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May 22, 2011

Better than GMO - Health Supreme NewsGrabs 22 May 2011

Swiss researcher shows natural breeding better than GMOs

A Swiss researcher has developed a new apple that is resistant to disease, appealing to the palate, and easy to grow, all without using genetic modification.


According to Natural News, it took Swiss orchardist and researcher Markus Kobelt twenty years of careful research and development to come up with the new apple variety. The RedLove apple is said to be "sweet, tangy and delicious."

For a long time, researchers from other food establishments have been trying to create a GM apple that has more nutrients, that is more resistant to disease and pests, and attractive to growers and consumers. However, Kobelt did it first with his non-GM variety, which he was able to create using natural breeding methods and cross-pollination techniques.

Europe: The End Of Big Pharma’s Dictatorship Could Be In Sight

There has been a massive backlash both from the public as well as Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). MEPs in particular started asking serious questions about the hundreds of health claims being rejected by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) — a body that currently threatens natural healthcare in the EU.

Vitamin D ‘Better Than Drugs’ For Cancer

A vitamin pill available for a few pence in any local chemist’s shop may have a bigger impact in extending the survival of cancer patients than drugs costing tens of thousands of euros, says a leading cancer specialist.

Professor Angus Dalgeish, consultant medical oncologist at St George’s Hospital in south-west London, will tell a conference next week he tests all his cancer patients for the level of Vitamin D and prescribes supplements where they are low.

High dose vitamin D may boost exercise capacity for lung disease patients

High dose supplements of vitamin D may increase the exercise capacity and strength of respiratory muscles in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), suggests a new study.

After three months of supplementation combined with a pulmonary rehabilitation program, the researchers reported that subjects in the vitamin D group had a significant improvement in exercise capacity and respiratory muscle strength, compared with the placebo group.

Vitamin D deficiency in pneumonia patients

The researchers found that Vitamin D deficiency was associated with higher mortality within the first 30 days after hospital admission for pneumonia. The association between vitamin D deficiency was not explained by patient age, sex, co-morbidities, the severity of the systemic inflammatory response, or other known prognostic factors.

The authors conclude that "improved understanding of Vitamin D and its role in immunity may lead to better ways to prevent and/or treat pneumonia.

Venezuela: Why We Banned Coke Zero

Venezuela's Health Ministry said Friday it banned sales of Coca-Cola Zero because the company failed to declare that the no-calorie soft drink uses an artificial sweetener allegedly harmful to health.

Health officials said tests show the cola contains sodium cyclamate. Coca-Cola Co. disputes that, saying the product sold in Venezuela uses different artificial sweeteners, Acesulfame-K and Aspartame.

Coca-Cola is "failing to comply with sanitary norms," the ministry said in a statement published in the newspaper Ultimas Noticias. The ministry urged Venezuelans to refrain from trying the drink, saying it is "considered harmful to the health."

Toxin from GM crops found in human blood

Genetically modified crops include genes extracted from bacteria to make them resistant to pest attacks.

These genes make crops toxic to pests but are claimed to pose no danger to the environment and human health. Genetically modified brinjal (eggplant), whose commercial release was stopped a year ago, has a toxin derived from a soil bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis ( Bt).

Till now, scientists and multinational corporations promoting GM crops have maintained that Bt toxin poses no danger to human health as the protein breaks down in the human gut. But the presence of this toxin in human blood shows that this does not happen.

One child in 60 'suffers from a form of autism'

The audience in London was told that autism spectrum conditions have shown a 'steady increase' over four decades.

The researchers conclude that a figure of one in 60 gives an accurate picture.
They estimate that one per cent of children - one in 100 - are known to have an autistic condition.

But, significantly, they say that for every three known cases, there are two unknown. This equates to five cases in every 300 children - or one in 60.

Maybe we can call it an autism epidemic now? And maybe we can actually start to look into ALL possible causes, rather than denying that it's got *anything* to do with vaccines??

Persistent infections, add sugar

If you are into whacking bacteria with antibiotics, you might find this interesting...

In a study to be published today, Collins, 45, reports that he and colleagues have discovered how to make these bacteria, which are thought to underlie many stubborn infections, susceptible to drugs.

Their solution is deliciously simple: Just add sugar.

“Could we wake these guys up?’’ Collins asked. “Could we . . . get them up off the ground so we can punch them and knock them out?’’

The answer appears to be yes. In tests in a lab dish and in mice, the sugar revved bacteria up just enough so that a particular type of antibiotic could make its way into the cells and destroy them.

The fallacy of pre-publication peer review

Somehow it has become the conventional wisdom, within and without the scientific community, that the reliability and quality of science is safeguarded when grants are awarded only after vetting by established experts and research outcomes are published only after approval from established experts.

To the contrary: The important testing of scientific claims occurs only after publication of those claims, whereas pre-publication peer-review serves more effectively to censor truly original advances than to improve the quality of the research literature.

Antidepressants Increase Death Rate Non-Pharma Funded Research Shows

The respected journal, PLoS ONE, published the study in June 2010. It will come as no surprise that there was no pharmaceutical money funding the study. Performed in Australia, the study followed 5,276 men aged 68-88. The claim that depression is a deadly disease is true. The death rate of those diagnosed as depressed is significantly greater than others, and that mortality increases with increasing severity. Those points were the authors' focus. However, the study also shows that the men who are depressed and take trycyclic, SSRI, or any other antidepressants die at a significantly greater rate than those who don't.

"Placebo Washout" - Another Outrageous Medical Lie

Before a drug company starts to test the effectiveness of a medicine they want to market, they bring together all the volunteers—and they give them a sugar pill.

They tell them, “We’re going to give you a sugar pill.”

After a ten-day period on these placebos, the researchers weed out the people who improved, got better, feel better. They dump them from the ensuing clinical trial. Bye bye.

ADHD: Strattera Death Count Continued

A new report about deaths in connection with the ADHD drug Strattera shows:

122 cases of death with Strattera as Primary Suspect Drug reported to the FDA, 2004 - 2010...

DCA Research at University of Alberta - Hope for a cancer cure?

Scientists and doctors have used DCA for decades to treat children with inborn errors of metabolism due to mitochondrial diseases. Mitochondria, the energy producing units in cells, have been connected with cancer since the 1930s, when researchers first noticed that these organelles dysfunction when cancer is present.

Until recently, researchers believed that cancer-affected mitochondria are permanently damaged and that this damage is the result, not the cause, of the cancer. But Michelakis, a cardiologist, questioned this belief and began testing DCA, which activates a critical mitochondrial enzyme, as a way to "revive" cancer-affected mitochondria.

The results astounded him.

Michelakis and his colleagues found that DCA normalized the mitochondrial function in many cancers, showing that their function was actively suppressed by the cancer but was not permanently damaged by it.

The only problem with this discovery seems to be that in four years no one has thought to fund the research necessary to bring the substance into use... small wonder, it could never rival the profit potential of expensive yet highly toxic chemotherapy drugs...

Jon Rappoport - VACCINE NATION

Well, it’s actually vaccine world.

I’ve written many articles about the so-called outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics of the last 25 years—SARS, bird flu, West Nile, Swine Flu… The stats show these illnesses, at best, were duds. They never spread to a fraction of the extent predicted.

And was there ever prediction! Everybody and his cousin got in on the act. Doctors, public health agencies, political leaders, conspiracy researchers...

World Health Organization & Vaccine Manufacturers Implicated In Massive H1N1 Financial Scam
(Article from June 2010, with updates)

A stunning report reveals that top scientists who convinced the World Health Organization to declare H1N1 a global pandemic held close financial ties to the drug companies that profited from the sale of those vaccines. This report, published in the British Medical Journal, exposes the hidden ties that drove WHO to declare a pandemic, resulting in billions of dollars in profits for vaccine manufacturers.

“For WHO, its credibility has been badly damaged. WHO must act now to restore its credibility.” Fiona Godlee, Editor of British Medical Journal (BMJ)

“The idea that we declared a pandemic when there wasn’t a pandemic is both historically inaccurate and downright irresponsible,” said WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl in a telephone interview. “There is no doubt that this was a pandemic. To insinuate that this was not a pandemic is very disrespectful to the people who died from it.” WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl

“We are faced with a failure of the great national institutions charged with alerting us to the risks and responding to them should a pandemic arise. In April, when the first alarm came from Mexico, I was very surprised by the figures the World Health Organization (WHO) was advancing to justify the proclamation of a pandemic. I had suspicions immediately: the figures were quite weak and the level of alarm very elevated. There weren’t even a thousand sick people before there was already talk of the pandemic of the century. And the extreme alert decreed was based on the fact that the virus was new. But the characteristic of flu-type illnesses is to develop very fast with viruses that take on new forms each time by moving in on new hosts – animals, people etc. There’s nothing new in that. A new “flu” virus of that kind appears every year.

In reality, nothing justified sounding the alarm at that level. That was only possible because the WHO changed its definition of pandemic at the beginning of May. Before that date, it was not only necessary that the illness break out in several countries at once, but also that it have very serious consequences, with a number of mortalities in excess of the usual averages. That aspect was erased from the new definition, while the only criterion retained was that of the rate of the illness’s diffusion. And it was alleged that the virus was dangerous because populations had not been able to develop immune defenses against it. Which was false for this virus, since we had been able to observe that people over 60 already had antibodies, which is to say that they had already been in contact with analogous viruses. That’s why there were practically no people over 60 who developed the illness. Yet, they were the people it was recommended to have be rapidly vaccinated.

Among the things that aroused my suspicions then, there was on the one hand, that desire to sound the alarm – and on the other, very curious facts. Such as, for example, the WHO’s recommendation to perform two injections for the vaccinations. That had never been the case before. There was no scientific justification for it. There was also this recommendation to use only specific patented vaccines. Yet, no reason existed for not adding – as is done every year – specific anti-viral particles of this new H1N1 virus, thus “completing” seasonal flu vaccines. That wasn’t done because it was preferred to use patented vaccine material that the big laboratories had elaborated and manufactured to hold in readiness should a pandemic develop. And by proceeding in this fashion, they did not hesitate to put vaccinated persons in danger.”
Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, in charge of Council of Europe investigation in to World Health Organization mishandling of 2009 Pandemic

- - -

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More information out there...

There is a lot I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist.

Dr Mercola has a good health blog
Mike Adams publishes Natural News.
In the UK we have the One Click Group.
The Dr Rath Foundation campaigns for a New Healthcare System.
Natural health and nutrition on La Leva di Archimede
Food, Agriculture and more on the Organic Consumers Association site.

"The individual is supreme and finds his way through intuition"


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday May 22 2011
updated on Tuesday December 13 2011

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