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January 16, 2006

Controlled Elections - Doing It To Ourselves

It has been said that we don't really elect anyone we simply throw out the bums when we get disgusted with their lies and shenanigans to protect their cronies at the expense of the constituents. Then get sucked in again to elect the same criminals with a different name.

It always amazes me as to why so many otherwise sensible people can be so easily herded and controlled to support the cause of the vested interests unless it by choice. As per Kitty Werthman's speech titled "Lesson From Austria" all that the Nazi's had to do was to give free beer to get votes - imagine!

Noam Chomsky once said something to the effect that the real important issues are by design never on the mainstream partys' platforms as these issues have already been decided for and are not up for discussion. What you get instead is ad holmium noise to keep the masses busy while business as usual is conducted unimpeded behind doors.

While I am not suggesting that we all go and vote for the Green or any other party for that matter the following CBC interview does bring up the issue at hand. Surely there are better things to discuss than same sex marriage and Sponsorship Program and Advertising activities of the current government. These highly charged mainly through the efforts of the subjugated media are trivial in comparison to far more serious issues (but by no means comprehensive) such as:

Environmental mismanagement:
Pesticides, fluoridation of water are just two from many that need to be dealt with.

Food processing untested chemicals dangerous chemicals such as aspartame in the food chain, sub nutritious growing practices are just a few issues that in long run are damaging our children and commending us all to sickness.

See also: Health and Nutrition

The over regulation of safe health products to protect industry and the lack of use of vitamins and minerals in lieu of drug generally toxic drugs.

Medical Scandals:
Thousands die due to known side effects of drugs and assciated treatments all the while of simple and cost effective alternative discouraged or/or over regulated out of existence. Yet more money is thrown to the generally toxic drugs.

Many children can not read or write and don't complete high school, are not taught to think for themselves, are not only misguided on good nutrition but encouraged to eat junk foods all for the almighty dollar. How one can have a shortage of money for staple like books is beyond me given the federal budgetary surpluses that accrue year after year.

Unfair subsidization of the corporations at the expense of health, jobs and the environment, when that money could easily be diverted away from the current runaway vested interests' protectionist system to a sustainable one. For the life of me I can't understand why the oil companies need to be subsidized but the sustainable alternate energy industry is left to fend for it self. We habitually, and if then, tend only to deal with environmental and health catastrophes instead of preventing them.

Mismanagement of taxes in billions that are far outstrip the Sponsor ship program etc.

It clearly is a case of:

"Socialism for the rich and free enterprise for others" --- Joseph Kennedy

With a system designed and supported by apathy for no accountability is it any wonder that the vested interest control us and usurp all the available resources?

Albert Pike was so right when he said:

"A person who will not use their own power of reason, is nothing more than meat on the table and a beast of burden by choice and consent"

Chris Gupta

Green Party Leader Jim Harris

During the final debates this week, federal party leaders took to the national stage and released their sound and fury for the benefit of deciding voters. But as Jim Harris can attest there was a notable absence from the show. The leader of the Green party was a mere spectator like the rest of us.

Jim Harris is a self-described fiscal conservative who likes to blur traditional conceptions of left and right politics. As a former staffer at the Financial Post and a successful author of books on corporate management, his credentials tend more towards capital "C" Conservative than conservation.

We invited Jim Harris on the program today to hear how he might have sounded behind one of those fancy debate podiums, wearing a colour coded tie like his political rivals, his, of course, green. Jim Harris joined us in our Toronto studio.

For more election coverage, check out The Reality Check team will critique the newly released Liberal and NDP platforms, and they'll have a feature on groundbreaking negative political ads in Canadian election history.

Listen to The Current here (first 15 minutes).


posted by Chris Gupta on Monday January 16 2006

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Thanks Zoe, Think the attached link is really worth reading. CG

Posted by: Zoe Lenska on January 19, 2006 09:58 PM


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