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December 13, 2010

WikiLeaks: Pfizer's dirty tricks - Health Supreme NewsGrabs 13 December 2010

WikiLeaks cables: Pfizer used dirty tricks to avoid clinical trial payout


The world's biggest pharmaceutical company hired investigators to unearth evidence of corruption against the Nigerian attorney general in order to persuade him to drop legal action over a controversial drug trial involving children with meningitis, according to a leaked US embassy cable.

Pfizer was sued by the Nigerian state and federal authorities, who claimed that children were harmed by a new antibiotic, Trovan, during the trial, which took place in the middle of a meningitis epidemic of unprecedented scale in Kano in the north of Nigeria in 1996.

The cable reports a meeting between Pfizer's country manager, Enrico Liggeri, and US officials at the Abuja embassy on 9 April 2009. It states: "According to Liggeri, Pfizer had hired investigators to uncover corruption links to federal attorney general Michael Aondoakaa to expose him and put pressure on him to drop the federal cases. He said Pfizer's investigators were passing this information to local media."

Food Safety Bill S.510 made its way through the House, being thrown into the 2011 Continuing Resolution (CR) as an amendment. The CR was approved by a vote of 212 For and 206 Against, with 8 Republicans not getting to vote.

The 2011 Continuing Resolution funds all of the Federal government for the next year and is a “must pass” bill to keep the government open past next week...

by Jon Rappoport
About ten years ago, I decided that the medical cartel could become the most dangerous of all power groups on the planet. I have not changed my mind.

My decision is based on looking up the road 40 or 50 years and inferring what the picture will look like then.

It's clear to me that drug companies, as they carve up markets and create new markets, are eagerly anticipating the day when every human, from cradle to grave—actually from inside the womb—has the status of Patient.

My take on this: Health for profit is a cruel joke! The need to make the books balance will inevitably lead to more sickness, NOT more good health. We have to re-think our approach to health care. Pharma won't do it for us... so what's your idea?

Dialisys: For-profit medicine shows higher risk of mortality
Patients treated at dialysis clinics run by the largest U.S. for-profit chains have a higher risk of death than patients treated by the biggest nonprofit chain, a study released today in the journal Health Services Research concludes.

The outcome gaps are substantial: Patients at the largest for-profit chain were found to have a 19 percent higher risk of death than patients receiving care at the nonprofit; at the second-largest chain, the risk was 24 percent higher.

Herbal Medicine in Europe: Seeing through the muddy waters
There is a lot of information flying about cyberspace that suggests natural medicine in the EU effectively gets extinguished after April 2011. Well that might be part of a plan among some people pulling certain strings at high levels. But it’s not going to happen. That's because of you. And, of course, what we all do together. The use of herbs and other plants in healthcare precedes even the evolution of our species...

Vitamin A supplements reduce deaths caused by measles and diarrhea
Vitamin A supplements are an effective way to reduce childhood death and disease. A new study by Cochrane researchers strongly endorses the continuation of vitamin A supplementation programmes, which reduce the incidence of measles and diarrhoea and ultimately save lives.

The review suggests that much of the beneficial effect vitamin A supplementation in developing countries may be related to prevention of measles and diarrhoea. "Giving vitamin A is associated with a reduction in the incidence of diarrhoea and measles, as well as the number of child deaths due to these diseases," said Zulfiqar Bhutta, Chairman of the Division of Women and Child Health at Aga Khan University in Karachi, Pakistan and the senior reviewer of the project.

The importance of Sulfur: Is The Skin a Solar-Powered Battery for the Heart?
The evidence is quite compelling that sunny places afford protection from heart disease. A study described in [Grimes1996] provides an in depth anaylsis of data from around the world showing an inverse relationship between heart disease rates and sunny climate/low latitude.

For instance, the cardiovascular-related death rate for men between the ages of 55 and 64 was 761 per 100,000 men in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but only 175 in Toulouse, France. While the obvious biological factor that would be impacted by sunlight is vitamin D, studies conducted specifically on vitamin D status have been inconclusive...

Aerotoxic fume events: Is toxic air making passengers and airplane crews sick?
But in the early 1960s, the accountants looked for cheaper, simpler ways to provide that air. It was realised that all jet engines have vast amounts of compressed air available from the forward section of the engine, before the fuel is added and burned.

It wasn't long before they were taking this hot, high pressure air and piping it into the cabin. They would call it "bleed air", as it was "bled off" the jet engine compressor section.

At the time, many engineers warned that if the bleed air should become contaminated with oil from within the engine or hydraulic fluid, then everybody in the jet aeroplane would not be breathing pure air but a contaminated mixture of air and...oil.

Inside TSA scanners: How terahertz waves tear apart human DNA
In layman's terms what Alexandrov and his team discovered is that the resonant effects of the THz waves bombarding humans unzips the double-stranded DNA molecule. This ripping apart of the twisted chain of DNA creates bubbles between the genes that can interfere with the processes of life itself: normal DNA replication and critical gene expression.

Fluoride: Even Worse than it Appears
First off, related to the recent post on dental fluorosis, apparently the methodology the CDC uses underestimates the problem, as though 41% of teenagers having dental fluorosis weren't bad enough.

Fluoride remains however, a political minefield and one strewn with the careers of many eminent researchers and scientists. I had some months ago posted the congressional testimony of EPA scientist William Hirzy, concerning the toxicity of fluoride. The story of another EPA scientist Dr. William Marcus was entirely new to me, yet another chapter in the X-files saga that is toxic water fluoridation.

Video: Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation
These are professionals talking about the effects of fluoride on intelligence and health... a worthwhile clip to see if you have any doubt that fluoride is toxic and should be avoided, even in small amounts. The implications are huge. Like lead some decades ago, fluoride is in a huge number of products, not just being added to the water supply and to toothpastes...

19 Potentially Dangerous Drugs Pushed By Big Pharma
Since direct-to-consumer drug advertising was legalized 13 years ago, Americans have become a nation of pill poppers -- choosing the type of drug they desire like a new toothpaste, sometimes whether or not they need it.

Anti-Depressant Blamed For Woman’s Suicide
Experts of such as Professor David Healy raised their apprehensions over the adverse effects of the drug and have blamed the same for the death of the woman that led the Birmingham coroner Aiden Cotter to call for an investigation into the drug.

The drug made her daughter zombie, as expressed by Vera Sansbury, mother of Woodley.

She said, “She was like a zombie. The eyes were blank and flat and there was no emotional response. Yvonne displayed every single side-effect of the drug”.

The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?
The Marketing of Madness is a documentary on the psychiatric drugging industry. Here is the real story of the high income partnership between psychiatry and drug companies that has created an $80 billion psychotropic drug profit center.

Appearances are deceiving. How valid are psychiatrists’ diagnoses – and how safe are their drugs? Digging deep beneath the corporate veneer, this three-part documentary exposes the truth behind the slick marketing schemes and scientific deceit that conceal dangerous and often deadly sales campaigns.

Does Europe need a drug for 'Adult Attention Deficit'?
Janne Larsson says we don't need to expand the use of Concerta, especially because the promised research that was a condition for approval of the drug in the first instance, has never been performed...

"We are now at the point where Concerta and other methylphenidate products should be withdrawn from the market in Europe – and very far away from a situation where Concerta could be approved also for adults."

Canada: Judge refuses to order vaccinations
Vaccinations aren’t “essential” medical treatments, a family court judge has ruled in refusing a Child Welfare request to order inoculations for four kids.

Judge Stephen Lipton, in a written decision released Thursday, said while the vaccinations are preferable, it wasn’t in his power to order them.

Smart man.

No Value in Any Influenza Vaccine: Cochrane Collaboration Study
A remarkable study published in the Cochrane Libary found no evidence of benefit for influenza vaccinations and also noted that the vast majority of trials were inadequate. The authors stated that the only ones showing benefit were industry-funded. They also pointed out that the industry-funded studies were more likely to be published in the most prestigious journals...and one more thing: They found cases of severe harm caused by the vaccines, in spite of inadequate reporting of adverse effects.

Aborted Fetuses Used in Vaccines
The Chickenpox, Hepatitis-A and MMR vaccines were developed using aborted fetal cell lines, MRC-5 and WI-38. This has never been hidden from the public. When parents take their children to the doctor for inoculations, who asks for the package inserts? Who asks for a list of the vaccine ingredients? Most parents want to know the risks and possible side effects. Parents are mostly concerned with the health of their children as some doctors are. Doctors have been administering the vaccines for years. Yet, how many of them have ever checked into the ingredients? This has always been right at their fingertips. What would happen if they did? They would read that the vaccine contains "MRC-5", "WI-38" (or both) "human diploid cell lines".

Most parents are not aware that the particular abortions which contribute the fetal tissue parts for vaccine manufacturing, were actually intended for vaccine manufacturing.

- - -

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More information out there...

There is a lot I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist.

Dr Mercola has a good health blog
Mike Adams publishes Natural News.
In the UK we have the One Click Group.
The Dr Rath Foundation campaigns for a New Healthcare System.
Natural health and nutrition on La Leva di Archimede
Food, Agriculture and more on the Organic Consumers Association site.

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posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Monday December 13 2010
updated on Tuesday December 13 2011

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