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April 08, 2007

Codex, Nutrients, Pets and Big Pharma - NewsGrabs 8 April 2007

Health Supreme News Grabs - a selection of alternative health news and related bits of information. Your window on emerging trends ...

In this issue:

Codex - Nutrients - Age management - Food supplements in NAFTA - FDA on food irradiation - PETS, FOOD SAFETY, CHINA - Monsanto's milk hormones - Wheat Blight - NIH Conflicts of Interest - Drug lobby - Under The Influence - Video: Pharmaceutical Fraud? - Big Pharma's illegal drugs - Let's Not Be the Next Big Pharma - Electroshock - Lilly Shareholder Class Action - Beyond 'HIV-Causes-AIDS' - Selenium fights HIV - EMF frequencies shutting off energy production - New wireless technology - Biofuel an Ecological Disaster - STRANGE SKIES - War crime - The global war on terror is over

- - -

Codex - precautionary principle inclusion thwarted
The International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA) has revealed that latest attempts to insert the precautionary principle into Codex's draft risk analysis standards for food safety have been foiled. The news marks the third unsuccessful attempt by the EU and other countries to include the principle in key Codex documents, and could represent that last hurdle for adoption without the inclusion of the precautionary principle.

Nutrients might prevent hearing loss in war zones, concert halls & workplaces, new animal study suggests
Antioxidant-mineral combination protects against damage for days after noise exposure, University of Michigan study in guinea pigs shows
Soldiers exposed to the deafening din of battle have little defense against hearing loss, and are often reluctant to wear protective gear like ear plugs that could make them less able to react to danger. But what if a nutritious daily “candy bar” could prevent much of that potential damage to their hearing?

'Age management' is a controversial new medical focus
Clothia Roussell said the effects of the program were apparent right away. "It was not subtle. My son came to visit and said, 'wow, Mom, you're getting younger.' "We'll be seeing Dr. Casas for the next 75 years," she added with a gleaming smile. Why settle for less? A growing number of patients, at least those who can afford it, can't think of any reason not to.

USA: Food supplements targeted by trilateral deal
Mexico put in charge as U.S., Canada agree to follow
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission have agreed to a Trilateral Cooperation Charter with counterparts in Canada and Mexico under the auspices of NAFTA and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America that will crack down on public access to food supplements and vitamins.

One of the areas of the new governmental structure that will be dealing with supplements is a working group called the Mexico-US-Canada Health Fraud Group, which is, according to the charter, "to maintain a formal framework for cooperation in combating health fraud and to identify appropriate lines of communication to ensure a continual exchange of information on compliance and enforcement activities among the three countries."

FDA proposes softening irradiated food labels
The government proposed Tuesday relaxing its rules on labeling of irradiated foods and suggested it may allow some products zapped with radiation to be called "pasteurized." The Food and Drug Administration said the proposed rule would require companies to label irradiated food only when the radiation treatment causes a material change to the product. Examples includes changes to the taste, texture, smell or shelf life of a food, which would be flagged in the new labeling.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that poor quality food causes 76 million illnesses and 5,000 deaths per year. If the New York State data holds up nationally, 80% of this problem is from imports. This means that 60 million cases of illness in America and 4,000 deaths per year are directly caused by an inept FDA.

The FDA says it does not have enough money to monitor food imports, just like the FDA says it doesn’t have enough money to monitor drug safety. While funding issues are a convenient excuse for poor performance, the real problem runs much deeper to the core of what FDA management is actually doing. The sad truth of the matter is that the FDA is actively participating in the sell out of American sovereignty through efforts leading America towards globalization and harmonization with international laws and regional agreements.

"The FDA’s food safety program for imported food is one of wishful thinking and denial."

Monsanto Declares War on 'rBGH-free' Dairies

Obviusly consumers in the US don't want milk from cows treated with Monsanto's growth hormone so Monsanto tries to keep the stuff on the market by making it impossible to know whether the hormone has been used or not. And the US federal agencies that are supposed to protect consumer health apparently play footsie with them.

Blight on the Landscape
A formidable disease is on its way and almost nobody has heard of it. Ug99 is a virulent strain of black stem rust fungus that attacks wheat plants - a crop that feeds more people than any other food source on Earth. Since the Green Revolution of the 1960s, farmers have been successfully growing disease-resistant wheat varieties. But Ug99 has evolved. There are now precious few wheat crops anywhere that are resistant to it. The blight has already crossed from Africa into Asia and there are fears it will spread further into regions where a billion people depend on wheat for their survival...

Why do I get an uneasy feeling and "biowarfare" flashing in the back of my mind reading this article? I wonder if I am the only one thinking that this may not be entirely accidental, especially when reading:

"The last to hit the North American breadbasket, in 1954, wiped out 40 per cent of the crop. In the cold war both the US and the Soviet Union stockpiled stem rust spores as a biological weapon."

NIH Conflicts of Interest Under Investigation
"Who knows how much damage these conflicts of interest have done to the NIH mission of protecting the public's health?" said Ned Feder, a former NIH scientist who works now with the private Project on Government Oversight. "A review of the facts and the policies is long overdue."

We would submit that the damage these conflicts of interest caused can be measured by the harmful treatments that NIH and its grant recipients in academia have promoted. Their recommendations enriched their corporate benefactors but maimed and cut short the lives of patients.

Drug and health products industries invest $182 million to influence legislation
Of that total, drug companies and their trade groups spent most of it, or $155 million, lobbying on a variety of issues ranging from protecting lucrative drug patents to keeping lower-priced Canadian drugs from being imported to the United States Drug interests employed about 1,100 lobbyists to do their bidding in each of the past two years.

Under The Influence
Report On Drug Lobbyists' Role in Passing Bill That Keeps Drug Prices High
If you have ever wondered why the cost of prescription drugs in the United States are the highest in the world or why it's illegal to import cheaper drugs from Canada or Mexico, you need look no further than the pharmaceutical lobby and its influence in Washington, D.C. Congressmen are outnumbered two to one by lobbyists for an industry that spends roughly a $100 million a year in campaign contributions and lobbying expenses to protect its profits. One reason [drug company] profits have exceeded Wall Street expectations is the Medicare prescription drug bill ... passed three-and-a-half years ago.

Video: Pharmaceutical Fraud? Prescription for Disaster Documentary
Gary Null, a popular member of the Nutrition Institute of America, has produced a shocking video documentary that explores the relationships that exist between lawmakers, lobbyists, medical schools and the FDA. In the documentary, US Congressman Maurice Hinchey states that “The largest part of the FDA operations are financed directly by pharmaceutical industries”. The investigative journalist Ray Moynihan adds more fuel to the fire by reporting that “More than 50% of the money that the FDA spends reviewing drugs comes from pharmaceutical companies”.

Big Pharma's role in creating and marketing heroin, LSD, meth, Ecstasy and speed
Once you realize the connection between street drugs and prescription drugs, it's easy to figure out why Big Pharma is such a strong supporter of the Partnership For A Drug-Free America -- because they don't want consumers getting their drugs from street dealers, they want people buying their drugs from drug companies! Drug companies' attempts to outlaw street drugs are little more than a way of eliminating the competition and monopolizing the drug market. Ultimately, Big Pharma is just another drug pushing cartel that has the same goals as any drug dealer: Convince customers they need your drug, get them hooked on it, and eliminate the competition.

Let's Not Be the Next Big Pharma
Emma Holister on how the natural health industry risks its credibility and cohesion by behaving as if it were nothing more than the world market replacement for Big Pharma.

Disturbing News for Patients and Shock Doctors Alike
Something most remarkable and unexpected has occurred in the field of psychiatry. Lead by a lifelong defender and promoter of shock treatment, Harold Sackeim, a team of investigators has recently published a follow up study of 347 patients given the currently available methods of electroshock, including the supposedly most benign forms--and confirmed that electroshock causes permanent brain damage and dysfunction.

Shareholder Class Action Filed Against Eli Lilly
The Complaint charges Lilly and certain of its officers and directors with violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 for disseminating false and misleading statements concerning Zyprexa, the Company's best-selling product.

Beyond the 'HIV-Causes-AIDS' Model
AIDS disease is generally characterised by a decline in CD4+ T lymphocytes circulating in the blood, which are responsible for cell-mediated immunity. As a result, the patient becomes susceptible to opportunistic infections (those affecting weakened immune systems) such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, meningitis, and other diseases caused by parasites, bacteria and viruses that can enter and multiply in the cells of the body.

But models that assume the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) plays a central role in disease progression run into considerable difficulties. If the decline in CD4+ cells is due to HIV killing the cells, then there should be a correlation between the ‘viral load’, which estimates the amount of virus in the body, and the CD4+ cell count. But that is not the case. CD4+ cell count is not a reliable indicator of disease progression at all, nor for that matter is viral load (Chapter 2, Unraveling AIDS, ISIS Report), and they bear little relationship to each another. This has been confirmed in a recent study on untreated HIV+ individuals.

Research shows Selenium fights HIV
Suppression of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Viral Load With Selenium Supplementation - A Randomized Controlled Trial

EMF frequencies or microwave frequencies are overriding normal control mechanisms in the body and shutting off energy production
As in radio and other transmitters, crystals act to convert certain discrete frequencies into electrical signals. Before we had all of the electro-pollution, animals could simply orient themselves to the earths electromagnetic signature. Additionally animals could store into memory at a subconscious level the discrete signatures of subtle variations in electromagnetic signalling from various regions. This would explain the highly specific nature of migratory behaviour seen in certain animals. What has not been appreciated is the ability which has probably evolved over time to see, complex patterns that are generated from the earth's electromagnetic signature.

New wireless technology to be developed
"The project's goal is basically to create a small, low-power handheld device that combines a spectrum analyzer and a truly powerful communication device," said Ayazi, a Georgia Tech associate professor of electrical and computer engineering. "We are basically looking for orders-of-magnitude improvement in performance, size and cost. The ultimate goal," he added, "is to integrate Analog Spectral Processors with high-speed electronics on a single chip and bring unprecedented capabilities to the wireless world."

Palm Oil: The Biofuel of the Future Driving an Ecological Disaster Now
The numbers are damning. Within 15 years 98% of the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia will be gone, little more than a footnote in history. With them will disappear some of the worlds most important wildlife species, victims of the rapacious destruction of their habitat in what conservationists see as a lost cause. Yet this gloomy script was supposed to have included a small but significant glimmer of hope. Oil palm for biofuel was to have been one of the best solutions in saving the planet from greenhouse gases and global warming. Instead the forests are being torn down in the headlong rush to boost palm oil production.

Welcome to the brave new world of toxic barium skies, weather control, mind control and population control through the use of chemtrails modulated with electromagnetic frequencies generated by HAARP. Our health is under attack as evidenced by the skyrocketing rates of chemtrail induced lung cancer, asthma and pulmonary/respiratory problems. Our natural environment and planetary weather systems are under attack resulting in freak lightening strikes, bizarre weather, 20% less sunlight reaching the Earth' surface, the alarming, nearly complete collapse in certain areas of the west coast marine ecosystem and the creation of some of the largest tornadoes and hurricanes on record. Our skies are increasingly hazed over with fake barium/ aluminum particulate, ethylene dibromide chemtrail clouds. Whether in the atmosphere or in the Ocean this added particulate matter is a hazard to the health of every living thing on this planet. My health and the health of my family has already been drastically affected. There is a main-stream media blackout on this subject so the only way to get the word out is by word of mouth.

This is a monster of a page to download and keep for detailed examination. You will need a fast internet connection for this one, or a lot of patience.

A monstrous war crime
Our collective failure has been to take our political leaders at their word. This week the BBC reported that the government's own scientists advised ministers that the Johns Hopkins study on Iraq civilian mortality was accurate and reliable. Published in the Lancet estimated that 650,000 Iraqi civilians had died since the American and British led invasion in March 2003. Immediately after publication, the prime minister's official spokesman said that the Lancet's study "was not one we believe to be anywhere near accurate". The foreign secretary ... said that the Lancet figures were "extrapolated" and a "leap". President Bush said: "I don't consider it a credible report". Scientists at the UK's Department for International Development thought differently. They concluded that the study's methods were "tried and tested". Indeed, the Johns Hopkins approach would likely lead to an "underestimation of mortality". The Ministry of Defence's chief scientific adviser ... recommended "caution in publicly criticising the study". When these recommendations went to the prime minister's advisers, they were horrified. Tony Blair was advised to say: "The overriding message is that there are no accurate or reliable figures of deaths in Iraq". At a time when we are celebrating our enlightened abolition of slavery 200 years ago, we are continuing to commit one of the worst international abuses of human rights of the past half-century. Two hundred years from now, the Iraq war will be mourned as the moment when Britain violated its delicate democratic constitution and joined the ranks of nations that use extreme pre-emptive killing as a tactic of foreign policy.

Note: This article is written by Richard Horton, the editor of the highly esteemed British medical journal The Lancet.

(Thanks to Fred Burks for this link and the summary)

The global war on terror is over
The global war on terrorism exists no more. That’s according to the House Armed Services Committee, which has banned the phrase coined by President Bush after the September 11 terrorist attacks from the 2008 Defense Authorization Act.

Listen to them sputter and stammer! I love it. It’s about time someone stopped their deadly scam. War is terror. There can be no war on terror. War creates terror. Fighting terror by creating terror doesn’t work, obviously. How could it? That’s CRAZY!!

Would you fight cancer by causing cancer? Would you fight poverty by making people poor? Would you fight drug abuse by abusing drugs? Would you fight theft by stealing?

No, goddammit, no.

You can only fight the emotion of terror by causing the emotion of peace. You obtain the emotion of calm in times of crisis with open information sharing, firm focused action, logic, respect and love.


(Thanks Xenophilia)


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday April 8 2007
updated on Wednesday May 2 2007

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