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January 30, 2011

Autism Epidemic: Was Wakefield punished for speaking up? - Health Supreme NewsGrabs 30 January 2011

Wakefield was 'punished' for speaking up at EU Parliament about Autism


Wakefield talks at EU Parliament - you can access the video on this page (scroll down the page to "Andy Wakefield speaks at the European Parliament").

A major media offensive was unleashed in December 2010 to convince the world that Autism has nothing to do with vaccines. The target of the offensive: Dr. Andrew Wakefield who had blown the whistle by providing some scientific evidence in a paper he published, that several children with autism also suffered from intestinal problems and that a vaccine-specific measles virus was found in the guts of those children.

This discovery had the potential of ruining a billion-dollar business, that of vaccinating potentially every child on earth with ever greater frequency fielding a barrage of ever more vaccines. Huge sums of money involved here.

Wakefield was going to ruin the day. He even had the audacity of speaking at the European Parliament on the causation of Autism. The vaccine makers however were not going to give up without a fight...

Andrew Wakefield's talk at the EU Parliament, which came just before a heavy press attack on Wakefield, seems to have precipitated a rather heavy reaction. The Pharma crowd has trotted out their point man journalist Deer and their commentators in high places, to make sure every one, even the members of the EU Parliament, know Wakefield can't be trusted, that his research is discredited, and that anyway he only was in this for the money... a neat trick to head off the expected backlash against Pharmaceutical manufacturers for causing - through vaccines - an AUTISM EPIDEMIC.

Here some more details:

The video of Dr Wakefield's talk at the EU Parliament, which was given some time in November 2010, can be accessed at the following link:

The page contains several videos. You need to scroll down to the fourth listing, posted on 16 November, titled "Andy Wakefield speaks at the European Parliament".

This talk was given roughly a month before Brian Deer and the media went into a frenzy and unleashed an unprecedented attack to discredit Wakefield and all his research.

Evidently, the talk was a very effective way of pointing the finger at the connection between vaccination and autism, swaying opinions of many EU Parliamentarians. So something had to be done ... and it was a full scale PR offensive to discredit the bearer of bad news. Vaccines were saved, or so they thought...

The talk was part of a larger initiative - Autism 2010 - which included a conference in Dublin, Ireland

and which is itself part of a multi-year initiative in the EU to get to the bottom of autism and find a way to prevent a further worsening of the situation.

Clearly, the recent attack on Wakefield has been a defensive response of the vaccine makers, using the media and their assets in universities and government health offices to discredit the main source of bad news on the vaccine causation of autism. The aim: continue "business as usual" and expand vaccination world wide.

Herbalism: Open Source Medicine

Herbalism is a low-cost, accessible, community-powered, patent-free form of medicine. It’s also under threat from the patent-driven pharmaceutical business. Could the values and struggles of open-source software proponents have much in common with herbalists?


Herbalism is based on traditional knowledge gathered over thousands of years, most of which is still freely available and patent-free. Anyone is free to use that knowledge, improve on it and share it with anyone else. No one “owns” raspberry leaves tea or garlic poultice. There are no copyright constraints to prevent you from making your own herbal medicine. You are still free to plant, harvest and share your own medicinal plant seeds. This is why I think of herbalism as open-source medicine.

Germany suspends payments to global health fund

The country's development ministry said its pledge of euro200 million ($270 million) for 2011 will be withheld from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria pending a full investigation by Germany into the corruption that the fund's own investigators are turning up.

German Development Minister Dirk Niebel said the serious questions raised in two AP articles on Sunday and Monday require a thorough investigation.

"I take the allegations of corruption and breach of trust carried by media against the Global Fund very seriously and I expect that the fund will promptly clear them up," said Niebel. "I have halted all further payments to the fund until it is fully cleared up."

Corruption accusations hit the Global Fund

For some time there have been rumors about problems with the Global Fund, but the latest findings from the Fund's own inspectors are a shock. Huge quantities of money appear to have been siphoned off.

In Mauritania, an anti-HIV program lost $4.1 million (3 million euros) - two-thirds of its total budget - through faked invoices.

In Djibouti meanwhile, $5 million went missing on bills for cars and motorcycles, and a further $750,000 was simply transferred out of an account with no explanation.

The inspectors also found that tens of millions of dollars worth of malaria medicines, intended to be provided free to patients, were stolen and re-sold on the black market.

UK: Soil Association Threatened with Libel Action over Intensive Pig Farming Concerns

When there's agribusiness money behind a venture, any and all methods to push it through will be used, including slapping legal threats on those who oppose. It's gone even further in the case of a proposed Derbyshire "farm". The Soil Association, a veteran charity promoting organic farming in the UK, has been threatened with libel. No one suggests that they've actually maligned the company trying to push the "farm" through. They're accused of raising general concerns about such an operation's effects on disease, antibiotic resistance, and animal welfare.

France: Libel case over GMO ends in win for independent scientist

Gilles-Eric Séralini, professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen in France, and president of the scientific council for independent research on genetic engineering (CRIIGEN), is a leading researcher into the risks of GMOs. Not surprisingly, he and his team became the target a concerted campaign of vilification, which included Monsanto, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and scientific societies representing biotechnology in France: the French Association of Plant Biotechnology (AFBV) and the French High Counsel on Biotechnology.

During the trial, it transpired that Fellous, who presented himself as a ‘neutral’ scientist without personal interests, and accused those who criticise GMOs as ‘ideological’ and ‘militant’, actually owns patents through a company based in Israel. This company sells patents to corporations such as Aventis. Seralini’s lawyer showed that various other AFBV members also have links with agribusiness companies, and so their scientific impartiality and integrity came under intense scrutiny.

The US Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto: What Now?

In a cleverly worded, but profoundly misleading email sent to its customers last week, Whole Foods Market, while proclaiming their support for organics and "seed purity," gave the green light to USDA bureaucrats to approve the "conditional deregulation" of Monsanto's genetically engineered, herbicide-resistant alfalfa. Beyond the regulatory euphemism of "conditional deregulation," this means that WFM and their colleagues are willing to go along with the massive planting of a chemical and energy-intensive GE perennial crop, alfalfa; guaranteed to spread its mutant genes and seeds across the nation; guaranteed to contaminate the alfalfa fed to organic animals; guaranteed to lead to massive poisoning of farm workers and destruction of the essential soil food web by the toxic herbicide, Roundup; and guaranteed to produce Roundup-resistant superweeds that will require even more deadly herbicides such as 2,4 D to be sprayed on millions of acres of alfalfa across the U.S.

Book Review: Fat and Cholesterol are Good for You!

While it has become more fashionable recently to question the cholesterol lowering campaign, to my knowledge, even to the present no one has put together such a well-referenced, well organized and cogent critique of the cholesterol lowering campaign as Dr. Ravnskov. Personally, this was the first book I read which led me to begin to question much of the conventional medical wisdom I had been taught in medical school and beyond. If cholesterol lowering for heart disease may be in error, what other precepts of modern medicine might not be equally idolatrous? I also suspected when I first heard of this book, that despite the author's credentials it would almost certainly be laughably bad, well I was in for a surprise.

Mainstream medicine, though it knows better, often presents cholesterol as some unmitigated evil which by happenstance exists only to predispose one to heart disease. If it only could be eliminated, there would be no more heart disease. Cholesterol itself though, is not some aberration of physiology, it is present in all membranes and is involved in numerous crucial metabolic pathways ...


Below are critical comments by Professor John Read (University of Auckland, New Zealand) about FDA's Summary of Electroconvulsive devices.

Of note, although 103 deaths were reported to the FDA in individual submissions, the FDA report devotes merely half a page to this issue.

Does that not demonstrate a disregard for the value of the lives of those who are subjected to ECT--most often against their will?

FDA Panel Votes to Require Testing of ECT Device After Survivors Testify at FDA Electroshock Hearing

After holding two days of public hearings, yesterday and today, the FDA panel on electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) has stated that "rigorous testing" is required, says the Washington Post.

The ECT device will therefore remain "Class Three," which means its safety and efficacy are unproven; the FDA says they will finally require the same testing used on other medical devices. This outcome is the opposite of what the electroshock industry has requested, and a first-step victory for those concerned about electroshock hazards.

Aids Drugs: HAART causes strokes

“Over the last decade in the United States, there has been a substantial and significant rise in patients hospitalized for stroke with coexisting HIV infection” — Ovbiagele and Nath, “Increasing incidence of ischemic stroke in patients with HIV infection”, Neurology, 76 (2011) 444-50 (published on-line ahead of print, 19 January 2011).
Among the general population, the rate of strokes declined whereas among “HIV-positives” it increased.

Bayer Conceals $ Multi-Million Settlement With Hemophiliacs Over HIV Tainted Blood

In 2003, The New York Times reported that a division of Bayer pharmaceutical knowingly continued to sell its AIDS infected blood product to countries in Asia and Latin America to get rid of inventory: "the company hoped to preserve the profit margin from 'several large fixed-price contracts."

The Bayer-Baxter settlement prohibits the victims and their lawyers from speaking about the arrangement. Philipp Mimkes from the Coalition (CBG) welcomes the settlement, but asks: “why is BAYER concealing the payments?”

"Why are the media not able to report on this precedent? It is outrageous that the companies who knowingly infected thousands of haemophiliacs are blackmailing the victims not to talk about this important development!”

Abortion Stillbirth Events from Gardasil Far Exceed All Other Vaccines

Dr. Rubin acknowledges the “results are shocking. First of all, the H1N1 Flu vaccine has appeared in miscarriage events more often than almost any other vaccine.

But the graph has more shocking results for us. The H1N1 Flu vaccine appears in many of the abortion/stillbirth cases, but not the most. The “winner,” appearing in 297 of the VAERS records associated with miscarriage, is Gardasil (vaccine code HPV4)! Once again, this vaccine is a newcomer, having only existed for 4 years.

Video: Compact fluorescent light bulbs health effects? (Part 1)

Video: Compact fluorescent light bulbs health effects? (Part 2)

- - -

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More information out there...

There is a lot I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist.

Dr Mercola has a good health blog
Mike Adams publishes Natural News.
In the UK we have the One Click Group.
The Dr Rath Foundation campaigns for a New Healthcare System.
Natural health and nutrition on La Leva di Archimede
Food, Agriculture and more on the Organic Consumers Association site.

"The individual is supreme and finds the way through intuition"


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday January 30 2011
updated on Tuesday December 13 2011

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