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September 21, 2008

More Fluoride Madness!

Re: VHA IL 10-2008-013, Recommendations for Use of Fluorides in Medical Management of Dental Caries

Dr. McCully,

I am forwarding this to the list for a more comprehensive response. A quick review of the references clearly indicates the typical mind set on fluoride, that is from the dental (or more appropriately from the mental) field which continually ignores toxicology data and the collateral damage such as "impairments to the liver, kidney, brain, bones, pineal gland, thyroid, and even teeth (destructive mottling). For references see: FLUORIDE PETITION TO AUDITOR GENERAL (CANADA) 19-NOV-07.

The outright questionable, benefits to teeth are a primary effect from fluoride's germicidal effects - anything that fluoride can do can be done far more safely by iodine this has already been done in some areas of the world (unlike fluoride, iodine is an essential trace nutrient. Uptake of which impaired by fluoride). This of course is continually over looked for the reasons so effectively outlined Bryson's excellent work.

Using this poison on Veterans is doubly insidious given that these are the very people who are often least able to deal with additional poisons. In fact I have a patent on rebuilding enamel where they could not use fluoride due to its toxic effects on cancer patients. So they are well aware of what they are doing with regard to fluorides... This blatant disregard for our health is nothing but criminal and negligence of the first order.... The only way to change these polices is to expose these shenanigans to a wider audience. All these governmental public health organizations such as CDC etc. all come from the same mold. Those effected need to be educated thus creating a demand for corrective action....

Chris Gupta

See also: Fluoride fatigue. Fluoride poisoning: is fluoride in your drinking water­and from other sources­making your sick? An account of the chronic fluoride toxicity syndrome by Bruce Spittle, Revised 3rd printing. Dunedin, New Zealand: Paua Press; 2008.

At 10:17 2008-09-19, McCully, Kilmer wrote:


Attached are the recent recommendations by the US Department of Veterans Affairs for the use of fluoride for management of dental caries. This policy is the result of the Fluoride Deception, to use the title of Christopher Bryson's excellent book on the subject. What is your analysis of the references given to support the policy? How can this US governmental policy be changed?

Kilmer McCully MD

From: Chisholm, Alonzo
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 12:07 PM
To: VISN 1 Clinical Leadership Committee; VISN 1 Dental
Cc: Pressly, Kristin G. C.; Smith, Corrine D
Subject: FW: VHA IL 10-2008-013, Recommendations for Use of Fluorides in Medical Management of Dental Caries

Information Letter introduces recommendations for the use of various strengths of fluoride as a component of the medical model for treating dental caries. See Attachment A for these recommendations which are based on published and Department of Veterans Affairs systematic reviews of the dental literature regarding fluoride use in adults.

Please note that "Fluoride Treatment for Patients at High Risk for Dental Caries" will be a new monitor for FY09.

Al Chisholm, MA/MBA

HSS, VISN 1 Chief Medical Officer

VA New England Healthcare System

Telephone: 781-687-4819

Fax: 781-687-3479


From: VHA Pubs Notice

Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 3:12 PM

To: VHA Publications Distribution

Cc: DeToro, Dolores (Dee)

Subject: VHA IL 10-2008-013, Recommendations for Use of Fluorides in Medical Management of Dental Caries

VHA IL 10-2008-013, Recommendations for Use of Fluorides in Medical Management of Dental Caries), has been released for publication. It can be found on the following websites:


<<10200813.DOC>> <<10200813.pdf>>


Hi Chris,

Would you please pass along my comments to Dr. McCully? Thanks

Dear Dr. McCully,

The references for the VA fluoride recommendations are the typical ones always cited to support the unsupportable. The real issue is the corruption and psychopathy of a veteran's admin. that uses poisonous fluoride on soldiers to treat nutritional deficiency and stress-related tooth decay.

The references aren't scientific, they just appear to be. Not one of them has any pharmacological evidence of therapeutic benefit of ingested fluoride at any dose, or toxicological evidence of safety at any rate of intake from any source. The droning propaganda that all adults need to be exposed to more fluoride from community water fluoridation, regardless of how much fluoride they have already had (i.e. dental fluorosis and bone accumulation) and are having (food, air, beverages, pharmaceutical drugs, beer, tobacco, toothpaste and dental rinse absorption through oral mucosa which is also known to raise serum fluoride levels) is simply illogical. None of the references can link dose from fluoridated water/intake/blood or saliva fluoride levels with benefit to teeth. However the references in the 2006 NRC report CAN link fluoride levels in serum and urine with adverse health effects, some of them irreversible such as IQ reduction in childhood and suppression of fetal thyroid gland development.

Why do young European NATO soldiers have better teeth than American soldiers yet they have little exposure to fluoridated water? 98% of European countries have rejected both water and salt fluoridation as unsafe, ineffective and unethical. Levels of dental fluorosis are lower there, reflecting lower fluoride intake in early childhood, yet their teeth are better than Americans.

Why do soldiers exposed to Depleted Uranium poison dust get cavities and gum disease no matter how much fluoride they use or swallow from any source? DU blocks calcium and increases fluoride toxicity to kidneys. Fluoride treatment is absolutely the worst thing to do to those men and women. Where is the reference the VA can cite that soldiers who have had multiple vaccines (with fluoride, aluminum and mercury in them) and prophylactic antimalarials (fluoridated drugs with calcium antagonism) will be helped by yet another bolus dose of fluoride to their systems? It does not exist. None of those references support this awful policy of deliberate fluoride poisoning of another generation of soldiers.

When you ask for pharmacological references i.e. what is the therapeutic blood and saliva level that stops caries in adults, and what is the daily dose of fluoride from all sources that reliably achieves this therapeutic blood and saliva level? they can not supply any evidence from any reference. 70% of young American soldiers have dental fluorosis proving excessive intake in childhood from fluoridated water yet they have the same or greater cavity occurrence as their European counterparts who do not have to drink fluoridated water. There may be some benefit from high-concentration topicals but these benefits are short-lived as teeth become brittle and eroded the more often the dental gels and varnishes are applied. Phosphate-calcium pastes are far more effective for root lesions.

Fluoride is not necessary for decay prevention, but iodine, vitamin D, vitamin K and minerals are. This was known 70 years ago: Weston A. Price, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.

Xylitol is another cavity preventer that is benign and can be used in gum and mints. Ideal for soldiers at work if you ask me. The references for these are on Fluoride Action Network too.

More on

Aliss Terpstra, Certifed Nutritional Practitioner
People For Safe Drinking Water
International Institute of Concern for Public Health
Second Look


posted by Chris Gupta on Sunday September 21 2008
updated on Thursday November 6 2008

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