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July 24, 2010

Are Chemtrails a Major Cause of Infertility? - Health Supreme NewsGrabs Saturday, 24 July 2010

A friend recently forwarded an article pointing to a major trend:
Widespread male infertility sweeping the globe
While the article acknowledges that environmental factors probably play a role in the reduced fertility we are seeing, a twist is introduced.

"But what scientists believe may be the biggest cause of poor semen quality in men has more to do with what their mothers were exposed to during pregnancy, than what the men themselves are exposed to throughout their lifetimes. A case in point is the disastrous chemical accident that occurred in 1976 in Seveso, Italy."

Still environmental, but pointing to "accidental" pollution, leading us away from a search for anything currently happening. As I was looking into this, following a hunch, I found that boron is one of the substances clearly identified as a cause of infertility. Indeed, it is named, together with very few other things, on a Stanford University document on what causes male infertility. The document lists, as environmental factors: "Exposure to environmental hazards and toxins such as pesticides, lead paint, radiation, radioactive substances, mercury, benzene, boron, and heavy metals".

So we have "depleted" uranium in munitions, mercury in our teeth and in vaccines, benzene in "green" gasoline and boron as well as barium and aluminium in the air. My reaction to the friend who forwarded the article and who pointed to Depleted Uranium as a possible cause, was the following:

It seems like pollution of all kinds is a recipe for causing infertility, and according to the story Paul links, it seems to be working... Radioactive substances would of course include Depleted Uranium. But I am also, and especially, thinking here of boron. There is heavy spraying of chemtrails over populated areas.


Chemtrails over Rhein river, Germany - Image credit Glenn Boyle

Boron is one of the principal substances being sprayed into the atmosphere, together with barium, aluminium and other assorted poisons. And boron causes infertility.

According to the following page on chemtrails and analyses that were done on rain water, boron was found to be present at 4000 times over the safe level.

Heavy Metals in Chemtrails - How to Protect Yourself

With just these few dots joined together, the spraying of chemtrails might finally start to make some sense. Infertility is population control. Could population control through artificially induced infertility be at least one purpose of those chemicals sprayed daily in our atmosphere?

More than half the world's population gets insufficient vitamin D
Anthony Norman, a distinguished professor emeritus of biochemistry and biomedical sciences and an international expert on vitamin D, notes that half the people in North America and Western Europe get insufficient amounts of vitamin D.

"Elsewhere, it is worse," he says, "given that two-thirds of the people are vitamin D-insufficient or deficient. It is clear that merely eating vitamin D-rich foods is not adequate to solve the problem for most adults."

Currently, the recommended daily intake of vitamin D is 200 international units (IU) for people up to 50 years old; 400 IU for people 51 to 70 years old; and 600 IU for people over 70 years old.

"There is a wide consensus among scientists that the relative daily intake of vitamin D should be increased to 2,000 to 4,000 IU for most adults," Norman says. "A 2000 IU daily intake can be achieved by a combination of sunshine, food, supplements, and possibly even limited tanning exposure."

'Meat' the enemy: Food for thought from noted biochemist
Pat Brown hates animals. On your plate, that is. And he's going to do something about it. The School of Medicine biochemist is taking a yearlong sabbatical — starting now — to figure out how to get you, me and, yes, even the rest of the world to stop bolting down hamburgers, chicken and ribs, and turn instead to beans, carrots and avocados. Why? The environmental cost of meat is just too high.

“People are sort of in denial about whether this is even an issue,” said Brown, MD, PhD, a professor of biochemistry and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. “But eating one 4-ounce hamburger is equivalent to leaving your bathroom faucet running 24 hours a day for a week. We can’t go on like this.”

The Case Against GM - for Organic Ag
To compound the ecological crisis, senior US scientists who have researched glyphosate and Roundup (Monsanto’s formulation for glyphosate) tolerant crops for decades have now revealed how the herbicide poisons crops and soil, it has led to a general increase in the number of plant diseases in the past 15 to 18 years, especially since herbicide tolerant crops were first planted and increased the use of glyphosate 15 fold on all major crops. Four fungal pathogens have become more active, especially Fusarium, which causes head blight of cereal crops, and produces a mycotoxin that could enter the food chain. More than 40 diseases have been reported with the use of glyphosate, and the number keeps growing.

Frankenfoods: India blocks harvesting of GM crops
In October 2009, the country’s Genetic Engineering Approval Committee gave approval for the planting of a GM eggplant produced by Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co., in partnership with Monsanto. The brinjal-variety eggplant had been engineered with genes from the bacteria Bacillus thuringniensis (Bt) to produce pesticide in its tissues.

The approval of the country’s first GM food crop sparked an uproar among farmers, environmentalists, health advocates and other GM critics across India. Critics objected to the unknown health effects of consuming or working near GM foods, as well as the risks that the plants could produce “genetic pollution” by crossing with non-GM varieties.

Farmers also object to the fact that GM seeds not only cost roughly three times as much as unmodified seeds, but must also be purchased each year from the company rather than saved from prior harvests, as farmers have traditionally done.

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh responded by holding a series of public consultations across the country. After hearing critics’ concerns, he placed a moratorium on any cultivation of Bt brinjal until “independent scientific studies” can prove “the safety of the product from the point of view of its long-term impact on human health and environment.”

EU clears the way to fast-track GM crops
"Brussels is planning to allow each member state to decide whether to grow GM foods or to ban them.

The European Commission today published proposals that it said were designed to give countries more freedom and flexibility over the cultivation of genetically modified crops.

But opponents of 'Frankenstein foods' warned that the changes would speed up the approval regime for the controversial crops and ensure that efforts by some states to block them will be side-stepped."

Smog may trigger cell death in the heart
The study found that exposure to ground-level ozone over several weeks increased the activity of a substance that triggers cell death in the heart.

Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive gas made up of three oxygen molecules. In the upper atmosphere, it protects Earth from the sun's radiation. However, O3 becomes a major component of smog when it forms near the ground through reactions between sunlight, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons from fossil fuels and industrial processes.

Forget About Fluoride
I told her that the use of fluoride in water treatment and in dentistry to prevent cavities is not scientifically validated. It is merely based on surveys where fewer cavities were found in areas with high levels of natural fluoride in the water. However, based on a completely unscientific report, fluoride has been promoted as an anti-cavity miracle for decades!

Fluoride during infancy and early childhood may damage the developing tooth-forming cells and lead to defective enamel referred to as “dental fluorosis.” This condition is characterized by white spotting, yellow, brown and/or pitted permanent teeth. But you don’t even know that until the teeth have erupted.

Several U.S. and Chinese studies have shown that young children who drink water with fluoride levels >1.0 mg/L have a significantly lower IQ. Learning disabilities, including diminished reading and writing ability are attributed to fluoride.

Health Federation Challenges Codex Alimentarius Rubberstamp Politics
Ractopamine is a veterinary drug (a growth hormone) developed by a subsidiary of drug company Eli Lilly. It is approved in 22 countries, but either banned or not approved for use in 160 countries worldwide. Administered in the feed of animals in the last few weeks before they are slaughtered, this drug “beefs up” the animal so that more will be paid for them at market. Lost in the shuffle are any concerns about the health and welfare of the animals themselves as well as the health of the humans who consume ractopamine-saturated meat.

Pfizer Sued By Nigerians For $384B Over Trovan
Yet another legal headache for Pfizer over the 1996 Troval scandal in Nigeria. The drugmaker recently agreed to pay $75 million to resolve civil and criminal charges brought by the Kano State government in Nigeria. The move, effectively, settled most outstanding litigation. Until now. Another 192 victims have filed yet another lawsuit and are seeking a mere $384 billion, AllAfrica reports.

The 1996 Trovan study was conducted on about 200 children and took place during a meningitis epidemic that killed 12,000 children, but Nigerians claim Pfizer didn’t obtain proper regulatory approval for the trial and misled parents. The study allegedly left 11 children dead and the others were deformed. Pfizer denied the charges and settled most lawsuits last fall.

Prescription drug epidemic spreads to babies
Dr. Mary Newport sees the symptoms more and more in the babies she treats: oddly stiff limbs, severe tremors, vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia, crying that never stops.

The common denominator: Their mothers were taking prescription drugs, mostly painkillers like OxyContin and Vicodin, and antianxiety drugs like Xanax during pregnancy.

Some of the moms had no idea these medications would hurt their developing babies — after all, it's not like it's heroin or cocaine, many think.

Chantix Smoking Cessation Pill & Violence: What Patients Have In Common
or the past three years, the Chantix smoking cessation pill has caused a stir after being associated with suicidal behavior and vivid dreams. Consequently, the government banned the Pfizer drug for pilots and licenses wouldn’t be issued to truck drivers taking the med. The FDA subsequently imposed a risk management program and Pfizer added warnings.

Now, a new study in The Annals of Pharmacotherapy finds Chantix is not only associated with violent and aggressive thoughts and acts, but has also identified some of the common characteristics among people using the pill and their subsequent behavior. The drug “does have warnings about psychiatric side effects, but it skims over aggression/violence towards others to focus mainly on suicidal behaviors,” says Thomas Moore, one of the co-authors and a senior scientist at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices.

Avandia: Ghostwriting and Academic Medicine
Pharmaceutical companies are masters of marketing, as witnessed by their impressive ability to create blockbuster drugs. Unfortunately, those include medicines like Vioxx (which was withdrawn from the market in 2004), Paxil (whose use in young people is being questioned), Fen-phen (the diet drug that was recalled), Zoloft, (which requires a "black box" warning about side effects), Zyprexa, (for which Eli Lilly agreed to pay up $500-million to settle lawsuits), hormone-replacement therapy, (which has come into question), and the now much-debated Avandia.

While most Americans are familiar with the ubiquitous direct-to-consumer advertising found on television, the greatest marketing triumph of the pharmaceutical industry arguably lies elsewhere: the ghostwritten manuscript, composed by the employees of pharmaceutical companies in cooperation with their marketing departments and then published under the byline of academic researchers.

Involuntary psychiatric admissions - Doctors must show proof
No self-respecting society should compel vulnerable citizens to vegetate behind locked doors, but this is effectively what is happening to some people suffering mental illness.

They are being sedated with drugs and kept in psychiatric units with no therapeutic treatment and thus little real hope of overcoming their illnesses.

Secret Government Database of Vaccine-Damaged Children
The general public is essentially unaware of the true number of people -- mostly children -- who have been permanently damaged or killed by vaccines. In fact, most parents would be surprised to learn that the government has a secret computer database filled with several thousand names of disabled and dead babies, children who were healthy and alive just prior to receiving the vaccines. Of course, the medical establishment and federal government don't readily disclose this information because they know it's likely to frighten parents into seeking other ways to protect their children. In other words, parents just might think this issue through on their own and decide to reject the shots.

- - -

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More information out there...

There is a lot I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist.

Dr Mercola has a good health blog
Mike Adams publishes Natural News.
In the UK we have the One Click Group.
The Dr Rath Foundation campaigns for a New Healthcare System.
Natural health and nutrition on La Leva di Archimede
Food, Agriculture and more on the Organic Consumers Association site.

"The individual is supreme and finds the way through intuition"


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Saturday July 24 2010
updated on Friday October 15 2010

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