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October 30, 2010

Prison for Italian surgeons - Health Supreme NewsGrabs Saturday, 30 October 2010

Prison term for Italian surgeons
Eight Italian doctors have been sentenced to prison for carrying out dozens of unnecessary operations for financial gain.


The doctors, who were working at Milan's Santa Rita clinic, carried out more than 80 unnecessary operations.

The surgery included breast and lung removal, La Repubblica newspaper reports.

The clinic's chief thoracic consultant, Pier Paolo Brega Massone, was sentenced to 15-and-a-half years for his role.

In sentencing, the judge said Brega Massone was "cruel, malevolent and lacking the slightest sense of human pity".

Plus ... Italian mainstream dailies and news magazine are carrying articles denouncing pharma's fraudulent promotion of fake illnesses while a former health minister says pharma-sponsored ghost writing is misleading doctors and patients...

Is the worm finally turning?

USA: The Threat To Health Freedom now
Jon Rappoport interviews attorney Jonathan Emord
In the early 1990s, there was a tremendous fervor in America. Millions of people, perceiving a threat from the federal government, realized they could be cut off from the right to improve their health according to their own wishes, judgments, and decisions.

In practical terms, health freedom has come to mean: the right to have access to the widest possible range of nutritional supplements, health practitioners, and treatments -- with no government obstruction.

One of the most critical points Mr. Emord makes: The laws Congress passes can be twisted by the federal agencies responsible for overseeing those laws. For example, the FDA has reinterpreted health law to suit its own slanted purposes. This is an extreme violation of the Constitution, and it endangers the American Republic. Federal agencies can, in effect, illegally become legislators and enforcers.

This is not a brush-off interview. Mr. Emord provides a compelling and extensive case that should be read, studied, and acted on by other attorneys, health-freedom advocates, nutritional-company executives, and all citizens who value their freedom.

B-complex vitamins slow progression of dementia
Large doses of B-complex vitamins could reduce the rate of brain shrinkage by half in elderly people with memory problems and slow the progression of dementia.

A two-year clinical trial in England has shown that B vitamins, including B-6, B-12 and folic acid, slow down mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a condition which is a major risk factor for Alzheimer disease and other forms of dementia.

Vitamin Therapy - How to use vitamins in medical practice
Numerous letters to the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service come from readers wanting to know exactly how to use nutritional therapy for a specific disease. Since we cannot answer such emails personally, we wanted to provide some highly useful resources for our readers' benefit.

We suggest that you print these documents out and take them to your doctor...

A year's worth of Vitamin C studies - Part I
Acknowledging that I really don't fully understand vitamin C, there remains the overwhelming body of in-vitro, animal and human clinical studies documenting its effects. I thought it would be neat to take a look at just what has been happening over the past year, I wasn't expecting much but maybe one or two interesting studies. What I found, like Dr. Levy's book, knocked my socks off, figuratively speaking.

Cuba to release homeopathic cancer drug
Cuba is about to release to the international market a new homeopathic drug based on scorpion venom, an official from the local Labiofam Labs said on Tuesday.

Isabel Gonzalez, research and development director of the scientific institution, said the new drug "Vidatox," processed from the blue scorpion venom, has been tested successfully in over 10,000 patients, whose quality of life was improved and their tumors stopped growing.

The English in this article is less than perfect - it was published by the Chinese Xinhua news agency. There is another article on (a Cuban site). Don't look for this one in your US mainstream news. Investors Business Daily briefly carried the news, but pulled it from their site. I suppose if a drug is not based on multinational pharma research, it's not worth reporting here...

Video: Fluoride in your Water
Dr. Vyvyan Howard, President of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment, explains his concerns about water fluoridation. Dr. Howard is a medical toxico-pathologist who specializes in the impact of toxins on fetal and infant health.

Pesticide regulations should be based on toxicity in humans, not rats
Current pesticide classifications of the World Health Organization are based on toxicity in rats but basing regulation on human toxicity would make pesticide poisoning less hazardous and prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths globally without compromising agricultural needs. These are the key findings from a study by Andrew Dawson (South Asian Clinical Toxicology Research Collaboration, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka) and colleagues published in this week's PLoS Medicine.

Brazil: Disease Stunts Roundup Ready GM soy cultivation
They call it "mad soy disease" in Brazil, where it has been spreading from the north, causing yield losses of up to 40 percent, most notably in the states of Mato Grosso, Tocantins and Goias. Like its namesake, mad cow disease, it is incurable.

This is the latest GMO fiasco to surface since our report on the meltdown in the USA (GM Crops Facing Meltdown in the USA), China (GM-Spin Meltdown in China), and Argentina (Argentina's Roundup Human Tragedy).

California City Says Stop Dental Amalgam
Costa Mesa, California has become the first city in the United States to call for an immediate end to dental amalgam, the controversial filling material that is 50% mercury. Voting 5-0 on 19 October 2010, the Costa Mesa City Council adopted the resolution* sponsored by Councilman Gary Monahan that

(1) calls on federal and state agencies to eliminate amalgam,
(2) asks dentists in Costa Mesa to cease using mercury and switch to non-toxic alternatives, and
(3) requests that the other 33 cities in Orange County join Costa Mesa in opposing dental mercury.

While as a resolution, it does not actually ban amalgam, it is an important step toward ending this health and environmental scourge.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science
Much of what medical researchers conclude in their studies is misleading, exaggerated, or flat-out wrong. So why are doctors—to a striking extent—still drawing upon misinformation in their everyday practice? Dr. John Ioannidis has spent his career challenging his peers by exposing their bad science.

Glaxo To Pay $750M For Manufacturing Fraud
In a move that signals federal prosecutors are pursuing yet another type of fraud in the pharmaceutical industry, GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to pay a whopping $750 million fine to settle charges over numerous production problems - contaminated meds, mislabeled packaging and incorrect dosages - at a facility in Cidra, Puerto Rico.

A comment by Evelyn Pringle: Watch Glaxo get away with simply paying another big fine when that corrupt company should have been banned from doing any business in the US years ago and long before the Avandia debacle of the last 4 years. Check out my article titled Paxil Five Year Litigation History and also GlaxoSmithKline Defamed with the Truth

UK: 'Curbing use of dangerous psychiatric drugs for dementia victims'
An alliance backed by the Government has promised to cut back on the use of dangerous 'chemical cosh' drugs for dementia sufferers.

In an unprecedented move, a coalition of 45 public and private bodies and charities has pledged to transform the way patients are treated and drive down the use of anti-psychotic drugs.

Women Are Dying From Hormone Therapy; Why Is Pharma Still Allowed to Push It?
Big Pharma is still pushing its hormone therapy for women, despite the fact that it increases women's risk of cancer and other health problems.

Comment of Evi Pringle: Martha's question is easy to answer. Harmful pharmaceutical products remain on the market because our regulatory agencies are run by pharmaceutical industry insiders. The top officials get recruited from the industry stables and after they put in a couple of years of "pubic disservice," they head right back to the pharma companies again. Eg -
Former officials Lester Crawford, Alex Azar II, Andrew Von Eschenbach, Scott Gottleib, Peter Pitts, Daniel Troy, Sidney Bradshaw, Julie Gerberding, etc, etc. And
those are just a few from the last administration.

And I would add to that: We are talking about the US here, and the FDA as a big friend of big pharma. In other countries, the situation is similar, if not quite as bad from the revolving-door perspective. But what makes the situation bad anyway is that the FDA is seen by other countries' health authorities as a somewhat God-like agency, almost infallible ... which makes it ok to follow the FDA's lead in approving even toxic food additives such as aspartame, and damaging medicines - the stuff that kills hundreds of thousands (more than 100,000 in the US alone) all over the world every single year.

40 UK children killed by MMR – and the true picture could be 10 times worse
What Doctors Don't Tell You (WDDTY)
Forty children have died after a routine vaccination such as MMR and 2,100 more have suffered a serious reaction, UK health authorities have been forced to disclose this week – and these figures are just the tip of the iceberg. Two of the vaccinated children have been left with permanent brain damage, and 1500 others have suffered neurological reactions, including 11 cases of brain inflammation and 13 cases of epilepsy and coma. Overall, there have been more than 2,100 adverse reactions to a childhood vaccine in the UK in the last seven years.

(WDDTY requires registration to see full article.)

USA: Moms Ask FDA To Rescind Gardasil Approval
In its letter, SANE Vax argues that the FDA permitted Merck to use "an inappropriate primary endpoint and unreliable HPV genotyping methods" in evaluating efficacy. Basically the group maintains that less serious cervical lesions were permitted as an endpoint and they cite National Cancer Institute reports to bolster their contention this was an erroneous decision.

"The FDA has approved a vaccine which is being marketed as a cancer vaccine, when in fact it has only been proven to prevent 'not a true biologic entity,' in the words of the NCI, the inventor of the current HPV vaccine technology and the co-developer of Gardasil," SANE Vax writes to FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg.

Breast Cancer Group to Eli Lilly: Stop Selling Bovine Growth Hormone
A breast-cancer advocacy group based in San Francisco is planning to plaster a message on a billboard in Indianapolis, demanding that Lilly "stop milking cancer."

Breast Cancer Action, which calls itself "the watchdog of the breast cancer movement," is taking aim at an animal-growth hormone called Posilac, marketed by Lilly to increase milk production in dairy cows.

The group says the hormone has been linked to cancer and is passed on to humans through milk. It is demanding that Lilly, which makes cancer drugs, stop making and selling the hormone.

- - -

You can, as many others do, contribute to these newsgrabs...
just tell me about a link to an article or a site you think is particularly interesting.
You can email me at (
You can also find me on facebook (
and on Twitter
and if you like physics and technology, check out my site on physics, economy and new energy

More information out there...

There is a lot I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist.

Dr Mercola has a good health blog
Mike Adams publishes Natural News.
In the UK we have the One Click Group.
The Dr Rath Foundation campaigns for a New Healthcare System.
Natural health and nutrition on La Leva di Archimede
Food, Agriculture and more on the Organic Consumers Association site.

"The individual is supreme and finds the way through intuition"


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Saturday October 30 2010
updated on Tuesday December 13 2011

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