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February 28, 2011

US: Vaccine makers exempted from liability - Health Supreme NewsGrabs 28 February 2011

US Supreme Court rules vaccine makers protected from lawsuits


Federal law protects pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits by parents who claim that vaccines harmed their children, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

The court ruled 6 to 2 that going before a special tribunal set up by Congress is the only way parents can be compensated for the negative side effects that in rare instances accompany vaccinations.

Now there's political clout for you but ... if vaccines are so good for us and so safe as health authorities assure us, why do the vaccine makers need special protection from liability for their products?

Gardasil/Cervarix – A Legacy Of Shame

The headlines alone tell the whole story. ‘Teenage girl left brain-damaged after receiving cervical cancer jab‘, ‘Thousands of UK schoolgirls have suffered adverse reactions…several reported multiple reactions’, ‘20,575 adverse reactions, 352 reports of abnormal pap smears post vaccination, 89 reported deaths’, ‘New Worries About Gardasil Safety’, ‘Cervical Cancer Vaccine May Raise Risk of Guillain-Barre Syndrome’, ‘8 more deaths connected to HPV vaccine’…

Vaccines and Autism – The Wrong Argument

Today, the pharmaceutical, academic, and healthcare oligarchies and apparently, to varying degrees, various agencies of the federal government are engaged in an intensive misdirective propaganda campaign.

That campaign’s apparent goal is to conceal the linkages between our current vaccination programs and the acute harm and chronic disease that the current vaccination programs cause.

These groups are seeking to hide these adverse outcomes behind a false “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism” façade.

Video: Sanjay Gupta (CNN) interviews Bill Gates on the subject of vaccines

Bill Gates: "We believe ... I believe that progress can be made, both inventing new vaccines and making sure they get out to all the children who need them. We can cut the number of children who die every year from about 9 million to half of that if we have success on it. The benefits there in terms of reducing sickness, reducing the population growth really allows the society a chance to take care of itself, once you've made that intervention."

I wonder how it is that vaccines are "reducing the population growth", as Gates says here...

(Talking about Afghanistan and Pakistan and how doing a vaccination campaign can help stabilize a war-torn region.) Bill Gates: "What you're seeing is that the density in the poor areas is greater than they can grow the food, greater than they can educate, greater than they can provide the jobs... so you create these hotspots of instability. So if, even if all they care about is national security, these health things are a very cheap way to make sure you're not gonna have turmoil that eventually would affect the whole world."

I have a hard time following that line of reasoning, unless ... vaccines are seen as a way of eliminating some of those poor that are considered to be the cause of turmoil.

European Herbal Medicines: Contradictions in UK government policy on herbalist statutory regulation

All of this would be unreservedly positive for practitioners and patients alike, were it not for some ominous signs coming from the MHRA. The MHRA’s statement shows that the positive spin the Minister put on the issue, was exactly that, nothing more than spin. Thinking cynically for a moment, they may have worked out that if the Minister puts out a positive spin piece and allows the media to run with it, it will overshadow any negativity coming from concerns about the government’s initiative or its enthusiasm to continue to implement and gold plate a bunch of EU laws that work to decimate our freedom to choose natural products for healthcare.

The laws that will institute statutory regulation have not been written yet, and much can change between now and then. Witness the fluoride case, where a stone-cold promise that local residents would have the final say on whether their water would be fluoridated was quietly written out of the eventual laws. We hate to say it, but the same could be happening here: the government has released a loudly trumpeted statement, apparently meeting the herbalists’ long-standing demands and heading off a grassroots revolt over the availability of herbal medicines.

Australia: Proposed legislation to make numerous common plants illegal?

This proposed legislation would make most permaculturists, farmers, gardeners and bush regenerators criminals. Many native wattles (Acacia spp), an extensive list of legumes including the Leopard tree, Honey Locust, wisteria and cattle forage plants like Desmodium, wetland plants such as the Common Rush (Phragmites), and common pasture grasses (Phalaris spp), even the iceplants in your Granny's rock garden would be affected by the legislation. Having 10 of any of these plants would be considered a trafficable quantity and cause you to be charged and convicted with a federal drugs conviction and criminal record.

Please visit for detailed information about the diverse range of plants effected by this legislation and information to help you prepare a submission.

Prohibitionism raising its ugly head in Australia ... but historically it has never worked.

Drugs are a part of the human experience. Who doesn't have coffee, tea, sugar, alcohol - r smoke cigarettes. Those are all perfectly legal drugs. So why one drug yes, and the other no. What is government's interest in suppressing one type of experience and promoting others? Should that not be up to each one of us?

New York City Kidnaps and Force-Drugs Kids

The New York City Council held a dramatic hearing on the Incarnation Children's Center matter in May 2005, and commitment was reportedly strong. By this time, the Administration for Children's Services (ACS), New York's child protective agency, had just contracted with an outside organization to investigate its policies and procedures in enrolling city foster children in drug trials. As chairman of the General Welfare Committee, wasn't Bill de Blasio supposed to monitor and oversee this investigation?

USA: Arkansas Bill Proposes Mandatory Fluoridation of Water

Not only does this legislation require the introduction of toxic and hazardous fluoridation chemicals into the drinking water, it does so without first requiring local approval. No public consent is required what-so-ever! Even worse, the bill does requires local taxpayers to fund the cost of the chemicals, maintenance, and operation of the system that they have no say in approving.

If you live in Arkansas ... or know anyone who does, pay attention.

New Pathogen Found in Roundup Ready GM Crops

The letter, written by Don Huber, professor emeritus at Purdue University, to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, warns of a pathogen “new to science” discovered by “a team of senior plant and animal scientists”. Huber says it should be treated as an “emergency’’, as it could result in “a collapse of US soy and corn export markets and significant disruption of domestic food and feed supplies.”

The letter appeared to have been written before Vilsack announced his decision to authorize unrestricted commercial planting of GM alfalfa on 1 February, in the hope of convincing the Secretary of Agriculture to impose a moratorium instead on deregulation of Roundup Ready (RR) crops.

The new pathogen appears associated with serious pervasive diseases in plants - sudden death syndrome in soybean and Goss' wilt in corn – but its suspected effects on livestock are alarming. Huber refers to “recent reports of infertility rates in dairy heifers of over 20%, and spontaneous abortions in cattle as high as 45%.”

Huber writes in closing: “I have studied plant pathogens for more than 50 years. We are now seeing an unprecedented trend of increasing plant and animal diseases and disorders. This pathogen may be instrumental to understanding and solving this problem. It deserves immediate attention with significant resources to avoid a general collapse of our critical agricultural infrastructure.”

Australia: There is Poison in Your Tap Water

The public will be shocked to realize that what they have been told about fluoride in the water is far from the truth, and that the "fluoride", unlike that found in high grade toothpastes, is not pharmaceutical in nature but actually industrial chemical and toxic waste product, much of it from China. It is being dispersed into the water supply, where freedom of information requests obtained by Bressington show the high levels of toxicity and the presence of many poisons and even uranium, in Adelaide's water supply.

Pharma's drug research costs are much lower than claimed

For decades, the pharmaceutical industry has claimed that its high prices for drugs in the developed world, are justified by the very high costs of research and development (R&D). Industry-funded economists at Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, produced a wholly artificial R&D cost of $1.3 billion for a new drug. That artificial estimate, which is widely cited by government and industry-- has served to hugely enrich the pharmaceutical industry.

A just published article, Demythologizing the High Cost of Pharmaceutical Research , by Donald Light and Rebecca Warburton, debunks industry's inflated claim by dissecting the calculations in the authoritative Tufts-PhRMa supported study that concocted the extraordinary high R&D cost estimate.

Light and Warburton found that the net median corporate R&D costs varied greatly: from $13 million to $204 million, depending on the kind of drug. They estimate the median net corporate R&D cost per new drug was only $59.4 million, plus the unknown cost of discovery, which varies 30 fold. This $59.4 million estimate, they point out, is in line with audited figures submitted by companies.

Physicians: Prescribing Less May Improve Outcomes

Excessive medications and procedures, adverse events and medical errors are endemic to medicine. In the early 1990s, surgeons were encouraged to perform quadruple bypass surgery for heart disease. Recent studies now suggest the surgery was, in many cases, a waste of time and money, improving neither morbidity nor mortality.

My advice to doctors: It's OK not to prescribe anything. It's OK to listen, to do no harm, to offer compassionate and helpful living advice. It can be therapeutic to recommend abstinence from cigarettes, drugs and alcohol, to eat more nutritiously, to sustain a relationship, lose weight, volunteer, meditate, pray, walk, laugh, sing, play music and embrace kindness.

Antipsychotic drugs, thyroid, and cardiac death

There are many mechanisms through which antipsychotic drugs cause or contribute to premature death. Thyroid hormone excess or deficiency would be only one potential mechanism.

Mental Health Experts Urge Paradigm Shift

“Attendees were clear that our systems of mental health care have become too medication focused, and it’s time for a broader approach. History will show that this national shift began this weekend in Portland, Oregon.”

Dr. Stefan Kruszewski on ABC News , recommends that physicians follow the precautionary principle of medicine: prescribing less drugs may improve outcomes.

AIDS: CD4 T-Cell Test is a Measure of Fat

Once upon a time a doctor would check your White and Red Blood Cells and then give you a dose of antibiotics if your White Blood Cells were low or a pint of Guinness if your Red Blood Cells were. Now with modern medicine we have a syndrome I would call TDS - Toxic Diagnosis Syndrome where a doctor finds someone with nothing has everything.... And then poisons them with everything when they need nothing.

That's AIDS for you.

Autism may be Linked to Electromagnetic Radiation Levels In Mother’s Bedroom During Pregnancy

Incidence of autistic babies has increased from 1 in 150 in 2002 to an estimated 1 in 50 babies today. Dr. Dietrich Klinghart, MD, PhD of the Institute of Neurobiology in Seattle recently conducted a pilot study to assess the potential role of electromagnetic frequencies in the dramatic rise in autism and other neurological impairments over the past decade. Various measurements of electromagnetic radiation exposure were assessed in the case of 10 children with neurological impairment, 8 categorized with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The pilot data strongly suggests that electromagnetic radiation in the sleeping environment of mothers during pregnancy, as well as electromagnetic radiation in the sleeping environment of children, may be key undiscovered contributing if not causative factors in neurological impairments in children, including autism. Given increasing levels of ambient electromagnetic radiation in modern environments from society’s use of electronic equipment, wireless technologies, such as cell phones and wireless networks, high frequency transients on electric lines, and broadband over power lines (BPL), this association needs immediate further exploration.

How To Reduce Electromagnetic Fields In Your Bedroom

In nature there are many electromagnetic fields that have no adverse effect on our bodies, That is because natural fields are either temporally constant (same frequency) or spatially constant (same shape), but not both. On the other hand, manmade signals by necessity for communication are both temporally and spatially constant. According to Dr. Carlo, with prolonged exposure, these constant signals can cause the protein vibratory receptors located on our cell membranes to go into resonance.

Once in resonance, the cell must determine whether the "signal" is a biological communication or a foreign invader. If the latter, as is the case with all man made signals, then the cell will react by going into sympathetic lock in order to protect the cell from this perceived invasion. Sympathetic lock prevents the cell from taking in nutrition and releasing toxins.



Whether you use wireless technology or not; whether you protest or not; whether you care or not . . . you are being exposed to radio frequency radiation and your exposure levels are increasing. You can move to the country and live with like-minded souls but antennas and smart meters are likely to follow you.

Whether you become ill or not will depend on many things but once you become ill your quality of life will deteriorate and, if you live with others, their quality of life will be adversely affected as well.

- - -

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Dr Mercola has a good health blog
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The Dr Rath Foundation campaigns for a New Healthcare System.
Natural health and nutrition on La Leva di Archimede
Food, Agriculture and more on the Organic Consumers Association site.

"The individual is supreme and finds his way through intuition"


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Monday February 28 2011
updated on Tuesday December 13 2011

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