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April 17, 2009

Vitamin C, A deficiency linked to asthma - NewsGrabs Friday 17 April 2009

Vitamin deficiency linked to asthma
A Nottingham University-led team found people with a low intake of vitamin C had a 12% increased risk of asthma, the Thorax journal reported.

For vitamin A the raised risk was less clear cut, the team said, but there was still a significant association.

Could the efforts to reduce vitamin dosages in supplements and the long term campaign being run by pharmaceutical interests to make less of the role of nutrients in health have had an impact on our health? There certainly has been an increased incidence of asthma and other respiratory illnesses...

Germany Bans Cultivation of GM Corn
The sowing season may be just around the corner, but this year German farmers will not be planting gentically modified crops: German Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner announced Tuesday she was banning the cultivation of GM corn in Germany.

Under the new regulations, the cultivation of MON 810, a GM corn produced by the American biotech giant Monsanto, will be prohibited in Germany, as will the sale of its seed. Aigner told reporters Tuesday she had legitimate reasons to believe that MON 810 posed "a danger to the environment," a position which she said the Environment Ministry also supported.

Monsanto GM-corn harvest fails massively in South Africa
South African farmers suffered millions of dollars in lost income when 82,000 hectares of genetically-manipulated corn (maize) failed to produce hardly any seeds.The plants look lush and healthy from the outside. Monsanto has offered compensation.

Monsanto blames the failure of the three varieties of corn planted on these farms, in three South African provinces,on alleged 'underfertilisation processes in the laboratory".

I hesitate to believe that this failure was entirely accidental. Given that three different kinds of seed were involved, there likely has been an intervention that resulted in the plants being sterile. A large-scale rehearsal ... for what?

GM Hazards & Failures: Call for Direct Witness Evidence
This kind of direct witness evidence is very important; but is inadequately and only sporadically documented. This makes it easy for our regulators to ignore it, using the lame excuse that they are relying only on evidence “peer-reviewed and published” in scientific journals.

ISIS has already accumulated a large dossier of evidence, and your help in assembling witness evidence may be just what’s needed to make the case for a global ban on environmental releases of GMOs that we have advocated since 2003.

Please submit to us photographic and video evidence of hazards and failures...

Darwin’s Pangenesis, the Hidden History of Genetics, & the Dangers of GMOs
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho uncovers a fascinating page in the history of genetics expurgated from the mainstream account that also tells us why genetic modification is so dangerous
Evidence of the inextricable entanglement between the organism and its experience of the environment is forcing us to rethink not only genetics, but evolution. The phenomenon of ‘epigenetic inheritance’ indicating that experience during a crucial period of an individual’s life could influence subsequent generations, is nothing short of the ‘inheritance of acquired characters’, a mechanism of evolution attributed to Lamarck. Lamarck was the subject of ridicule and derision in the mainstream account; as opposed to Darwin, whose theory of evolution by natural selection has remained unquestioningly revered to this day. So, was Darwin mistaken?

In the 1990s, a few colleagues and I found ourselves fighting a lonely battle warning regulators and the scientific community about the dangers of horizontal gene transfer from the rampant creation of GMOs and GM constructs.

Horizontal gene transfer and recombination not only create new disease-causing bacteria and viruses, but also spread antibiotic resistance marker genes in transgenic DNA, making infections untreatable. Integration of foreign DNA into cells can disrupt genes, cause cancer, and reactivate dormant viruses that are in all genomes.

Monsanto's Herbicide Roundup Linked to Birth Defects
The herbicide used on genetically modified soy - Argentina's main crop - could cause brain, intestinal and heart defects in fetuses, according to the results of a scientific investigation released Monday.

Although the study "used amphibian embryos," the results "are completely comparable to what would happen in the development of a human embryo," embryology professor Andres Carrasco, one of the study's authors, told Efe.

Monsanto promotes its "Roundup Ready" GM grain varieties as a superior way to grow food and feed - and thus practically forces farmers to use the herbicide poison on those crops. Are human illnesses the "collateral damage" here?

EPA to Require Tests on Pesticides to Determine Risk to Humans and Animals
The Environmental Protection Agency for the first time will require pesticide manufacturers to test 67 chemicals contained in their products to determine whether they disrupt the endocrine system, which regulates animals' and humans' growth, metabolism and reproduction, the agency said yesterday.

Researchers have raised concerns that chemicals released into the environment interfere with animals' hormone systems, citing problems such as male fish in the Potomac River that are bearing eggs. Known as endocrine disruptors, the chemicals may affect the hormones that humans and animals produce or secrete.

It's about time, I would say, that something is done about these ubiquitous poisons. This move by the EPA shows that globalization works both ways ... think of the EU's REACH regulation which requires an examination of all chemicals as to their safety.

Video: Health Canada Raids Natural Doctor
PART ONE of a testimonial by Naturopathic Doctor, Eldon Dahl, describing his home and family being raided and held for 11 hours by Health Canada and the RCMP. (Check related videos for the other parts.)

Pfizer Settles Nigerian Children Deaths for $75 Million
According to the lawyers, eleven of the children died and many more later suffered serious side-effects ranging from organ failure to brain damage. The Pfizer team reportedly packed up after two weeks and left.

Trovan never became the blockbuster that Pfizer had hoped for and it is no longer in production. The European Union banned the drug and it has been withdrawn from sale in the US.

It appears that Pfizer has finally ended the public relations nightmare with Friday's settlement. But the Trovan battle may not be over yet.

"Doctors of Deception" Electroshock machines to Undergo safety & efficacy tests
It may come as a shock to some of you; but, Electroshock machines have never been tested for safety or efficacy. Electroshock machines were "grandfathered" into the system when the FDA assumed jurisdiction over medical devices in 1976.

The ECT makers must submit proof of safety and efficacy to the FDA by August, 7, 2009. If the data submitted is not up to par, the FDA intends require manufacturers to undergo the more-rigorous premarket approval process for their existing devices, as well as new ones.

A just published book "Doctors of Deception: What They Don't Want You to Know About Shock Treatment," by Linda Andre (published by Rutgers University Press, 2009) couldn't be more timely! This book sheds light, among other things, on the maneuvers used by organized psychiatry and the makers of Shock machines to delay safety trials for 33 years.

Ten Years After Columbine: Rally in Denver
Ten years ago this month the violence and suicide caused by SSRI antidepressants gained international recognition in headlines all over the world when it became known that one of the teen shooters at the Columbine massacre, Eric Harris, had taken Zoloft in the past and was on Luvox at the time of the murder-suicide spree.

A friend of Dylan Klebold, the other shooter, would later come forward to say she had been trying to help Dylan get off Paxil and Zoloft.

Court Papers: Accused Killer Stopped Taking Medication
According to court documents, the Berks County man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend at Gettysburg College last week admitted to the crime. Court papers also indicate that Kevin Schaeffer, 21, of Oley Township says he stopped taking his Zoloft, an antidepressant.

Just another instance of psychiatric-drug-connected violence. Stay away from those antidepressants, if you like your friends and family!

Placebo Beat Both Zyprexa & Eli Lilly's Experimental Drug
Underlying the commercial success of the new antipsychotics is evidence (usually suppressed) showing that these drugs are both harmful and ineffective even for their approved use.

Reuters reported that the results of an Eli Lilly controlled clinical trial comparing the company's experimental antipsychotic (mGIu2/3), against its FDA-approved blockbuster drug, Zyprexa, show that the PLACEBO PERFORMED BETTER than EITHER of Lilly's antipsychotics.

Lilly acknowledged that three patients on the experimental drug "experienced convulsions."

Epilepsy Drug Linked to Babies' Lower IQ
Women with epilepsy who took the drug valproate ( Depakote) during pregnancy gave birth to children whose IQ at age 3 averaged up to 9 points lower than the scores of children exposed to other epilepsy drugs, according to a new study.

The average IQ of children born to women who took valproate was 92 -- 8 below the 100 that is considered average -- and the scores of those exposed to other epilepsy drugs ranged from 98 to 101, he tells WebMD.

Big Pharma Psychs Out the Shrinks
Now, $1.4 billion might sound like a tough punishment, until you find out that Lilly’s total sales of Zyprexa have topped $37 billion. And at least some of those sales were thanks to doctors who, with guidance from Lilly drug reps, wrote thousands of prescriptions for patients with virtually no ability to defend themselves. Can you imagine an easier group for the drug companies—and their shills in the medical profession—to victimize than old people with dementia?

Olmsted on Autism: 1 in 10,000 Amish
In case anyone had any lingering doubts about the virtual absence of autism among the Amish, they were effectively put to rest on Friday night's Larry King segment when Dr. Max Wiznitzer -- defending the vaccine program, arguing autism has not increased and insisting it is a genetic disorder preset from birth, said the rate of autism in northeastern Ohio, the nation's largest Amish community, was 1 in 10,000. He should know, he said: "I'm their neurologist."

Spam Is Killing The Planet
According to a study released by McAfee, “Carbon Footprint of Spam,” the world expends 33 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, or 33 terawatt-hours, to send, route, and filter spam messages.

That’s the equivalent of the electricity required to power 2.4 million homes, the study estimates. And that much energy use emits the same amount of greenhouse gases as 3.1 million passenger cars using 2 billion gallons of gasoline.

And to think of it ... most of the spam I get, and I certainly get a lot of it, is in some way or another connected with the pharma crowd: Buy viagra, get vicodin, take this pill to make your sex life more exhilarating, discount medicines, Pfizer, Lilly, and whoever for them, hawking their wares...

Peer to peer file sharing: think of libraries
It is in the physical world, where everybody agrees that culture exchange is necessary for the common progress, that no one seems to have any problem at all with information sharing. For that matter institutions have been providing us with information exchange networks called libraries.

In such a network anyone can borrow information, be books, DVDs or CDs, and no one is considered a thief for sharing them with members of his immediate network.
Are goverments who build libraries and create networks around them liable of piracy?

When you deal with information exchange online think of the internet as the biggest library mankind has created, an analogy that has been around since the first days of the web and not too difficult to understand.

Overconsumption Dwarfs Population As Main Environmental Threat
It sounds like a no-brainer. More people must inevitably be bad for the environment, taking more resources and causing more pollution, driving the planet ever farther beyond its carrying capacity. But hold on. This is a terribly convenient argument - "over-consumers" in rich countries can blame "over-breeders" in distant lands for the state of the planet. But what are the facts?

- - -

More information out there...

There is much I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist and are active.


Dr Mercola's health blog, Mike Adams' Natural News and the One Click Group in the UK have good health information. The Dr Rath Foundation is also putting out a weekly collection of health related news. Here is the link to their Newsletter Archive.

The Alternative Medicine Yahoo Group and the healthfreedom ning group are places to discuss and exchange information on what is happening in the world of natural health.

For the influence of electromagnetic waves from radio, mobile phones and other radio emitting devices, check out the emr-updates group on Yahoo. Genetic modification and issues around agriculture and foods are reported on the Organic Consumers Association site.

A few sites to keep up to date with the other side of world affairs, the stuff you won't necessarily find on your tv or in the papers:

The individual is supreme and finds its way through intuition


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday April 17 2009
updated on Wednesday August 15 2012

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