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February 05, 2007

Health Supreme NewsGrabs - 5 February 2007

Sepp Hasslberger's News Grabs - a selection of alternative health news and related bits of interesting information ...

In this issue:

Vitamins Fight Disease -
Divers benefit from Vitamins -
New Zealand to Restrict Natural Products -
Cheap, safe drug kills cancers -
UK: Branson to launch stem-cell bank -
FDA Revamps Drug Safety Process -
Zyprexa Injuries -
Merck lobbies to require cervical-cancer vaccine for schoolgirls -
Banning Aspartame in New Mexico -
UK: Bitter Apricot Kernels meet disapproval -
Debate About Control of AIDS Epidemic -
AIDS microbicide gel studies halted -
Video: "HIV = AIDS, Fact or Fiction?" -
AIDS: World waits on South Africa verdict -
AIDS or Candida albicans? -
Iran unveils herbal remedy against AIDS -
Medical trial guinea pigs contract HIV -
U.S. flu crises guidelines issued -
Medical Mistakes: Patient, protect thyself -
Study Links Air Pollution, Heart Disease -
Cat Stevents: the peace train -

- - -

VITAMINS FIGHT DISEASE: Nutrients Effective but Overlooked
Vitamin supplementation fights disease. Although medical research has repeatedly shown this, such has not always been the case in the news media. Recently, however, the popular press is picking up more of the good news: Nutritional therapy is cheaper, safer, and often more effective than pharmaceutical drugs.

- Niacin was first used to successfully lower serum cholesterol in 1955.
- An abundance of vitamin D seems to help prevent multiple sclerosis.
- People who have vitamin E in their bodies live longer.
- Having more vitamin C in your blood plasma reduces your risk of stomach cancer.

And best of all, vitamins are safe.

Vitamins benefit divers' health
The scientists from Croatia and Norway gave vitamins C and E, which work as antioxidants, to divers, the Journal of Physiology reported. The vitamins stopped ill-effects of the dive on the cells lining blood vessels, which can lead to high blood pressure and other associated diving problems. The team found that antioxidant treatment prevented endothelial dysfunction, which stops the cells lining blood vessels working properly, causing high blood pressure. High blood pressure is relatively common in divers and can lead to conditions such as pulmonary oedema - fluid on the lungs which can be found in divers.

Will New Zealand Restrict Natural Products Availability?
The project of a TransTasman Joint Health Agency, meant to extend the rather restrictive Australian system to its smaller neighbour and thereby close a loophole through which Australians are able to obtain certain healthy products that are formally prohibited in their country, is making its way through the New Zealand legislature.

Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers
DCA attacks a unique feature of cancer cells: the fact that they make their energy throughout the main body of the cell, rather than in distinct organelles called mitochondria. This process, called glycolysis, is inefficient and uses up vast amounts of sugar. Until now it had been assumed that cancer cells used glycolysis because their mitochondria were irreparably damaged. However, Michelakis’s experiments prove this is not the case, because DCA reawakened the mitochondria in cancer cells. The cells then withered and died.

Branson to launch stem-cell bank
Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson is set to launch a company which will let families bank and store stem cells from their child's umbilical cord. Virgin says its service is unique because it will offer a charitable element, allowing the NHS to use some of stem cells the company stores. Sir Richard explained: "We will take an individual's cord blood and we will divide it in two. "So, part of it will go into a national blood centre that anybody can get access to. And the other half will be put aside for the child."

FDA Revamps Process for Safety of Drugs After Approval
Officials outlined plans to better monitor safety problems after drugs are approved and to make internal changes to increase the profile of agency scientists who raise red flags about drugs. The steps were announced in response to a report last year by the congressionally chartered Institute of Medicine (IOM) that called for an overhaul of the FDA's culture and structure following safety controversies over drugs such as the painkiller Vioxx. Officials said the steps will restore the trust and confidence of Congress and the public. They also pledged a renewed commitment to good science as the best way to counter critics who say the agency is too cozy with drug companies.

I will believe it when I see the first few of the worst offending drugs taken off the market - including toxic sweetener Aspartame which was approved following political pressure brought by Donald Rumsfeld - over the objections of the FDA's own scientists...

Zyprexa Injury Clock Keeps Ticking Away
The on-going legal battle over the disclosure of secret Eli Lilly documents that reveal the serious health risks associated with Zyprexa and the company's off-label promotion of the drug involves a matter of grave public concern. But observers on the sidelines of this courtroom circus say the conduct of the judge in helping Lilly keep documents secret that give the specific details of an illegal marketing scheme that is literally killing people is almost as disturbing as the underlying acts.

Merck lobbies states to require cervical-cancer vaccine for schoolgirls
AUSTIN, Texas - Merck & Co. is helping bankroll efforts to pass state laws requiring girls as young as 11 or 12 to receive the drugmaker’s new vaccine against the sexually transmitted cervical-cancer virus. With at least 18 states debating whether to require Merck’s Gardasil vaccine for schoolgirls, Merck has funneled money through Women in Government, an advocacy group made up of female state legislators around the country. A top official from Merck’s vaccine division sits on Women in Government’s business council, and many of the bills around the country have been introduced by members of Women in Government.

MSNBC is conducting a straw poll. You can vote here

Banning Aspartame in New Mexico
Stephen Fox of Santa Fe lobbies to support bills to ban Aspartame, the neurotoxic artificial sweetener. "Last year, lobbyists put the kibosh on the Governor speaking out, perhaps reminding him that a Presidential Candidate should not be impugning Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and other corporate end-users of Aspartame."

Bitter Apricot Kernels meet disapproval of UK Food Watchdog

I say let the Committee On Toxicity issue their advice if they will, but let people be free to buy and sell - and to eat if they wish - the apricot kernels of their choice.

Having two apricot trees in my garden, I eat the kernels together with the fruit when I feel like it, and I certainly won't limit myself to one or two of them. Experience tells me that there aren't any untoward effects in exceeding their extremely, if not ridiculously, cautious recommendation.

We should tell those would-be babysitters that we welcome their advice, but also that we are grown-ups who can determine on their own what to eat or not to eat.

Debate About Natural Control of the AIDS Epidemic Triggers Global Interest
“AIDS is a multi-billion dollar business, but only as long as this epidemic spreads and only as long as the pharmaceutical investment business is able to protect its ‘AIDS market monopoly’ based on patented toxic AIDS drugs. Any challenge or break of this pharmaceutical monopoly of so-called antiretrovirals, or ARVs, will inevitably lead to the collapse of this multi-billion dollar market with patented AIDS drugs. Fact is, science-based micronutrients - established many decades ago in the textbooks of biology as key biological factors for improving immune deficiencies – are the greatest threat to the survival of the AIDS drug business."

AIDS microbicide gels found to increase infection rate - Studies halted
One study involving 1,500 women in South Africa, Benin, Uganda and India was stopped this week after an independent safety monitoring board saw more HIV infections among women using the gel than those given a dummy medication. The study was led by CONRAD, a Virginia-based health research group, and paid for by USAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The second study of Ushercell, by Family Health International, involving 1,700 women in Nigeria, was stopped as a precaution...

Video: "HIV = AIDS, Fact or Fiction?"
This is a full-length feature film examining the evidence that links the HIV virus to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or Aids and explores what, if not HIV, might be the cause of death of those diagnosed with Aids.

AIDS: World waits on SA verdict
This is believed to be the first case in any jurisdiction, in any court, in any country, where AIDS itself is on trial. That's why the eyes of the world are now on the handsome sandstone Court of Criminal Appeal in central Adelaide, where a red-robed, horsehair wigged-judge, His Honour John Sulan, is deciding whether there is enough scientific controversy about the existence of HIV and AIDS to give Parenzee another shot at freedom.

AIDS or Candida albicans?
In a recent study, 100% of autopsies performed on "AIDS patients" revealed fatal levels of the fungal form of Candida albicans, the form the yeast takes as it develops unchecked by the necessary lactobacillus and bifidum bacterias, destroyed by antibiotics. Is that mere coincidence? Or is there something there pointing at causality?

Iran unveils herbal remedy against AIDS
The drug, made after five years of research, has been tested on 200 patients, IRNA said, adding that it is considered the fifth generation of medications helping control the HIV/AIDS virus. "This is a substance good for both AIDS patients and those who carry the virus without showing the symptoms," the director of the project, Mohammad Farhadi, told state television.

Medical research trial guinea pigs contract HIV
Hundreds of women in South Africa, Benin, Nigeria, Uganda and India, who are being used as human guinea pigs in the US-funded research on HIV prevention, are feared to have contracted the virus during the course of the trials. City Press spoke to two women who were HIV-negative before using the microbicides and are now positive. They are bitter, feel used and misled and are now dealing with their HIV-positive status.

LA Times: U.S. issues guidelines for flu crises
The most serious flu pandemic should immediately prompt strict isolation measures, including sending students home from school for up to three months and quarantining households with sick members, according to new federal guidelines issued Thursday. Because it would take four to six months to prepare a vaccine to protect against a pandemic flu, the guidelines are considered critical to restricting the virus in the interim.

I might remind you of some of the history on this as contained in an earlier article: 'Bird Flu', SARS - Biowarfare or a Pandemic of Propaganda?

Medical Mistakes: Patient, protect thyself
Hospitalized patients can expect to experience at least one medication error a day, says the Institute of Medicine, which advises Congress on health policy. Though some mistakes are harmless or quickly corrected, others can be deadly. Forty-four thousand to 98,000 Americans a year die from medical errors.

Study Links Air Pollution Particles, Heart Disease
"We assessed the women's exposure to air pollutants using the monitor located nearest to each woman's residence," the researchers wrote. Each time the concentration of particulates increased by 10 micrograms per cubic meter of air, a woman's risk of dying from heart disease rose by 76 percent, the researchers found.

From Cat Stevents: the peace train
A simple but powerful presentation to shake us out of the "war mood". Let's not go down that road again...


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Monday February 5 2007
updated on Monday December 6 2010

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Readers' Comments

Your link to -Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers- might be somewhat less informative than you think.

Mike Adams posted this piece of fluff from newscientist, and then added my comments immediately below the story at:

Let\'s see what you do Sepp.

Dichloroacetate (DCA) is a xenobiotic of interest to both environmental toxicologists and clinicians. The chemical is a product of water chlorination and of the metabolism of various drugs and industrial chemicals. Its accumulation in groundwater and at certain Superfund sites is considered a potential health hazard.

However, concern about DCA toxicity is predicated mainly on data obtained in inbred rodent strains administered DCA at doses thousands of times higher than those to which humans are usually exposed. In these animals, chronic administration of DCA induces hepatotoxicity and neoplasia.

Ironically, the DCA doses used in animal toxicology experiments are VERY SIMILAR to those used clinically for the chronic or acute treatment of several acquired or hereditary metabolic or cardiovascular diseases. As a medicinal, DCA is generally well tolerated and stimulates the activity of the mitochondrial pyruvate dehydrogenase enzyme complex, resulting in increased oxidation of glucose and lactate and an amelioration of lactic acidosis.

By this mechanism, the drug may also enhance cellular energy metabolism. DCA is dehalogenated in vivo to monochloroacetate and glyoxylate, from which it can be further catabolized to glycolate, glycine, oxalate, and carbon dioxide.

It remains to be determined whether important differences in its metabolism and toxicology exist in humans between environmentally and clinically relevant doses. -- Environ Health Perspect 106(Suppl 4):989-994 (1998).

World Intellectual Property Organization
Publication Number: WO/2006/108276 International Application No.: PCT/CA2006/000548 Publication Date: 19.10.2006 International Filing Date:11.04.2006
Inventors: MICHELAKIS, Evangelos [CA/CA]; 8728-103 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6K3 (CA). ARCHER, Stephen [CA/CA]; 450 Olsen Close, Edmonton, Alberta T6R 1L1 (CA).
Priority Data: 60/669,884 11.04.2005 US
Abstract: The invention relates to the use of dichloroacetate and chemical equivalents thereof for the treatment of cancer by inducing apoptosis or reversing apoptosis-resistance in a cell Preferably, the dosage is 10-100 mg/kg Preferably, sodium dichloroacetate is used. The dichloroacetate may optionally be given in combination with a pro-apoptotic agent and/or a chemotherapeutic agent Preferably, the cancers treated are non-small cell lung cancer, glioblastoma and breast carcinoma.

United States Patent 6,727,284 Lopaschuk , et al. April 27, 2004
Postsurgical treatment with dichloroacetate

- Harbinger

Posted by: Harbinger on February 6, 2007 12:44 PM



since your comment is on the page of the original article and also is here on this one, I believe that the information is available correctly to all.

Fluff piece or not, I still think the information is interesting.

Thanks for posting your view here. I will keep the comment, just like Mike Adams did on his site.

Posted by: Sepp on February 6, 2007 02:19 PM


The "Iran herbal AIDS cure" story does not appear when you click on the link, but it does go to the news site. Please update -- perhaps someone spiked the story?

Posted by: Visionaerie on February 6, 2007 06:58 PM


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