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May 29, 2011

Vaccine industry panic over mercury testimony - Health Supreme NewsGrabs 29 May 2011

Why Was The World-Wide Vaccine industry So Panicked Over The Geiers Addressing the UNEP Meeting in Japan?

Below I will show you the presentations they made. There were three. But those presentations take a back seat to the idea of "who" they were presenting to, and "what" the response was from those delegates. They were presenting to the people who had been officially sent by their governments to represent each government to identify, and deal with, the REAL problems of mercury in Planet Earth's environment. All of these delegates had been led to believe that there was NO mercury in vaccines. When they found out they had been lied to by the industry, and WHO, they mobbed Mark Geier MD and his son David Geier, looking for more info.

Any drug rep in the room was having a coronary. Years of careful misrepresenting, and outright lying, had just hit them like a train hitting a car at an intersection.

Mercury in Vaccines - The Attack on Mark and David Geier...

For years the usual quackbusters whined about the Geiers' activities - but their efforts went nowhere. The Geiers just went on producing excellent work. Even the formal board complaints did nothing.

Then the Geiers got invited to speak at the United Nations conference on mercury I described above. There, at that conference, were the top scientific advisors to 150 nations of the world. After the Geiers spoke all hell broke loose for the vaccine industry. Whole countries are talking about banning Thimerasol vaccines, and those same countries found out they were lied to. More, the vaccine industry could see the handwriting on the wall over vaccines since the US State Department team at the conference declared, at the conference, that the US would lead the way in the removal of mercury.

Then Joshua Scharfstein came on the scene and, suddenly, Mark Geier MD becomes "a danger to the public."

USA: Six Times More Measles Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reports Than Measles Cases in 2011

The CDC is out with its latest disease-mongering fear campaign: ‘The United States has had 118 measles cases so far this year, the most for this date since 1996, and close to 90% of them are linked to cases in other countries, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported today … none had encephalitis and none died.’

Sounds scary and makes you want to run out and get a MMR vaccine shot, doesn’t it? The only problem with that hysteria is that there have been 698 FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports related to MMR, MMRV (MMR plus varicella) and measles vaccines in 2011 — including 4 deaths and 280 emergency room visits. 698 VAERS reports are almost six times more than the number of measles cases. Keep in mind that former FDA Commissioner David Kessler wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association that “only about 1% of serious adverse events are reported to the FDA.”

Vaccine manufacturers 'not obliged to disclose known risks'

“In addition to broad liability protection, the 1986 Law also provides another shield to manufacturers under federal law.”

“The 1986 Law permits them the right to not disclose known risks to parents or guardians of those being vaccinated. Resting on the “learned intermediary” doctrine, manufacturers bear no liability for giving, or failing to give, accurate or complete information to those vaccinated, and have only to provide relevant information to doctors, who must give patients CDC Vaccine Information Statements.”

US CDC Ignores Mercury in Vaccines ... But Warns of ‘Zombie Apocalypse’

Today, toxic exposure to mercury occurs in pregnant women and young children through flu shots, where most doses still are Thimerosal-preserved and allowed to be given to children and pregnant women. New studies have proven organic mercury in vaccines and the inorganic mercury generated in the body there from are associated with neurological deficits such as autism, language delay and tics in children, and Alzheimer's in adults.

Ex-Vaccine Developer Reveals Lies the Vaccine Industry is Built Upon in Interview

All right. I’ll give you some of what I came across, and I’ll also give you what colleagues of mine found. Here’s a partial list. In the Rimavex measles vaccine, we found various chicken viruses. In polio vaccine, we found acanthamoeba, which is a so-called “brain-eating” amoeba. Simian cytomegalovirus in polio vaccine. Simian foamy virus in the rotavirus vaccine. Bird-cancer viruses in the MMR vaccine. Various micro-organisms in the anthrax vaccine. I’ve found potentially dangerous enzyme inhibitors in several vaccines. Duck, dog, and rabbit viruses in the rubella vaccine. Avian leucosis virus in the flu vaccine. Pestivirus in the MMR vaccine.

Two Prominent Vaccine "Experts" Exposed

On April 11, 2011, Dr. Poul Thorsen, the Danish vaccine researcher (a psychiatrist by training) was one of the key researchers who has been closely aligned with and funded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), was indicted by a federal grand jury on 13 counts of wire fraud; 9 counts of money laundering; and for allegedly stealing over $1 million from CDC funded autism research between 2004 and 2008. US prosecutors are seeking to extradite him from Denmark. See the indictment.

Dr. Thorsen's research on autism is widely known in academic circles, where he was a highly respected figure. His extensively quoted paper, known as "The Danish Study,", is the cornerstone for the claim that the autism-vaccine connection has been refuted.

He has been charged with stealing the money over a four-year period, while serving as the "principal investigator" under a CDC grant, for a program that studied the relationship between autism and exposure to vaccines.

The second most influential vaccine promoter is Dr. Paul Offit, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, who is a co-patent holder in Merck's RotaTeq (rotavirus) vaccine--whose royalties earn him millions of dollars; his salary as professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania is endowed by Merck. Dr. Offit has served on both Merck's advisory board and the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Dr. Offit's financial interest in promoting vaccines as safe constitutes an obvious conflict of interests: it raises serious concerns about his credibility as an impartial scientist.

India: Pharma refuses to compensate families in clinical trial deaths

An investigation by India’s health ministry has found that drugmakers running clinical trials in the country have not compensated survivors of most volunteers who died during their studies. Of 671 deaths that were reported last year, there is evidence that compensation was given in just three cases, The Business Standard writes.

And so, the health ministry has asked 44 drugmakers to explain why they have not provided compensation, which is mandatory under the current law. Among those queried were Eli Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer, Bayer, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi-Aventis. For instance, data compiled by the ministry show there were 152 deaths reported during Sanofi trials and 138 took place in Bayer trials.

EU Commission requests new checks on aspartame sweetener

The European Commission has requested a complete review of the safety of aspartame in response to concerns over the widely used sweetener, the European Food Safety Authority said Wednesday.

"We have received an official request for a complete re-evaluation of the safety of aspartame," Lucia De Luca, a spokeswoman for the Italy-based organisation, told AFP, adding that the request was still being examined.

Betty Martini's comment on this development:

I'm glad to see this but note this comment. "EFSA was created in 2002 and dealt with aspartame several times between 2006 and 2009 and has never had any indication that aspartame presents a risk in terms of genotoxicity or carcinogenesis,"

In reality EFSA has received constant complaints and has been given evidence of genotoxicity and carcinogenesis. You see where they dismissed the Ramazzini Studies which showed that aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen (peer reviewed by 7 world experts) and the Denmark study showing aspartame jumps preterm births. If they dismiss all independent scientific peer reviewed studies what they are saying to the world is, "we accept no independent research, only industry controlled and paid for studies to defend the product." The aspartame industry has proven they can't get aspartame to show safety. FDA asked for indictment of G. D. Searle, the original manufacturer for fraud because they got caught doing things like excising brain tumors, putting the rats back in the study, and resurrecting them on paper when they died. Monsanto couldn't do any better - note scientific abuse in their studies:

The aspartame industry has shown over three decades their studies are not acceptable and therefore, industry controlled and financed studies are of no value. All aspartame studies should be independently done. Then you have almost 100 per cent of studies showing aspartame is not safe.

The interesting thing is that it's all a matter of public record. For instance in the congressional hearings which we have on, scroll down to banners, you see the FDA themselves said aspartame causes cancer. Furthermore, Dr. Adrian Gross, toxicologist, admitted FDA should not have been able to set an allowable daily intake. Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, FDA toxicologist, told Congress in 1987 even at this date aspartame has never been proven safe, yet has been on the market since 1981.

The FDA in the 1970's said aspartame causes birth defects. The major problem is today they lie and deny and refuse to comply.

If EFSA continues to dismiss all independent, scientific peer reviewed studies in favor of the aspartame industry's scientifically abused studies they are proving beyond any shadow of a doubt their loyalty is to the aspartame industry and not the people they are supposed to protect.

UK Food Standards refuses to answer questions with comments like, "we are not likely to agree". The reason they won't answer the questions is the case has been proven, and they have no defense, especially on the free methyl alcohol issue. They have received in depth information by Jim McDonald of the UK Aspartame Awareness Campaign. Basically they take "the fifth" because if they answer the questions honestly they have to admit aspartame is a chemical poison that has never been proven safe.

Also, the FDA, Food Standards, and EFSA simply ignore new studies hoping they will go away. What about the recent study linking diet soda to heart attacks and strokes? Not a word and if you ask they will probably dismiss this study too, even though its not the first time studies have shown this but recently the third just on this subject.

Early prenatal vitamins use may reduce autism risk

"Mothers of children with autism were significantly less likely than those of typically developing children to report having taken prenatal vitamins during the three months before and the first month of pregnancy," said Rebecca J. Schmidt, assistant professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences in the UC Davis School of Medicine and the study's lead author.

The finding was "strong and robust," the study authors said, and is the first to suggest a concrete step women can take that may reduce the risk of having a child with autism.

Consuming prenatal vitamins may be especially effective for genetically susceptible mothers and their children.

Fish oil may have positive effects on mood, alcohol craving, new study shows

"There is now substantial evidence at the molecular level that omega-3 fatty acids work on the brain in ways similar to psychiatric drugs," said Dr. Niculescu. "With these biomarker findings, we can now move forward as a field and do more targeted clinical studies in humans."

Omega 3 fatty acids are known to be good for one's health, good for one's brain, and lack major side-effects, as opposed to some psychiatric medications, he said. Perhaps, he said, omega 3 fatty acid could in the future be used as an adjuvant treatment to minimize the amount of psychiatric drugs needed to produce the same effect.

Foods: Specialist puts spotlight on chemical dangers

During a workshop Saturday, chemical awareness specialist Stacey Kimbrell informed about 20 participants how to read labels and which compounds to avoid.

Kimbrell said she believes the chemical industry is a big business that sells products while putting human health at risk - with the government's permission.

Modern Medicine's Insanity: Food Is the Enemy


In the endless quest to separate people from nature, modern medicine now treats food itself as the enemy. Grapefruit. Ginger. Garlic. Green tea. Aloe vera. The Mayo Clinic, long considered one of the premier medical and research facilities in the United States, warns that all of these are dangerous! The risk? That they'll interfere with drugs.

That's right. The Mayo Clinic believes that drugs are the focus of health, while food is dangerous because it can interfere with their drugs.

That seems very much like the European Union: "Nutrients are toxins. They need to be evaluated one by one and be given a clean bill of health before we can allow them on the market."

GM food toxins found in the blood of 93% of unborn babies

Toxins implanted into GM food crops to kill pests are reaching the bloodstreams of women and unborn babies, alarming research has revealed.

A landmark study found 93 per cent of blood samples taken from pregnant women and 80 per cent from umbilical cords tested positive for traces of the chemicals.

Here is a link to the actual study, to be published in "Reproductive Toxicology": Maternal and fetal exposure to pesticides associated to genetically modified foods in Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada

Dangerous Spin Doctors

"Evidence-based" medicine is considered the highest standard of care and is advocated as the basis for all decision making in medical schools and academic centers. The idea is that we must make decisions based on sound medical evidence. That sounds good in theory, but it only works if that evidence can be trusted; if the evidence at hand has been generated independently, without bias and with the sole desire to find the best treatments - pharmaceutical or otherwise. This model fails to work if the underlying motive is profit.

How drug companies' PR tactics skew the presentation of medical research

The trouble is that pharmaceutical companies, who stand to win or lose large amounts of money depending on the content of journal articles, have taken a firm grip on what gets written about their drugs. That grip was strong way back in 2004, when The Lancet's chief editor Richard Horton lamented that "journals have devolved into information laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry." It may be even tighter now.

Drug companies exert this hold on knowledge through publication planning agencies, an obscure subsection of the pharmaceutical industry that has ballooned in size in recent years, and is now a key lever in the commercial machinery that gets drugs sold.

Statin Drugs Provide No Benefit: Study of 4 Million People

A population-based study in Sweden shows that the massive deployment of statins has provided no benefit. Three times as many statins were being taken by Swedish people in the year 2000 than in 1998. Yet, the numbers of people suffering or dying from heart attacks were unchanged by it.

Not only does this demonstrate that the massive push to press people into taking statins has been based on flawed ideas, it also invalidates the claim that randomized double blinded placebo controlled drug trials are the gold standard.

Abbott Dealt Blow in Cholesterol Drug Trial

In a blow to the pharmaceutical industry's efforts to harness so-called good cholesterol as a weapon against heart disease, federal health officials halted a clinical trial involving an HDL-boosting drug from Abbott Laboratories, saying it failed to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Reports Detail More Drug Industry Ties to Medical Societies

The National Lipid Association, for example, has been working on recommendations for the screening and treatment of a group of genetic disorders that can lead to premature coronary artery disease. It turns out the development of those recommendations was supported by $112,500 in grants from six drug companies that stand to profit from the results, according to the website Cardiobrief.

In another recent case, reported by BNET, the U.K.'s Royal National Institute of Blind People came out against the use of a cheap alternative for treating a type of macular degeneration. The institute, as it happens, has long received support from Novartis, the U.K. marketer of Lucentis, which is 40 times more expensive than an alternative drug.

Medical students exposed to pharmaceutical industry marketing

Medical students in the United States are frequently exposed to pharmaceutical marketing, even in their preclinical years, and the extent of their contact with industry is associated with positive attitudes about marketing and skepticism towards any negative implications.

Florida - USA: Anti-psychotics in juvenile jails

A Palm Beach Post investigation has found a startling story playing out in jails and programs operated by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. For kids in DJJ custody, the state has bought hundreds of thousands of tablets of Seroquel, Risperdal, Abilify and other powerful anti-psychotic drugs. The drugs, doctors say, can turn misbehaving kids into "zombies."

More at: Huge doses of potent antipsychotics flow into state jails for troubled kids

and: Drug firms pay state-hired doctors

New Evidence That Cell Phone Radiation Damages Brain, DNA, Reproductive Health

Prof. Seyhan’s work confirms and strengthens the finding that just four hours of exposure to RF-EMF disrupts the ability of human brain cells to repair damaged genes. Other new important work from Australia shows damage to human sperm. “We are deeply concerned about what this could mean for public health,” noted Prof Seyhan.

“This work provides a warning signal to all of us. The evidence justifies precautionary measures to reduce the risks for everyone of us,” says Prof. Wilhelm Mosgoeller from the Medical University of Vienna who has led European research teams, who found that RF-EMF induce DNA breaks. New studies carried out by scientists in Turkey, Russia and Israel, have investigated a variety of biological effects triggered by cell phones. Two years after false accusations against scientists who described DNA breaks, now the recent results finally show that exposure induced DNA breaks are real.

Council of Europe report: ban mobiles and wireless networks in schools

On 6th May 2011, the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs Committee of the Council of Europe released a working document entitled, The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment. In short, it calls for the precautionary principle to be applied to mobile telephony, pointing out that waiting for a scientific consensus did nothing for people affected by leaded petrol, asbestos and cigarette smoking.

- - -

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Dr Mercola has a good health blog
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Natural health and nutrition on La Leva di Archimede
Food, Agriculture and more on the Organic Consumers Association site.

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posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday May 29 2011
updated on Tuesday December 13 2011

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I was in the first gulf we were told by army scientest that aspartame was toxic garbage and they seized it immediatley and the drug companies are a bunch of psychotic cunt faced bastards I hope they"fucking die!

Posted by: mark on June 8, 2011 09:53 PM


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