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February 01, 2009

Study Analyzes Statin Drug Side Effects - NewsGrabs 1 February 2009

First comprehensive paper on statins' adverse effects released
"Muscle problems are the best known of statin drugs' adverse side effects," said Golomb. "But cognitive problems and peripheral neuropathy, or pain or numbness in the extremities like fingers and toes, are also widely reported." A spectrum of other problems, ranging from blood glucose elevations to tendon problems, can also occur as side effects from statins.

The paper also summarizes powerful evidence that statin-induced injury to the function of the body's energy-producing cells, called mitochondria, underlies many of the adverse effects that occur to patients taking statin drugs.

Mitochondria produce most of the oxygen free radicals in the body, harmful compounds that "antioxidants" seek to protect against. When mitochondrial function is impaired, the body produces less energy and more "free radicals" are produced. Coenzyme Q10 ("Q10") is a compound central to the process of making energy within mitochondria and quenching free radicals. However, statins lower Q10 levels because they work by blocking the pathway involved in cholesterol production - the same pathway by which Q10 is produced.

Distinguishing Food from Medicine: European Court defines borderline
The decision of the EU Court, which no doubt will be greeted with some relief by European supplement manufacturers as well as consumers, sets down a firm marker that helps us understand where the borderline between food [supplements] and medicinal products is to be drawn. A recent revision of European medicines directives had left considerable confusion and uncertainty in that respect. The court intends to limit the application of pharmaceutical law to only those products sold with claims of prevention or cure of illness, and to products which, by their composition, are scientifically proven to be effective in modifying physiological functions.

EU and Codex to double allowed Aflatoxin levels in food
Aflatoxin is a mould toxin. FAO/WHO have stated that “aflatoxins are among the most potent mutagenic and carcinogenic substances known.”

Following international pressure from the International nut and dried fruit council foundation, Codex Alimentarius accepted higher level of this toxin than the EU, which in turn is now going to increase the maximum levels for aflatoxins from 4 to 10 µg/kg in almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios...

ANH calls for inquiry into EFSA work
The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) calls today for an urgent independent inquiry into the scientific methods used by Europe’s highest authority on food safety, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

"EFSA is seemingly bending its rules to provide a required outcome,” continued Verkerk. “To do this, it’s dramatically altered the ultra-restrictive risk assessment methods it’s used on essential vitamins and minerals which it seems happy to see banned. With this fluoride opinion, it’s ignored a large body of science which points to serious risks associated with fluoride, and it’s given it a green light even after admitting that most children taking fluoride supplements would exceed the highest safe levels set by EFSA itself”, added Dr Verkerk.

EFSA has responded to the ANH attack, denying that anything but science informs its decisions. In the article, sodium monofluorophosphate is called a nutrient, which is contrary to the food supplement directive's stipulation that only essential minerals may be used in the formulation of food supplements.

Fluoride in its various forms is not added for any nutritional benefit but for prevention of tooth decay. Health authorities believe that the benefit of the hardening of tooth enamel that fluoride brings outweighs its drawbacks, which are mottled teeth (brittleness and yellow stains) and the systemic toxicity of the mineral.

EU pharma sector reform must start in Ireland - Fluoride in Water is 'illegal medicine'
The package announced by EU Commissioner Guenter Verheugen to reform the pharma sector (IMN 05/01/2009) for the benefit of European citizens, including protecting them better from counterfeit medicines, is very interesting, but as far as Ireland is concerned purely aspirational. Why is this?

Because in Ireland today, an unauthorised and untrialled counterfeit medicine – fluorosilicic acid – is distributed to millions of people by most public water plants. They do not employ licensed pharmacists nor do they provide patient information on individual dosage, needs assessment, or side effects of this medicine, all of which are statutorily required in the EU.

Mom cures baby’s mystery illness that had baffled doctors with simple yoghurt drink
When she explored the antibiotics that Riley had been given by doctors, she discovered that one of them kills natural bacteria in the body.

As a last resort, she decided to try and reintroduce this bacteria to her son by feeding him bottles of probiotics.

‘I gave him Yakult and he was fine within the first couple of days of him having it,’ she said.

Sunlight could stop short-sightedness
“The idea that ‘reading makes you short-sighted’ has been popular for a couple of hundred years. But recent data shows that the time spent indoors is a more important factor. Children who read a lot, but still go outdoors, have far less myopia.” Professor Morgan explained that myopia is essentially an eye that has grown too long, and once it is too long, you can’t shorten it again: “So you have to stop it happening in the first place.

“Our hypothesis is that the light intensity experienced outdoors - which can be hundreds of times brighter than indoor light - causes a release of dopamine, which is known to block the growth of the eyeball. This prevents it taking on the distorted shape found in myopic people. We are now testing this idea. Our hypothesis is that the protective effect is based on visible light, acting through the eye. We will be testing this over the next few months and the next stage will be a randomised clinical trial.”

FoodMatters: You Are What You Eat
Non toxic dietary healing literally runs circles around the piecemeal early detection tests and toxic drug approaches, with all manner of side effects. These drugs, even many tests themselves, are often carcinogenic and simply not designed to work with the body. Unlike mainstream toxic approaches whose side effects often lead to more diseases, the only side effects from nutrients are the curing of nearly all diseases! Unlike drugs, the practitioner can even take his patient's medicine and benefit!

Food Additive MSG may be Making Us Fat and Addicted
The findings of John Erb, that MSG addicts people to those products containing the additive and consequently makes them choose that product over others, might explain why manufacturers are adding MSG to foods in ever growing amounts and why we're getting fatter; we're addicted so we eat more and more. MSG has scientifically been proven to cause obesity in studies...

Drug-Resistant Staph Found in Midwestern Swine, Workers
The investigators found a strain of MRSA, known as ST398, in a swine production system in the Midwest, according to research published today by the science journal "PLoS One."

"Our results show that colonization of swine by MRSA was very common in one of two corporate swine production systems we studied," said Dr. Tara Smith, an associate professor of epidemiology in the University of Iowa College of Public Health and lead author of the study.

"Because ST398 was found in both animals and humans, it suggests transmission between the two," she said.

We actually manufacture drug resistant bacteria by using antibiotics quite routinely in farming. This is well known but so far, commercial interests have won out over common sense.

Farmers Call For Restructuring of Global Food System
The joint statement points out that the forum, and other high-level forums like it, are dominated by the World Bank, IMF and WTO, as well as transnational companies such as Monsanto. The groups are outraged that the small farmers, who grow 80% of the world's food, are "left only a few minutes on the floor to give their position."

They claim that the policies of these institutions and companies have failed with over one billion people now going hungry worldwide. The groups believe it's time for an alternative vision in the concept of food sovereignty.

Children electroshocked in Australia
Federal Government statistics show the use of ECT - an electric shock delivered straight to the brain - in the state's private health system increased from 1944 treatments in 2001-2002 to 6009 in 2007-2008.

About 12,000 treatments were performed in the public health system last financial year.

Medicare statistics record 203 ECT treatments on children younger than 14 - including 55 aged four and younger.

Eli Lilly Formally Pleads Guilty, Apologizes To Investors, Ignores Victims
So far, Lilly is on the hook for $2.7 billion in payouts over its nasty little mood pill and, as I noted earlier this week, the company could be forced to kick down another $4 billion to settle remaining states and class action lawsuits.

Two thoughts: the company is getting off cheap--Zyprexa has killed more than 3,400 people and injured many thousands more. Second, I can now refer to Lilly from here on out as a criminal corporation or use the adjective criminal in almost any way I want in referring to the company. So can you, and I encourage you to do so. Perhaps it's time to get some T-shirts printed up. I wonder what size the CEO wears.

Report: Eli Lilly Faces $4 Billion More To Settle Zyprexa Cases
Lilly faces at least $4 billion more in settlement monies to shut down the remaining lawsuits brought against the company over its handling of Zyprexa, its $4 billion-plus selling antipsychotic. The remaining cases involve unions, insurance companies and pension funds who've sued the company in federal court in New York State plus remaining lawsuits by 12 states who were not part of last week's $1.42 billion settlement between Lilly and the feds plus about 30 other states.

Adding $4 billion to the $2.7 billion the company has already paid out would bring the total to $6.7 billion, or more than the $4 billion-plus that Merck is paying out over Vioxx, which is the current record holder for pharma settlements.

FDA Whistleblowers Appeal for Help
FDA senior management - presumably the Office of Chief Counsel - has escalated its crackdown on nine scientists who have revealed perceived and serious irregularities in the FDA's medical device approval process. According to the most recent report from the New York Times, the scientists charge that "agency officials have acted illegally and that patients are routinely put at risk from high-risk medical devices that are approved for sale even though manufacturers have never proven that the products are either safe or effective."

ADHD drugs can cause hallucinations in some kids
U.S. Food and Drug Administration researchers analyzed data from 49 clinical studies conducted by makers of the drugs and found they can cause psychosis and mania in some patients, including some with no obvious risk factors. In some cases, children hallucinated that worms, bugs or snakes were crawling on them.

Dr. Ben Rall is one of the new generation of practitioners who understands that children are being over-drugged in America. Just a few weeks ago he hosted a screening of GENERATION RX in Sioux Falls, SD to a packed house.

Today, with the revelation that Drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can cause children to have hallucinations even when "taken as directed," KSFY-TV sought out Dr. Rall to get his take.

Rolling Stone Magazine: Bitter Pill
Created to treat schizophrenia, Zyprexa wound up being used on misbehaving kids. How the pharmaceutical industry turned a flawed and dangerous drug into a $16 billion bonanza

Hormone Replacement Therapy Highlights Corruption In Academic Medicine
Evidence was unearthed by two reporters at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that for several years researchers at the UW (University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health) taught medical courses at the school touting the efficacy of hormone replacement therapy for women, even after other UW researchers participating in a major clinical study of HRT had cancelled the study due to grave safety risks that cropped up around the drugs, including breast cancer and heart disease. Of course, the first group of researchers downplayed those risks in their course and on an accompanying website, which was taken down earlier this month where reporters began asking the UW questions.

The course was funded by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals to the tune of $12 million. Wyeth makes HRT drugs such a Prempro and Premarin.

Everything You Know About AIDS is Wrong
(second of three articles in the Rock Creek Free Press)
In a tragic case described by Celia Farber in the March 2006 Harpers magazine, Joyce Ann Hafford, a healthy 33 year old single mother, four months pregnant, was enrolled in an HIV drug trial, put on three anti-HIV drugs in June, and was dead by August 1. Although Hafford felt completely well prior to the drug trial and the drugs immediately made her violently ill, she stayed on them in the belief that she must, at all costs, prevent passing the HIV virus on to her unborn child. Hafford had only one HIV test prior to enrolling in the study, and was never told that pregnancy can cause a false positive HIV test.

New York Times - Children Die in Aids Drug Trials, but the Drugs are Fine, Fine, Fine
What can I say that Robert Lifton hasn’t written so clearly, and so well already? We are practicing a corrupted medicine. There is a taint of racism running through Aids science. We are over-burdening groups with the permanent and fatal ‘Aids’ diagnosis, based on faulty technology, and an immovable assumption that we then enforce by the overly-toxic regimens you witness above.

How do we propose to save children by first, giving them a death sentence based on faulty and poly-reactive (poly-diagnostic) tests [HIV Tests - Yes, They Do Not Diagnose Nor Are Specific For Only One Condition];

Then enrolling them with or without permission into drug trials with the most severe toxic effects recorded in a pharmaceutical [Nevirapine].

AHRP looks at the Vera Report on AIDS drug trials on New York Orphans
The New York City ACS guidelines waived a foster child’s right to individual consent in direct violation of federal regulations: “Separate consent need not be obtained for each child.” This waiver, we believe, denied foster children their basic human dignity and cast them to the status of guinea pigs.

Oddly, The New York Times did not consider 80 children’s deaths worthy of mention in its news report!

Video: How copyright extension in sound recordings actually works

Vortex Induced Vibrations to generate energy from river flow
Whirligigs of illuminated particles form as the water pours over and under the cylinder in rhythmic patterns. It looks simple, but it's revolutionary. This is VIVACE, a device to harness energy in slow-moving water currents across the globe and turn it into electricity.

VIVACE, which mimics the way fish swim in currents, is to debut next year in the Detroit River, powering the lights for a new wharf between Hart Plaza and the Renaissance Center.

How to solve the nuclear waste dilemma
Safe, Less Costly Nuclear Reactor Decommissioning and More

How weak interaction LENRs can take us out of the nuclear safety and economic black hole

The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam

John Coleman, the author of this story, is the founder of The Weather Channel. He traces the origins of the campaign against carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. An interesting perspective.

The Return of Bison and Wolf - instigating North America’s eco-renaissance

We hear plenty of factory farming, antibiotic and hormone use on cattle, feeding them GMO grains and we wonder why we're getting sicker and sicker.

Check out this article, prepared by a poetic spirit, Josef Graf of the Earth Vision project, for a picture of what the original looked like, and how its living conditions should be ... just to give a counter point and some food for thought.

- - -

More information out there...

There is much I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist and are active.


Dr Mercola's health blog and Mike Adams' Natural News have good health information.

The Alternative Medicine Yahoo Group and the healthfreedom ning group are places where you can discuss and exchange information on what is happening in the world of natural health.

For the influence of electromagnetic waves from radio, mobile phones and other radio emitting devices, check out the emr-updates group on Yahoo.

A few sites to keep up to date with the other side of world affairs, the stuff you won't necessarily find on your tv or in the papers:

and remember ...

The individual is supreme and finds its way through intuition


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday February 1 2009
updated on Wednesday August 15 2012

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