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November 05, 2003

National Health Federation goes to CODEX ALIMENTARIUS

The Nutrition Committee of Codex Alimentarius is holding its yearly meeting in Germany, this year in Bonn instead of the Capital, Berlin, where they were meeting in the past few years.

Codex Alimentarius is an international, intergovernmental organization which deliberates and issues international standards for foods. The Nutrition Committee, which is hosted by Germany, is in the process of making rules for food supplements that will be applicable internationally.

The National Health Federation (NHF) is attending Codex and is representing supplement consumers in this somewhat elusive forum, which brings together the health authorities of a variety of countries. Here is the latest NHF newsletter. Watch out for news of the how the meeting went...

A not-for-profit health-freedom organization

***********************************************************      NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2003


1. Journey through the website ( to see the issues that need your awareness and activism.
2. Inform others about the health-freedom battles at hand, and direct them to the NHF website.

3. Urge others to join the National Health Federation.

4. Speak up and be heard with protest letters, calls and e-mails.

The stronger our membership base, the louder our voice will be heard. We’ve proven our strength in the past for years, especially with our strong letter writing campaigns. Please help us continue this trend, get more involved. 

Recently, I was informed by our Washington monitor, Lee Bechtel, that the deluge of letters from NHF members protesting s.722 was making an impact on the hill. Thank you members, for all the support that you have given.

We know it is crucial, we know we’re effective and we’re counting on our members as we have in the past, and you always come through.

Please join the NHF at


The NHF welcomes our newest Advisory board member, Tamara Theresa Mosegaard (serving since September 2, 2003). We are proud and delighted to have Tamara join us along with her Denmark organization, MayDay ( as one of our listed Associates. MayDay, dedicated to public health and readable in four languages, focuses on the same issues as the NHF. The vision of this organization is to create a society where good health is a human right.

Currently, Denmark is having one of its most restrictive legislations in relation to dietary supplements and herbs in Europe.

We would also like to welcome as a new listed Associate, the well-known, European health-freedom organization, LaLeva di Archimede, Rome, Italy ( The purpose of LaLeva is to inform on health and legislation concerning an individual's freedom of choice and making active participants of their members towards this goal.




TIME: November 3rd, 2003

PLACE: Bonn, Germany


The National Health Federation, being a Codex recognized organization, will be represented in Bonn by Scott Tips as our voice for health-freedom, as he has for the last three meetings. 

This fight is basically between those (Third World countries) who want restrictions only on the RDI (referenced daily intake) versus those (such as the U.S.) who want it to be science-based risk assessment. In both cases, we lose, because each side is blinded by the false issue of safety for natural products that have an incredible safety record already.

To stay informed please click on the link


OCTOBER 22, 2003

Congratulations to Friends of Freedom, one of the original draftees of C240 and all other health-freedon fighters in Canada. With their bill passing its second reading, a major victory has ensued.

The Canadian regulatory agency concerning foods and drugs, Health Canada, had promised natural health consumers a third category of regulation. This delineation would place over 50,000 natural products as non-drugs in a non-drug style regulatory environment.

Our fellow freedom fighters banded together to produce the C240 act to amend the outdated Foods & Drugs Act. Basically, the bill states that healthy foods, herbs, dietary supplements and nutritional products be properly classified as foods and not arbitrarily regulated/restricted as drugs without clear legislated authority.


WHO WAS RAGGEDY ANN ?             

Vaccine Damaged Children As American As Apple Pie
By Alan Yurko, CPCC, Sc.

Johnny Gruelle’s 13 year old daughter, Marcella, was killed by a fatal vaccine reaction. The public school she’d been attending had been routinely inoculating children without informing the parents. Seven doctors were called in to make pronouncements on her death. Six determined the cause of death to be vaccine-induced and the seventh declined to comment. Interestingly, the seventh doctor was also head of the school board and a staunch advocate for vaccination.

Marcella’s death was not an immediate reaction. She died a very slow and subtle death. In the months after her unconsented inoculation she became lethargic and lost her appetite. Marcella became feverish, fatigued and hypotonic (loss of muscle control) as her body and nervous system fought hard against the poisons forced into her bloodstream. At the end, she was as limp as a ragdoll.

A successful writer and illustrator, Johnny Gruelle also created dolls. Shortly after Marcella’s death, he created a doll somewhat different than the rigid, clay or composition ones of the time, such as the Kewpie doll and others which had erect postures and healthy demeanors. Instead, and in fitting tribute to his daughter’s untimely demise, he designed a doll which was limp and lifeless.

Raggedy Ann was marketed by Marshall Field in 1920 and is one of the richest pieces of Americana over 80 years later. Raggedy Ann’s limp and lifeless body was and is indeed a fitting tribute to Marcella, and to all vaccine damaged children. Though most people have no idea what sad inspiration gave birth to Raggedy Ann, she symbolizes the long history of senseless and tragic deaths and disabilities associated with vaccines.

Raggedy Ann, whose name is taken from the James Whitcombe Riley poems, Little Orphan Annie and The Raggedy Man, is as American as apple pie. Ironically, it is also a symbol for over 80 years of children’s deaths. Little did many of us know, that as we played with Raggedy Ann as children, that we were really just practicing for when we would get our own very real, limp and lifeless vaccine-injured and killed babies. Alan Yurko was sentenced to life in prison because it is apparently better for society that a loving father be wrongfully convicted of shaking his baby to death than hold doctors who routinely pump poison into babies accountable for what appears tantamount to conspiracy to commit mass murder.

1. Flynn, Barbara, Letter to State Epidemiologist of New Jersey, Jan. 10, 2001: pg.2
2. Tuleja, Tad, The New York Library Book of Popular Americana, 1994; pg. 315 Stonesong Press Inc.
3. Hall, Patricia, Johnny Gruelle: Creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy,1993 pg. 87-92

Alan & Francine Yurko

The above story, written by Alan Yurko is one of many of his writings and articles. Most NHF members are familiar with Alan's incarceration and plight as he and his wife, Francine (both NHF members) have been featured in Health Freedom News. An excellent current interview with the Yurkos may be found to update readers at this link:

Another link that is of interest and suggested for use by Alan, is at For the next several months, at this link there will be online conferences. Anyone may participate, with the goal being to stimulate broad discussion of issues that are vital to public health. The vaccine conference and shaken baby syndrome conference are in progress now. I urge you to visit, peruse and get involved.

Not to be forgotten - for many informative articles covering the various issues concerning vaccination and our health.


EU Food Supplements Directive

Alliance for Natural Health (UK) has now begun their legal battle in a London courtroom over the EU restrictions concerning food supplements. The European Union Food Supplements Directive is to be legislated in all member states by the year 2005. This legislation will be disastrous to small businesses who will not have the time nor the money to reformulate products to comply with the directive. Legislation does not target synthetic vitamins but only the natural food forms (nutrients from natural sources). Sadly, the natural food forms have proven extremely effective for consumers for centuries.

Within this same time frame, the European Court of Justice has been confronted by another force, a coalition from the health food industry. This group entails three organizations that have banded together for this legal battle. The coalition is comprised of "Save Our Supplements" campaign by Consumers for Health Choice (London & Brussels), Health Food Manufacturers' Asso. (UK) and the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (London).

The health products market and consumers worldwide do fear the disruptive effect upon the existing market and consumers if this legislation moves forward.

Their battle is our battle. Get informed by clicking



There is new legislative action by Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) and your help is needed. Congressman Burton (sponsor of H.R. 2085) has requested a mark-up hearing on the AMTA bill. We need to use our grassroots lobbying efforts to assist him in getting targeted representatives to support his request.

Please take action now. Click here to review the informative overview by Lee Bechtel of the issue, the actual letter Congressman Burton sent to Congressman Bilirakis (R-FL), and a letter to contact Congressmen to state support for Burton's request and a list of targeted Representatives to contact and express your support for Burton's request.


Senate bill 1538 (DSHEA Full Implementation & Enforcement Act)

What you must know about s.1538 and why you should oppose it.
The NHF asks you to follow this link to be informed on this legislation that will only give more money and enforcement power to the FDA.



If you haven't read Maureen Kennedy Salaman's latest book, "How To Renew You", covering the physical, mental and emotional aspects of becoming younger, it is excellent.

Click this link for more information and ordering:


Sad announcement: Dr. John R. Lee died of a heart attack October 17th, 2003. This wonderful man impacted so many peoples lives through his tireless decades of education concerning fluorides negative effects on bones. He stood up and fought against the medical establishment with his personal convictions against the use of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and its negative effects.He toured and lectured internationally, especially warning women on the hormonal effects during menopause. His well respected books on these subjects are read internationally.

To visit his website and learn more about this great person, please click here:


Take a tour of Steve Soloman’s free public library online consisting of a collection of books (many out of print) about holistic agriculture, holistic health, self-sufficient living and personal development. The Health Library was my favorite!


An announcement for those of you who are not already familiar with NHF board member, Rodrigo Rodriguez M.D. and his International Biocare Hospital in Tijuana, BC Mexico. From managing cancer and anti-fungal therapy, to specialized programs, his offerings at this total integrative medicine treatment center with a bias towards natural therapies are renown. The clinic offers much more than this short overview. Please visit his website ( or call 1-800-785-0490.


There’s Hope! About 13% of U.S. hospitals are now offering CAM (Complementary & Alternative Medicine) services and practitioners. Over 50% of medical schools offer CAM courses.


Codex fact: Germany was the first country to ban the sale of dietary supplements except by pharmaceutical drug companies.


Despite what you may hear, our health is deteriorating year by year. The rates of all degenerative diseases in this country are increasing. We have more asthma, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression, arthritis, allergies, digestive disorders, and obesity than ever before in history. At the same time we spend more and more money each year for “Health Care”. We have more doctors and more drugs than any civilization in history. But it’s not working.

What’s not working is the underlying idea. If doctors and drugs could give us better health, we’d already be better. That is why the field of holistic and alternative medicine is growing so fast - it’s survival.

Dr. Tim O’Shea

Visit his website and upcoming lecture schedules.


Information from the Rhythm Therapy Institute states that one-quarter of our caloric intake is used for brain energy consumption.



Another interesting statistic: With a 2002 population of over 35 million people, California will now have more residents served by licensed NDs than the total population of all the rest of the licensed states put together.



The National Health Federation needs your assistance. If there is a good alternative practitioner in your area that you would like to recommend to us to enlarge our current listing, please write us an e-mail and include all contact information for this practitioner. We thank you for your time.



The NHF is working hard to offer our members what they want and felt this as a good time to ask you to include ideas for our Suggestion Box. Please send any questions, comments, suggested reading titles or concerns by clicking this link to e-mail our Suggestion Box. Your input is greatly appreciated. 




The best expletive to use, is GREAT! We have reformatted the website, making it more readable and informative, staying current on all important updates and articles, to keep you on top of the issues.

The office is bustling.
Membership is up and we are acquiring more international members and associates, which is a positive as we are facing a worldwide battle on supplement restrictions.

The strong banding together of NHF members as a group to fight s.722 and other legislation has made a great difference.

We feel that our communication to many on the EU issue is now more clearly understood as to why it affects all of us. 

We also, have excellent coverage in Washington, with Lee Bechtel on all the important legislative issues.

Mike Culbert, and the staff of Health Freedom News is still enlightening our readers with great knowledge on the subjects that do affect their health, health-freedoms and livelihood. Most importantly, the above could not have been attained without our members and their support.


Maureen Kennedy Salaman
NHF President


P.O. Box 688
Monrovia, California 91017
Main phone: (626) 357-2181
Fax: (626) 0642


Click here to subscribe to this newsletter.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Wednesday November 5 2003
updated on Tuesday November 30 2010

URL of this article:


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Codex and the Titanic's Deck Chairs
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