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June 03, 2003

Forget Cholesterol - it's really not relevant

For decades we have been told that we must avoid cholesterol at any cost if we want to stay healthy.

Want to protect your heart and arteries? Then forget cholesterol, it is almost certainly one of the great myths of 20th century medicine.

As a matter of fact, there seem to be certain benefits to high cholesterol that medical authority is very reluctant to tell us about. In his article The Benefits of High Cholesterol,
Uffe Ravnskov says that people with high cholesterol live the longest. "This statement seems so incredible that it takes a long time to clear one's brainwashed mind to fully understand its importance," he continues, adding: "Yet the fact that people with high cholesterol live the longest emerges clearly from many scientific papers."

FORGET CHOLESTEROL: It wasn't the bad guy after all

Want to protect your heart and arteries? Then forget cholesterol, it is almost certainly one of the great myths of 20th century medicine.

As Dr Mathias Rath said in an earlier Enews (no. 35), anti-cholesterol drugs have been a great way for the pharmaceuticals to boost an already burgeoning profit line, but they won't do much for your health.

Instead, the evidence is pointing more and more to homocysteine, an amino acid that occurs naturally with the breakdown of protein.

New research from the prestigious Framingham Heart Study has confirmed this once maverick view, first put forward by Dr Kilmer McCully.

Researchers studied the records of 2,491 adults with an average age of 72 who had no previous heart problems-and found that the first heart attack was closely linked to high levels of homocysteine. The link was more evident in women, the researchers found.

A high homocysteine level is a good predictor of a heart attack, the researchers conclude.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs remain the most frequently prescribed class of any drug in the world, so the pharmaceuticals are unlikely to be in the vanguard of any further research.

Not that they really need to. There's plenty of earlier research that supports the Framingham conclusion. Dr McCully took his lead from victims of homocysteinuria, a rare genetic disease where the liver is unable to dispose of homocysteine. As a result, the victim can die from blood clots in the brain, heart and kidneys. The arteries are also abnormal, and tend to harden and lose their elasticity.

Normally homocysteine is converted to methionine, an amino acid found in all proteins. But this complicated process needs vitamin B12 and folic acid. McCully concluded our diets needed to be high in B12 and folic acid (and he added B6 to the list) to ensure a healthy cardiovascular system.

So take your Bs, not anti-cholesterol drugs.

(Source: Journal of the American Medical Association, 2003; 289: 1251-1257).

See also:

By Dr. James Howenstine, MD. - February 20, 2005
Cholesterol is not really the villain portrayed in the pharmaceutical ads. It is actually a vital substance needed in every cell of the body...

The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics

The Vitamin C Foundation's Statin Drug Alert

Let them eat cake, butter, cream ... For decades the advice has been to cut cholesterol and protect your heart. Now some doctors think it makes no difference

Statinalert Org

Is cholesterol really deadly?


To download the book, "What You Must Know about Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs", right click on the link below. Then choose to save it on your desktop. After completion of download, you will be able to open it. Then print and read.

Shane Ellison M.Sc.

The Truth About Deadly Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

From June Russell's Health Facts:
Eggs and Cholesterol - Controversy and Deception

Class Action - Statins Increases Heart Disease By 10% In Women
Hopefully this will settle the question once and for all. The side effects are a sign of toxicity of the drugs and hence should be stopped. Cholesterol in the main is not the cause of heart disease but can be a symptom of heart disease and is often protective. Lowering it in many cases, as shown here, can be more detrimental the leaving it alone!

The Lancet
A Commentary in the Lancet by John Abramson, MD, of Harvard Medical School, author of Overdosed America, and James Wright, MD, University of British Columbia, challenges the validity of the U.S. clinical practice guidelines recommending the expanded use of statins by healthy people. The authors argue that recommendations for the expanded use of statins to stave off cardiovascular disease are NOT supported by the evidence.

Is High Cholesterol Really Bad?
People with high cholesterol live the longest. This statement seems so incredible that it takes a long time to clear one's brainwashed mind to fully understand its importance. Yet the fact that people with high cholesterol live the longest emerges clearly from many scientific papers. Consider the finding of Dr. Harlan Krumholz of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Yale University, who reported in 1994 that old people with low cholesterol died twice as often from a heart attack as did old people with a high cholesterol. Supporters of the cholesterol campaign consistently ignore his observation, or consider it as a rare exception, produced by chance among a huge number of studies finding the opposite. But it is not an exception; there are now a large number of findings that contradict the lipid hypothesis...

Cholesterol Is NOT The Cause of Heart Disease
Importantly, many solid scientific studies have shown a mechanistic, causal effect of elevated insulin and leptin on heart and vascular disease, whereas almost all studies with cholesterol misleadingly only show an association. Association does not imply cause. For instance, something else may be causing lipid abnormalities such as elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, and also causing heart disease. This "something else" is improper insulin and leptin signaling.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Tuesday June 3 2003
updated on Friday October 15 2010

URL of this article:


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Cholesterol - what a business plan
When cholesterol was identified as health-enemy number one, we switched from butter to margarine and did without eggs for years, in an effort to avoid falling prey to the oily killer. At the same time, a whole pharmaceutical product sector, accounting for revenues in the $ billions, magically appeared to sell us pills. The sales pitch was: "Protect your heart - lower your cholesterol" or any variation of that mantra.... [read more]
October 17, 2003 - Sepp Hasslberger

Vitamin C beats statins in cholesterol - heart disease
The solution to high cholesterol and therefore heart attacks - tell us Astra Zeneca and Pfizer, two of the heavyweights in pharmaceutical remedies - is to take their drugs, Crestor and Liptor respectively. According to what Dr. Mercola tells us in one of his recent articles - Crestor and Other Statins: Are They Really Worth the Risk? - there are serious side effects to these drugs, one of them being... [read more]
November 09, 2003 - Sepp Hasslberger

Cholesterol Targets Fraudulent - Association for Honesty in Medicine Charges
A few days ago, the New York Times told us that "Federal health officials" had "sharply reduced the desired levels of harmful cholesterol for Americans who are at moderate to high risk for heart disease". But just two days later, we hear from Newsday: Of the nine panelists, six (later data indicate eight) had received grants or consulting or speakers' fees from companies that produce some of the most popular... [read more]
August 04, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

Lipitor - Vioxx: Discovering The Statin - Painkiller Chain Reaction
The recent withdrawal of Merck's blockbuster painkiller Vioxx may actually afford us a glimpse of a chain of events that is normally well hidden in research papers, at best selectively disclosed to the medical community. Vioxx and other new-generation painkillers such as Bextra and Celebrex have all come under fire for their tendency to cause an increase of heart attacks. Statin Drugs, such as Lipitor, Zocor, Pravachol, Lesocol and Mevacor... [read more]
December 06, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger




Readers' Comments

i have taken lipitor and mevacor for i am having muscle weakness and heaviness which the dr said the statins is ca using..i dont know how true they are being the results of the testing should i get a second opinion? as i get very tired early.never feel well anymore because of the condition of my muscles..

Posted by: lillian riley on May 15, 2004 03:54 AM


If your doctor says the weakness is caused by the drug, it may be worth your while to look around for a different way of managing your cholesterol - if ever there is a need to manage it.

Some say that cholesterol is not a cause but a mere indicator, so turning off the red warning light (lowering the cholesterol) instead of looking for the cause of why it's on, may not be the right direction to go.

Study up on cholesterol is my suggestion. Start here. Follow the links in the article. There is a tremendous amount of information available in the internet.

Kind regards

p.s. If you prefer books, there are a few ads on that article's right side column.

Posted by: Sepp on May 15, 2004 04:28 PM


what are your recommendations on cholesterol guidelines?
(total, LDL, HDL, tryglycerides?)
thank you.

Posted by: Paulette on July 17, 2004 01:38 AM


So in this theory, where do triglycerides (TG) fall? Mine are around 600. What do the "cholesterol is irrelevant" studies say about TG?

Posted by: Tom on September 15, 2004 11:40 AM


triglycerides are an indicator, just as total cholesterol and HDL and LDL cholesterol.

Fish oils have been recommended for getting triglycerides down, but the fact is we are dealing with indicators, not with the root of the problem.

A recent comment on another article might give you further information:

To download the book, "What You Must Know about Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs", right click on the link below. Then choose to save it on your desktop. After completion of download, you will be able to open it. Then print and read.

Posted by: Sepp on September 16, 2004 11:27 AM


Started 49 mg of Lipitor yesterday. Experiencing severe abdominal bloating?

Posted by: Waleah on March 24, 2006 12:48 AM


I've taken lipitor for only 30 days, now I'm so horribly ill with the side effects. I sometimes don't know where to find comfort. My arms and shoulders are so painful. My memory is not always working like it should, in fact at times, I can't come up with my husband's name. I'm always searching for the most simple words in my memory bank. The leg and back cramps I won't even mention. My doctor said

Posted by: adriana loiselle on December 25, 2006 10:32 PM


I cannot believe how many doctors push this drug. My cholesterol isn't very high but my doctor tried to put me on it. By the way, during the same visit he sent me to a fertility specialist. Needless to say I'm in the market for a new primary physician.

Posted by: Debbie on December 23, 2007 05:09 PM


My wife died from what they said was ALS but I said it was from those drugs she was taken. Lipitor and fasamax She was on them for several years.

Posted by: Donald Puppe on February 13, 2008 09:35 PM


My calcium score of coronary arteries is very high at 1018.Is there any therapy for reducing it?

Posted by: j chaturvedi on January 31, 2010 06:11 AM


I am sure there is a therapy, and you should consult some ayurvedic doctor or a naturopathic physician for that. Nutritionally, it is said that magnesium keeps calcium in solution, so you might want to research whether it is advisable to add some supplement of magnesium to your daily diet. But remember - you are the only one really responsible for your health.

Posted by: Sepp on February 1, 2010 09:19 AM


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