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August 12, 2007

Vitamin Deficiencies, Tumors and Cell Phone Radiation - NewsGrabs 12 August 2007

Health Supreme's NewsGrabs are a weekly selection of alternative health and other underprivileged news. Find out what you may have missed in your everyday reading - watch out for NewsGrabs ... on Sundays.

In this issue:

Vitamin deficiencies widespread in Europe - EU mineral and vitamin levels - Health-Freedom - Durbin’s Amendment - Cuts in Release of Michael Moore’s SICKO - B1 Deficiency Linked to Diabetes Complications - Electric Fields Kill Tumors - Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation - Microwave Ovens Destroy Nutritional Value of Food - India rejects Novartis patent law challenge - Johnson&Johnson Sues Red Cross - Sold on Drugs - Pfizer Court Cases in Nigeria - Bayer And Trasylol - Frankenforests Threaten Eco Collapse - EPA Grants Pollution Rights to Industrial Agriculture

More information out there...

Of course there is much I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist and are active.


The Alternative Medicine Yahoo Group is another great place to get information on what is happening in the world of nutrition and other natural health options.

For the influence of electromagnetic waves from radio, mobile phones and other radio emitting devices, check out the emfrefugee group on Yahoo.

If you are interested in a different take on the news that isn't health centered but is certainly fun, check out Robin Good TV News. You can watch when you want, but you can also send in your own video news broadcasts from your corner of the globe and likely have them published on that viral tv channel.

- - -

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are widespread in Europe
With the estimates suggesting that up to 6 per cent of the UK population could be suffering from serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and UK hospital figures showing malnutrition to be found in all age groups, including newborn babies, one has to question the wisdom of an upcoming proposal from the European Commission – the European Union's executive body – that threatens to ban thousands of vitamin and mineral supplements from being sold in Europe.

Exemptions to help ease burden of mineral and vitamin levels?
The commission concluded that "overall the position not to establish maximum amounts for nutrients for which there are no evident safety concerns would seem a proportionate approach… national levels could not be set for those vitamins and minerals which no limits have been set at EU level."

Health-Freedom Crisis - The Real Facts on Durbin’s Amendment
Knowledgeable analysis shows that the words “nutritional foods” and “supplements” appear nowhere in the Durbin amendment. The Durbin amendment applies to pet-food labeling standards, imported raw agricultural and fish products, imported finished foods, and food ingredients for human and animal food products. Adulterated foreign pet and human food ingredients have little to do with a looming health-freedom disaster directly impacting nutritional foods and dietary supplements; these are covered under the DSHEA law.

Health Care Investor Buys Shares of Film Distributor - Cuts Release of Michael Moore’s SICKO

Dr Rachesky, an investor in pharmaceutical and related health care companies bought what appears to be a controlling-interest package in film distributor Lions Gate. At the same time, the release of Michael Moore's film SICKO, planned for 1600 theaters in the US, was reduced to just 400 theaters. Is this pharmaceutical damage control at work? Is SICKO that much of a threat to pharma profits?

Vitamin B1 Deficiency Linked to Diabetes Complications
Researchers found people with the disease expelled thiamine - vitamin B1 - from their bodies at 15 times the normal rate in a study of 94 people. Experts said diet supplements could potentially help people with diabetes. Thiamine is key to warding off vascular problems such as kidney, retina and nerve damage as well as heart disease and stroke.

Electric Fields Kill Tumors
An Israeli company is conducting human tests for a device that uses weak electric fields to kill cancer cells but has no effect on normal cells. The device is in late-stage clinical trials in the United States and Europe for glioblastoma, a deadly brain cancer. It is also being tested in Europe for its effectiveness against breast cancer. In the lab and in animal testing, treatment with electric fields has killed cancer cells of every type tested.

Life Extension Foundation Report: The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation
... there’s a huge public health crisis looming from one particular threat: EMR from cellular phones—both the radiation from the handsets and from the tower-based antennas carrying the signals—which studies have linked to development of brain tumors, genetic damage, and other exposure-related conditions. Yet the government and a well-funded cell phone industry media machine continue to mislead the unwary public about the dangers of a product used by billions of people. Most recently, a Danish epidemiological study announced to great fanfare the inaccurate conclusion that cell phone use is completely safe...

Microwave Ovens Destroy the Nutritional Value of Your Food
Microwave ovens heat food through a process of creating molecular friction, but this same molecular friction quickly destroys the delicate molecules of vitamins and phytonutrients naturally found in foods. One study showed that microwaving vegetables destroys up to 97% of the nutritional content (vitamins and other plant-based nutrients that prevent disease, boost immune function and enhance health).

India rejects Novartis challenge
An Indian court has thrown out a challenge to the country's patent laws by Swiss pharmaceutical firm Novartis. The firm wanted the law changed after its bid to patent a new version of its anti-cancer drug Glivec was rejected in April this year. It argued the law - which bans new patents for modifications to existing drugs - broke world trade rules. But the court in Chennai ruled it had no jurisdiction over the rules set by the World Trade Organization.

Here is Pharmalot's comment to this decision and its wider implications for drug availability in third world countries and another report that Novartis asked the Swiss government for help, but the Swiss declined...

Johnson&Johnson Usurps Symbol - Sues American Red Cross
The suit, filed in US District Court in New York, marked the breakdown of months of behind-the-scenes talks, and prompted an angry response from the Red Cross. “For a multibillion dollar drug company to claim that the Red Cross violated a criminal statute…simply so that J&J can make more money, is obscene,” Mark Everson, the Red Cross president, tells the AP. He goes on to accuse J&J of “bullying” the organization.

Sold on Drugs - An Important series in LA Times by Melissa Healy
Industry's successful marketing strategy is measureable in increased number of prescriptions, increased sales, and : In a nation that consumed $279-billion worth of prescription medications in 2006 -- spending 80% of that on brand-name products that are advertised--their efforts appear to be paying off. The number of individual prescriptions filled in the US rose from 2.9 billion in 1999 to 3.7 billion in 2006; in 1994, Kaiser calculated that each American filled on average 7.9 prescriptions per year; by 2005, that number had risen to 12.4. Does that mean Americans are sicker now than in 1994, or just popping more pills? And what about the adverse effects of these pills, are they creating chronic disease in previously healthy people??

Pfizer Faces 4 Court Cases in Nigeria
Eleven children died but numerous others suffer the debilitating effect of brain damage which the plaintiffs claim was caused by Pfizer's unethical trial. For its part, Pfizer cites privacy concerns and has declined to release the names of the 200 children it treated. Families and the government argue that Pfizer kept some children on its experimental drug, Trovan, even though their condition was worsening, and that the doses of the standard treatment used as a control in the clinical trial, should have been higher. Furthermore they argue that dubious procedures used in pushing the experiment through mean Pfizer should be held accountable for any future health problems in those it treated.

Bayer And Trasylol: ‘It Was A Set-Up’
“The whole thing was a set-up. We did not have anything to gain financially by this. We were making an observation about safety,” says Mangano, an anesthesiologist with a doctorate in math. “The system is ridiculous. It’s all pro-industry. Who’s protecting the patient?” He proposes that any drugmaker that hides data from the FDA should be banned immediately from submitting new drug applications for three years. “The pharmaceutical industry would straighten up in a matter of seconds because you’d be hitting them in the pocketbook. If you don’t give drug companies boundaries, they’ll do anything they want. Only the end user here is the patient, and I think it’s critical for the government to assume the goal of protecting patients.”

Frankenforests: Genetically Engineered Trees Threaten Ecosystem Collapse
GE trees are planted in monoculture forests, which look more like plantations, and pose serious risks to the ecosystem. Trees live decades or centuries longer than plants, and their seeds can travel hundreds of miles, increasing the likelihood of gene contamination to wild species. The technology was created to optimize the manufacturing process, but environmentalists worry that it will open an ecological Pandora's Box and threaten the health of the forests we depend on for survival.

Bush Administration EPA Grants Unlimited Pollution Rights to Industrial Agriculture
Agribusiness corporations can't be sued because of the pollution or odors they may emit as long as they have entered into an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. A cadre of anti-pollution groups, including the Sierra Club, had sued, claiming that the EPA's policies allowed animal feeding operations to skirt environmental laws and only pay a nominal fine. The petitioners in the lawsuit showed that animal feeding operations pollute the air, emit terrible odors and attract hordes of flies that leave droppings on everything from cars to furniture. The groups' lawsuit maintained that the EPA did not follow proper rule-making procedures in crafting agreements between the farms and the EPA.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday August 12 2007
updated on Wednesday August 15 2012

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