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June 29, 2005

Globalizing Health - Documentary Exposes Codex, FDA, WTO Agenda

I just watched a documentary, produced by Kevin Miller, that takes up the subject of international health legislation, as promoted by the European Union, Codex Alimentarius, the FDA and other, lesser players. "We become silent" is the first comprehensive effort to bring together testimony and information about an ongoing battle for health freedom.

Under the pretext of "protecting consumers", international rules are being put into effect, first in Europe but soon in other parts of the world, to tightly regulate healthy foods. The upshot is: kiss your vitamins good bye. And not only vitamins are due to be legislated out of existence. These new rules passed in relative secrecy by international committees but intended to be binding to the whole world will make it impossible to say NO to pharma-dominated medicine because one by one, the natural alternatives will all have been eliminated.

See the only known footage from inside a Codex Alimentarius meeting. Find out how, starting from Germany, the health madness spread all over Europe and is soon to engulf the rest of the world. And see what US legislators have to say about the mechanism of enforcement by which these new rules are going to be made binding, even on the mighty US. If you don't know Codex Alimentarius like the back of your hand or if anyone has told you that Codex is "nothing to worry about", you should see this film.

If you use supplements or natural medicine in any form, you should see the film to know what's coming your way - and please, DO SPREAD THE WORD.

Here is the link to Kevin's Video "We become silent"

- - -

Should the above link to see the documentary give you any trouble - too much demand exceeding bandwidth allocation - you can try three alternative sites that have put up the movie: (see banner on top of the page) and (look for a "ticker tape" type link).

- - - - - - -

As a regular reader of my site, you may know many of these things already, at least you have a clue how things are going in the health zone. And that reminds me - while you are here, subscribe for regular updates on new articles - top right hand column.

- - - - - - -

A comment from Jon Rappoport of


JUNE 29, 2005. I want to present an overview here of what is coming down the pipeline.

I'm not trying to focus on all the details.

Through the actions of Codex, and the European Food Directive people, and the FDA, and the WTO, and by virtue of the various other free-trade treaties in the works, we are seeing a global squeeze play on nutritional supplements.

These converging vectors are offered as "consumer protection against dangerous and unworkable nutrient products." That is, of course, a lie.

As the squeeze play continues, we are going to be faced with a situation in which we need to DO SOMETHING.

In fact, doing something has been necessary now for a few years, at the very least.

I'm talking about a massive rebellion.

One which will be felt where it counts.

The plan from above is to cut off our access to supplements at the potencies we want, and to curtail altogether the sales of many, many supplements.

There may be arguments about how this plan from above is going to be enacted against us. Some people say this, and other people say that.

Some people claim that WTO can do this but can't do that.

Some people say the FDA will do this but won't do that.

We all need to understand that debates about exactly how the heavy hitters are coming at us is, at first, less important than the fact that they HAVE been coming at us for a long time.

It does no good to pretend that, because of certain details in the Codex rules, because of the current law on supplements in the US, because of pending suits, we are going to sail blithely and successfully through small loopholes and remain unscathed.

It's going to come down to a massive rebellion for us.

It's already come down to that.

I now want to talk about the USA. Some of you will recall that, in the early 1990s, there arose the Health Freedom movement. It was a huge response to efforts by the FDA to limit our free access to all supplements across the board.

The result, such as it was, was the DSHEA law. It kept the FDA off our backs. There is some argument about how solid and water-tight that law actually was. But it seemed to succeed.

The law was passed because millions and millions of letters were sent to people in Congress demanding health freedom.

I assure you that, after the upcoming Codex deliberations in Rome in the next few weeks, unless Codex is forced to delay its final verdict on supplements, we in the US are going see a new level of PR directed, through the press, against supplements.

And this wave is going to carry through to the point where, in the US, somebody in Washington is going to pull levers. Somebody is going to try to lower the boom.

What form will this manipulation take? Will it be a new law? Will it be an amendment tacked on to a bill? Will the FDA restructure its own regulations to "improve enforcement of DSHEA?"

I don't know.

And WHEN will this new manipulation occur? A few weeks after Codex renders its final verdict? A few months? A year?

I don't know.

But it's going to happen.

We have a problem.

On the one hand, we know from experience in the 1990s that a massive popular push, in the form of phone calls (flood the lines), emails (jam the email boxes---this method wasn't available in the mid 1990s), faxes, and personal visits to Congressional offices DID HAVE AN EFFECT.

It only had an effect because the push was so huge.

But in that case, there came a point where people could tell their representatives to vote yes on DSHEA. The message was simple.

On the other hand, now we are in more cloudy waters.

Yes, I know a new free-trade treaty, CAFTA, is now moving through Congress, and a gigantic protest against it is worthwhile.

But I'm talking about the manipulators in the US enacting a final solution to free access to supplements. A direct death blow.

We don't know the form that final solution will take, and therefore we don't know how to keep our message simple.

People in the Congress, if they respond favorably to their own constituencies at all, need precise instructions. They need black and white. They need vote no on that, vote yes on this.

So I want to put some minds to work here.

Do we need a law suit? A new law? A White House edict (I sure hope not) against upcoming FDA regulations? All of the above?

Once we accept and admit that the axe is going to come down---once we realize that it's going to happen---THEN we have to get down to specifics. We have to predict. We have to find inside information.

For example, it may be true that Codex and FDA and WTO will leave a few loopholes open, but will it really be EFFECTIVE to try to drive through those holes? Will it work?

We are past abstractions. We are about pragmatic outcomes.

It's my considered opinion that ten million faxes to Congress right now that say KEEP ALL OUR SUPPLEMENTS AVAILABLE are going to fall on deaf ears.

I'm not saying don't do it, but these basically ignorant and unsympathetic and sold out types in Congress need, at the very least, a very exact message that they can carry out.

That's why I want to put some minds to work.

I want to hear from groups who have already formed to control what Congress (and the FDA) will try to do to torpedo us. What is your specific plan? Why do you think it will win? How do you think the government is going to come at us?

Over the years, I've taken other actions. Those were (and are) directed at shifting public opinion on the matter of the FDA itself. Getting more and more people to realize that the FDA is a criminal agency, a RICO crime in progress. And I've exposed a number of crimes of the drug industry and allied organizations---e.g, WHO and CDC.

This has worked, to a degree, because many other people have been doing the same thing, too.

But if this comes down (and it will), on the issue of free access to supplements, to a US government action to deliver a knockout blow, the enormous rebellion will require something more and different.

We're talking end game here.

A popular rebellion focuses tremendous energy from many quarters. It has to WORK.



posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Wednesday June 29 2005
updated on Monday December 13 2010

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Readers' Comments

"We become silent" DVD now available!
Message from Kevin Miller

I am sending this email to over 500 of you who have requested to buy WE BECOME SILENT. Approximately 25,000 people have viewed this documentary online...and now you can order the DVD online and see the true beauty of this film.

You can now purchase the film DIRECTLY through Amazon.

We are replicating more than 3,000 DVDs because of the massive response to WE BECOME SILENT. It could take 2-3 weeks for them to arrive, but we will have many people shipping once they are back from the replicators.

Thank you for your patience while we have been establishing this is greatly appreciated. And thank you for the hundreds of kind comments you have made about WE BECOME SILENT. Your opinions matter a great deal to me...after all, I produced this film for YOU.

Please continue to tell people about the film.

I wish you well...and PLEASE stay in touch.

Keep fighting for freedom wherever you are...and if you have great stories for our follow-up documentary, please write me personally.

Thanks again...I am humbled by your warmth and kindness.

Kevin P. Miller

Posted by: Sepp on July 8, 2005 11:33 AM


Here is a comment on "We become silent" from Australia:

After having seen this gripping expose of what is happening with our rights and liberties with regards to free health (natural or artificial) choice, this free movie will rock you.

This is one movie that needs to be shared with many people globally.

Click on/or copy and paste the part where it saysWE BECOME SILENT' Video (28 Min.)(76.5 Megs) .

Please watch and share it with those you care for...


Michael Desveaux
Transformation 2012- Evolutionary Changes & Higher Awareness Research
Products, Information & Membership on;
Natural & Electro Medicine, Free Energy Technology,
Suppressed Information, Earth & DNA Changes + MORE... 


P.O Box 68, Sandown Village, Victoria 3171, Australia

Posted by: Sepp on October 4, 2005 11:46 AM


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