours (8-10) to several hundred (200-300) hours. The benefit is additive. However, treatment results are best if treatment continues, uninterrupted, until maximum results are obtained. Treatment should occur on a consecutive daily basis. Although no absolute assurances can be given, there is good reason for optimism of benefit, in individuals who are accepted for treatment. MME enhances and promotes healing of tissues at the cellular and molecular level.
I do not think people should rush to get MME, but there seems to be reason to believe that it may turn out to be an efficient treatment. Anyone getting it must look out for their own good - which is true for ALL treatments, whether FDA approved or not. Hundreds of thousands of people dying at the hands of "approved" medicine each year in America advise caution, not only for things that haven't been examined by the FDA yet.

Posted by: Sepp on January 3, 2008 06:35 AM


I have used a super magnet for backpain which I made with 2 flexable magnetic sheets and 10 super magnets which lower the pain in my back to a managable level.
I can not accertain from reading materials from the internet if they are or are not effective.

I can say that the one I made has helped me to resume almost regular day to day living.

I suggest people stop bad mouthing information and try using it, it may work for you but not your doctor, so what!?!

David S

Posted by: David Stiebel on October 26, 2008 02:59 PM


The bashers who say magnets do not heal are incorrect. Acupuncture uses magnets - sometimes in place of needles. It took thousands of years before the AMA finally recognized that acupuncture is legitimate. Maybe it will take them a few hundred more to catch up on magnets.

And yes, my family uses MME with good results. We have seen others who have had miraculous effects that cannot be obtained elsewhere - particularly stroke victims. As with any therapy, a lot depends on the injury.

Posted by: Anonymous on April 11, 2009 12:31 PM


Exellent article. I have known about magnetic therapy for years. I have my most reliable information from two scientists who studied magnets
and biological effects for thirty years, Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls. I have used magnets for healing personally.
They do work!

Posted by: Trevor on November 29, 2009 12:21 PM


Mainstream medicine routinely trashes any alternative treatment that shows promise or (HEAVEN FORBID) c-u-r-e-s a condition/disease. The evidence of this tyranny is out there for anyone who cares to do the research. However, all one has to do is look at the stats for mainstream medicine's cure rate for cancer: (which is three percent!) BTW, if you get diagnosed with cancer and you choose to do NOTHING, you have a 27 percent chance of it resolving/curing on its own.
Wake Up People!

Posted by: debra trojan on December 30, 2010 10:10 PM


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