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April 02, 2011

Radiation Toxicity Antidotes - Health Supreme NewsGrabs 2 April 2011

Antidotes To Radiation Toxicity
(Perhaps useful to know, in light of Fukushima ...)

Fukushima Cover-1.jpg

This is a rather comprehensive and well referenced article discussing not only possible contamination scenarios and their dangers, but also listing what nutritional remedies there are to prevent or at least limit damage from radioactive fallout.

Closer look at cell membrane shows cholesterol 'keeping order'


The purple "tails" of the lipid molecules that form the cell membrane are far less orderly in the absence of cholesterol (top image) than when cholesterol is present (bottom)

Cholesterol is known to be important for managing disorder in membranes. The team saw for the first time that when cholesterol is present, these tails line up in a tight formation, looking like a narrow stripe from which the lipid chains stretch outward—and producing the order that had been previously anticipated, but never shown directly. But without cholesterol, the tails go a bit wild, flapping around energetically and in some cases even pushing up toward their chains’ heads.

Mihailescu says the findings hint that cholesterol may have profound consequences for the membrane’s gatekeeper proteins, which are very sensitive to their environment.

Cholesterol is a vital substance, even at so basic a level as the composition of the cell membrane. Yet here we go "lowering cholesterol" as if it was a poison that we need to get rid of. Statin (cholesterol lowering) drugs are absolute bestsellers. Medical science has it wrong on that one...

Magnesium Deficiency Increases Diabetes Risk

The study found that those patients with lower fasting and after-meal blood glucose levels had higher blood magnesium levels while those patients with higher fasting glucose levels had lower blood magnesium levels and higher urine levels of magnesium. A full 82% of the diabetics studied showed that magnesium intake was insufficient with the lowest levels found in those with kidney complications. About 62% of the patients had low blood levels of magnesium.

The researchers noted that because magnesium is so vital to energy supply and utilization in the body, they were not surprised to find that lower levels of magnesium in the blood lead to metabolic malfunctions such as diabetes. They also concluded that the impaired kidney function connected with diabetes mellitus might explain the higher levels of magnesium in the urine, which combined with insufficient magnesium intake, caused the high blood sugar levels.

In the absence of vitamin A, the body loses immune cells that put the brakes on the earliest stages of infection

Scientists have recognized the immune-boosting capabilities of vitamin A for the better part of a century, even without fully understanding how it helps the body fight off bacteria and viruses. "Soon after its discovery, vitamin A was termed ‘the anti-infective vitamin’ and was widely used to enhance recovery; but with the introduction of antibiotics, the therapeutic use of vitamin A diminished...

Antioxidants prior to radiation exposure prevent DNA injury

"In our initial small study, we found that pre-administering to patients a proprietary antioxidant formulation resulted in a notable dose-dependent reduction in DNA injury," said Kieran J. Murphy, M.D., FSIR, professor and vice chair, director of research and deputy chief of radiology at the University of Toronto and University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"Pre-administering this formula before a medical imaging exam may be one of the most important tools to provide radioprotection and especially important for patients getting CT scans," said Murphy. The study's data support the theory about a protective effect during these kinds of exposure, he explained.

UK: Health claims clampdown begins

Very soon, the vast majority of natural healthcare products, if they are available at all, will be available without any meaningful claims on their packaging at all. While this may not seem like such a big deal to you and I, people well used to choosing products with known health benefits in order to maintain and improve our health, it will be an entirely different matter for the incoming generation...

The Codex Alimentarius Irradiated Food Cover-up

The FDA acknowledges the fact that irradiation changes the makeup of food when it says in the same proposal that “Irradiation has various effects on foods that may cause changes in the characteristics of the food. Such changes may occur in the food’s organoleptic, nutritional, or functional properties that would not be noticeable at the point of purchase but could be apparent when consumed or cooked.”[2] Of course, the FDA does not go so far as to say that such changes occur at the genetic level causing cancer and a host of other health problems, or even that the changes are dangerous.

In fact, they say that out of all the food allowed to be irradiated by the FDA regulations, there have been no changes. The proposal states, “Currently, we are not aware of any changes to the nutritional properties of any food FDA has approved for irradiation.”[3] Though not a direct contradiction, it seems highly suspect that irradiation is known to cause “changes” in food; so well known that the FDA is forced to admit it, yet it is unaware of any changes to the foods which it allows to be irradiated.

Yet with all of these loopholes and outright fabrications by our own FDA, Codex manages to go even further...

With relation to this, see also: Grave Concerns about the UNPREDICTABLE and INCALCULABLE HEALTH RISKS of FOOD IRRADIATION

Action: Tell the DOJ it's time to Break Up Monsanto

Last year the Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Agriculture held a series of 5 workshops investigating anti-competitive practices in the food and agricultural sectors. Nowhere are these abuses more prevalent than in the extreme market share enjoyed by the seed and chemical company Monsanto, which has a virtual stranglehold on seed supplies in crucial sectors that has severely limited farmer’s choice in what traits they can buy. Monsanto’s control of the seed market is so high that 93% of soybeans, some 82% of corn, 93% of cotton and 95% of sugar beets grown in the U.S. contain Monsanto’s patented genes.

Please join us in telling Department of Justice that it's time to Break Up to Monsanto today!

USA: Expose Foul Conditions at Factory Farms? Go to Jail!

Iowa and Florida are considering bills that make it illegal to film or photograph inside factory farms without permission. Are the CAFOs afraid their unhealthy conditions and animal cruelty will be exposed?

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are animal feeding facilities that confine animals for more than 45 days in an area that does not produce vegetation during the growing season. In a CAFO, animals are crammed by the thousands or tens of thousands, often unable to breathe fresh air, see the light of day, walk outside, peck at a plants or insects, scratch the earth, or eat a blade of grass. They are notorious breeding grounds for disease and thus overuse antibiotics, and they pollute the environment in terrible ways.

FDA Bans 500 Drugs That Have Been On The Market For Decades

Recently, the FDA banned 500 prescription drugs that had been on the market and working for years. To be fair, it was really 50-100 drugs, made by different companies, but that just highlights how there was actual competition in the marketplace for these drugs, which has now been removed. For all of the drugs, there is either a high-priced prescription version, or all the small manufacturers have been removed, leaving a virtual monopoly for one or more larger companies, writes David Fuchs.

As Techdirt recently discussed, the drug pipeline is running dry, as Big Pharma’s patents are beginning to expire, and the drug companies are freaking out. For years they have been spending more money on research and testing and getting fewer results. This year alone they are going to have 11 patents expire on drugs that bring in approximately $50 billion in revenue to the big pharma firms. Of course, the flip side to this is that consumers can start saving about 95% on the price of those drugs, as generics hit the market...

Drug Companies Overestimate Cost Of Developing A New Drug By Merely $1.26 Billion

It's one of those numbers that comes up every single time we talk about the pharma industry: the claim that it costs $1.3 billion for pharma companies to develop a new drug. In fact, in our recent discussion on the FDA banning drugs that have been on the market for decades, it didn't take someone long to toss out such a number (they used $1.2 billion, but $1.3 billion is the "standard" these days -- just a few years after it was $800 million). Of course, every time people point this number out, I point to the excellent research by Merrill Goozner who did a massively thorough debunking of the $800 million number seven years ago, showing that the true number was closer to $35 million.

Video: The greatest evil? The pharmaceutical industry
(7 minutes - Gwen Olsen, author of "Confessions of an Rx drug pusher")

It may be hard for younger people to imagine this, but until the 1980s the vast majority of human beings who lived on this earth did so without everyday "help" from the pharmaceutical industry and its "meds" for every purpose under the sun.

Yes, there were drugs and most of them were useless, but drugs were prescribed for people who were seriously ill as a last ditch effort to keep them alive or functioning.

In contrast, today it seems that everyone from small children on up are on "meds." Prescriptions that never end. "Maintenance" they call it.

Many of these drugs are seriously addicting. Few work and many more cause serious health problems.

Video: Psychiatry is a fake. The Thud Experiment.

This is a short (three and a half minute) clip, apparently extracted from a longer video. It tells of an actual experiment that proved - without a doubt - that psychiatrists are faking their "science".

Drugging America: The drug industry exposed

Gwen Olsen was a top level pharmaceutical rep for some of the biggest in the industry: Johnson & Johnson, Syntex Labs, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbott Laboratories and Forest Laboratories.

Through some chilling wake up calls in her tenure, and the tragic drug-related death of her niece, Gwen has dedicated her life to making people aware of the dangers of prescription drugs and how the drug industry manipulates doctors into prescribing, and over prescribing, their drugs.

She is exposing the dark, deep-rooted deception and corruption that is prevalent in this industry.

Video: Michael Moore - What really caused shootings at Columbine?
Clip from Gary Null's "The Drugging of our Children"

Detroit Mother Jailed for Weaning Daughter Off Risperdal

Maryanne Godboldo, a 56-year old Detroit mother who sought help from a Children's Center for her 13-year old daughter who experienced an adverse reaction--in the form of sudden uncharacteristic behavior problems following a series of vaccinations--wound up in jail after a standoff with police.

The Center's treatment plan wasa prescription for a controversial antipsychotic, Risperdal, which worsened her condition. The mother sought another doctor who agreed that the drug should be withdrawn. Mrs. Godboldo, thereupon began to wean her daughter off the drug--which improved her condition.

But Child Protective Services intervened, ordering the mother to administer the dug as ordered by the Children's Center.

Sweden: Pandemrix vaccine associated with narcolepsy in children and adolescents

The study shows a 4-fold increased risk for children and adolescents vaccinated with Pandemrix to be diagnosed with narcolepsy as compared with unvaccinated subjects. This risk would translate into an absolute risk of three cases of narcolepsy in 100 000 vaccinated children/adolescents.

Ireland: Rise In Narcolepsy Cases From GSK Swine Flu Vaccine

EIGHT Irish people who received the swine-flu vaccine have developed narcolepsy -- the potentially devastating ailment that causes sudden daytime sleep attacks, the Sunday Independent has learnt.

"Eight reports of narcolepsy-type sleep disorders have been notified in relation to Pandemrix, most of which have been very recently received and are currently being followed up for additional information."

Video: Luc Montagnier: HIV can be cured with proper nutrition

Florence 2011: 'Aids Rethinking' becomes legitimate part of scientific discourse

Several Rethinker contributions were presented at the Italian Conference on AIDS and Retroviruses sponsored by, among others, the International AIDS Society. This illustrates once again that when peer review is not under the control of vigilantes, it recognizes the soundness of a number of the critiques offered by Rethinkers; in this instance: the critique by Duesberg et al. of unfounded claims of huge numbers of AIDS deaths in South Africa; the official figures cited by Branca, Pacini, & Ruggiero that demonstrate the lack of any “HIV/AIDS” epidemic in Italy; and the critique of “HIV” tests and “HIV” epidemiology by Galletti, Pacini, Morucci, & Bauer.

Economy: Why the “Miracle of Compound Interest” leads to Financial Crises

A short course of reality economics in one article.

Michael Hudson explains how our financial/economic system is an unsustainable Ponzi scheme and will, in the long run, inevitably lead to mismanagement and collapse. The sooner we realize what really is going on in the world of economics, the more of a chance we have to perhaps - with some good luck - undo the trend towards a comprehensive crash of economic activity.

Not to be a doom and gloom prophet, but something does have to be done...

- - -

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More information out there...

There is a lot I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist.

Dr Mercola has a good health blog
Mike Adams publishes Natural News.
In the UK we have the One Click Group.
The Dr Rath Foundation campaigns for a New Healthcare System.
Natural health and nutrition on La Leva di Archimede
Food, Agriculture and more on the Organic Consumers Association site.

"The individual is supreme and finds his way through intuition"


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Saturday April 2 2011
updated on Tuesday December 13 2011

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