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February 03, 2012

FDA purposely hid aspartame dangers: open letter to the European Food Safety Authority

In June 2011, the European Food Safety Authority has called for submission of relevant scientific data on the safety on aspartame, a contested sweetener made of two amino acids and methanol.


Campaigners have pointed out that the Authority (EFSA) is missing important but damning details in its review. The FDA's approval of the substance, says Betty Martini "was a political decision, taken over the objection of the FDA's own scientific panel. Studies used to obtain approval were sanitized, to hide damaging effects the sweetener had on laboratory animals and eventually, Donald Rumsfeld was brought in to push through the approval."

Now, new data has come to light confirming that early studies showed serious problems and that the FDA knew about the dangers the studies found. In an open letter to the European Food Safety Agency, which is reproduced in the second part of this article, Betty Martini points to those studies, which recently emerged, only as a result of citizens making and pushing through FOI act information requests for the documents.

Here is Betty Martini's open letter to EFSA ...

- - -

To: food additives department at the EFSA
From: "Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum."

Subject: Open Letter to EFSA - More FDA Hidden Studies showing aspartame causes birth defects: Parliament informed

Dear Sandra:

We knew that when you had the call for data the only thing you would make public was industry studies and propaganda and not all the investigations and independent peer reviewed research we sent you. That's why it was all sent to Parliament at the same time it was sent to you. They know aspartame was never proven safe, that FDA wanted the company indicted, that studies were stripped from the records, and the only reason aspartame was ever marketed for human consumption was through political chicanery of Don Rumsfeld. They all have the link to the independent scientific peer reviewed research and the studies that showed aspartame to be carcinogenic from the very beginning.

Jerome Bressler who worked with the FDA, and author of the infamous Bressler Report requested that I find the two studies FDA stripped from his report because he said it was important that the public be warned about the birth defects. It took 8 years but here they are and Parliament has seen them: The rest of the Bressler Report is on our web site. You recall the UK Parliament was very concerned about putting a warning for birth defects after the Denmark study showing aspartame can jump preterm births 78%. Notice these studies, which the FDA sealed and hid from the public in loyalty to industry, have the FDA admitting that aspartame causes birth defects. You can understand now the epidemic in autism. Parliament also knows about all the other recent studies that showed everything from heart attacks, obesity and strokes and elevated fasting blood sugar and cancer.

Now more sealed original studies that were hid from the public and also go into hydrocephalus and cleft palate, etc. were acquired by Dr. Woodrow Monte and are now discussed in his new book on the methanol in aspartame, "When Science Sleeps". Here are those studies:
This makes 6 of the original studies showing beyond a shadow of a doubt that aspartame causes birth defects with the FDA admitting it.

Now let's read some from the book which Parliament should get immediately, also because its on the methanol and formaldehyde issues which Jim McDonald of the UK Aspartame Awareness Campaign has made public.

"In an article published in 1985 warning about potential health dangers posed by the methanol from aspartame, I stated that the scientific literature contained no studies addressing the critical question as to whether aspartame or methanol would cause birth defects. I was incorrect in saying that, but only because I was purposefully prevented from seeing a key FDA memo dated September 11, 1978 describing the details of birth defects and serious developmental brain damage found in the offspring of laboratory rabbits whose mothers had been fed aspartame during pregnancy. This memo and the research data it describes were keep secret for over thirty years until January of 2011, when the memo was finally released as the result of Freedom of information request."

"In that detailed US Food and Drug Administration memo, which was authored by Dr. Thomas Collins of the Animal Toxicology Branch to the Chief of the Food Additive Evaluation Branch, Collins reports the disturbing discovery of "significant" multiple neural tube (and other) birth defects in rabbit pups whose mothers were fed aspartame during the course of several different toxicity studies done by both G. D. Searle and Hazelton Laboratories between 1974 and 1975. It appeared to be Dr. Collins' assignment to evaluate the studies and his conclusions were stunning: "In both rabbit studies, aspartame appeared to cause birth defects."

"To my knowledge, this book is the first time this memo has been discussed publicly. Like most of the scientific community, I had no idea that aspartame had tested positive for producing neural tube birth defects. It was not until January 16, 2011 that this "smoking gun" memo came into my possession. This is one of many important that were removed from the aspartame Docket File before I was allowed to review it in 1983. Figure 12.1 is an image of the ticket that gave me access to the FDA's "complete" collection of aspartame test data and it does confirm that memos had been removed."

IMPORTANCE of the Collins Memo: Government Collusion Uncovered

"Of the several million chemicals, pesticides and herbicides now in use only an exceedingly small percentage have ever tested positive for causing birth defects. Barely 800 chemicals are known teratogens, producing birth defects in laboratory animals, and "only about twenty of these are known to cause birth defects in the human. Nature has numerous methods, the exact details of which are still unknown to us, for protecting the developing infant. As a last resort she will often call upon the macrophages to destroy a fetus that becomes unfit for life well before the time of birth, in a process called resorption. This is why the occurrence of a deformed fetus in the testing of any chemical is a rare phenomenon and would normally raise a "red flag" to any scientist concerned with public safety. It would be particularly significant if that chemical was being tested for use as a food additive."

"It was not until 20 years after the 1978 FDA memo that methanol was first tested again and found to cause neural tube birth defects in rats and eventually in many other species of laboratory animal. To this day aspartame is not listed as a teratogen because the FDA and G. D. Searle covered up the tests that were performed in 1974 and 1975. Worse yet, during the time they were in possession of this proof of aspartame's teratogenicity, Searle paid to have a faux scientific paper written by one of their employees published in an international fertility journal (which is read by many gynecologists and pediatricians) stressing the safety of aspartame and falsely proclaiming that "aspartame posed no risk" from consumption during pregnancy." ....

"Tragically, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) kept the Collins memo secret from the Center for the Evaluation of Risks to human Reproduction (CERHR) throughout its entire two year investigation of methanol's potential to cause birth defects. This was done despite the fact that both the FDA and the CERHR are part of the same public agency - the Department of Health and Human Services. The final CERHR report published in September of 2009 mentions aspartame no fewer than 93 times and raises many questions about its potential for teratogenicity. These questions could have been answered by giving the committee access to the Collins memo and other studies to which the Collins memo refers that are still hidden in the vaults of the FDA. It is noteworthy that two of the 11 voting members of the expert panel, both representing the US Environmental Protection Agency, refused to sign off on the summary of the CERHR methanol report and, in fact, initiated a formal dissent that warned of "a greater risk to vulnerable populations of pregnant women" than the compromised final report of the CERHR expert panel alleged. The most senior of the dissenting scientists, J. Michael Davis, Ph.D. reveals in his strongly worded five page formal dissent that "factual errors and omissions" prompted him not to sign the final report. He goes on:

"As just one example, the missing pages from the 1986 NEDO (New Energy Development Organization) report, which I identified and provided to the CERHR contractor, were evidently never provided to members of the Panel. The pages in question included a table showing reductions in brain weight in a two generation rat study that had been replicated in a special ancillary study... if nothing else, omission of this information creates the impression that the Panel failed to consider all relevant information." (I must point out here that autistic children often present with a reduced brain size at birth.)"

end of this part of the book

Methanol is one very big reason for birth defects but the 50% phenylalanine is another reason, and Dr. Louis Elsas testified before Congress in this regard. There was such an outrage because so many of the population were being poisoned from aspartame there were three congressional hearings between 1985 and 1987. Politics and power prevented Senator Metzenbaum's bill from getting out of committee, a story in itself. He wanted a moratorium put on aspartame while NIH did independent studies on the problems being seen in the population such as with the fetus, behavioral problems in children, drug interaction, seizures, etc. You might want to read the Report For Schools:

So babies never had a chance. Think how many women grow up wanting a family and can't have children, never knowing that aspartame is an endocrine disrupting agent, stimulates prolactin, changes the menses and causes infertility. Then if they get off aspartame and get pregnant and get back on it, its also an abortifacient and a teratogen:


We're all kind of sick of death threats and mysterious accidents. If you read the UPI investigation which was sent to Parliament: note that Dr. Richard Wurtman was threatened by the Vice President of Searle if he did studies on aspartame and seizures his research funds would be rejected ... they were. Today MIT gets research funds but Dr. Wurtman no longer speaks out about aspartame.

Dr. James Bowen has been threatened so many times and had so many accidents, break-ins and such he could write a book on it. He has ALS from aspartame.

Dr. Maria Alemany who did the Trocho study which proved that the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA by which you can destroy humanity told me when I was in Barcelona that the aspartame manufacturers tried to assassinate his character because he did the study. He also said that after doing the study he knew aspartame would kill 200 million people. Tephly tried to rebut the study but later admitted he used the wrong test. The aspartame industry are scholars at that. In the protest of the National Soft Drink Association it was even admitted that Searle used the wrong test that wouldn't pick up the aspartic acid (the excitotoxin in aspartame that stimulates the neurons of the breath to death causing brain damage - Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D.) Industry later even got to them and they turned around and lobbied for NutraSweet which is why the protest was added to the congressional record which is on scroll down to banners.

When I lectured in the UK I was amused that Immigration locked me up for 3 1/2 hours after confiscating all material on aspartame. Their questions were not the usual ones immigration asks such as "if we allow you in England how many people will find out about the dangers of aspartame?" They then took me to a physician to see if I was in condition to be interrogated because they said I had been on a plane for 12 hours. They made the mistake of putting Dr. Roberts medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, 1000 pages, on the doctors desk. He looked at it and said, "I use aspartame". I said, 'Well, you're going to die!" He said, "But I'm diabetic!" I responded, "Then you will die first." Dr. Roberts is a diabetes specialist, and after reading the chapter the physician told Immigration: "Give this woman back everything you confiscated on aspartame and let her go." When I lectured in Shrewsbury, Shropshire the manufacturer's legal department sent a mole to record my lecture. The second time I lectured in the UK, the mainstream press didn't write more articles and some told me the newspapers had been intimidated by attorneys from the aspartame industry. My goodness, are they scared!

Now let's get back to the book and talk about Dr. Monte:

"A Fire of Mysterious Origin":

"All that remains with me of the night my home exploded in flames is the aftermath. I have a recurring memory of lying on a gurney in a hospital emergency room in Tempe, Arizona, with a physician repeatedly jabbing me in my left hand with a large gauge hypodermic needle. He was looking for an artery from which to extract a blood sample in order to prove that I had actually been in a fire, despite the fact that an ambulance had taken me directly from the fire to the hospital. The pain was excruciating, far worse than my burns. The rude awakening brought clarity to the fact that I had barely escaped a possible attempt on my life that had to be taken seriously. I vowed then that I would stay alive long enough to reveal the truth about aspartame and resolve the question of whether Joy had been killed by this deadly component of diet sodas."

Joy was a baby who died from aspartame's birth defects.

Then there was my trip to New Zealand when Abby Cormack became very sick on aspartame. She is fine now since she abstained. On that trip, first my bags with lecture material mysteriously disappeared. Read the story: Dying for a Diet Coke: There was so much publicity that people would stop you in the street and say, "I had the problems Abby had and got off aspartame my symptoms disappeared." Then the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) put out releases that read like they were written by Ajinomoto trying to get people not to listen to Abby or I and just get on their web site and read about aspartame's safety. They actually wanted them to get back on aspartame so they would get sick again. Well, it didn't work so Coke sent an aspartame flack to New Zealand to try and get their profits back up. Abby did a brilliant job of debating her. While I was there the aspartame industry actually hacked into my web site and added a note not to believe me. It could only be read by those in New Zealand who alerted me. Then the NZFSA had a consumer meeting for information on aspartame and called for material to show the damage. I had it and was standing at their door. They refused to let me in so the information would not be heard, even though I had come 10,000 miles.

When I was in St. Louis giving out flyers I was stopped by a man who said, "I know more about aspartame than you do." We got in a conversation and it turns out a physician admitted that doctors there were threatened - if they told anyone that aspartame causes Alzheimers they would be sued. Also, an informant said the National Soft Drink Association did a 10 year study and never published it proving aspartame causes birth defects, Alzheimers and blindness. When I met someone from NSDA (now American Beverage) she said, "You couldn't possibly have those studies."

I could go on and on!

After getting all information to Parliament I sent them this report with quotes from the experts:

Here is an article that was just published in a UK paper about a woman with lymphoma and notice the Diet Coke in her hand:


Also note the comment by Jim McDonald of the UK Aspartame Awareness Campaign.

"What is methanol and formaldehyde known to cause? Lymphoma and leukemia!

What did Dr. Morando Soffritti find on one of his aspartame studies showing it to be a multipotential carcinogen? Lymphoma and leukemia.

Many years ago Dr. H. J. Roberts sent me a picture of Jacqueline Kennedy with a Diet Coke. What did she die of? Lymphoma, same disease as this woman has.

“The illustration of beautiful young Kathryn Fish, clutching a bottle of diet coke with both hands is a frightening picture to me. I wonder if this young lady is a heavy user or even dependent on (addicted to) this very popular carbonated product? If so, the many other comments here regarding the artificial sweetener aspartame are absolutely correct. What is not well known is aspartame’s best kept secret - 10% of aspartame METHANOL very few people, including practically all our GP’s and other medical practitioners are unaware of this. Methanol is a severe metabolic poison in humans, it is a slow stealthy poison which builds up over time 10-20 years eventually causing neurological, organ and tissue damage. Anyone reading this post who is, or knows someone who is a heavy user of chewing gum, diet drinks or flavoured water containing aspartame should contact their GP and advise them of the heavy use – GP’s need to question the FSA about the methanol in aspartame. The best of luck Kathryn.”


So why have I written you and let you know we notified the UK and Scottish Parliament, UK media and others of what you intended to do in advance (give only industry's side and propaganda)? Because its over Sandra. The information is all over the Internet and all over the world. Aspartame facts are in more medical texts and books than I can count, and this last one on the free methyl alcohol by Dr. Woodrow Monte just hammered the last nail in the coffin.

If EFSA dares to try and say aspartame is safe in this review with all the evidence it will only come back on EFSA. They also have the article about how many of you have links to the aspartame industry, more than half.

Why government organizations like yourself have loyalty to industry is beyond me. Don't you know it will affect your own families? There are no perks or jobs or money that are worth poisoning the world as aspartame has done. The FDA's excuse to me by phone was "so what, we need to depopulate". Anyone this evil has to be possessed. No normal human would make such a remark.

I hope you understand now - its over. Nobody in the EU or Parliament are going to believe it if you try to make them believe aspartame is safe.

New movies continue to come out exposing more and more information that has been hidden. Stay tuned.

Some think it's been protected because of the power of Donald Rumsfeld who through political chicanery when he worked for G.D. Searle got aspartame marketed. Why the government would protect a manufacturer who is guilty of Title 18 of the Domestic Genocide code is beyond me.

Think of those in prison for methanol poisoning when the victim unknowingly poisoned himself because he wasn't aware of the methanol in aspartame. For those reading this that want the whole story. They can email me at and ask for the Aspartame Resource Guide.

Think of the epidemic of autism and read about it in Dr. Monte's book.

The ADD people: Feingold, said in one of the movies, "before aspartame approval we didn't even use the terms ADD and ADHD". Think of our precious children, those with autism, those victims who live with MS because of it, those who have gone blind, and those who have perished.

That doesn't even discuss all the other horrors mentioned in the medical texts.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
770 242-2599,,
Aspartame Toxicity Center,


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday February 3 2012
updated on Thursday January 26 2017

URL of this article:





Readers' Comments

In the early 1980's I had cystitis and it was a hot summer and was drinking a lot of squash over a week/10day max . (in england). I then had an Appallingly bad period. Coincidently, I was also reading the guardian which was going on about aspartame being bad for one and women's reproductive systems in particular and how at that point it had been banned by the FDA in the USA: I checked the bottle & found aspartame listed as an ingredient. I subsequently

a) tried to never buy anything with it in which changed my buying Very considerably

b) couldn't understand why we were allowing it in things (I was young)

c) try to tell people about it as and when

d) got into checking labels for all sorts of things

e) kept my dtr away from it as far as possible which was exceptionally difficult

Now she's a teenager and as she says its everywhere in everything. But very recently we have had a move into the market of sweetner free drinks as an angle and sugar itself is making a little comeback over here in the uk . I just am so pleased I read a copy of the Guardian. I have only NOW found out about the methanol and formaldehyde aspects and thank goddess I have so diligently avoided it these last 30 years.

Can you list eg Donald Rumsfeld & others for crimes against humanity to the international court ?

Posted by: Caroline on February 21, 2012 02:39 PM


I came across your blog when googling for cool biotechnology articles didn't expect to find this, but enjoyed some of your posts. Keep it up.


Posted by: Neilesh Kumar (Biotechnology Afficionado) on March 5, 2012 12:37 AM


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