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June 15, 2008

EFSA approves mineral sources - NewsGrabs 15 June 2008

EFSA approves bisglycinate mineral sources
Bisglycinates of calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc were deemed safe for use in foods and supplements by the Eurpoean Food Safety Authority's scientific panel on food additives and flavorings. No conclusion was reached on chromium glycinate nicotinate. Bisglycinates are chelates manufactured with glycine, an amino acid.

More than a hundred other mineral sources already in use in supplements for years still remain to be examined under the Food supplement directive's approval system.

All this to "ensure the safety" of food supplements, which are already safer even than foods, while approved and registered medicines continue to kill hundreds of thousands each year.

Legislative priorities these days seem to be determined by (pharmaceutical) lobby power.

US and Japan supplement industry forming health food alliance
The Council for Responsible Nutrition, the Natural Products Association and the National Nutritional Foods Association of Japan yesterday agreed to work together to better deal with regulatory and research issues. The cooperation will target greater efficiency in dealing with issues like health claims, food safety, and producing ingredients and supplements.

Belgium to reclassify herbs in supplements as medicines
The Belgian Federation for Food Supplements, Dietary and Organic Products (NAREDI) said AFMPS intended to delete "ambivalent plants" from a positive list of botanicals authorised for food supplements use under a 1997 Royal decree.

These are plants that have both medicinal and other uses such as food ingredients. Garlic is an example. NAREDI is concerned the Decree will restrict availability to many herbal products such as Valerian and Echinacea.

FDA 'user fee' for domestic and foreign supplement manufacturers proposed
The draft bill's provisions also give the FDA one-sided legal authority to recall contaminated "foods" and "unsafe medications." Currently, the Agency can only ask companies to withdraw a supplement product it deems to be a drug, an adulterated food, or unsafe for consumers. This new legislation would establish a group of inspectors to monitor companies that manufacture nutritional foods, supplements, drugs, and medical devices abroad. To fund these changes, and to pay for the expansion of FDA authority, the bill creates new FDA user fees for domestic and foreign manufacturers. Foreign companies importing supplements for distribution within the U.S. would also be required to register their products and production facilities with the FDA every year, and to pay a user fee.

Copenhagen, September 2008: European Quantum Energy Medicine Conference
This year’s unique ”European Quantum Energy Medicine Conference” is being held in Copenhagen – and you are invited!

The terms ”Quantum Medicine” and ”Energy Medicine” include a very broad range of therapy forms, which are either wholly or partly based on measuring or manipulating the body’s energy and information systems. Some examples are acupuncture, homeopathy, bioresonance, healing, reflexology, treatment with sound, light, electro-magnetism and so on.

Irish Health Stores agree with Giscard d'Estaing: vote against Lisbon Treaty
The Irish Association of Health Stores has announced its opposition to the Lisbon Treaty. Heeding the words of one of the main architects of the Lisbon Treaty, Giscard d’Estaing, that ‘If people understood it they would vote against it’, the IAHS unanimously agreed to endorse a No vote in Thursday’s referendum, following a meeting of its National Council today.

“While not against the EU in principle, it is patently clear that Europe has not been good for the natural products industry, or for freedom of choice in healthcare,” said Jill Bell, IAHS President. “The Lisbon Treaty seems set to further facilitate erosion of individual rights and choices,” she added.

Irish EU vote lost, officials say
European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso said all indications were that Ireland had indeed rejected the treaty. He called for other states to continue their ratification processes and said a solution should be sought.

The treaty must be ratified by all 27 members. Only Ireland has held a public vote on it.

The real scandal in this is that NONE of the 27 member states except Ireland thought it appropriate to ask their citizens before relinquishing substantial shares of national independence to a supernational entity that is itself clearly undemocratic.

Have we become of such little importance to the politicians?

Czech president says EU's Lisbon treaty finished
Czech President Vaclav Klaus said on Friday that ratification of the European Union's Lisbon treaty could not continue after it was rejected by Irish voters.

The reform treaty has hit a potential stumbling block in the Czech Republic, where the upper house of parliament has asked the constitutional court to judge whether the charter is compatible with the country's constitution.

The Irish rejection is a huge setback to the treaty, which must be ratified by all 27 EU member states to come into force.

Video: Thank You Ireland
for voting No to the EU-treaty. "An amusing short video that deserves a wide audience", said a friend about this one.

While governments and parliaments across the continent rush to approve what no one read, we are little by little finding out what's in the treaty... The video by Jo Conrad is three and a half minutes of good information and - perhaps - a wake-up call for those still working to push approval through the "democratic" process...

Wildflower Extracts Easily Kill MRSA Superbug
Researchers found that extracts from Inula helenium (commonly known as elecampane, horse-heal or marchalan) eliminated 100 percent of MRSA colonies upon exposure.

I. helenium and another wildflower, known as Pulsatilla vulgaris or pasque flower, were tested against 300 different varieties of staphylococci bacteria, including MRSA. P. vulgaris also proved "highly effective" against MRSA.

Why Raw Milk is Healthier Than Pasteurized Milk
People, milk, and bacteria can coexist. It is normal for milk to contain some bacteria, and human societies have been benefiting from these bacteria in milk for thousands of years. Fermented milks, for instance, have superior nutrient value and digestibility. Today these products are marketed as containing "probiotics," as if this is something brand new.

Public obsession with killing bacteria misdirects efforts at improving public health -- because relatively few bacteria are pathogenic. By constantly sterilizing, pasteurizing, and disinfecting, the balance is actually tipped in favor of the pathogens.

The Statesman: India: Medicine plant claims to cure cancer
Though the plant, locally known as Zanlung Damdawi was traditionally used by the Hmar tribe inhabiting the southern district of Churachandpur since time immemorial for treating different ailments it was chance discovery by an 82 year old cancer patient, Mr Chawlien Hmar of Saikot village that catapulted it to its present miracle status. Mr Chawlien who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour growth on his neck by Radiology department of RIMS turned to the herb out of sheer pain and lack of money to undergo an operation. He soon found that his pain disappeared and the swelling subsided and started relating the story to others.

No doubt in time someone in the West will do a study on the plant and find that it's quite useless. Can't have all that competition for the lucrative cancer chemicals market from a lowly plant now, can we?

Get a Little Sun This Summer – It Could Help Save Your Life
“The old theory was that if you had enough vitamin D to prevent rickets and osteomalacia, two skeletal disorders, you were okay,” said Victoria Drake, a research associate in the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, and manager of its “Micronutrient Information Center. But new research is now raising our awareness about the possible relationships between vitamin D and cancer, particularly colorectal, breast, ovarian and prostate cancers. There are also potential links to cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.”

Just as with vitamin D, I might add, there are other substances of vital importance that work better when taken in amounts that not only prevent overt deficiency but approach a largely unexplored and certainly unacknowledged optimum. Vitamin C comes to mind...

Vitamin D: New way to treat heart failure?
About 5.3 million Americans have heart failure, a progressive, disabling condition in which the heart becomes enlarged as it is forced to work harder and harder, making it a challenge even to perform normal daily activities. Many people with heart disease or poorly controlled high blood pressure go on to experience a form of heart failure called congestive heart failure, in which the heart's inability to pump blood around the body causes weakness and fluid build-up in lungs and limbs. Many people with heart failure, who tend to be older, have been found to be deficient in vitamin D.

Synthetic vitamin B1 marketed with false claims
Benfotiamine is a synthetic derivative of thiamine (vitamin B1). It is marketed heavily as a dietary supplement using a selection of unsubstantiated, 'not-quite-medical' claims that tend to characterize this field. A large part of this campaign has been built around the belief that benfotiamine is lipid-soluble and, therefore, more physiologically active. Scientific research led by Dr Lucien Bettendorff of the Center for Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology at the University of Liège, Belgium, has entirely disproved these claims.

Do Nanoparticles in Food Pose a Health Risk?
Friends of the Earth (FoE) reports that none of the more than 100 food or food-related products it identified that contain nanoparticles—puny particles between 100 and one nanometers—bears a warning label or has undergone safety testing by government agencies.

"Products created using nanotechnology have entered the food chain," says report author Ian Illuminato, FoE's health and environment lobbyist. "Preliminary studies indicate there is a serious risk…. We should know that it's safe before we put it in our food."

US Senator Grassley Probes Paxil Suicide Risks
The Republican Senator from Iowa wants the agency to “carefully scrutinize” info from Glaxo after reviewing a report about suicide risks among adults using the antidepressant. Chuck has also asked the FDA to review findings released earlier this year by UK regulators, which charged the drugmaker with knowing about suicide risks in children since 1998.

Proposition 65 - Nutrients Cancer Causing?
Proposition 65 was approved by California voters in 1986 in the belief that its passage would help protect them from toxic chemicals in the environment. Prop 65 requires the State to publish a list of those chemicals "known" to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. This list is updated at least annually and has ballooned to include some 775 chemicals. Although Prop 65 uses the term "known," in the real world substances on the list are not necessarily known to cause cancer but are only those that could, under certain circumstances, pose a risk of cancer.

The list includes some beneficial nutrients as "known to cause cancer" and the idea is to limit those nutrients to "bare minimum" RDA dosage. It seems that the original intent of proposition 65, to limit exposure to cancer causing chemicals in the environment, isn't served well by including nutrients as chemicals to avoid.

Warning issued for silver dental fillings
FDA was sued to admit mercury is dangerous. They fancied they had no chance of winning, so they settled and promised warnings. See how, in this article, FDA and dentists spin the issue:

- The warning is not aimed at the general population...
- That does not mean it truly harms...
- The agency still is studying
- The hardened mixture makes the mercury less absorbable by the body than the kind found in fish...

Dr. Edmond Hewlett, a dental professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, and an American Dental Association adviser: "We don't want these choices taken away based on junk science. We don't want them taken away based on misguided fears."

Professor Edzard Ernst: Master Trickster of Evidence-based Medicine? (PDF)
Robert Verkerk analyzes some of the "tricks of the trade" of this avowed skeptic who has made it his job to denigrate natural health in the form of "complementary medicine".

Applying a whole different set of criteria to natural medicine than that applied to conventional medicine, Ernst's methodology takes on the classic signs of the very trickery he says non-pharmaceutical forms of medicine use.

Chronic muscle diseases associated with statin exposure
Statin use is twice as high in patients with chronic muscle diseases as in unaffected controls, according to a report in the May issue of the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

Some clinical reports have suggested that statins can trigger chronic muscle diseases, including dermatomyositis and polymyositis, the authors explain, but no previous study has investigated exposure to statins in patients who develop a chronic muscle disease.

There are literally hundreds of reports of people having sudden muscle problems after starting statins, on some articles on this site. See Lipitor: Side Effects And Natural Remedy and Lipitor - The Human Cost.

Harvard Psychiatrists Fail to Reveal $3.2 Million Payola
Senator Chuck Grassley has uncovered evidence showing that these renowned Harvard child psychiatrists, recipients of substantial federal grants from the National Institute of Mental Health, failed to disclose at least $3.2 million dollars they had received from drug companies between 2000 and 2007.

How the wrong drugs could be causing your depression
'A study by an American psychiatrist found that more than 10 per cent of patients diagnosed with mental illness are actually suffering from an underlying physical condition, such as a heart murmur or a mineral deficiency such as calcium or magnesium that causes depression-like symptoms,' says Professor Plant.

Thyroid problems can also cause depression.

Another study found that more than 40 per cent of patients diagnosed as depressed at one medical practice were found to have been taking medication that causes depression as a side effect.

No Child Left Undrugged
4-year-old Rebecca Riley died from an overdose of psychiatric drugs. At age 2, Rebecca was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). At 3, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression. By the time she died on Dec. 13, 2006, little Rebecca was taking Clonidine, as well as the anti-convulsant Depakote and the anti-psychotic Seroquel.

What were some of the symptoms that prompted such treatment plans? As her mother described it, Rebecca was “constantly getting into things, running around, not being able to settle down.”

It seems we may well deserve every bit of poisoning we're subjected to by pharmaceutical drugs. We are asking for it. Here is a mother getting her children drugged because they are acting like children will act.

Legal Prescription Drugs Kill Far More Than Illegal Drugs, Florida Says
An analysis of autopsies in 2007 released this week by the Florida Medical Examiners Commission found that the rate of deaths caused by prescription drugs was three times the rate of deaths caused by all illicit drugs combined.

The Florida report analyzed 168,900 deaths statewide. Cocaine, heroin and all methamphetamines caused 989 deaths, it found, while legal opioids - strong painkillers in brand-name drugs like Vicodin and OxyContin - caused 2,328.

Medics held in Italy murder probe
Two senior doctors at the Santa Rita private clinic in Milan have been arrested on suspicion of murder. Eleven others, including the director of the clinic, have been put under house arrest. They are being held on suspicion of offences including manslaughter, bodily harm and health-care system fraud. Police say five elderly patients died after undergoing unnecessary operations.

Book: The Ultimate Conspiracy - The Biomedical Paradigm
Louise Mclean says:
This is an incredible book which centres around the fraudulent biomedical paradigm that has fooled so many people for so long. McCumiskey shreds all the Medical Myths one by one - Germ Theory, Vaccination, AIDS, Bird Flu...

Threat of world Aids pandemic among heterosexuals is over, report admits
In the first official admission that the universal prevention strategy promoted by the major Aids organisations may have been misdirected, Kevin de Cock, the head of the WHO's department of HIV/Aids said there will be no generalised epidemic of Aids in the heterosexual population outside Africa.

There Will Be No Heterosexual AIDS Epidemic, Experts Admit
“A 25-year health campaign was misplaced outside the continent of Africa.” the article concedes, daring you hang them all. And so they’re quick to add a massive fiction: “But the disease still kills more than all wars and conflicts”

The authorities explain that they misled the entire world, for decades, because admitting the grandeur of their farce would have encouraged their critics: “Any revision of the threat was liable to be seized on by those who rejected HIV as the cause of the disease.”

Of course! We’ve got to protect flawed science from criticism!

Reality has now intruded so forcibly that De Cock can no longer avoid the fact that AIDS epidemics have not happened, those epidemics that he and his cohorts prophesied with such overweening confidence for more than two decades. But— cognitive dissonance once again!—he also cannot recognize that this fact undermines the whole HIV/AIDS scenario. De Cock describes as “four malignant arguments” some certifiable truths cited by critics: that official data have inflated all HIV/AIDS estimates and that HIV/AIDS has diverted funds from such obvious needs as malaria prevention and the provision of clean water and food, building infrastructure, and sensible public-health programs; even then, plain reality forces De Cock to admit that there are “elements of truth” in these criticisms.

Cell Phones Pop Corn, Toast Brains
Because of the weight of evidence on both sides, most sources consider the jury still out on the safety issue. If you want to believe cell phones are safe, you can find supporting data. If you choose to believe they pose a threat, there's plenty of evidence, too. But meanwhile, there's the popcorn videos to consider, and the evidence of your own senses. Some of us, at least, notice tingling or headaches after even brief cell-phone use. Still, we've developed the cell-phone habit and kicking it seems unthinkable -- head tingling be damned. So we hope for the best and use headsets just in case.

Germany bans Bayer pesticide to save honey bees
The German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) suspended the registration of eight neonicotinoid pesticide seed treatment products used in oilseed rape and sweetcorn. a few weeks after honeybee keepers in the southern state of Baden Württemberg reported a wave of honeybee deaths linked to one of the pesticides, clothianidin.

The incriminating evidence was so convincing that a press release from the Julius Kuehn Institute (JKI), the German federal agricultural research agency, stated: “It can unequivocally be concluded that a poisoning of the bees is due to the rub-off of the pesticide ingredient clothianidin from the corn seeds.” Tests on dead bees showed that 99 percent had a build-up of clothianidin.

Mosquitos Develop Resistance to Treated Nets
As the fight against malaria gains ground, studies are showing that mosquitoes that transmit the disease are beginning to gain resistance against the commonly used pyrethroid insecticides. "Generally, the results showed a trend of increase in mosquito resistance status with cross-resistance against all the three pyrethroid insecticides.

Swiss moratorium on GM crops extended
The Council imposed a moratorium on the commercial cultivation of GM crops in 2005, on the basis that there was no demand for them in Switzerland at the time and that big gaps remained in scientific knowledge about the risks of this technology. Shortly after that, the research programme was launched, and this is expected to reach a conclusion around the middle of 2012. Questions over the biological safety of GM plants and the coexistence of GM, conventional and organic crops are being addressed.

Rome Food Crisis Summit Ducks Crucial Issues
On the most contentious issue - biofuels - the suggestion by an FAO working party that international standards be established to ensure biofuels were not produced at the expense of the world's hungry has been ignored. Instead there is some watered-down prose on "the challenges and opportunities posed by biofuels".

India: GM Crops Not the Solution for Food Price Inflation
"There is no concrete evidence that GM crops increase production. They only control insects, which can well be done by some other organic methods," Kerala Biodiversity Board Chairman V S Vijayan said.

"The biosafety laws have also been diluted. While genetic engineering is a process, which impacts the metabolism and physiology of the whole organism, the transgene has been defined as an event, separating it from its interactions with the organism in an amendment in June 2006," said Vandana Shiva of Navdanya, an NGO promoting organic cultivation.

The Food, Climate, & Energy Crisis: From Panic to Organic
Fortunately, there are hopeful signs that we can move beyond crisis to positive solutions. Connecting the dots in our food-climate-energy crisis, millions of green consumers are voting with their dollars for foods and products that are healthy, locally produced, energy efficient, and eco-friendly.

Bill in US Congress would Replace Corporate Dominated 'Free Trade' with Fair Trade
Endorsed by more than a dozen fair trade groups, the TRADE ACT is a first of its kind pro-trade bill that would revamp U.S. trade policy. The bill would mandate trade pact reviews, establish standards, protect workers in developing nations, and would help restore Congressional oversight of future trade agreements.

"Trade done right means new jobs and new industry at home ­ and means lifting up workers in developing nations," Brown said. "For too long our nation's trade policy has exploited workers, betrayed middle class families, and destroyed communities. It is time for a trade policy that works for everyone, not just a few."

To Bee Organic or not to Bee - Colony Collapse epidemic worsening
Organic farms are proving to be sanctuaries for the honeybee from the ravages of CCD. The honeybees are exquisite social animals perfectly adapted for pollination and honey making, but far too delicate to withstand the onslaught of systemic pesticides and GM crops. Regulators are slow to control the environmental insults to the honeybees and unprepared to act on the precautionary principle. Saving the honeybee may be among the most compelling reasons to shift comprehensively to organic agriculture.

Has global warming research misinterpreted cloud behavior?
Spencer and his co-author, principal research scientist William (Danny) Braswell, used a simple climate model to demonstrate that something as seemingly innocuous as daily random variations in cloud cover can cause year-to-year variation in ocean temperature that looks like -- but isn't -- "positive cloud feedback," a warmth-magnifying process that exists in all major climate models.

"Our paper is an important step toward validating a gut instinct that many meteorologists like myself have had over the years," said Spencer, "that the climate system is dominated by stabilizing processes, rather than destabilizing processes -- that is, negative feedback rather than positive feedback."

- - -

More information out there...

There is much I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist and are active.


Dr Mercola's health blog and Mike Adams' Natural News have great health information.

The Alternative Medicine Yahoo Group is a place where you can discuss and exchange information on what is happening in the world of natural health.

For the influence of electromagnetic waves from radio, mobile phones and other radio emitting devices, check out the emfrefugee group on Yahoo.

If you are interested in a different take on the news that isn't health centered but is certainly fun, check out Robin Good TV News.

A few sites to keep up to date with the other side of world affairs, the stuff you won't necessarily find on your tv or in the papers:

... and remember:

The individual is supreme and finds its way through intuition


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday June 15 2008
updated on Thursday January 26 2017

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