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September 14, 2010

Nadja Benaissa - Criminal or Victim? - Health Supreme NewsGrabs Tuesday, 14 September 2010


HIV/Aids: Nadja Benaissa - Criminal or Victim?

Nadja Benaissa, pop singer with the group "No Angels", was arrested in April 2009 and has now been tried - she was found guilty of having wilfully infected her former boyfriend with HIV - "the virus that causes Aids". Nadja admitted guilt and said she was sorry. She got a suspended two year jail sentence, and will have to do 300 hours of community service. Case closed, nothing more to say about it.

But wait a moment ... what about the fact that HIV tests DO NOT FIND A VIRUS, and are notoriously unreliable, to the point where tests come with disclaimers that they "may not be used to establish infection with HIV"? The article of HEAL London looks at these and other points in the obscure story of the profitable epidemic that, some say, has been vastly exaggerated ...

Nadja’s Choice - Anatomy of a show trial
It was a show trial, a teaching example, from beginning to end. The authorities, who had met a week prior to plan Benaissa’s arrest, went out of their way to make a scene. There was the April 9, 2009, arrest at the Frankfurt club where she was to perform, right in front of her fans in the ticket line. Then the pre-trial detention, “to protect other men against infection,” as if she were an armed criminal on a killing spree. Then the filing of an in-court statement that she hadn’t really believed the risk of spreading HIV through sex was all that high, followed by her apology that she had somehow miscalculated that risk.

The charge of “aggravated battery” involves an intentional crime. At issue was what she knew. Did she know the risk?

Is Nadja to blame for admitting guilt and going for the lesser sentence, instead of standing up and single-handedly facing the whole might of the German justice system and attempting to expose the fraudulent nature of the world wide Aids machine?

I personally understand her choice.

European Commission snubs EU Parliamentarians on GMOs
We are hugely concerned about the EU Commission’s continued misuse of the precautionary principle. They cast it to one side when they want to cultivate GM crops, despite very considerable evidence of their environmental and human health risks, and they push it for all it’s worth when they want to restrict dosages of vitamins and minerals to trivial amounts.

It’s interesting that the view of the EU Commission is that GM trade approvals should be based on so-called scientific assessments of health and environmental risks, whilst it is quite acceptable for GM cultivation approvals within individual Member States to be based on grounds other than science!

ANH: What is ‘natural’?
The word 'natural' of course means lots of different things to different people. The term is much used by food, cosmetic and personal care companies, but how natural is natural? In this feature, ANH executive and scientific director, Rob Verkerk, grapples with the concept. He takes us on a multidisciplinary journey, through physics, chemistry and biology and, ultimately, perhaps he raises more questions than he answers!

Vitamin B 'puts off Alzheimer's'

Certain B vitamins - folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12 - control levels of a substance known as homocysteine in the blood. High levels of homocysteine are associated with faster brain shrinkage and Alzheimer's disease.

The study author, Professor David Smith, said the results were more significant than he had expected.

"It's a bigger effect than anyone could have predicted," he said, "and it's telling us something biological.

"These vitamins are doing something to the brain structure - they're protecting it, and that's very important because we need to protect the brain to prevent Alzheimer's."

Yet here we are with recently passed food supplement laws in Europe, that propose to limit available dosages of vitamins ... because of someone's preoccupations that in rare cases they might not only do good but cause some mild harm like putting your arm to sleep or making you go to the bathroom more often...

Vitamin B and Alzheimers: Pharma game plan revealed?
However, the positive news comes with the inevitable rider that this result has only been achieved with ‘very high’ dosages such as those that should only be administered under the supervision of a doctor. Remember these are vitamins, not drugs. The researchers have been very keen to keep stating that the dosages used are not what you would find in a typical health food store—perish the thought that consumers may take the initiative and go out and purchase B vitamins in a bid to prevent age-related memory loss! And the reason given, as always, being the need for further research on the safety of B vitamins. Remember that these are vitamins we’re talking about.

So, ‘they’ tell us, whilst going down to your local health food store and buying folic acid, B6 and B12 is not recommended, the use of a patented pharmaceutical drug comprised of folic acid, B6 and B12, prescribed by your doctor is absolutely fine. Suddenly the EU’s draconian legislative regime for food supplements, combined with the upcoming proposals from the European Commission for potentially restrictive dosages, begins to make a whole lot more sense.

Magnesium Is Made For Muscles
Carolyn Dean MD ND
Magnesium is a genuine muscle relaxant so it only makes sense that you can use it as a massage oil. Magnesium chloride supersaturated in distilled water is called magnesium oil. It’s not really an oil but it has a bit of an oily feel. I wrote about it in IBS for Dummies because it’s a way to get magnesium into your body without causing a laxative effect.

Randomized trial of vitamin D supplementation to prevent seasonal influenza A in schoolchildren
Influenza A occurred in 18 of 167 (10.8%) children in the vitamin D3 group compared with 31 of 167 (18.6%) children in the placebo group. The reduction in influenza A was more prominent in children who had not been taking other vitamin D supplements and who started nursery school after age 3 y. In children with a previous diagnosis of asthma, asthma attacks as a secondary outcome occurred in 2 children receiving vitamin D3 compared with 12 children receiving placebo.

The study suggests that vitamin D3 supplementation during the winter may reduce the incidence of influenza A, especially in specific subgroups of schoolchildren.

Vitamin C Video
"This showed up in my inbox a few days back from Dr. Thomas Levy, MD JD, author of Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, among other books. Its about 15 minutes and is yet another intriguing and amazing datapoint concerning the potential therapeutic utility of high dose intravenous vitamin C therapy. Can't say the physicians came off as a very caring and compassionate lot in this video."

Use of medication for insomnia or anxiety increases mortality risk by 36 percent
Taking medications to treat insomnia and anxiety increases mortality risk by 36%, according to a study conducted by Geneviève Belleville, a professor at Université Laval’s School of Psychology. The details of this study are published in the latest edition of the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry.

Dr. Belleville arrived at these results through analysis of 12 years of data on over 14,000 Canadians in Statistics Canada’s National Population Health Survey.

Osteoporosis drugs linked to oesophageal cancer and jaw tissue death
A new study just published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found that there is increased risk of oesophageal (gullet) cancer with one or more previous prescriptions for the commonly prescribed osteoporosis drugs, bisphosphonates.

Movie: Burzynski
Burzynski is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history.

His victorious battles with the United States government were centered around Dr. Burzynski's belief in and commitment to his gene-targeted cancer medicines he discovered in the 1970's called Antineoplastons, which have currently completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials in 2009 and could begin the final phase of testing in 2010—barring the ability to raise the required $150 million to fund them.

When Antineoplastons are approved, it will mark the first time in history a single scientist, not a pharmaceutical company, will hold the exclusive patent and distribution rights on a paradigm-shifting medical breakthrough.

Antineoplastons are responsible for curing some of the most incurable forms of terminal cancer. Various cancer survivors are presented in the film who chose his treatment instead of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation - with full disclosure of medical records to support their diagnosis and recovery.

Wyeth paid ghostwriters to promote hormone therapy
Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman of Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington and colleagues analyzed dozens of ghostwritten reviews and commentaries published in medical journals and journal supplements, many of them using documents from judicial trials.

They said Wyeth, now owned by Pfizer, paid a medical communication company called DesignWrite $25,000 to ghostwrite articles on clinical studies, including four testing low-dose Prempro, the company's combination estrogen-progestin therapy.

Would-be blockbuster vaccine Gardasil causes Merck financial headaches
Four years after Merck (MRK, Fortune 500) released this would-be top-seller, called Gardasil, it has proven to be a marketplace dud. In Merck's second quarter, the company reported an 18% year-over-year drop in sales to $219 million and its stock is down nearly 3% to date. Analysts are pointing to the Gardasil vaccine not as a savior, but as a risk for investors. People are spending less on medicine in general. Some parents aren't comfortable vaccinating young children against a virus they can only get from having sex. Merck didn't properly prepare the right doctors. Merck couldn't counter the bad press.

Flu vaccine does not reduce risk of severe complications
Italian researchers found that influenza vaccine did not reduce risk of severe complications from influenza viral infection such as in-hospital death, influenza or pneumonia admission in elderly people.

The finding came after Manzoli L. and colleagues from the University G. d'Annunzio of Chieti in Italy examined data from 32,457 elderly people of whom 66.2 percent received influenza vaccine.

Cochrane Review: Studies Fail To Demonstrate Safety Or Effectiveness Of Influenza Vaccine In Children And Adults
An independent analysis by the internationally renowned Cochrane Collaboration of worldwide influenza vaccine studies, published in the British Medical Journal on Oct. 28, concluded there is little scientific proof that inactivated influenza vaccine is safe and effective for children and adults. Citing the Cochrane Collaboration finding as well as methodological flaws in a child influenza vaccine study published Oct. 25 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the National Vaccine Information Center is calling on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to stop recommending annual flu shots for all infants and children until methodologically sound studies are conducted.

"There is a big gap between policies promoting annual influenza vaccinations for most children and adults and supporting scientific evidence," said epidemiologist Tom Jefferson, Cochrane Vaccines Field, Rome, Italy, who coordinated the comprehensive analysis for the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration. "Given the significant resources involved in annual mass influenza campaigns, there is urgent need for re-evaluation of these strategies."

Yet here we are with our governments spending millions and pushing like mad to make everyone take those flu vaccines. It seems that public health officialdom has degenerated into being pharma's promotional arm.

Enough of that!

Comment from a facebook friend:
"According to a report in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Review, 70% to 80% of those who exhibit flu symptoms, test negative for the flu virus!!! In other words, the supposed flu virus is not the cause of flu!!! Even the 20% to 30% of those who tested positive for influenza, it doesn’t mean that the virus was really present in their body nor does it prove that the flu virus, even if it were present, actually caused their symptoms."

Proof of Childhood Vaccinations' Lack of Effectiveness and its Outright Dangers
Immunization Graphs: Natural Infectious Disease Declines; Immunization Effectiveness; and Immunization Dangers (PDF) provides information in an easy-to-grasp format and clearly cites sources. Ironically, much of it comes from agencies, like WHO and the CDC, that strongly support childhood vaccinations. Other sources include Scientific American, Cochrane Collaboration Database, and The Lancet.

- - -

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There is a lot I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist.

Dr Mercola has a good health blog
Mike Adams publishes Natural News.
In the UK we have the One Click Group.
The Dr Rath Foundation campaigns for a New Healthcare System.
Natural health and nutrition on La Leva di Archimede
Food, Agriculture and more on the Organic Consumers Association site.

"The individual is supreme and finds the way through intuition"


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Tuesday September 14 2010
updated on Tuesday December 21 2010

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