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July 08, 2007

Monsanto GM Crops, Electroshock and Bono's Trip to Africa - NewsGrabs 8 July 2007

Health Supreme's News Grabs are a weekly selection of links to articles, alternative health news and related comment. Follow these trends with me as they first appear - watch out for NewsGrabs ... every weekend.

In this issue:

Organic food - Nutrition education - Aspartame Controversy - Video: Sweet Misery - Monsanto to Force GMO Crops on Europe - Allergic to mobile phones - Radio waves cause host of ailments - Gore Arrest: Rx Drug Abuse - Weight gains on prescription drugs - American Children's Chronic Illness Jumps Fourfold - Avandia - Action Alert: Say 'no' to forced electroshock - Vioxx Heart Attacks - Vaccinated Boys' Neurological Damage - Vaccine Ads Upset Parents - GPs 'bombarded' by drug companies - Top FDA Officials' Meetings Kept Secret - FDA Drug Safety Amendments - Legislation to halt drug customizing - Africa: Bono Go home! - Project Censored

- - -

Organic food 'better' for heart
A ten-year study comparing organic tomatoes with standard produce found almost double the level of flavonoids - a type of antioxidant. Flavonoids have been shown to reduce high blood pressure, lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Nutrition education ineffective
The federal government will spend more than $1 billion this year on nutrition education — fresh carrot and celery snacks, videos of dancing fruit, hundreds of hours of lively lessons about how great you will feel if you eat well. But an Associated Press review of scientific studies examining 57 such programs found mostly failure. Just four showed any real success in changing the way kids eat — or any promise as weapons against the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. "Any person looking at the published literature about these programs would have to conclude that they are generally not working," said Dr. Tom Baranowski, a pediatrics professor at Houston's Baylor College of Medicine who studies behavioral nutrition.

The experts wonder why kids don't eat better, even when told to do so. But then - how can you teach a kid good nutrition when at the same time you downplay the role of nutrients in the way we see it today. On the one hand we say "don't take those nasty supplements - they are useless", and on the other we want to instill interest in good nutrition in kids' minds - kind of contradictory...

Aspartame Controversy Continues: Is it Safe?
When asked what EFP (the European Ramazzini Foundation) would do about the Calorie Council report and how it would makes its findings known and accepted, Knowles said, "We officially have already completed our job -- which is conduct the research and conduct it well, conduct research that is of high quality that has been accepted for publication by peer-reviewed, international scientific journals, like Environmental Health Perspectives, and to publish the work. And we're done; we've finished our job. That is our official position. The data speak for themselves."

Video: Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World
Excellent documentary showing how dangerous the artificial sweetner Aspartame is.

Monsanto Vows to Force GMO Crops on Europe
"It will be slow but within ten years GMOs will have reached the point of no return," said Jean-Michel Duhamel, Monsanto's director for southern Europe. "The technology will not impose itself on consumers but consumers will better understand the usefulness of GMO technology as farmers increasingly adopt it," he added.

I'm allergic to mobile phones
"I've chucked the mobiles, cordless phones, and microwave oven. The computer screen I have is a flat one and I can only use it for two hours a day." One of the worst latest technological developments for electrosensitive people turns out to be wireless broadband. Sarah says she can feel the electromagnetic radiation pulsing through every cell in her body. "Galleries, train stations and airports are all wifi hubs. Even petrol stations in city centres have hidden masts and wifi connections," Sarah says.

Radio waves causing host of ailments
Japan Today: The symptoms began in 2003, four years after the Hayashis (as we’ll call them) moved into a house near high-tension power lines in Fuchu, Hiroshima Prefecture. Stomach pains, diarrhea, headaches, fatigue. The hospital diagnosed clinical depression, but the anti-depressants didn’t work, and besides, why should four family members all get depressed simultaneously? To say nothing of the teenage son’s chronic colitis and the teenage daughter’s asthma. Then the third child, born six months after the family’s move in 1999, had to be hospitalized with respiratory problems.

As far back as 1974, scientists in the former USSR identified what they called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome, of which the Hayashis seem typical sufferers. The evidence accumulating since then suggests, without so far conclusively proving, that electromagnetism leaking from power lines or household appliance can cause heartburn, burning eyes, dizziness, fatigue – and possibly cancer.

Gore Arrest Highlights Rx Drug Abuse
Al Gore's son was arrested for illegal possession of drugs. The case highlights the abuse of prescription drugs by students, such as Adderall, Xanax, Valium and Vicodin.

Prescription drug abuse among 18- to 25-year-olds rose 17 percent from 2002 to 2005, according to the White House drug policy office. In 2004 and again in 2005, there were more new abusers of prescription drugs than new users of any illicit drug.

Huge weight gains reported by patients on prescription drugs
Thousands of people who take prescription medicines for everyday conditions are gaining large amounts of weight as an unexpected side effect, scientists have warned. Researchers, who found that some patients were putting on up to 22lbs in a year, say that the drugs may even be contributing to the nation's rocketing obesity epidemic.

7% of American Children have Chronic Illness -- a Fourfold Jump
A Harvard study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association ought to shake the confidence of Americans who have been deluded by the healthcare industry propaganda. America's "progress" in conquering disease is refuted by the alarming findings: Childhood obesity has increased by almost fourfold in the past three decades, asthma rates increased by twofold since the 1980s, and the jump in the number of attention-deficit disorder cases are driving the growth of chronic illnesses, according to researchers at Harvard University.

Avandia May Break Your Bones, Too
A new small clinical study suggests the diabetes pill could lead to bone fractures in men as well as women, but Glaxo downplayed the significance of the results, Reuters reports. The retrospective study, published in Diabetes Care, is the first to provide evidence men might be exposed to similar risks as those previously reported in women, with a significant reduction in bone mineral density seen in those taking Avandia.

Action Alert: Say 'no' to New York State forced electroshock
The New York Court of Appeals recently upheld a lower court order forcing Simone D., an inmate at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, to undergo 30 more electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) treatments against her will. Simone D.'s attorney Dennis Feld said, her records reveal that when approached by the State clinicians for her to submit to more electroshock, Simone stated clearly enough in Spanish that, "Electroshock causes more pain. I suffer more from shock treatment!"

Somehow I had the idea that we were over the barbaric practice of shocking people to their senses - actually rather shocking them out of their senses - but here the court in New York orders shocks to be administered. No one wants to be the victim, but hardly anyone protests. Make an exception to the rule and write your contestation of this practice!

The New York Office of Mental Health Commissioner Michael Hogan has made their form for public comments via the web inoperative (the 'submit' button is grayed out if you go to the page directly from the link provided). You can instead go to the very bottom of the OMH web page provided, and use the small print link to "Web Site Administrator" to e-mail in a comment. However, we recommended that you all instead PHONE and FAX Commissioner Hogan starting on Monday, and don't stop. Be civil, but keep it up.

Vioxx Caused Heart Attacks In Two Weeks!
This is one study many people have been waiting three years to see - except Merck people. Known as Victor, the study suggests that increased heart risks associated with Vioxx began immediately after people took the painkiller. That contradicts Merck’s assertion, since it withdrew Vioxx in September 2004, that the drug caused serious heart risks only after 18 months of use.

Vaccinated Boys 2.5 times More Likely Neurological Damage
The number of Center for Disease Control mandated infant vaccinations has more than tripled between 1983 (10 vaccines were required) to 2004 (36 vaccines required by the CDC). During this period, there has been an explosion in neurological disorders like ADHD and autism, particularly in boys, who represent 4 out of 5 cases. Families of autistic children are gathering compelling evidence linking childhood vaccines to the growing epidemic of autism. A market research survey commissioned by a parent organization, Generation Rescue, found that in a sample of 17,000 U.S. children--vaccinated boys had more than a 2.5-times greater rate of neurological disorders than unvaccinated boys.

Scary Ad for Wyeth Vaccines Upsets Parents
First, Poland. Now, Saudi Arabia. A TV ad for Prevnar has parents racing their little ones to hospitals for the vaccine out of fear their children will die otherwise, and some parents and health officials are upset at the campaign. The ad begins with the camera showing a set of musical toys dangling over a baby’s cot and then moving to show the cot empty followed by a flash of writing saying the baby has died due to not being vaccinated. The ad then urges parents to vaccinate their young children...

GPs 'bombarded' by drug companies
The Which? survey found one in four of the GPs questioned had been sponsored to attend a conference, seminar or training event in the UK in the last 12 months and 5% had been sponsored to attend an event abroad. In just one month, one GP was offered nine conference places and 13 meals, and received nine visits from drug reps, 10 letters, 21 leaflets, two patient information booklets and one training DVD. This amounted to 22 companies contacting her about 31 drugs.

Top FDA Officials' have "EMPTY" calendars-- Meetings with Industry Kept Secret
For years, the public calendars of two top federal drug safety officials were largely blank _ devoid of the required detail about their contacts with the industry they regulated. Open government experts and lawmakers said it is only the latest example of the lack of transparency at the Food and Drug Administration and a violation of the spirit of open government. Federal regulations require the FDA to maintain a public calendar that details all "significant meetings" between its top brass and anyone outside the executive branch. The FDA, in responding to a Congressional inquiry, attributed the failure to publicly disclose meetings attended by the officials to administrative oversight. "As soon as it was brought to my attention, we corrected it," Galson told The Associated Press.

Congressman Stupak's FDA Drug Safety Amendments Mandate greater accountability
In May 2007 when Senator Kennedy's FDA Revitalization Act was approved in the Senate and sent on to the House of Representatives, Rep. Stupak was ready with six carefully crafted amendments to mandate greater accountability, efficiency and openness by the FDA.

Over the past seven years Stupak and his colleagues have painstakingly reviewed FDA activities repeatedly finding the FDA to be an agency characterized by a conflicts of interest between its roles in first approving and later monitoring products, a lack of transparency in many activities, delayed safety measures, failures to make known controversial findings, and frequent closed door meetings with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Legislation threatens to halt drug customizing
"At AstraZeneca, we recognize that compounding of medications by pharmacies, when medically necessary and done at the direction of a physician, may be beneficial to some patients. However, patient safety is a key priority for AstraZeneca, and products manufactured by pharmacies under the guise of compounding are not subject to FDA oversight, including rigorous testing to ensure the safety, potency and efficacy of the drugs. With pharmacy manufactured products, there is no guarantee patients receive the exact medication prescribed by their doctor."

How moving, their concern for patient safety. No word about the many people who die from the correct administration of their registered drugs. Perhaps a reason for Astra Zeneca's support for this legislation is a fear that compounding of bio-identical hormones cuts into their business with useless and often dangerous hormone-replacement drugs.

Africa to Bono: "Go home!"
We can spend billions importing medication, or you can invest in local farms that grow the Artemisinin, a Chinese herb with potent anti-malarial properties, and the factories that process it. We can continue the endless cycle of need and dependency, or you can create jobs, develop indigenous capacity, and build a sustainable future.

Aid can alleviate immediate misery and that is why we love it. Charity is a profoundly human response to all those images that pull on our heartstrings. But all evidence points to the maddening conclusion that, in the long run, aid not only has no positive effect on economic growth, it may even undermine it.

The only way Africa will develop and create wealth is if it can attract foreign capital and trade its goods on the world market like every other economically successful country does.

Censored News: What Mass Media Don't Want You To Know - Project Censored Reports
Project Censored sets out to cover stories from the independent and alternative presses, attempting to make sure that stories considered for inclusion fulfill a range of requirements ... five of the stories that were hardly touched on by the mass media over the last year:

- Network Neutrality
- Genocide in the Congo
- US Operatives Torture Detainees to Death
- Dangers of Genetically Modified Food Confirmed
- Physicist Challenges Official 9-11 Story

The Project Censored website


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday July 8 2007
updated on Thursday December 16 2010

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Readers' Comments

A comment on "Bono go home!" (by email) from NP:

Jennifer Brea, journalist based in Beijing wrote an excellent article here. I recall many of our discussions on this and some discussions I had with Chinese trade and business reps on it. Namely, the Artemesin anti malarial drug discovered by Chinense scientists I promoted to them as a valuable product to grow in African and it seems they have picked up on that. I think you will see, soon, Chinese initiative in Africa for industrial hemp, which I also advocated to them and of course they are the oldest civilizazation to utilize it. So, I think we can be a little positive about our conversations on this having reached out.... This article shows people are thinking and that your web site contributed quite a bit on this via Africa Speaks web-site where some time ago I mentioned the grow artemesia in Africa as an example of where ag could be headed more.

China despite all its various complex issues is basing its movement in Africa on strict economics without cultural or religious overtones.

So, I'd say thanks for promoting this type of essay on your site very consistent with the good reasoning you've offered yourself on this. Industrial hemp would be a liberation crop, that's why it's suprressed. All building materials, plastics, food, rope and twine, fuel, erosion control blankets, hydroseeded on to eroded hillsides, animal feed, soil conditioner (leaf drop), it just goes on and on. Pressed hemp bundles for cooking fuel.

Sugare cane expansion for alcohol is a disaster, as well as increased production of soil depleting, pest prone corn for alcohol (engine destroying if too high concentration in other fuels, very bad for developing countries.)


Posted by: NP on July 9, 2007 06:16 AM


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