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August 07, 2011

The Raid on Raw Milk - Health Supreme NewsGrabs 7 August 2011



image found on thisWashington Times article

According to reports, the terms of the warrant were ignored and, instead of taking samples of raw milk and cheese for lab analysis, the entire inventory of Rawesome was taken or destroyed.

This is all about a government attack against selling raw unpasteurized milk. The conflict has been going on for at least 60 years.

Three people were arrested and taken to jail in the raid. Their bail is high, much higher than you would expect.

All records and computers of Rawesome were also seized.


Right now, the raid on Rawesome is taking place under the auspices of the FDA, CDC, and the US Dept. of Agriculture. I hope you understand these three agencies are part of the Executive Branch of the federal government. And that means the White House. And that means the president.

Take a moment, and separate whatever opinion you may have about the Rawesome buyer’s club members, and their practices—separate that from their RIGHT to form their own association with their own objectives. Decide about that bigger picture. Because what you decide and what action you take based on it have a lot to do with what the future is going to look like.


The FDA responded to that filing in a most revealing way. In an astonishing way. Its position allows you to see into its bureaucratic/fascist soul, if an agency can be said to have a soul.

Read these words (from FDA) carefully, because they amount to a manifesto and a prediction about what is to come, if the people of this country don’t push back in overwhelming numbers...


In the case of Rawesome, the government believes it can garner wide public support, and therefore it feels confident its prosecution will make no one nervous. Whereas, if the product Rawesome club members were buying and selling was homemade oatmeal, the public might balk and see the intrusion on Rawesome as invasive and quite insane.

Speaking of which, the government is using what I call the The Crazy People Doctrine.

If more than, say, 60% of the American people believe Rawesome is crazy, the government is good to go in court. If that wide majority thinks raw-milk dealing would only be carried out by nutcases, then the whole issue of whether private contracts are inviolate can be set aside and dropped in the trash.

By Byron J. Richards, CCN

This attack will target some of the most popular and effective dietary supplements, removing them from the free market and placing them under control of large pharmaceutical companies. This move will drastically drive up the price of dietary supplements while severely limiting access to extremely safe and effective nutrients. For example, the GlaxoSmithKline prescription drug version of DHA fish oil (at a therapeutic dose) sells for $189 a month, whereas the equivalent, therapeutic amount of molecularly-distilled DHA sells for $35 a month in the dietary supplement marketplace. Proven to lower triglyceride levels at therapeutic amounts, it is not surprising that DHA is one of the first nutrients the FDA plans to go after. Other powerful nutrients, such as curcumin and resveratrol, are soon to follow.

Legal Remedies for Medical Ghostwriting: Imposing Fraud Liability on Guest Authors

Ghostwriting of medical journal articles raises serious ethical and legal concerns, bearing on the integrity of medical research and scientific evidence used in legal disputes. Medical journals, academic institutions, and professional disciplinary bodies have thus far failed to enforce effective sanctions.

The practice of ghostwriting could be deterred more effectively through the imposition of legal liability on the “guest authors” who lend their names to ghostwritten articles. The article argues that a guest author's claim for credit of an article written by someone else constitutes legal fraud, and may give rise to claims that could be pursued in a class action based on the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) or could support claims of “fraud on the court” against a pharmaceutical company that has used ghostwritten articles in litigation.

Global Mercury Treaty May Include Ban on Mercury in Medicine

The UN could soon deliver a shock to pseudo-scientists like Offit and CDC epidemiologists who insist that thimerosal (a vaccine preservative containing 49.6% mercury by weight) is not harmful. The UN’s global treaty on mercury text contains a ban on mercury in pharmaceuticals.

Thimerosal in a neuro-toxin (neuron poison, like scorpion, spider and bee venom) and is contained in multi-dose vials of flu vaccine and is in trace amounts of other vaccines. US vaccine regulators have sacrificed their scientific legitimacy by continuing to support the presence of neurotoxic mercury in the vaccines given to children, pregnant mothers and adults.

The Vaccine Industry's Campaign to Destroy Mark and David Geier is Failing Miserably ...

But, time has run out for the vaccine industry. Their attempt to discredit the Geiers, before something happened on the world scene, has flopped. Why do I say that?

The answer is in the Press Release below - sent out by CoMed yesterday. In short, The United Nations Environmental Program on mercury has taken the Geier's "mercury in vaccines" recommendations and made them part of the United Nations plans for the elimination of mercury in the environment - a massive victory for both the Geiers and the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMed).

This case is eerily similar to the Wakefield media massacre. It seems like anyone who is as much as sniffing at the holy cow of universal vaccination is immediately and brutally subjected to an attack on his professional status.

Why is universal vaccination so important that it brooks not the slightest question? Is there ome agenda behind this that hasn't quite been brought into public consciousness yet?

Quackbusters settle out of court: Where'd the Money Come From?

In order to satisfy Ilena Rosenthal, and her legion of attorneys - a boatload of money had to come their way. They had pursued Terry Polevoy, for what he owed, to the ends of the earth. Why? Frankly, Ilena was very angry about what the threesome, and their minions, had done to her - and I can't blame her.

I'm estimating that at the time of settlement in the Polevoy v Grell, et al, court case, there was close to $700,000 US owed by Terry Polevoy to Ilena Rosenthal. That would have included the original $311,000 awarded by the court to Rosenthal in the Barrett v Clark case, compounded interest at 10% annually, and Judgment Recovery Costs. The Courts allow for automatic Recovery Costs in a judgment - whatever they may be - and Rosenthal was pursuing Polevoy through the Canadian Court System for the money.

More, as angry as Ilena Rosenthal was, remember that $700,000 US was for attorney fees. I doubt that Ilena, as a reasonable person, would have settled for JUST attorney fees. My guess would be she'd want another $500,000 just to shut up, relax, and go lay in the sun for a while.. So now we're looking at 1.2 million? And, the whole settlement is "Confidential."

So, where'd the money to pay off Rosenthal come from?

Book: Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America

Says health writer and investigator Evi Pringle: "Bob Whitaker's book is now out in paperback. If I was asked to recommend one book to help family members and friends understand what's happened to people treated for mental illness in the US, it would be this one."

Canadian judge finds HIV infection is not a death sentence

An Ottawa judge’s rejection of attempted murder charges against a man accused of knowingly transmitting HIV, saying it is no longer an “automatic death sentence,” reflects medical reality and should send a message to police and prosecutors, Canada’s AIDS experts say.

Ontario Court Justice David Wake dismissed four charges of attempted murder against Steven Paul Boone on Wednesday, declaring that death from HIV is a “possible consequence” but no longer an “inevitable consequence or even a probable consequence” of contracting the virus.

Industrial wind installations are creating a serious health issue

Industrial wind installations produce audible and non-audible noise, and optical flicker.

"There is ample evidence that turbines cause a constellation of health problems, and attempts to deny this involve claims that are contrary to proper methods of scientific inference," Phillips writes in a paper published in the Bulletin of Science, Technology, and Society. It's one of several interesting papers in the journal, which is devoted to wind health issues.

Video: Forget WiFi, Connect to the Internet Through Lightbulbs

Whether you’re using wireless internet in a coffee shop, stealing it from the guy next door, or competing for bandwidth at a conference, you’ve probably gotten frustrated at the slow speeds you face when more than one device is tapped into the network. As more and more people—and their many devices—access wireless internet, clogged airwaves are going to make it increasingly difficult to latch onto a reliable signal.

But radio waves are just one part of the spectrum that can carry our data. What if we could use other waves to surf the internet?

One German physicist, Harald Haas, has come up with a solution he calls “data through illumination”—taking the fiber out of fiber optics by sending data through an LED lightbulb that varies in intensity faster than the human eye can follow. It’s the same idea behind infrared remote controls, but far more powerful.

- - -

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More information out there...

There is a lot more information out there about natural health and pharmaceutical medicine that I cannot cover ... but fortunately other sources for this kind of information exist.

Dr Mercola has a good health blog
Mike Adams publishes Natural News.
In the UK we have the One Click Group.
The Dr Rath Foundation campaigns for a New Healthcare System.
Natural health and nutrition on La Leva di Archimede
Food, Agriculture and more on the Organic Consumers Association site.

And remember...
"The individual is supreme and finds the way through intuition"

And since you got to reading so far, here's a little bonus. Check out this YouTube video about the WAYSEER MANIFESTO. For all you troublemakers and revolutionaries out there...


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday August 7 2011
updated on Tuesday December 13 2011

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