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August 20, 2012

Whooping cough vaccine does not prevent disease - it causes more severe outbreaks

This is a reasoned argument by Joanna (Why I Don't Vaccinate My Children) posted on Erwin Alber's VINE facebook page which was started in 2009, to help parents make an informed choice on behalf of their children.


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Joanna responds (below) to a lady who published an article saying that unvaccinated children are the cause of recent increased pertussis (whooping cough) outbreaks in areas where vaccination is actively pursued...

- - -

This is what I wrote to someone on an article about whooping cough in the vaccinated:

Catherina Becker,

You have to believe that vaccines work in order to be a 'free-rider', and I don't. It is a known fact that children vaccinated with pertussis are only vaccinated against clinical symptoms, not against infection, so even if you vaccinate your kid, he's not going to protect mine.

Coccooning doesn't work so some places have stopped it,

States ending free parent whooping vaccine

There's evidence that the surge of pertussis in newborns is due to mothers no longer having natural immunity because they were vaccinated and they therefore cannot give any transplacental or breast milk immunity to their newborns, as mothers in previous generations would have

and in actual fact, for half of cases that they could determine where the child got it from, they got it from their vaccinated mother, father and older siblings,

a situation that wouldn't have happened if the parents etc had been exposed to whooping cough as a 5 year old, as was the normal scenario in years passed. So vaccines destroy natural immunity rather than giving you any. See this saying vaccination will lead to larger epidemics:

Doctors aren't even sure what antibodies mean, whether it means you are immune, if it means you've recently been sick, if it means you've been exposed to a virus or if it means you are ill. For measles, if you have antibodies they say you are immune but if you have antibodies to HIV or TB they say you have the disease, it doesn't make sense, and a recent study published in a journal called immunity found that you don't even need antibodies to become immune to infection,

It is known that many vaccines shed and can infect close contacts (my daughter who was having a foot operation was not allowed into hospital if she'd had MMR within the previous 2 weeks because staff said it could be dangerous to other patients in the hospital. I had to confirm she hadn't had [the] MMR [vaccine] for her to be admitted onto the ward). Other studies show that the vaccinated can pass infection to the unvaccinated, like this one where he gave his unvaccinated brother rotavirus:

So in actual fact I think it's more likely that my unvaccinated children will catch something from your vaccinated children and given the patchy science (mostly funded by vaccine manufacturers) and the fact that we don't even really know what antibodies do, I'd rather not enrol my children in a huge experiment, thank you.

Pertussis Infection in Fully Vaccinated Children: Conclusions


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Monday August 20 2012
updated on Thursday January 26 2017

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Readers' Comments

Well Done Joanna. The antibody reaction is only the acquired component of the immune system in action. Even to stimulate it artificially and inappropriately via sub cutaneous injection carries with it the danger of chronic over-stimulation resulting from the contemporaneous injection of adjuvants. This process is thought to underlie most of the chronic and devastating illness seen in Gulf War Syndrome. The innate component of the immune system, comprising the mucosal production of IgA on exposure to airborne pathogens, is not affected by this vaccination process, and therefore the individual thus exposed remains potentially still infectious, despite antibody production, and fully capable of passing on whatever strain of the infectious organism it was decided to put into the injection originally. Additionally, studies of individuals vaccinated against particular forms of the flu virus reveal that these individuals, despite mounting a vigorous antibody response, have their subsequent production of CD8 memory cells decimated; and therefore they are unable to respond to future infections with similar viral pathogens. Thus a highly-questionable short-term advantage derived from vaccination is completely overturned by a long-term increased susceptibility to infection.

Posted by: Tim Webb on August 23, 2012 01:02 AM


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